Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 07, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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(Director of Music for Salem Schools)
McCnm Denies rortand chapel hour , ft..
Willing To ray Higher rares
accorJinstJ an uncorroborated report
A dancing party. wbKli me nuurnu
pTono.wcfr-ihe very lwst of the year.)
I . . n , 111 M
he flmPnrf an KenuUSQ UW1 ' rc.-ivel today by the state department
uv. -r ... ; . . .... -
p T' IP- mam KIT Willi ASKew was vmjirjjiru e xitinuuil.
rOl DI2 luulavul lJ K, cm any's plantation at Lerdo, Dur
Feb. Joseph E ,
. , ..j.. . .h. Akew. the wno was rr,.""
was 8.vr w.r eJ k.dnap,d
HUt. S.ho. Munk-ate m hard. The percenUBe of those
It has been quite generally ad- who do r.ot learn to carry a tin. fs
vertised that concert by the music j Vfry low probably not more than t
department of the hign school will be nd thJ compare. fav.
rs2fM f
work in the. city schools, and we Apollo Club is a popular name for
cordially invite you and your friends J men's alnnitm organisations. Many
to come and see some of the things cities have such orRanisattooa which j
we are doln and trylne to do. a; proiyote the cause of music generally, j
, .i,ii..n t 25c will bo and inspire a certain amount of social 1
charged, which will go to create a and civic pride.
music fund u ovn club halT "cen"y rTd
Music A School Study ;to its new quarters In the Derh build-
There used to be a general belief !ing, corn r of Court and High streets,
that musical talent was a thing Or rather It has followed up H gen
peculiar to itself, and that some were I erous friend. Dan Langenberg who
born with It and some were not. ' has moved his studio to the Derby
Those who had it should be en- building. Well anyway. Mr. Langen
rouraged, and those who had it not berg and the Apollo Club are to be
should have nothing to do with music, congratulated on securing such eom
Nowday we are democratic In al- modious quarters. The room ia large
most everything, and music is rapidly and attractively finished and the
coming to its own. It is now con- acoustics are decidedly better both
aldered a subject of sufficient Im- for the club' and for Dan's private
portance to be offered to every child teaching.
from the first grade to . the high I At the meeting Wednesday evening
iwhool at public expense. We shall everyone felt happy, and the songs
1ope soon to see the dawn of a new j for the next program were begun,
day when every child will aj it was the writer's privilege to hear
chance not only to learn to sing and the Apollo Club of Portland Thursday
to read music, but also to play wraie j evening. Their program included
instrument in band or orchestra. This; some very difficult numbers, such as
chance should be provided at public) the Poeine KrotiqiK- by Grig-Hatc'i
expense Inasmuch as it touches and and O Captain! My Captain! by Bo
Ktorifics the public life as wall as that hannon. These and In fact nil num
if all the children themselves. bers on the program were well in
And speaking of talent, why from , hand technically, and were rendered
day to day ana wees 10 ween in me whji iii-whuu ijiiibh mo ii hi-m
first and" second grades, we are teach-! under Mr. Hover's baton. Without
. ,..,.,.,. Saturday evening. A
scheme of Japanese decoration made
thn vvm nasi urn unusually nuraiuit
Portland. Or.. Feb. . Attorney
Henry MrGinn. declaring he voiced
the sentiment of "ninety-nine per cent
,oi me mi""- : . ... k a , f th. room I
- .-nmn,icirkn at itft near- l I ne iersuia in v.... .
" . v . . .ffc-live feature as well as
in a on Hirvricar iarra uric , . ,
i ? ...... ... .... .mi i beautiful one. Attractive music putj
. ...i in th. iimner mood and
pay a lB-ceni tare or any wmer r v... e- . j '
considered necessary to help the street most enjoyable time was baa. j
car company out of Its financial diffi- Miss Schuette s chapel talt last r ri-
cultiea. W F. Woodward yesterday day was a source of much pleasure to ,
expressed the opinion that any such In- her hearers. Her subject. Apprecia-,
v ... .... .w- vi..i" iu uiwavaan Instructive)
crease would De pain wnnnsiy uy me i .. .iU. I 1
public. :
tango, ana tne American emoasay has
made representations to the Mexican
in Durango. Mexico, is be-; foreign office in an effort to secure his
held by Valla for 20.ft00 ransom, release.
'eologisj bve d,
exiena.i .
