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'IH I.. AP M i, 1 i Iiri.JJ J-'i-'-' - -
. t-t, t tttdxtat WTTTYVTrcmY. FEBRUARY 4
"Influsiua, iu aymptoms: home
r.ursiiig- and care" will be the topic of
lectures to be given Friday evening at
7:S9 in tht various school houe of
the ctiy, unilr the auspices of the
American Red Crom. The lecture will
be given by prominent local physi
cians. Because of the dire scarcity of nur
ses, and the fear of a recurrence of
the Influenza epidemic of last winter,
tbe Red Cross is sponsoring these lec
tures In order to enable each family
to use the proper preventatives and to
ears for itself in case it is stricken.
Every one in the separate districts to
aiked to attend the lectures, and the
women are especially urged to be pres
ent. 1
The lectures will begin promptly at
7:30 tn each school house, and will last
an hour. If time permits, the small
pox situation will also be discussed.
The names of the doctors and the
schools at which each Hill speak, will
be published later.
Monmouth, Or., Feb. 4. Twenty
eight students who hnve completed the
standard course are to be graduated
from the Oregon nortnnl school at the
end of the present term, which closes
Friday, February .
With few exceptions all of the grad
uates have secured positions paying
salaries of from (100 to $150 per
Those who will receive diplomas are:
Alice Armstrong, Portland: Verl M.
C Burkhart, HMarrlsburg; Klda flail
Ill-Mow, Pleasant Hill; Hlchard Henry
Cayxer, Portland: Florence H. Dawson,
Portland; Elizabeth Dunbar, Joseph;
Mrs. Dorothea Euchave, McDermltt;
Bertha Kmmerlch, Watervllle; Dora C.
Gebers, Medford; Hester Marlon Oram,
Aurora; Myrtle Johnson Orunt, Drain;
Undies Havoly, Portland; Louise Hod
Kin, Newberg; Lmila Jrwel; Clara
I-undon, Kansas City, Mo.; Ceclia C.
fAindeen, Portliind; Ruth A. Nottage,
Newberg; Cliadwlck C. Newhouse,
Hood River; Klhrl Powell, Loralne;
tiladys Ij. i'm-kins, Portland; Helen
Peck, Portliind, Verna M, Puntenney,
Cumas, Wash.! Margaret Joanna Shot
well, HermlHton; Helen Wilklns Straus.
ParkroKe; Frances G. Tousey, Port
land; itlenda Ingelmrg Sumunlson,
tlladiitone; Mrs. lienors Trayler, Hllls
boro; Ruth WIIhuh, Kent.
WarVer Whiteside, as James Durie.
the lovable rogue in 'The Master of
P.allantrae" won a host of friends
among the playgoers of Salem Tues
day evening by the Inimitable manner
in which he Interpreted the lead role
In the Stevenson romance.
Whiteside demonstrated clearly hie
right to the reputation of being the
greatest dramatic actor on the Ameri
can stage todny and materially
strengthened the admiration of those
who saw him In "The Typhoon," which
was the vehicle of his last appearance
on the coast.
With such an artist as Whiteside
backed, as he was, by perhaps the best
balanced cast that has featured any
production In Salem this year, the fail
ure of Salemltea to turn out better in
support of the production was to be
regretted. The house was only fairly
well filled, while lesser stars have
drawn packed houses this year.
Down to Paul, a servant, and Jessie
Broun, a derelict, whose appearances
were but fleeting, the characters were
exceptionally well cast and their Inter
pretations far above the average.
Frederick Roland, as Henry Durle, and
Hubert Druce, In the role of Mr.
Mackellar, a steward, were strong sec
onds to Whiteside himself.
Tonight the patrons of the Grand
will see Ruth St. Denis and her claswc
dancers from Denlshawn. One of the
features of the evening will be a lec
ture on classic dancing by Miss St.
Denis, while the entire program will
be Interspersed with musical numbers.
the Oregon
l'rt,.mv's offices in
crowded wim
Mahood Speaks On "Lights
That Have Gone Out, Here
Under the above title-. Dr. J. W.
