Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 07, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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there is every Indication thus lar thai
il will be.
Professor Arthur von Jessen. pian
ist of Portland, who will be the prin
cipal attraction on the program, has
' iff V'
Portland. Mr. Merrick is the son of wards, Mrs. Otto J. -Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Merrick of San1 ,
. ,hd ein.-e his return from' j crh vSTh T
the service has been employed as as-I t J' Jh" 1'arrar' MrfL
!,. j.,s: - ;Vf H. Steusioff, Mrs. Jos. Baumeart-
aranged series of cteht nrnn'hr.. V. . .:''. Mrs. Kafoiiry. Mrs. E. U Baker.
two groups of three, and two .ulo j months in Franc, wiu, the en,ee.i R.,R I"?- H. Ol
numbers. other features will be furn- and was decorated with ,h- rT. t H- J- Clements.
isnea. the names of splendid local mu- Ouerr and Medaill, Militaire andi- J1' J' Roh captain; Mrs.
sicians and readers to be announced Las recommended for a dUalnuSb!' f'J Curtis Cr0SS- Mr
Iat"- ' ed service' medal. S,w4rt- rs. tt W. E.vre, Mrs.
ine decorating committee. herl t.. .,, v.... . , Chester Cox.
by Mrs. Frederick S. Stewart, has their residence at 1S5T S,h - I .. Miss An'8 Bayne-,-captain:
Ullins Tiir a oianA . v. . . " -
. wucftc eciiiug umi wui ue : street , .
Mrs. l; S. Geer, Mrs. & O, Burton,,
Mrs. J. H. McNary, Mrs. T. C Smith,'
Mrs. P. E. tiraber, Mrs E. E. Fis'.ier. ,
Miss Elsie White, captain: Misses'
Wheeler, Murray. Holt. Ilauch, Nor
to;i. EushnelT, " Kcwle, Chapter, Trin-
J!e, Halo.
Whr your head feels like
t r 4v. I a basket of broken
bottles you need
appropriate and beautiful. A group of
Willamette university giris will serve
as ushers.
The admission price of fifty cents
for adults, and twentv fiv r.unt
children and Btudents has been so
placed that everyone interested in
child welfare work in Marion county
ay assist in carrying it on.
Harry Savage,
Prudence Erunk,
Bouglas. Arir-, Feb. t.J American
Cursiilar lyer f ISoKales has beei;
mrornied by Mexican officials that!
ft-a Ueiitcnants Vshetv a9 AVnlf A
Misses Marie Briggs, K aviators, detained at Nacosari slue
cenna uar, a- ns-n aiuica last n enuesctay,
will not he released until there has
len further discussion between this
An nteresting visitor in Salem ml P. H. Th.m-. m.i-.
inursnay. was Miss V. Louise ThompIG. c. Belliner. Mr, E R ' , government and 'Mexico. wl ...
Zn. MirompsT hJ! V. Compton, ord received a, headquarters of the,
iiiu to n.ainin oiuir, is witn The
Mitsie company in tlie famous pro
duction "Head over Heels" which
played at the Heilig Thursday, Fri- j
uay ana Saturday. Miss Stair was the
Stomach or bowel dis
order poisons the biood
and thus irritates the
rest of the body.
SMmwmj-wmmt. fat kaaM, 10c, 2Sc
I ('YN'YVY,yVYYVXvvvv-vyvwvvvv .a " .
1tlr V r ! t , . J .iiu oiumaj, MISS SMIr WM tile
tnLi " !"AyT.r.h" le- n n guest f h" mo'her, her aunt, Mrs.
Miss Marllia Swart, director of the C nlstiun church oroliestrn, which will
give a concert at the First Christian church, Feb. 17. Miss Swart is
one of Sulrm's ablest musicians, nnd extremely popular in musical cir
cles of tlie city.
The wedding of Miss Selma Kum
row and George W. Splcer, January
!S,( at the home of the bride's moth
er, 1288 State street, was undoubted
ly one of the prettiest of the season.