.v oeond
but that I.
historic times that 1?
nk city. aw,V
eluded in the . ,
territ. " W t
?;Oaklahd Sensible Six P0
lug children to carry a tune, who at
first seemed hopeless! And we do not
Kive up any more than we give up
number work or thu combination of
the multiplication tables when they
The ttakni high basketball team de
flated Kimene at that city Friday
nllht. The game was Salem's from
the start, th team givliiK a good ex
hibition of clean playing, In this game
the llugtme players uliio made a belter
showing than In the first series con
U'St with Salem, efforts being made to
cut down the previous bad record of
This gives Sail-in high school hi a
victories out of the seven games play
ed dining th present series. The team
will piny the Oregon freshmen nt Eu
gene, Saturday night.
Competing the total of eight ineas
Utes roferred to the people by the spe
cial gcaitlon of the legislature fur a vote
at the May election Attorney (leneral
llrown Friday prepared the ballot title
for the proposed "Higher Kduvatlomil
Tax Act." The. purpose of this pro
posed law Is set out In the tlllo as fol
lows: "Providing In addition to iminuil tax
levy now provided by law, a tax of 1.2
mllig fur Uiegoii Agricultural college
hikI I'nlverslty of Oregon, and .Ott mills
for Oregon Blato Normal school, total
ling approximately $1,1147.1)00; appro
priating for current year from moneys
now In treasury a sum equal to sa.M
annual lax levy; said money being for
support and maintenance, Including
salaries, additional building, making
re m Im. purchasing Hiippllis, enulp
meiit'iind scientific uptmriilua; provid
ing that a vole of enactment ot this act
mIiii I! make said lux an annual levy
though In" excess of tax for the preeeiV
lio; year plus six per centum thereof."
irolnff into an exhaustive criticism, ft
may be said that the voice blending
and tone quality were very good
throuurhoui the entire ranae from the
low I) flat In the bass to the high C
In the tenor.
. Miss Taylor spoke last Saturday at
the local teachers" meeting at Dallas on
physical education. Miss Smith, who
also attended the meeting spoke on prl
mary methods.
The regular Joint program by the lit
erary societies given at the close of
each quarter will be presented in the
chapel Friday evening of this week at
7:e30 o'clock.
Prsident Ackerman has accepted an
invitation to address the school offi
cers' convention at Dallas next Satur-;
The next motion picture is to be giv-
en in the cnapei Monday evening.
February S. This is an Alaskan pic-l
ture, really a very wonderful piece or ,
work quite belying Its rather sensa
tional title "Back to God's Country." i
A simple exercise in honor of the ,
'.s well as a pleasurable theme.
Miss Laura tioll'iday. the faculty
member who is recovering from ty
phoid fever, has been granted a leave
ol absence for the rest of the year.
She plans to leave Friday of this week
for her home in Detroit. Michigan.
"l.l 1't .") spiOIUMK UMOJU qj, 'ui I
H) suo)MM IIM ! Si '!1U tfl
niu eg -piwjiu imi. jo loods pus pa
qi.lldg -xis uo )& w da s o
p4taq uvj
2 q
niais 840qs i
s is a i s q I
p ra Ml
WANT 35 N. 2nd St, Portland
H ELPP Wr furnUh vraniith' Fans Help.
Milken, wooa wuiun. piuk
ad Kltdwn Help.
Phone Broadway 3205
o mm
Corvallls, Or., Feb. 7. The Oregon
Agricultural college basketball -team
won the opening game of the sories
with the Washington State college
five here last night by the score of
thirty one to eleven.
London, Feb. 8. Influential Ameri
can friends of Poland are urging those
lit high authority In that country to
muke a quick peace with the bolshe
vlkl, it was learned toduv.
In diplomatic circles the belief was
expressed that these admonitions are
ct u pled with the reparted desire of the
I'.iilish government for peace between
Poland and soviet Utissla, will have
great weight in favor of a cessation 01
A Jury In the circuit court lu Kla
math county disregarded the' Instruc
tions of the Judge In awarding O. K.
.lay a Judgment of damages for
the loss of a team loaned to P. N. The Judge instructed that If a
verdict was found for the plaintiff it
should be In the full amount sued for.
Hits the spot
Kugene, Or., Feb. 7. The Univer
sity of Washington basketball team
won from University of Oregon last
night by the score of 23 to 19 in tho
first of a two game sorlea on the lo
cul floor. Oregon was evidently weak
ened by the hard game of Thursday
night with Washington state while
Washington seemed to be strong and
fresh throughout the contest. The
teams will play the second gums tonight.
A flat Increase In rates of SO cents
per month on ail classes of telephone
service Is nHkcd bv the Dnmnsciis Tele
phone company of Damascus, Clacka
mas county. In nn aoiitlenllon filer!
with the publlo service commission today.
The chimpanzee can be taucht nu
merous tricks hut simply will not lean.
and neural bowel movement
result from the use of
'. Iifuti' mi CkiMras'i ttlilf
This superior purely vegetable
preparation for correcting
baby's troubles contains r.o alco
hol, opiates, or narcotics.
