Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 03, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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sufficient funds with which to pur-
' chase music r,d necessary
I Imnpir thi. ?rm?rum nnmhera ar
cai suios uy Jlipa tiuttmiv rfaific l
I violin Svilo by Miss llarion Emmons, j
la cello solo by Avery Hicks, readings ;
by Uonal.l lavidson and Turfield
Schindlcr and a cornet solo by Ira
Mathews" Bearcat basketball team
will leave at 4 o'clock today on their
northern tour, playing four conierence
Players Locate in Salem;
Garner and Schroeder Stay
105: Oregon City.
McJIinnville. 8; Corvallis,
. - l rniA Ui?l Tapltwin
Medford. 6?: Kojue river near u.u
. - 1 ,.. ttlii a' ,
D i . la ivc ti'uj - -
Neal Littler, owner
57: Ashland 50: Albany. 49; Astoria, cost ot aw'"" T"' .,,.,1
46 La Grande. 46; Rosebur. 46: The structure is of ".f1"
Dalles. 3- Grants Pass; 35; Pend'.e- 'ftet over-all and is described by engl-,
tl; Mars'd 31; Dallas. 21::neers in the highway department a.
Klamath Falls. 20; North Eena, l;:one oi tne preui
Bend. IS.
ensineerine in the entire northwest.
The Descnuies river unugu v .
Action on the proposed sale of water
Seventy-four and hone-half percent :
of the boys and girls of Oregon who j
completed the eighth grade of school
lust June entered the standard four-
of the Salem
chines, two with Whitman, one with . Cowling Alleys, has secured Fred
Vniversity of Idaho, and one with w. j Garner and "Lefty" Schroeder as hall!year high gchoobj of the stale this
8. C, and two non-conference games, managers of his bowling alleys, and : hooj vear and of these 55 per cent
with gpokane university and the Kits-; billard parlors. The two men are wllI compiete the full four-year high
ville, Washington, American Legion j members of the Siilem baseball club j g,;noo course, according to a report
team. and In giving them employment, Mr. jjust compied by J. A. Churchill, state
Members of the squad who aceom- Littler la manifesting the general j aynerintendent of public Instruction.
pany coacn aiamews are iu.iih , spirit snown by saiem ousiness men
Wapato, McKitterlck. Jackson, Rarey. j (n providing positions for" Bishop's
Irvine, Gillette, Austin and Canaan.
They will leave at 4 p. in. over the
Orrgon Electric, arriving in Walla
Walla early Wednesday.
The Bearcats will line up arnlnst the
club members.
Shroeder, formerly twirler for the
Beavers, is well known to baseball
i fans of the Pacific northwest.
Xfiualnnnrlaa frtr two Crimes. 11HH-' I- I,... ntnnnn nn lnn.,ttn r.B.a.
J - ' - - " la ninv lt iil9 LI 1 1 i'ri ma.
and Thursday nishts, and will at-1 nently In Salem,
tvrnpt to stage a comeback. Although!
Two new bridges have been added fo I
Figures in Churchill's report show the state highway system, all ready aor
that .308 students completed the 8tn ,fa
giade of schOQl last June. Of these
6.182 are. now enrolled In the ninth cording to Information received at the
grade. His prediction that 55 per cent siate highway department here.
; of these will complete the four-year , One of these is the John Day bridge
Garner, Idaho state league infielder, course is based on the fact that S413 on the Columbia Kiver highway, just
Columbia Kier H : , irri-otinn district hv
ing satisfactorily als o according to re- Cr Irrlgatlon companv
torts reaching the department.
is a steel plate girder struc ure on con- cn
crete piers wtih concrete floors, is j delayed by the board after a
ZL o " fftS" UnZ luring Monday afternoon. Th, delay
neignuornuou ui which will postpone further action for
a Co (ronsnn nf Portland have the con- . .
tract on the bridge.
Indians bought liberty bonds worth
Breadfruit Is most succulent before
Is fully ripe.
the .Whitmaii team beat llamette
two games here, and have the advan
tage of playing at home, the Bearcats
have Improved greatly since then, and
may fin ing a surprise. Friday night
tli- will oppose the fast American Le
gion team of Kitzvllle, and on Satur
day night should take a game from
Spokane university, which will be seen
l'cre In a return game later in the sea
Bun. The biggest games of the trip will
be Monday and Tuesday, February 9
anil 10, when the Beurcnts go up
;iiMint the t'nlversity of Idaho and
Washington State college nt Moscow
nnd Pullman, respectively. Nothing Is
nvuHable as to the relative strength of
the learns, but both schools are known
Id have fast teams, and local followers
of the Bearcats are anxiously waiting
for t fie returns from these games. A
tally was hold In the university chapel
this morning In sending the team off
in ihe tour.