Reverend H. C. Stover performed the
ceremony in the presence of a few
friends and relatives. The houser was
beautifully decorated with palms and
white carnations, the entire color
Kheme being green and white. The
bride's gown was a fashionable; crea
tion of white crepe de chine, georg
ette and silver lace. She wore a veil,
caught up with orange blossoms, and
carried an arm bouquet of pale pink
and white carnations. Miss Florence
Kumrow, a sister of the bride, acted
at bridesmaid. Her dress was of rob
in egg blue georgette, and her" bou
quet of deep pink and white carna
tion!. A niece, little Miss Margaret
Smith, was flower girl. She? wore a
dainty frock of robin egg blue tarle
ton, and carried a basket ' of white
narcissi. Lee Morelock was best man.
Jlra. Otto Wilson played the wed-
request of Alice Masaryk, daughter of
the president of the republic.
Mrs. A. A. Lee superintendent of
the Light Bearer society of the First
Methodist church, entertained the
members of the class at a delightful
party last Saturday afternoon in the
Sunday school rooms of the ch
Several children were given promo
tion certificates to the King's Herald
class. They were Maxine Myers, An
nabelle Hawley, Virginia Berge, Del.
pha Savage, Delphlna Savage, Stan
ley Wilkenson and Stanlev Terrlne
Assistant hostesses at the party were
Mrs. Frank Hughes, Mrs. W. C. Wins
low, Mrs. J. F. Murray, Mrs. Charles
Kobln. Mrs. F; L. Utter, Mrs. H. R.
Whitem, Mrs. J. C. De Harport. Mrs.
Cecil Hawley, Mrs. U. O. Holt and
Mrs. W. A. Marshall.
The Three Link Needle club held
a recent meeting at the home ; of
Mrs. W. A. Wlest. 205S D atreet.
dins march, and Miss Jtnhv Welch ' About 25 members of tha rlnh wota
lang "I Lave You Truly;'". Following ' present. Hostesses for the affair were
tin vGituuuiiy a i ijcepuun . wag . Iietu .io- . .n.. irai,' jura, flattie WH
IM light refreshments served. Mrs.,iiams ana Mrs. Mary Adams. -After a
brief business session music was en
joyed, and the meeting culminated
extended tour of California. Tn.,iv
she motored o Portland, shipping her
car from there to San Francisco, go
ing with a party of relatives, by wa
ter, to the Bay city. Mrs.. Upmeyer
plans on motoring through southern
California, returning, to Salem late in
the spring.
The women of tlie Congregational
church were hostesses at a banquet
Tuesday " night, at the church, at
which the Salem teacher's club were
guests of honor. Miss Lena Belle Tar
tar, Miss Marion Dickey and Mrs.
LaMoine Clark were entertainers at
the affair, and a regular business ses
sion followed the banquet. .Covers
were laid for 90 guests.
George Holt, a Willamette student
who has gone to Seattle where he will
enter the University of Washington,
was the guest of honor at a farewell
dinner Monda hight at the home of
F. A. Legg, for which Kenneth Lees
and Ray Smallev were inlnt 1 .Krfini
- - . ....w.u. vniiLuii) nrimicvtjr.
uuests at the affair were Mr. Holt.! The committee. . fn .
llonald Ulover, and her sister. Miss!
Aline Thompson, who accomnyni,i
her to Portiand when she left. A great , i
many Salem people motored to the
metropolis to witness the performance !
oi neau over fieeis.
.. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Daue had as
their guests during the week Mr. and
Mts.-Charles Piper of Portland. The
visitors returned home Thursday eve
ning. - -
Mrs. AVlil H. Bennett is enjoying a
brief visit with friends iu Portland.
A membership campaign will be
carried on by the local Y; W. C. A.
from February 10 ti February 14.
Everything is in readiness, commit
tees have been appointed and the
week's program1 laid out along sys
tematic lines. The city will be can
vassed by teams headed by capable
captains, and it is expiuted .that Sa
lem will go "over tlie top'' with no
Otto Wilson cut the ices and Miss Vi
ola Smith presided at the coffee urn.