Mahood dealt with the parable of the
Ten Virgins lu his sermon last night
at the First M. E. church. An entire'
ly new viewpoint, combined with . a
new emphasis made his message ex
tremely Interesting. It was supremely
a message to Christians' who have
been growing Indifferent, and so
searching and appealing was It that
little surprise was evidenced at the
result which followed. Were it possi
ble the Chrlstiun people of the en
tire city should have heard this mes
sage. Tho large chorus led the music, and
the Rev. Hlcnklnsop sang a solo. In
terest is deepening and the attend
ance is growing.
These meetings are for everybody
and the Christian cooperation of all
the people of the city is Invited. Mot
Ins tonight 7:30 sharp.
With J. W. Hughes as auctioneer,
the sale of Duroc Jersey hogs, brought
from all .parts of the northwest, began
. .. in 4, fair vrnunds
.;wiepav.uuu -.--- , ..un.i.-e.. will
Wednesday. Many i -"
and the i nave been vaccinated oy
I Dr.
i i.uildinc were over
j school children and in order to cope
with the situation, the armory was
! .-..,0.1 By Friday, the authorities
expect to have coinintifii hhuh...'
lion of the mujor portion
school attendants.
of Salem I
By 5 o'clock Thursday afternoon,
shortly after noon
neraons thronged the pavilion,
sales were progressing rapidly.
The morning was devoted to Judging
the hogs that had been entered for
blue ribbons. Many of the swines car
ried away the small pennants of hon
or. The visiting stockmen were feted
Tuesday night at a banquet In the old
rose room at the Spa. Following this
they were guests at the Oregon of the
Commercial club.
Some of the stockmen attending the
sales here are: C A. Hoover, E. C.
NafiSger, A. D. Milllgan, E. J. Feld
stedt, C. C. Mason, Horace Addison,
George Plerson, Portland; R. A.
Blanchard, Portland; Luther J. Chapln
George W. Eyre, G. M. Harvey, Boyd:
Ira P. Whitney, Lane county: J. W.
Hughes, C. D. Minton, Portland; J. E.
Finnerton, Amity, and Carl Abrams.
Roseburg, Or., Feb. 4. Drastic ac
tion to stamp out influenza In this city
was taken by the city council at its
regular session last night when a reso
lution was adopted closing all public
-places of assembly for a period of two
weeks. The order was eirecuve tooay
and no dances, religious assemblies or
oubllc funerals will be permitted. The
school board also Held a meeting at the
same hour, passing an order closing
the public schools in the city for a like
The decision to close the town ioi-
lowed a conference of Mayor Hamil
ton and 'Health Officer Dr. Shoemaker,
and other physicians here.
city health
authorities! Dr. R. E. Pomeroy, cits
health officer and Dr. R. E. Downs,
school health officer, Save been vac
cinating the children in compliant-;
with the state law and with instruc
tions of the Oregon state board of
health. Monday 150 were vaccinated.
Tuesday 800 were immunized and
mo m
disorders. S,, ,lul w
.uur will glVHKS (Ut With I
:i:r.r,v,,:hrr r
.Mum- I i. omiiiiie iu -iii" mm t,un.
Firry Itching?
. . . '
! This is indeed the burning question i
vilh those who are the victims of;
j itching, uurniiis. u) ' I v.-ill realize
break out all over the skin, causing iU j treat this condition
Due to the increase of
rates between uanaaa anu u . , t,a(j to worse.
any t
conditions, you ju (j
much annoyance and the
comes from the fiery itchin u
from tho outset 'that' t
million intelll!r.nii. ..
, 'victim to tc hand scratch with al-;must first cleanse the blood of Z
exchange, . , .- ?..!. .tram in.mi..n. f tin. .v.. m
imuar 4-iiiiMi;tiiL lui l u , ... w "... p. - ......... v ..... -.jsriia mm i
with only a temporary i trouble.
oBse th.
States that has caused an almost ni-ilull jn tne suffering, you have about , This of course means that von
Wednesday morning, 308 more 1ivere inability further to accept the Cana
Vflci-inaterl The health officials ex
pect to vaccinate nearly -100 childen
Wednesday afternoon.
In addition to the immunizations
accomplished by health officials, it
unl M,,..tinr, in the Vallie Of Cana- : 1 1 nnnhiriinn that VOU RP I ff(t no nOI'tlkailPnt rr.m ........ u.
irinai ... - i fiiciin n. vw... . . Bvi 4iuiit Tna
. . .... . itf..:.. i e i 1 . . . .. . ,c
doomed to nave tnia lei-nun's uia-mi iuiai ninunrai applied to the sor
ease as your life companion. Iface of the skin, because It U imt.