Brings gratifying results for
mother and child. Formula cu
every bottle.
J. C. J'crry
Yes we have all size
. F1SK
The largest list to pick from
in Salem.
All work at before the war
421 Court Street
s I
. .-. . -'I
W. E. Burns---Dan Burns Not Brothers
The same man. r ':
mm p!5mSS5!S
ikV . JJ - W
i i -.'-wik-i.v
r5 graceful. dathKtro lines, Its line finish end
correct body proportions combine to make tins
enn-psewmter blU-SIX of 1-1 inch wheelbaie,
m of the most ctxniorublt and atuutive can oa
Uw siarkct.
The Instantly resPtmsiTt MVhdrsenower motor te nrfd
for it quick accskratsia, tremendous driving power,
(ml tperd at which it will drite the car. high.
rificMTu-y and except ionsl ecooomv. The csr weight
M BKidrrste. brcanM oi lb utc of In finest alloy
steWs; sanpufird by the moat advanced Studcbaker
CWMSiwrtioa. HaBd-batied srauine smther uphoW
atcrv, cord tra, and toaaeaa exttuua I is la add
I . o. b. 1) trolt
Price $1250 f . o. Salem
Roadster Same Price
Because Practical and Economical
Probably the best eviednce of the
practical nature of OAKLAND cars is
found in the fact ihat the large major
ity of . OAKLAND owners is found
among merchants, farmers, and profes
sional men a very discriminating class
of buyers. The demand of the farmer
for a sensible, practical and economical
car, as well as the merchant's know
ledge of values and the professional
man's appreciation of correct princi
ples of design and construction results
in their seceltion of the OAKLAND for
its practical utility. .
The practical results of the elimin
ation of unnecessary weight without
sacrificing an ample margin of safety
in every part are shown by reports of
OAKLAND owners which show regu
larly a gasoline mileage of. from 18 to
.25 miles per gallon, 8000 to 12,000 miles
per set of tires, and correspondingly
low costs of maintenance.
The practical value of theft!4
its simplicity, accessibility and the j
ficiency of its power development.'
pie design means economical maiiuP
ture, minimum wear, and easy low-o)
adjustment or repair. Accessibility )
the main parts of the engine perk
ease of inspection and quick adja?
ment when necessary. j
The policy of concentrating on tf
manufacture of a single chassis tj.'
backed by immense f actory restW
and large scale production, makes pr
sible a price whic'i represents tier1
imum practical value the greatest'
lar-for-dollar value in mil pnmfnrtJ
- - - . v ... - vvjiuvh u..
utility to be found on the automol"
Judged from every angle, tv'
automobile is worthy of its
OAKLAND will be advanced $100 to take effect .March 1st. If you want to fa:
advantage of the present price, see this car at once. Delivery at Once.
Come For Fre e Demonstration
American Automobile Company
185-197 South Commercial St.
, Phone 4
: JCH A iS D L E i? S f X
Famous For " Its Marvelous Motor
if""" "" "" i ".a im .,11 1, ,uiiiiiMiiumwisia .mu .. . . . n ! ' ' i 1
Kit- - fS"
I fTj V." ,,i mull - - a in '" " i "
' TV JMSWitf'' i- !yTLjj F
li i i ' i i II -n
Europe Welcomes The
Chandler Six
NOW and then you read something about "French style and line" fa
automobiles, or perhaps it's "the newest English idea." And some
folks have gone across to get the newest suggestions.
Europe hasn't built automobiles for five years and Europe is crying for
new cars and good cars.
America's style Is Europe's style now.
The Chandler Six, popular in many other countries for years but kept out
of Europe the past three years because of war-time prohibition of shipments,
is welcomed everywhere in Europe now welcomed for the excellence of it
performance, and quite as much for the beauty of its styles of body.
The Chandler, represented in the British Isles by Messrs. H. G. Burford
&Lompany, , Ltd., of London, was exhibited by that old established English
automotive house, at the great Olympia Motor Show,
and was "quite the sensation of the show," says a London cable,
inree hundred and seventy Chandlers were sold in two days."
Apparently England is greatly pleased with America's best style fa
motor cars.
Th Chsndlsr Offers Highest Qualitr At Tho F.lrest Prlc
six Splendid body types
Stven-rotunetr Touring Car, tl89i . Four-Pasttnter tLoadstf. I
c- . four-Passenier TKspctch Car, S197S
Seven-Pastenetr Sedan, tZS9S Four-Passenger Coupe, tZ79S - Limousin. W
All Prices J.o.b. Cleveland)
349 N. Commercial St. . . Phone 666