Tie young couple left for . a short with the serving of lovely refresh
'tteflding tfin. TheV Hid nlanned on
visiting In Chicago but postponed the
journey because of the influenza sit
uation. They will reside temporarily
with the bride's mother at 1288 State
Miss Laura Maurer of Bismarck,
N. D., and Miss Lois Maurer of Can-
who have been guests of their
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Oliver, have returned to Canby. '
Mr. and Mis. C. P. Bishop will leave
ibout the 15th of the month for a
Kneral tour of California.. They plan
to he gone about two months.
Considerable lqterest has been man"
ut by the young musicians of our
C1IV in ..-..I ...
. uiti.csi.ra music, both in our
school and churches.
Hiss Martha Swart, who is direct
'H the orchestra at the Christian
"wen is a cornet pupil of Henry
Moudentneyer of Portland, formerly
Wem and director of the Cherrian
Through the efforts of Miss Swart
lStra ha9 Kiven seve' con
tt , he benefit ot the Inmates of
, urlous state institutions.
Uder the direction of Miss Swart
tat? 8lVe a concert Feb-
t!'e be"etlt of tho or"
h n,H-"u"'"er nineteen piec-
J eluding pipe organ whlch,,wiI,
The South Circle of the First Chris
tlan church met at the home of Mrs.
F, P. Smith, 1145 South High street,
January 28, for their regular busi
ness meeting. Mrs. Enoch Martin
gave two very interesting readings
"Billy's Rose", by Georpe R. Sims,
and "Hamlet Sollloqy." Victrola and
piano music completed the program
of entertainment. Members of . -the
circle who were present were Mrs.
Charles Davis, Mrs. ' Cass Gibson,
Mrs. William Busick, Mrs. Harvey
Stanton, Mrs. o.IHn Humphreys, Mrs.
Ben Walchor, Mrs. Lee Canfieid. Mrs.
Hobson, Mrs. Clarence Townsend,
Mrs. W. A. Penny, Mrs. N. S, Bird
well, Mrs. A. J. Bosey, Mrs. E. H.
Benton. Mrs. S. A. Philnut and Mrs.
S. F. Robinson. Guests of the circle
Were Mrs. Enoch Martin, Mrs. Walter
Pugh, Mrs, Owen Coterman, A. , J.
Basey, F. P. Smith and Reverend and
Mrs. Leland W. Porter.
Officers for the new term are:
President, Mrs. Charles Davis; vice
presidents Mrs. F. P. Smith; secretary,
Mrs. Clarence Townsend and treasur
er, Mrs. Clifford Elgin. The next meet
Ing will be held at the home of Mrs.
Harvey Stanton, 1560 South Cottage
street,' February 11: ;
Robert Storey, Paul Doney, Millard
Doughton, Jacob Nichol, Dean Pol
lock, Rodney Allen, Frank Bennett
and Harvey Speis.
' ;
The Home 'missionary society of the
First Methodist church 'met Wednes
day afternoon In the Sunday-school
rooms of the church. A cood renre-
sentation of the personnel of the so
ciety was in attendance and the reg
ular business was transacted. Mrs. E.
Bliss of Los Angeles was the princi
pal speaker.
Coming' as a complete surprise to
their many friends in Salem, the wed
ding of Miss Anne Dorothy French of
Portland, and Charles S. Merrick, of
this city, was announced early in .the
week. The ceremony was performed
in Portland Sunday afternoon at the
parsonage of the Unitarian church, in
the presence of a very few relatives
and friends. Mrs. Merrick Is ,the
daughter of Mrs. Harriett Freiictt of
. Executive committee Chairman
Mrs. U. GTShlpley.
List committee, Mrs. A. N. Bush,
Mrs. Jas. Elvin.
Headquarters, Mrs. Elizabeth Lamb
Mrs. Chas. Weller.
Soliciting teams, Mrs. A. F. Marcus.
Business And professional womens
teams, Miss Eva Scott.
Speakers, Miss Nina McNary.
Publicity, Miss Mattle F. Bcatty.
Men's team, Paul B. Wallace.
The teams as organized are Mrs.
