Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 06, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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IE FUN run
S.1 Ml,
.4 mn
lo the attention
city ; Carson, N. D Feb. 5. J. Bernard
ll4st Smith, in resigning as editor, of the
Grant County Leader, a Nonpartisan
...mlar week:
41 . .... ... k. taken : paper in Grant County, bids farewell
A " vrth Stlem Im-1 in a pointed letter which was publish-
!Tf 01 lnc " .. A In thfl Carson Prpaa Ho l tL
p - J : .;.,n tms :,.-- , -
Ljt ss(H'"' H;hlana school I tighth man who has been employed
! ,'tl f ,
. u snou. I be svn, as very jrood Am
erican should and do u. 1 prid
;mseit on bang l! pPr A ,)eri.
jean, hem-e 1 am through wiUi yoa,
"You parade under the
J of being the Nonpartisan friend of the
fanner. Mhiie at heart you are no bet
ter than some of those who have al
ready ensaged forced passage on the
I 'Soviet Ark,- the piaee where some of
you ought to be.
"To the farmers, who believe that
the Town'.eyism controlling- the af
fairs of the Nonpartisan league is all
inr xuua. 1 saw .'nnn vnnr vou
and see where the' doctrine 'is leading !in clHthinsi drygoods and shoes have
i the Culled States who. it is said, Is de
sired by the allies for his alleged con-;nH-iiuus
v ith Bolo Paslm. The count
iCespite his sin prise, seemed to be
j mMU.v ar;u:,,d. He declared tiwt he,
ivr&K'not afraid to (uce He ad-
ed that he was ready to go 1f wanted ,
and that lie might even put the allies!
In a quandary if they attempted to j
ll-r-ittn M., .
! ... ; -
f - Three Brownsville boys attending i
n automobile school at Ktusn p iiv i
gauizauons or t-an r rancisco retail have all contracted measles, according
merchants including the big dealers ' to a wit-gram received.
A rhindct-rous when shot falls in a
cruuemng position instead of on its
San Franciscd, Feb. 6. Threa or-'
,CU l"' ....hnnce- nnd. by the league newspapers and all have
of street park-' left "disgusted or worse" according
Ma liv
w aiscus"
U,inS of street park
.,.-....r bv J. aa
of he Salem r.ora,
M and aim" of the Sale"'
'w 1 "...inn will be ex-
MaeI 7rL I F. Hutchason,
... .tliin
, that canvassed the
to the Carson paper.
Mr. Smith's letter follows:
''To the readers of the Carson
Press: . - s .
"I beg space in your valuable pa
per to inform the public that I have
tock severed my. connection with the Grant
County Leader as editor (?) there-
A wo weeks raising
! Vmid for the company.
m I rp of influenza
J. Kay Pern-
vast and Miss Isola Smith, pi-
Of Alleged Suicide
j3i IP By Fact Story
p. of heroic rescue from a wa
in and all of the other thrm-
tils were uasneu iu iu b- (
iy afternoon, when .Mrs. j. u.
,f j4 North Firteenth streei
I the true details of attempt
It of Charles Lofstedt, a pa
rte state hospital, Thursday,
.khed stow statins that Offl-
ijl. Moffitt has responded to a
L t man was attempting sul
d that Moffitt had dragged
i, the water Has Deen reiiueu
Mrs. Fisher and the officer.
Mi of thff rase are mat wi
las found In a wet and bertrag-
,ditlon near the Fisher. home
L taken inta the Fisher home
im temporary aid until an offi-
:d be summoned. So far as Is
no one witnessed Lofstedt'3
in the waters of North Mill
t Fifteenth street. Incoherent
ill made by the man indicat
ht had fallen Into the stream
Officer Moffitt arrived at the
home, he found Lofstedt at
Ue and returned him to the
iTork, Feb. 8. Prices of liber-
t 2:55 p. m. today were: "
J7.02; first 4's 90.90; second
flnt 414'i 91.22; second 4&'s
W 44'a 93.20; fourth 4U's
nctory i 3-1's 97.08; victory
of. .
Adieu, Canned ..Editorials.,..
"During the short timeI have been
a resident of Carson. I have enjoyed
associations with some ' very good
American citizens, but none of- those
has in any manner been connected
with the 'Leader' nor with the Non
partisan league. As to those who have
ordered , me, around, sent me .'canned'
editorials to publish in that defunct
sheet known as the 'Leader' and! to
those who have placed the red flag
of anarchy ou- par with our beloved
and revered Stars and Stripes and to
all those who have defended such ut
terances and statements to alt those.
I can only feebly express the'eontempt
I bear, and that every American citi
zen should bear, for such individuals.
"To you who desire to be socialists,
bolshevisls or red flag followers of
any name, to you, I bid adieu. I wash
my hands from any connection with
your nefarious plots; some of you
would be prime candidates for depor
tation. "Above all things I place my Ameri
canism. The sugar-coated plum, which
was described -' to me to' entice, me
here has vanished, the scale has fall-
lou.' i,et at the facts. Tou have
i been fed on fiction."
io me parson fress and its many
100 per cent readers, I wish to regis
ter any appreciation of the - many
kindnesses, bestowed upon me..- Do
not be led astray by any of that bunk
I have had to publish in' the Leader.
The Cahill article regarding the red
flag was forced on tue for publication
and was written by one who. so it
appears to me, la miahtf umi-te...i
for the office given him bv the count!"
administration. Can it be tbut the i
red flag "was the flag he endeavored I
to protect while in the service? !
"Respectfully. . j
"J. Bernard Smith."
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duaranted. , " (Adv)
has granted a divorce decree in favor
of. Ann' V Cummins in her suit
against Ruben O. Cummins. The cou
ple1 were n!!rried at Salem in Novem
ber, 1917. Mrs. Cummins in her com
plaint alleged that her husband had
deserted-her about one year after
their marriage. She is also awarded
$500 as permanent alimony, cost of
the procedure and the restoration of
her maiden name of Anna V. Lomax.
combined in a campaign to reduc? liv
j ing costs, John H, At wood, special
assistant to the United States attorney:
general, announced here today. 1
In large newspaper advertisements i
the organisations will advise consum-j
era here- to buy -only essentials. At-1
Wood said. Several large stores have
agreed to hold up contemplated im
provements, aggregating in one case
$1.000,00, so that selling costs may
be kept down, according to the assist
ant attorney general, who has been
investigating the cost of living in the
The merchants, he said, have
agrsjd not to r-arlc !; n;-lc-s 0" goods
on hand when an advance in price in
the commodity is announced.
Atwood, who planned to- go to Ta
coma. Wash., announced today he
had been recalled to Washington for
a conference with Attorney General
Palmer and believed that hei
not return to the Pacific coast.
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Bernstorff Surprised At
Allies' Demand For Trial
Berlin, Feb.
surprised men
Von Bernstorff,
6. One of the most
in Berlin- was Count
former ambassador to
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IS PI rfl II
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