If you nave luuuwtru . i, mo ,.ivnti m tm8 waT
dian silver, local banks are expecieu
to announce within a few days their
dians coins at their face value.
This announcement is expected to
carry with It a statement that the Ca
nadian 25 cent piece will draw only
0 cents in American money, ana tne
only 40 cents.
vour experience will be like that of ; blood medicine. This medicine la twn
Rome. Feb. 3. Reorganisation ot thousands of others who have found il vegetable. Doing made of the 1nir-
the tlalian cabinet is forecast by tbe'tw such treatment does not reach I of roots and herbs gathered direct
Tribuna in discussing the political sit- jtne cause of the disease, and cannot ;fiom the forests, the medicinal valnj
for this reason make any progress to- o: wnicn is recognized oy the medical
ward a cure. profession everywhere. It cleansej the.
Whilo it is true that the visible lo- blood of the disease germs, at tbe
cation of this trouble is apparently same time building up the general
cn the skin, you must look deeper for health. S. S. S. Is sold by all drug
its origin, and until you locate Its I gists, and is probably the most popii.
starting point, and direct your treat- j lar family medicine which they car
ment there, you will continue to suf- j ry. If you want permanent results,
fer. i mis is tne ineuicine you s.wuld utki
uation. It says the premier may lane
advantage of a parliamentary recess
which is p robable soon, to strengthen
his ministry.
I. .4. --44..4 4
Is estimated that in the past five da'8,Canadlan 50 cent piece will be worth
a. least zuo vaccinations nave u
performed by physicians to private
The general spirit of cooperation
being shown by parents, guardians
and school patrons In the matter of
assisting in having the children im
munized has been highly gratifying
to the school authorities. Monday af
ternoon the Salem school board sent
letters to all parents in which they
were requested to give consideration
to the state law which requires that
school atendants ?be vaccinated or
that they be restrained from attend
ing school during epidemics.
The action of the state board or
health was caused by the growing
number of smallpox cases in the
state. During the past few days, the
epidemic has slightly revived in the
city of Portland after having abated
from the high record of 600 cases In
November and December. Monday.
February 1, 100 new cases were re
ported in1 Portland. At the present
time there are 16 cases of smallpox
In Salemy.
In preparing for possible vaccina
tions Monday, the health otficials un
derestimated the response which
would be accorded the state health
board's ruling. Wednesday afternoon,
Washington, Feb. S. Tho confer
ence report on the oil land leasing bill
t as ready to ho submitted to the house
today where an effort will be made to
litve it immediate consideration. Little
opposition was xpected. The bill's
passage will end a controversy of ten
years standing and open for develop
ment 75, 000,00 Oucres of lands In west
ern states.
Registrations In the automobile de
partment of the secretary of state's of
fice up to January 21 aggregated 61,
610 automobiles, i214 .motorcycles.
1259 chauffeurs and 582 dealers with
receipts from all sources totaling $1,
285,000, according to a summary pre
pared by Bam A. Kozer, deputy secre
tary of state.
Comparative figures show that for
the same period in 1919 registrations
aggregated 49,062 automobiles, 1278
motorcycles,' 1185 chauffeurs and 352
Rvul. Keh. 3. Eslhonia and the dealers with receipts totalling .ioo, mi
soviet government of Russia have Automobile registrations so tar uu
agreed in tho peace treaty signed to: year are ti per cent or tne total ieg.--retdiect
the principles laid down by the 'tratlons for 1919 when 83,332 cars wen.
powers In regard to the Oulf of Fin- registered.
land. Only troops of Esthonlo and the
Eslhonia And Bolshevik.
Agree Upon Settlement
Grip, Influenza.
llnmllu's Wizard Oil a Rcltublo, An
Umiplli: PrevcnUuivo
During Influenza epidemics spray
the nam and throat several times a
-day with one part Wizard Oil unci
two parts water, using an atomiser. If
'jou haven't an atomizer, gargle the
throat and snuff the mixture UP the
nose. This treatment sets up an anti
septic, wall of defense ugalnst "flu"
Chest colds and sore throat lead to
r.rlp, Utop them at once with Wixar-1
Oil before they can develop Into dan
geroua Influenza,
Get It from druggists for 80c, If not
satisfied, return the bottle and get
onr money bnck.