James Elvin, captain; Mrs Win. Ham
llton, Mrs-TP. O. Bowersox, Mrs.
Kenneth Brown, Mrs. R. E. Pome
roy, Mrs. W. I. Staley, Mrs. Frank
E. Brown, Miss Cora Talklngton, Mrs.
David Wright, Mrs. T. a. Bligh, Mrs.
Lloyd Farmer. '
Mrs. John W. Harbison, captain;
Mrs. Charles O. . Wilson, Mrs. H. A.
Sbnne, Mrs. Clifford Farmer. Mrs.
T. A. Roberts. Mrs. Geo. ShanrV Mrs.
Frank Powers, Mrs. Wm. McGilchrlst,
Mrs. H. C. Marvin, Mrs. 8. E. Ed-
Plans are progressing very satisfac
torily for the benefit concert to'bS
---"a pipe organ which will I Biven m me urana opera nouse, reo-
Bc Used for th o..... . .... .. oa.i. u j m i. i i ,t.
find th ot-xieue Irom LUCla lunIJ vm, me pruueeus ui wiucn win
he mar:h from Tannhauser by De U8ed ,0 further the work being
-i'1 . done by the Marion county children's
'he Sextetio n,in i. ... . . ' k , .v..
a Sffart , "ayea by Hed- iii:ii ui uio anuu
clarinet; Carl w.n, mittees are 'working arduonsl
Martha Swart, cornet; ra
VZet;zRlcharJ Riley-Jr" :'orn
nled hi m troinone, accom-
Hedda Swart at pl
nd Mrs Frank Zinn
mittees are 'working arduously to
make the concert a big success, and
Ukeleles, Banjos, Banjo Ukes, Guitars Other
Stringed Instruments.
Myrtle Knowiand
Sonora Dealer in Salem
415 Court Street
Joanna Ja
mes will assist the
several vocal selec-j
hi'J,,'lenU attendlnff th.
C'A- in CV. k y the Anican Y. W.
lceC n the g "rtPo
"mlsi0n ' , e ,lew republic, The
of Polics In D,...
'-":ea that - '"eue iittB
h challhY- W C" A- ecre
fc"r om.n 7 the 8ChooI select1
ZkaTI ch,,,re" that
.hoii"' ,hein the close of
(Po,i. 10 these newly
wif'"ehmfn ar attending
0 ' '"aged in- the
w "d gothic stmc
ha tot . "e .""udle of larre e:,r.
One aim f
d'tion to trainin.
W , " Park.
t- Weir n. ""ro worK
?:r. .k"01"6- ' to rebuild
" ' medical "tten-
"the.Tr"" and sports
war Th 8Uffrd verely
ti m .-. r- "hey cm. l
tM. as . ' Z. 1 10 take ui
f,l . . -"'un.
""f r. f ina, i
Miss 1
50 women ap-
2 -w-
and Player -Pianos Best and Cheaper
J Salem, Oregon r
and Records
Sewing Macliises
All Makes
Genuine Needles
and Oil
Sewing Machines Repaired and Rented
Sheet Music
Music Studi
McKinley and Century
10c Editions
Music Store
My Reasons for Advertis
ing Facts About the Care
of Your Teeth.
PROGRESS in our profession "is evidence of leader--.
ship and can best be judged by the williness of indi
viduals to break away from old time traditions and
to adjust their service to meet new ideas and new con-;
ditidns. . . , . . -. .. . ,. s
Is -there any gbod reason why you should neglect the
-care of your teeth when the D&ntal profession is at
your service, backed by many years of scientific re
search plus practical experience? , -
A neglected mouth. breeds disease which moves in
a vicious circle through many ills. The , world does not
yet realize what dentistry can do for humanity. My
new offices are equipped with the most modern' ap
pliances known to the dental profession. My years of,
practical experience enables me to offer the public ef
ficient service in all branches pertaining to dentistry.
DENTIST .' ' .
Corner State ami 'Liberty Streets, 204-5 Gray Block
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ce,.7! i PPlto.Bto that
Clecho-s'ovakia at the