Walter Kracke, well known on the
Pacific coast and In army athletic
circles as an A-l catcher -n ml slugger
has arrived in Salem and plans to es
tablish his home here. Mr. Kracke
was a comrade-in-arms bver seas
with Iilddte Bishop and several other
members of the Salem Senator's and
expects to play through the season
villi the newly organized Salem club.
Manager Bishop believes that in
Kracke, he has secured a good mitt
partner with Catcher Jack Hayes.
Kracke played for years with tiie fast
Marysville semi-pro team and made a
good record while playing on soldier
teams in the service.
Salem High School Concert
Will Present Good Talent
The High school musical depart
ment, consist Ing, of a 80-plece band,
a live glee club and a 20-plnce or
chestra will be presented In conceit,
Tuesday, February 10 at t'no High
m-hool auditorium. Professor C. A.
Davidson, instructor of music and
head of the department will have
charge of the program which will In
clude sterling vocal and Instrumental
numbers. Headings and clever Inter
pretations will lie Interspersed be
twn main program Items. Tho High
wclimil musical personal Is represen
tative of talent this year and a well
liuhiiii'od evening of entertainment Is
promised. Admission of 25 cents will
lie chaigsil in an effort to unwind
Canine Population of
Spokane Shows Decrease
boys and girls are now enrolled in tho completed by the Portland Bridge j-th
Spokane, Wash., Feb. 3. Spokane's
canine population has decreased in the
last two years from 5,000 to 2,000 ac
cording to J. M, Harris, superintendent i Albany, 344;- Medford, 331; Astoria,
senior classes of the standard high
schools of the state.
Including the number who enrolled
In the ninth grade of the non-standard
high schools of the state, statistics
show that 80 per cent of the boys and
girls who completed the eighth grad
last year are now attending high
school. The total enrollment for the
current school year in the standard
high schools of the state is 21,989.
Outside of Multnomah county the
five counties in the state with tha
largest enrollment are listed as fol
lows: el
Lane county, 639 boys; 718 girls;
total 1257.
Marion, 653 boys; 671 girls; total
Clackamas, 546 boys; 552 girls, to
tal, 1098.
Linn, 481 boys; 687 girls; total,
Yamhill, 39 boys; 481 girls; total
Following is the total high school
enrollment in districts of the first
class throughout the state:
Portland, 6291 ; Salem, 625; Eugene
558; Corvallis, 446; Oregon City, 365,
pany at a -cost of approximately $28,-
000. The structure consists of two
spans of 126 feet each with 300 feet of
The Rock Point bridge across the
Why Pyramid?
Ask Amy Drnavlst Haw Repeated
Sales Have Made Pyramid the
Recogalxed Treatment.
43.00J acres of soldi andT
tuttes. t Kedwon:
Sale of the water by the r.,
ton Irrigation comM 1 entra10.
ly the central Oregon irZ? t
tnct whose members cST
company is not able to !
water now neded by land,. 18
der contract without Tnder I
further contracts. Underti . j
Fresh Revolution Breah
Out In Honduras, Rm
Mangua, Nicaragua i-ITV "
a period of 90 days was taken on the has been a fresh revolutloiu""
recommendation of State Engineer, bi-eak in Honduras, accordilvL,,l'
Percy A. Cupper who explains that an vices received today. The nL .
attempt is now being made to perfect j ists, which are headed by DobI???'
an arrangement whereby operation Membreno, former vice pr6n'
and control of the central Oregon pro- j F.onduras and Dr. Nazario &7
ject will be taken over by the central have suffered a heavy d(. iT"
Oregon irrigation district recently or-etnment forces and now an)
ganized and composed of the owners of toward the Nicaraguan fronuW1
Mailed free in plain wrapper. It
gives you relief, net a 60-cent box
of kennels for the Spokane County
Humane society.
During the war? Mr. Harris said, to
propaganda directed against the sup
porting of useless dogs, 2,000 of the
animals were done away with here.
The normal loss of lives among dogs
here Is about 40 a month, due to auto
meblle accidents, he stated, and this
number Is Increasing annually.
322; McMinnvllle, 321; Roseburg, 309
Baker, 302; Pendleton, 295; The Dal
les, 288; La Grande, 275 ; Ashland,
205; Grants Pass, 203; Klamath Falls,
197; Newberg, 193; Marshfleld, 175.
Bend, 155; North Bend, 111 Dallas,
Enrollment In the senior class Is
listed as follows:
Portland, 1095; Eugene 119; Salem
Ton Have No Idea How Wonderful
Pyramid Is Until Vou Try It.
of Pyramid Pile Treatment of any
druggist. J3e relieved of itching,
protruding piles, hemorrhoids and
such rectal troubles. A single box
has often been sufficient in one
nitjht. Send coupon for free trial.
Take no substitute.
MiPrramld Bid;., Marshall, Mich,
ninfllr wrjfl tne a Free sample of
Pyramid rilo Treatment, iu plala wrapper.
City state
Born in 1839 Dr. Caldwell
Still iii His Office Daily
Wonderful vigor of lie founder of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin.
