Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, January 23, 1920, Page PAGE NINE, Image 9

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Where 'Small Ads Ge
Tword Each insertion one
1 insertion one month,
W- J"ff 17 rents, una year, per
li ii"'"" Minimum r ad
w'1 ..-rtlon only In New Today.
'I rSh tn advance tak-
Z phone, unless advertiser ha.
2&SEn- No allowance tor
T T n.ln TT
J"- ,. to rest house of 6 or
jH-Wer. Phone XtV
cur Ne.irlv new 2-ton Dia
1 IF. ."Al t- ulnnBi. Phone
3ii""iV T.i,iprl.;in. 31
l-irEp from Morning Side nd-l-H-.
nld red . olK.. Box
T: V"; , BG8J. SI
$ '
rS-Wnrk by IP year old boy
V nK.., SS4R. ,
jr.'" -
WniFOR SALE A few loads of
? fir wood at $9.50 per cord.
Phone 1356W.
mVE a R011 unfurnished 2 and 3
room apartment for rent close in.
S Toregon Hath house. Phone 540
tpknH shower and steam baths
VithVimming pool of nice warm
","r at the Oregon Bath house,
lor' fifty cents. Ur Uor 0reon Elec
tric depot.
vivTFD February l, man lor
dairy nna c" ........
!....'..!, hosnitnl. Must be a
Li milker. Pays J CO per month
with board, room and laundry
furnished. Write supervisor, Rt. 6,
Ik is, ftilem.
h IR KENT Vacant apartment at
f til? Miller, 63;! Kerry. 22
fVOOD SAW Fishers boys will saw
1 ',,, voon rhoiie 1004. 25
V.'AKTED Old junk, old clothing,
tool gems,-musical instruments,
owi-enis. Will call day or evening.
Capital Exchange, 237 Court. Phone
!. "
ANTED Elderly lady or a gentle
man for light house Keeping, goou
honw. Call 2439 E. Center Sr. 21
1011 SALE By owner a modern ten
room house with garage, 1133 Court
St. Prite 6000; terms .$200.0 cash,
balance to suit. Inquire of II.
Polile & Son, 240 S. Liberty St; 25
V 'ANTED Lease, and option. Want
to Iras? with option to buy from
five to sixty acres. Prefer place
itith berries or gardening. Do not
want improved buildings, Address
P. 0. box 125, Redmond, Or. 25
OK RENT 8 room house; also cow
and lieus for side, inquire 1395
N. Liberty. Phor.o 314W. 22
t'OR SALE 6 room modern house,
laree lot, garag., fruit trees. Deal
with ovper 130 Owens street. 21
V'ANTEU Young lady waiter at 103
,8 Commercial at new .cafe.,, Saun
Louie. Phone C 44. . .,20
FOR SALE Fruitland nursery has
. iiniunu iituiuii prune trees,
grafted Frnnquet walnuts, and nl
' oth r nursery stock. Phone 111
f'-'l. Kt. 6, Salcin, Or. 25
V. ANTED Experienced car washer,
food wages. Marion Auto Co, 21
NOTICE Having purchased the Lib-
axchange, 241 N. Commercial
I wish to state that I will not
w responsible for any bills or debts
mitraoteit by the former owners.
Lubke, Prop. 22
jl'AL DOG wanted. Telephone 34S.
rOR SALE-6 room modern home on
I PTPftllAnt int. n. i. ,
'" "u liush St. 25
i1 for I'nine or hop ranch.
I nPh il ' HLUl K autt "any
1 ranch. Aridrpsrc V r , U
!",oa fr sale. Phone 1752. 21
AXTED Si... . r. : "
be nr , "rses, must not
than 7d rirS 0!d or wf"Kh less
et. Owner cm hv. , ....
in. r
W'S0W WUil P'W. 3-months
cow with calf. J. a. Pick-
. vus. xu,, galem. 25
or call 87F24 SatUr"
' rntt V prPtrtJ-- What
W rV A' Sean,ster
fe'turaPra'' Pm- 1asa uo"l
""'"bank rtp??eh4r Ladd
!? ba"lt or'thi. P'Mse return
" ""'W JS. M.' PftX-
oR ; -
i m r.10"1 house, 2 lot.