Mver constipated inr have sick
headache? Just try Wizard Liver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, 803
ut druggists. Quarunteed. (Adv)
soviet government, or their allies, will
be permlUed on the territory of either
country. Russia abandons all claims
to former Russian government prop
erty In Esthonla, and returiiB to Es
thonla all property removed to Russia
during the war. Including the libraries
and archives of Dorpnt university. A
special commission will define the com
merclal nod diplomatic relations sub
sisting between the two slgnwtorlw.
Seattle, Wash., Feb. 4. First wit
nesses were to be called here today in
the trial In the Vnlted States district
court of C. h. Byron, Seattle timber
! cruiser, and E. M. Comyns, Portland
attorney, charged with using the mails
to defraud In connection with a land
selling scheme. The complaint charges
that Byron and Comyns represented to
their clients that they could file claims
on Rnvernment land grants.
Outfitters to Women, Misses
and Children.
Quality Merchandise Popular Prices
lftftK FOR
Rneartns Ammunition
nave touowea me
cuurse oiire;iiiiieiii, jun , iianiitriti mat
less used lotions, ointments, salves: show real results Is a remedy that
and washes abundantly, In an effort will cleanse the blood thoroughly vi
to get some sort of relief from your j kill the germs that cause the htmhij.
torture. Probably you have receiveJjAnd for this purpose no remedy ewr
temporary relief from the fiery itch- j made can approach the record of 3.
ing by the use of local treatment, outjB. c. tne tine oiu nrty year'
Tape's Diapepsm" is the
quickest Indigestion and
Stomach Relief
When meals hit back and your stom
ach is sour, acid, gassy, or you feel
full and bloated. .When you have
heavy lumps of pain or headache
from indigestion. Here is instant re
lief! Just as soon as you eat a tablet or
two of Pape's Diapepsm all the dys
pepsia, indigestion and stomach dis
tress caused by acidity ends. These
pleasant harmless tablets of Pape's
Dlapepsin never fall to neutralize the
harmful stomach acids and make you
feel fine at once and they cost so lit
tle at drug stores. (Adv)
The akin Is fed from the blood, and
upon the condition of the blood de
pends upon whether or not your skin
will be healthy and free from boils,
1 imples, scaly irritations, red erup-
If your own case needs special med
ical advice, you can obtain same wit
out cost if yeu will write to Chief
Medical Adviser, ISO Swift Laboratorr
Atlanta, Oa. ...... Atlv)
Valley Motor Co.
Auto Robes and Gloves
For The Comfort of Driver and
We have just five of these Robes left. If you, drive a car don't pass them, up.
They are large size, have fringed ends and are of excellent quality, price con
sidered. Two at $7.:i5
One at $10.45 ;
Two plaid kick wool, extra good, at $12.45
Carpet Tacks
, Per
1 Cent
Warm Aato Gloves:
A ileliiyed hIiI.mimmiC, ordered raitttlut nan, of Felt Auto tilovra, fleece
HimhI and Willi Renulim DAg Rkta palms. A upk'iKllil rlne Clove
ml mislay good feeler on m chilly aiurutug; pair .. $2.93
" ' '
Your Small Car
Goodyear Tires
If you own a Ford, Chevrolet, Dor t, Maxwell
or any pther car using30x3-, 30x3l, or 31x4
inch tires, you can well take advantage of
the high relative value built into all Good
year Tires.
You can well do so because you can secure
in the small Goodyear Tires the results of
such skill and care as have made Goodyear
Tires the preferred equipment on the high
est' priced automobiles of the day.
You can well do so because these small Good
year Tires are easy to obtain, being produced
at the rate of 20,000 a day, and because
heir first cost usually is as low or lower than
that of other tires in the same types and sizes.
Go to the nearest Goodyear Service Station
Dealer for these tires, and for Goodyear
Heavy Tourist Tubes. He supplies many
other local owners of small cars.
,'-'; 30 3V4 Goodyear Double-Cure .- rY
' -abric, A0.Weh Tread ZU
. '. t xlVfc Coot ar Jinj-'c-Cure ,r
aptit, An Tread .. j
Shf 7outU lu,b" " hick' "R tube, that
Sn? T6' 1roPr'y- Why rhk a good ca!inR with
tfe,.!' J'fVcar Heary Tv, Tube, cost little mora