Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 02, 1920, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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$184,000 DISBURSED
A total of 114,37. has beta dis
bursed by the slate under the pro
visions of the Soldiers' Educational
mid act up to date, according to
statement Issued by Bum A. Ktwer.
u; puty secretary of slate Saturday.
This amount, however, does not cov
er all the claim incurred under the
provisions of the act, it is explained,
jt-any of the ex-aervice men who ara
taking advantage of the aet to fur
ther their education, not having as
jet filed their claim
The $ls,087 provided by the two
tenths of a. mill levy carried by the
act waa supplemented by an approp
riation of 1250,000 by the special
avion of the legislature and an in
crease of the levy to four-tenths of a
mill is being sought through a refer
red measure which will be on the bal
let at the May election, according to
the records on file here 8311 ex-service
men have applied for permis
sion to participate In the soldiers ed
ucational aid fund, so far, these be
lli; divided between 106 public and
private schools throughout the state.
Tonight at the First Methodist
church, Balem jvlll have an opportun
ity for hearing Dr. J. W. Mahood, au
thor and lecturer. lr, Mahood will
speak at 7:30 upon the subject "God's
Trumpet Call to the Church."
Uov. H. N. Aldrich, of the Leslie M.
VS. church, lsdlreutor of the choir and
chorus which will contribute part of
the musical portion of the evening's
program. A male quartet will provide
special numbers.
In speaking of Dr. Mahood'g work
r j
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no aeoompllHhnients. l)r, 1. Wilbur
Chapman of Stratford, Conn., savs:
"Hev. J. W. Mnhnud, 1), IV has few Hnmuel 0'II1
This conference, he saia, seiecieu
Paul H. King, one of the defendants.
as manager of the campaign.
During the campaign," said Mr.
PsHey. "Mr. King paid out a vast sum
of money.
The prosecutor then sketched the
publicity campaign of the Newberry
organization, charging that tney
sought advertising space In "Every
newspaper and magazine in tne
He then turned to the use of mov
ing pictures, saying that Thomas R.
Phillpps of Detroit, one of the defend
ants, was sent to New York to nego
tiate (or them.
Navy Films I'ard.
'Phillips purchased about 1,000
feet of an old film showing a review
of the United States navy," said Mr.
Dally. "The sub-titles were changed
so as to make the pictures applicable
to the propaganda for which they
were intended. Mr. Phillips also em
ployed a moving picture company to
take 125 feet of new film.
Mr. Newberry posed In various at
titudes In the new film. He went to
a battleship located on dry land in
a New York park and stood on the
bridge of the ship and turned slowly
to face the audience while the camera
caught him In this attitude.
He next played that he was pay
ing a visit of Inspection to this bat
To divert attention from trie fact
that the film was a Newberry adver
tisement nnd render it more mislead
ing, the film terminated with an ap
peal for enlistments in the navy."
Sought Roosevelt Nuimort.
The prosecutor read a telegram
which he said was sent In September
1918. to Colonel Theodore Roosevelt
at Oyster Hay bidding for his approv-j
al of the Newberry candidacy.
He said this telegram was signed,
"Newberry volunteer committee,!
Charles A. Floyd, secretary."
The telegram stated that $178,000
had been contributed to the campaign
by many subscribers but, according
to the prosecutor, the campaign state-1
nicnt of the committee showed thatj
five contributors alone gave $169,900,
and named John S. Newberry, a de
fendant nnd brother of tho senator; i
Mrs. Henry I!. Joy, a sinter, and herj
husband nnd Victor Haines and Ly
man H. Smith of the American Bookj
company. I
Mr. Dailey said the money went for
automobiles and halls, workers nt the
polls, votes, banquets, liquor, cigars
and flowers. Ho charged that sonic
custodians of money UNed It to pay
personal debts. There was also, he
said, a system of gratlludes. A $50
bill was placed in a book so that it
could be found by one citizen nnd n
banker was given $500 fur, influence,
the prosecutor charged.
Worked Among Villous.
"They employed men to work par
ticularly among rullroad unions," said
Mr. Dailey,
: He said special agents were hired
to work among the Indians, lumber
Jacks, negroes, factory workers s)iul
sullors on the Great Lakes.
"They Ingatlated themselves Into
the churches wherever possible by the
use of money," continued Mr. Dailey.
"The defendants wasted a great
deal of money in an attempt to con
trol the nomination of tho opposite
party," he continued. "They arrived at
the .conclusion that the defendant,
James W. Helme, would be a suitable
opponent to Mr. Newberry In the
election and hired the defendant, Wil
liam Mlckel, to induce Mr, Helme to
become a candidate on the democrat
ic ticket."
Mr. Dailey charged that Mlckel
was later told by diaries Floya .hut
a defendant,, had
Lieutenant Colonel George A. Wjite
who was sranted an additional six
months' leave of absence as adjutant
general for Oregon in order that he
might go eaat to complete his work
in connection with the organization
of the American Legion, expects to
return to Oregon In 1 eoruary. accord
ing to a letter Just received by Gov
ernor nicoit. Whether White will re
sume the office-of adjutant general
which he relinquished to go overseas
will depend upon his own desire in
t:i matter iinos his return as h has
been assured both by Governor Ol
cott and Adjutant General Stafrin
that the office was his if he wanted
it again.
In ha letter to the govenor. White
states that he is In possession of In
fr.matinn relative to the noposed Na
tional Guard legislation in congress.
whjch he states, otters Uignt pros
neets for the future of the guard or
ganization. Inasmuch as the treatment
to Jie accorded the national guard by
congress was one of the consldera
tina itiuin which White's resumption
of the adjutant's post hinged It is be
lieved here that he will be reaay to
take over the duties of the office on
his return to the state next month.