1 !!," down rU'd Se"1 Bma"
5 liee. 6r J T ,3 5'Mrs "me on
ns first
!" Low rates.
"Payment privileges;
SIJ prompt service. Ask
-hi .
-year loans at
r,l0e 353, """"w uiug.
PhonVtr C- 416 Mawnlo
Help Wanted
EXPERIENCED seamstress -will go
out dj- ino oay. t-mme itj. 331
WANTED Girl-or-weman for een-
, einL house work. Call -2525 S. Comt
or pnone tatu,
EArtHUSJCKli dressmaker, all
worn guaranteed. 1640 Hall St.
fair, grounds road. ... J3
WANTED Capital Business, college
i girl to work for beard, room and
:, small wages. 754 Ferry St. - -20
WANTED Middle sTcd lady to do
' 1'gni nouse worK and cook for one.
Permanent position for right partv.
Inquire at 674 N..15th.: 4th house
from Marion. Call after 5 p. m. or
before noon. 21
1125 per month.
Apply in writing and state
(1) Age. (2) Education.
(3) Cost accounting experience.
(4) Time keeping experience.
(5) Other experience.
( Recent employers.
(7) Address. (8) Phone number.
- Portland Railway, Light & Power
Co., Salem. 20'
Real EstateHouses
6 room house, barn and three lots
with fruit, on Laurel Ave;, near the
new packing- plant. Portland owner
will take best offer made for it in
80 days. See John H. Scott Realty
Co., 228 Oregon bldg.
. Modern bungalow type 8 room,
basement, comeut walks; a real buy
at $3200, good terms. See us today.
John H. Scott Realty, Co., 228 Oregon
FOR SALE Three lots, small house
plenty of fruit; reasonable terms.
644 State street. 31
FOR SALE 5 room cottage, modern
except heat. Car line, pavement,
barn, good condition. Price $1850,
half cash. Box 25 Capital Journal.
.. 20
FOR SALE By owner, D lots, 2 bear
ing fruit. Price $125 each. 2015 N.
Commercial St. 20
FOR SALE 7 room house in good
; condition.. Possession at once. Fine
corner location, with 2 lots, excel
lent barn, convertable into garage.
Variety of fruit trees. Paved streets
niid cement walk. A snap at-$3000
with good terms. See Childs and
Marnach, 540 State St, Phone 1727.
Six room plastered house, city wa
ter, $750. Choice lot with poor
house, close in,-$400. Five room
house, macadam street, $850. Good
8 room house, good location, $1750.
Six room bungalow, 19th St., $1,
800. Five room cottage, South Lib
erty St. $2000. Fine five room bun
galow with sleeping porch, $2500.
Dandy "bungalow, paved street and
car line. $4000. 40 acres with
prunes and loganberries, some tim
ber, good buildings, $12,000. .Choice
acre tracts close in. 100 acre ranch
r new bungaiowj $5500. Fj Li Woofl
' Bayne mldg. 22
GOOD BUY A nice cottage, lights,
corner lot, fine soil, south Salem,
for $900. Fair house, 6 lots, A-l
soil, $1200. Call room 8, Bayne
bldg. 21
FOR SALE 6 room bungalow, good
ortier, cement walks, variety fruit.
Price reasonable. Owner 1225 Ship
ping St. 21
A FINELY finished 5 room bungalow
at $2600. It is simply imperative
thnt this be sold at once. Circum
stances force sale. See us for par
' ticulars, no information thru phone
Too good to last long, this Is the
first announcement. Wm, Fleming,
room 7, 341 State St. 21
FOR SALE 6 room beautiful home,
closo in on N. Winter, 2 lots, barn;
Owner going east, furniture goes.
Cash or terms. S. R. Pearson, 405
Oregon bldg. Phone 43.
FOR SALE 7 room modern home
on State street, full basement, clos
ets, everything first class, looks like
new. Just what you are looking for
cash or terms.
7 room house N. 4th St., two lots,
barn and a dandy house, modern,
except basement. $2200 cash or
6 room, S. 12th St., modern except
basement. $1800, cash or terms.
Many others large and small, dif
ferent parts of city. 8. R. Pearson,
405 Oregon bldg. Phone 43.
OSTEOPATHIC physicians and sur
geons, Drs. White and Marshall,
606 U. S. bank bldg. Phone 869. Dr.
White, res. phone 469; Dr. Marshall
res. phone 834..