Millions now use his famous prescription
Physiciang know that good health depends largely upon proper digestion and eliminatum
and that much sickness results from constipation. No one knows this better than
the "family" doctor, the general practioner.
DR. W. B. Caldwell of Mon
ticello, Illinois, was and is a
family doctor. The whole
human body, not any small part
of it, was his practice. More than
half his "calls" were on women,
children and babies. -They are
the ones most often sick. But
their illnesses were usually of a
minor nature colds, fevers, head
aches, biliousness und all of
them required first a thorough
evacuation.They were constipated.
Dr. Caldwell in the course of 40
years' practice, for he was grad
uated from Rush Medical College
back in 1875, had found a Rood
deal of success in such cases with
a prescription of his own contain
ing simple laxative herbs with
pepsin. In 1892 bo decided to
use this formula in the manufac
ture of a medicine to be known as
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, and
in that year the preparation was
first placed on the market. The
picture of Dr. Caldwell that ap
pears on the package was taken in
that year.
The preparation immediately
had as great a success in t he drug
stores as it previously had in the
doctor's private practice. Today
the third generation is using it.
Mothers are giving it to their
children who were given it by
their mothers. Every second of
the working day someone some
where is going into a drug store to
buy it, for Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin is selling at the rate of over
6 million bottles a year.
Its great success is based on
merit, on repeated buying, on one
satisfied user telling another.
There are thousands of homes in
this country that are never with
out a bottle of Syrup Pepsin, and
the formulator of that prescrip
tion is fortunately living to see its
wonderful success.
Women, children and elderly
people are especially benefitted
by Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin.
While it is promptly effective on
the most robust constitution and
in the most obstinate cases, it is
mild and gentle in its action and
does not cuuse griping and strain.
Containing neither opiates nor
narcotics, it is safe for the tiniest
baby and children like it and take
it willingly.
Every drug store sells Dr. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin. Keep a
bottle in your home. Where
many live someone is sure to nfed
it quickly.
111 TO
Born Shelbnrllle, Mo.. March 27, 183)
Began the manufacturt of his iamout pro
scription in 189
In spite of the fact that Dr. Cali
well's Syrup Pepsin is the largest sellinj
liquid laxative in the world, there
being over 6 million dottles sold well
year, many who need its benefits haw
' not yet used it. If you have not, send
your name and address for a free trial
bottle to Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 5"
Washington St., Monticello, Illinois,
m ... . . : : :.: - - ; . H
i S ruRi.rTT'
VMS. jntiri
The Entire Stock of Paris Bros., Shoe Store Sold to Us
Our time is limited to pay for same, and we are now sacrificing entire stock of high grade Men's, Women's, Growing Girls and
Boys' SHOES in order to meet our OBLIGTIONS. You can' buy real leather shoes at this sale at prices that are uncom
parable. MEN! There will be such well known brands of shoes on this sale as
Florsheim, Buckingham & Hecht, J. E. Tilt
And other well known brands. A visit to this store will convince the most sceptical shopper. We have the shoes to fit any foot. BE SURE AND COME!
f- x VN.
AT. . r.
v -
Regular $12.50 gun metal
calf skin shoes, Goodyear
welt o"k soles, all leather
$7.00 Men's Weinberger
Milwaukee tan work
shoes sacrificed at
Men'i army DRESS shoes
in cherry brown Keith
Konqueror standard
brand. Regular $12.50 at
this sale
One line of men's calf skin
English shoes with finest
soles, sold the world over
not less than $10.00, go at
$7.50 Men's gun metal
button shoes t this sale
Men's mahogany English
shoes, snappy last, $12.50
values at
Men's army shoes will
stand rough: wear. Gen
uine Munson last, regular
$10.00, now .
Men's vici kid shoes, med
ium toe, Goodyear welt,
oak sole dressy last, reg
ular $10.50, go at ,
Men'E leather lined kan
garoo, broad toe, comfort
last, shoes, regular $12.50,
sacrificed at
Men's 16 and 14-inch high
top shoes, values up to
$18.00, to close out . .
1G-5C FLORSHEIM shoes.
All sizes, sacrificed at
Postpone ycur household du-
.. a .1 1
lies and come to this TQ
$10.00 LADIES all kid
shoes. High Cuban heel
$12.50 beautiful new grey
all kid Goodyear welt, cov
ered heel, go at
$2.59 Spats, sale price 51 77
$1.50 fiber Silk Hose :.98c
$200 fiber Silk Hose $1.33
$3.00 Pure Silk Hose si R8
SaajajMSaaMaaasssaMmn T -"-"
$10.00 Ladies brown kid
Goodyear welt leather
Louis heel with brown
craventted top, now
$12.50 White Nubuck.
French heel shoes on sale
Latest styles in Ladies
pumns and oxfords w
patent, gun. mtalv m
etc., at reduced prices
0 ire rT! On
m iLDiiiDSn ki i sDK cm mm m . r
At Year