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rams for
With several business men of tbe
city religiously soliciting the business
district for funds the campaign being
wr.ged by the Hoy Scout council ot
Salem for 5009 budget continued at
fcign speed Tuesday. Reports of the
progress of the committee had not
fceea made up to a late hour in the
afternoon. It was felt at headquarters
that with the T. W .C. A. also con
ducting a drive that progress would
be stow and that the campaign would
prebkbly have to be waged longer than
the week's time.
With the argument that the future
of America depends in a great meas
ure on the progress of the scout move
ment In the nation the solicitors were
making a door-to-door canvass. Such
basiuess men as F. W. Deckabach,
William Oahldorf, Charles Knowland,
Walter Denton, Thomas Kay and oth-l
era are soliciting.
It was announced by Scout Commis
sioner Denton Tuesday that anyone
"with sufficient interest In scouting to
buy patriotism" winning to subscribe
limy send their 'contribution to him in
rare of Meyers store.
The Salem high school orchestra, of
twenty pieces is one of accomplish
ntmt. AH those who attended the
high school play this year and heard
the orchestra there know its ability.
The orchestra Is directed by v. A.
Davidson, head of the music work in
the public schools. The orchestra is
further advanced in music than any
of the other organizations and their
ability to play music of high character
is not Questioned.
The orchestra Is composed of six vio
lins, two clarinets .two altos, violin.
eello, flute, piccollo, saxaphone, piano,
bass viol and drums.
The orchestra appears In the concert
of the high school music department
Tuesday evening at 8 p. m.
An admission charge of 25 cents will
defray expenses and create a much
needed music fund.
Last night at the First Methodist
church a large .and appreciative au
dience list noil to the searching ad
dress of Dr. J. W. Muhood on the
topic, "In Prison."
Dr. Muhood chose for his text the
words of Jesus, "I was in prison, and
y same unto rite," and by direct dis
course impsessed upon his hearers
that Jesus wants all professing Chris
tians to go to the souls imprisoned by
appetites and passions and bring them
the blessed gospel of freedom. lie
enumerated various kinds of prisons
In which human souls were confined.
There Is the prison ot appetite for
strong drink. Thousands are bound
in this prison and are absolutely help
less In Its grip, but the gospel of the
Son of God can set the mfree and give
them strength to conquer. The Son
of Ood is a sure cure for the drink
He referred to the prison of gamb
ling whluh holds so many bound. lie
aid, 'The United States is fast be
coming a nation of gamblers." The
gambling spirit manifests itself in the
business world In various schemes of
chance used to stimulate sales. Even
In same churches questionable prac
tices have crept in. lie condemned as
ot the devil church fairs and bazaars
where chanues are , sold or raffling lng much attention. The working
Indulged in. lie blamed church man- force consisting of tour, men and one
Two Auto Smashes Reported
To Police on Monday Night
Reports of two auto collisions, in
which all the autos were slightly dam
aged, were reported to police Monday
nieht. Dave Wright, an employe of
the P. R. It. &P. company reported
at headquarters that another car,
bearing auto license No. 63837 ran
into his machine as it was parked
near 16th and State streets.
W. M. Hamilton, district manager
for the P. R. L. A P. company, report
ed that ho collided with a machine
driven by a man named Schomakor
a mile east of the state fairgrounds
on the Silverton road. No one was
mjured. Both machines sUHtalned
Claxtar, Keb. 10. Miss Maude Den
ny is spending the winter at her home
in iiayesvllle. Miss Denny Is a well
known teacher of Marlon county.
Captain Robert C. Wygant and fam
ily will shortly remove to their farm
here. The captain finds that the large
strawberry acreage put out last year
has thrived so well that he will set
out several hundred additional plants
this spring.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wygant .will
spend the summer In Klamath coun
ty. Mrs. Murlo Harold, whoBe passing
away occurred last week, was a well
known pioneer. Her funeral was large
ly attended and tho abundunoe of
beautiful flowers testified to the es
teem in which she was held.
Mrs. Helen Powell Is spending a
fortnight with her daughter, Mrs.
Maud Baker and her grandson, Merle
and Floyd Baker, of Salem.
The George Pro family spent Bun-
day with Cluxtar relutlves.
The blasting being done here on
the Hickman Itros. farms Is attract
ed the best land In Oregon would be
available for farming if every stump
farm could be cleared as speedily and
' thoroughly as this land Is being done.
Those attending liign school from
this Immediate vicinity are Miss No
ma Webb, Earnest Webb and Everett
The Keizer Sunday school Is stead
ily growing in attendance. Reverend
Barnard Brewster has charge of the
church work here.
The achievement badges sent out
this week by State Superintendent
Churchill, are being worn here by a
number of children, who completed
industrial work in the pig club. Ed
ward Slathes, Jr.. Marion Matthes,
James Muno and Truman Cummlngs
are among the number.
Word received here this week from
Mrs. John Westley of Long Beach,
Cal., Indicates their safe arrival and
that they are comfortably situated.
Miss Constance Kites writes from
Arlington, Cal, to schoolmates here,
speaking glowingly of the sunshine
and oranges they are enjoying. But
they are coming back to Oregon in
the springtime.
Mrs. Fred Orville McMillen and son
Frederick, Jr., of Cchenectady, N. Y.,
are the guests of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Jacob Denny. Mrs. McMillen will
shortly be Joined by her husband.