Poles Prevent Bolshevik
Troops From Concentrating
London, Feb. 2. The bolshevik
delegates at Dorpat declare that Po
lnnd has abandoned her military prep
arations against Russia, which were
to be followed by simultaneous at
tacks upon Moscow and Petrograd, ac
cording to a Central News dispatch
from Reval, Esthonia, today. Poland
has taken this course, the delegates
say, because Livonia "In accordance
with the peace treaty with soviet" has
withdrawn her promise to place her
army and the harbor of Reval at Po
land's disposal."
An injunction suit was filed today to
restrain the county clerk of Marion
county from enforcing the collection
of the state dog tax of one and two
dolars respectively for male and fe
male dogs.' .
The law will be contested in the
courts on the ground of conflicting
with the city laws and the state law
allowing dogs to be placed on the as
sessment rolls as personal property. It
Is also contended the law is unenforci
ble and will cost the counties more
than they get In taxes.
Two features of the law are cited as
unjust and inhuman the giving per
mission 'to any officer to shoot a dog
at sight unless wearing the state li
cense, and the provision that at all
times of the year the dog mnst wear a
muzzle when off the owner's premise
Besides paying the state license ev
ery dog owner will be put to the ex
pense of keeping muzzles, which in hot
weather are the greatest cause of ra
bies. Both the dog assessment law
and the state tax law are in conflict
with city laws and will cause a great
deal of trouble to enforce.
While Judge McCourt held the state
law to be constitutional in a Portland
case, it is stated that circuit courts
generally do not pass on constitutional
matters and If they did a majority of
the circuit Judges at Portland frankly
say the law is unconstitutional.
All the pleadings and arguments in
the Portland case are being brought to
Salem and it Is expected that Portland
counsel for the state humane society
will assist In the trial of the case at
Salem. It will be watched with great
Interest nnd locally will be brought to
trial by John Carson.
S. K. Wolgo, 101 Lincoln street has
received a Setter from his sin Ward,
in which the Salem boy states that
he hopes to visit Salem soon while on
duty. Ward Wolfe is a graduate of
Salem High school and is well known
here. He enlisted wilii the marine
in June, 1916.andhas had varied ex
periences in many parts of the world,
while with "The Soldiers of the Sea"
Wolfe's assignment which may
bring him to Salem, is with the Rov
ing Marines. This is an entertainment
company sent out by the War depart
ment, in an efort to Rive a nation-"
n-Ma rlu,nnnsTi-:itinn that th V. &
Marine is fthe most successfully ver
satile man in the service. The Rov
ing Marines, according to Wards let
ter is an organization of 25 men and
is capable of giving high class enter
tainment equal to ' big time'' vaude
ville. The party is playing in south
ern California cities at tile present
time, but expects to muke the PacilV
Northwest circuit within the next
two months.
Court Asks By Picketing
Should Not Be Stopped
San Francisco. Feb. 2. An order dl
recting representatives of 22 unions to
show cause on February 9 why an In
junction should not be issued to pre
vent picketing of the Moore ShipbuiUU
jing company's plant at Oakland C
:s issued in the United Si,uis fi',. '
j court here Saturday by Jud tVo."'1
jC. Van Fleet.
j Twelve individuals and 40 "j0
Does" were also named in ,u
j plaint which alleges that in their n"
J forts to impede work at the Moo-"
i Shipbuilding works the union mtt
have waylaid and beaten workmen.
j - New York, Feb. 2. Another lew
j record for the British pound sterling
was made today when it openefl
,$3.48. or one cent below the previous
' low reached twice lust week.
equals us an evangelist In the United
Mintes. H is so safe and sane In his
methods, so evldtntly consecrated In
hl life, so considerate of the -pastors
with whom he labors, and so desirous
of seeing people brought to Christ that
wherever ho has gone the people have
have received hint with delight, have
followed his ministry with enthusiasm
mid bay cuutited his evangelistic ef
fort, ro far as I know, in every case
Surveys Near Completion
for Mehama-Lyons Bridge
The Marion county commissioners
have received from the offices of the
Mats Highway department plans anl
survey findings of thn proposed Me-lMms-Lyona
bridge. The bridge will
he o stsel construction mid will cost
bout 110.080. Concrete abutment
nf the present structure will be used
I' the new bridge but will be relnforc
e and scilarged.
Wh ths Marlon slid Linn county
vimmisataners have adopted the
I Una, bUts for the bridge will be ad
vertised through the Htate Highway
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TTT't?TTTtttt,ttt,tttt, - -
mild Helme si.OOS to enter the race.
Helme Pnld Kslnry.
Mr. allcy suld the Newberry or-
triinliiitlun got uu the petitions by
which Mr. Mclme's nuine wus winced
on the democrstia ticket, nutnage'd
his campaign snd "psid Holme
weekly salary ."
Mr. Dailey asserted that on the day
when the report of receipt and ex
penditures wits to be filed the books
failed to balance by about 40,000,
He said the evidence would show
thnt neither the report of the com
mittee nor their bonks Rave a true
account of the receipts and expendi
tures, that county chairmen and sec
retaries who received from IKSO to
$1,100 "wers nsked to. make reports
showing that they received from $150
to $200" and that no mention was
made of the amounts "expended In
behalf of James W. Helme."
Peace Between Esthonia
and Bolshevik Concluded
London, Keb. S. rcace was definit
ely concluded this morning between
Esthonia snd the Russian soviet gov
ernment, It Is announced In a wire
less dispatch from Moscow reoelvei
thla afternoon.
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Good Glothes
and Your Shirt
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