The McMillens have been for the past
five years in Schenectady where Mr.
McMillen has held a position in the
General Electric works of that city.
Peter Albpenalp was 'a Salem visit
or Thursday.
Public Forum
To the Editor: A few remarks on
the organization of the new land and
labor party. The meeting was well
attended and many of their Ideas are
good, which I fully approve. The abol
Ir.hlng of the state senate, proportion
dte representation and .the platform as
adopted by the convention, but any
ttue reformer cannot endorse a reform
that wants to (fuse) by picking its
candidates from the old party as J. C.
Murphy of La Grande, has for two re
publicans. I have-seen Just such things
done by the democrats and populists
(thy fused and fizzled) and the only
way to get these reforms Is to put up
a clean labor and farmers ticket or
n.en that are not tied or named oy
any other party. ,
No fusion In burs. Farmers or la
borers, no man nominated by the old
parties can be, true, and accept the
Freezone is magic! Coma lift off
with fingers without pain
ben for playing cards and teaching
their children to play and'i thereby1
starting the nidown to a gainoiur's
The prison of lust is holding thou
sands of precluus souls. He held tho
medern dance accountable for filling
this prison. He suld, "The evil force
In the world today, ' especially the
high school dance" and warned the
Christian people to fight against It
with all their powers.
And another prison which held
many was that of worldliness the de
ire on the part of church members
to partake of the same enjoyments as
the worldly people. All ot these pris
ons held souIm su bound as to destroy
spiritual life. None found In thts
prisons can be filled with the Holy
Hplrlt and without the Holy Hplrit
there Is no power. But God has pro'
vlded a way of escape, for Jesua
Christ can remove the fetters 'from
very soul that will trust him. And
end him forth with a song and the
power of the Holy Spirit.
Dr. Msliood will continue his hear
searching messages every night this
week at 7:30 o'clock except Saturday.
A largo chorus choir under the di
rection of Dr. Aldrich. will render
Inspiring mimic and everybody Is wel
come. No collections.
teum, are clearing new, land at suchJ
a rate of speed as to be almost, unbe
lievable. Hundreds of additional ucres
Yellow Mustard
For Rheumatism
A good hot mustard plaster or poul-
eice Is pretty sure to overoome most
rheumatic .. pains
and even sciat
ica and gout but
It's a mussy af
fair and gondral
ly blisters.
Heat is abso
lutely necessary
If you want per
manent relief.
Hegy's M ustar-
1 n e, made of
true yellow mus
tard with other
pain relieving In
gradients added
is jUHt as hot, la
cheaper, cleaner
and more effec
tive than the old
fashioned poultice or plastor and can
not blister.
Besides rheumatic pains and swell
ings Hegy's Musturlne Is sneodily ef
fective for lumbago, backache, neuri
tis, pleurisy, bronchitis, sore thront
chest colds and nil nches and pains
because heat oases pain 30 and 80
jSO cents nt druggists or by innll. 8. C.
New York, Felt. 10. A shortugo of
40.000 trained nurses exists in the Wells & Co., LeRoy, N. Y.
i.muu man's Hccuruiiig iu me nn-
nursing, une organisation today start
ed a campaign In the hope of enroll
ing fO.OOV young women workers.
Rurnt bricks have been found among
tho ruins of Habvlonls.
This Pretty Girl Defies Age
By USing Ordinary Buttermilk
To Beautify Her Complexion
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Hightest sign or Its use after applica
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not spraduce the least shlnluess or
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led with a peor complexion, wrlnkl ,
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out one particle of , pain, soreness or
Irritation. Freesano Is the mysterious
ether discovery of a Cincinnati genius.
For Colds, Grip or Influenza
and as a Preventative, take LAXA
Lodk for-' E. W. GROVE'S signature
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can of
-Chinese Medicine and Tea Os
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111 ft. 1lH Street. , ' Sajetn, Ore.
Beautiful actress says. "A short mas
sage with Howard's Buttermilk Cresm
at sight before retiring is all that Is
necessary." Adv.
40 Cvart Brest
principles of the new party.
If independent voters n.ust vote for
any candidates from the old partes
they will do their own selection, and
no old party candidates that were
elected pledged to reform and econo
my, and that voted for the increase
salaries of supreme court judges and
other state officials, and bonding
measures, with emergencies added
where there was no emergencies,
should ever be resognized again lor
any office.
Farmer LaFolIette is one man that
s.ood for the people, and if the land
and labor party wants success they
must have only such men as come out
square and above board for the sup
port of these reforms. No mugwump.
I am affiliated .with no party, but
have always worked for reforms for
the common people and have had
n any talks with others who sanction
my views on this matter, and all op
pose any fusion.
Good Health for You
Dr. Carter's K.&B. Tea
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Be Rid
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DiCB. OTfeill
. LaddfeBush Pank Puiklinrf
XxfCfo 6late apt
Tonight 8. P. M.
High School Music Depart
ment Concert
30 Piece Band
Glee Club
20 Piece Orchesra
High School Auditorium FEBRUARY 10 .
- t
Valley Motor Co;
Big Value in Tires fo
Small Cars
Back of the manufacture of Goodyear Tires
for small cars is the same purpose to 6upply
high value in the product that is behind
the manufacture of the Goodyear Tires that
equip the most expensive automobiles built.
This purpose is expressed by the enormous
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