DR. JOHN L. LYNCH, osteopathic
physician and surgeon, 403-4 Ore
gon bldg. Res. phone 58F5; office
phone 1394. 29
ESTES & MAGEE, real estate. If we
list it we advertise it. Portland of
fice 909 Chamber Commerce; Sa
lem office 428 Oregon bldg, over
electric depot. 34
It. W. BALLANTYNE, piano tuner
with Cherrlngton a nana House,
415 Court St. Phone 352. 83
second hand goods bought, sold
and exchanged.. If we havn't what
you. want, we'll get it. Try us. W.
Lubke, 241 N, Com'l St. Phone 841,
Salem, Or.
THE ' International Correspondence
cnooi win nave tneir- local repre
sentative at the Bligh hotel every
Saturday to give their students all
assistance possible. He also will be
glad to give the public information
regarding the schools and their
TO EXCHANGE For a good 6 or 6
room modern hom in Salem, a
small ranch of 18 acres with
new buildings and small bearing
orchard. 10 miles from Salem. 2tt
miles from small town; land all in
a high state of cultivation. If you
are interested call on W. A. Liston.
484 Court St 21
Cash paid foe CREAM, EGG AXD
POIITRY, highest prices. Brt Serv
Tjr St., Snk-m, Oregon.-
For Sale. ,
acres. IS In cultivation, good
family orchard, some good wood
timber and pasture, a modern farm
house, plastered; bath and " good
closets: small nnr barn; $350: on
good terms. John H. Scott Realty Co.
228 Oregon-bldg.
STRAWBERRY plants. Progressive
Everbearing,. Ettersburg, 121, Im
proved Oregon and Wilson. Vigor
ous well rooted plants. Place orders
now Want K. Richardson, -2SS5
Front. Phone 494. 35
FOR SALE 10 acrts good onion land
i good barn, small house near the
depot. Call or address J. S. Bum
gardner, Clatskanie, Or. ' " 37
FOR SALE Baled cheat hay $23 ton,
1 mile east on pen road. Phone 86
F52 evenings. 25
Leghorns. - Reds, Rocks. Mlnorcas.
Prices reasonable. P M '.JliQm I
558 State St. Phone 400. 36
FOR SALE No. i strawberry plants,
extra fine, $3 per thousand if you
dig them yourself, y, mile east
Sunnyside school, Jefferson road.
. Phono 107F24. 20
FOR SALE Two 400-egg Xray incu
bators. Can be seen at White &
Son's feed store. W. A. Springer. 20
WOOD, dry wood. Phone 1678W. 21
FOR SALE 1 good work team, wt.
2400, 1 single driving horse, 4 head
small saddle ponies. In barn back
of White's feed store. 21
FOR SALE Jersey cow, four, years
old, high tester, to freshen soon.
One 3-year old, giving milk, to
freshen. May 1st. D street road.
Box 8, Rt. 7. 22
FOR SALE 10x15 job press, 22-
inch paper cutter, type, etc. Joseph
Ripp, Sublimity, Or. 22
FOR SALE Or trade, quarter section
land at Loverna, Sask.i valued
$18.60 per acre. Will accept city
property or acreage close in, or will
take good car and terms on bal
ance. Act quickly. Phone 92F3 or
box 196, Saiem, Or. 22
FOR SALE-Potatoes, Clifford Brown
warehouse, 171 Front St. Table
stock and seed free from frost. 22
ONIONS for sale cheap. Phone 399.
197 S. Com'l. - 23
FOR SALE Wood for sale. W. H.
Williams. Phone 1090M. 21
NEW Zealnnds for sale, fine young
buck at half price, from pedigreed
and registered stock. Capital City
Babbitry. Kt. 6, box 151. Phone eve
nings 74F2. 20
FOR SALE 426 acre farm, 200 acres
in cultivation, 45 acres in clover,
160 acres in wheat and oats, 5 acres
of 4-year old prunes, 100 acres lev
el, balance rolling dark soli. 11
room modern house, large barn. All
crops, "farming Implements and
stock goes wibh place. Located in
Polk county. Price $92 per acre,
$12,000 cash will handle this. If
you are interested In a farm don't
hesitate to look this up. W. H. Gra
benhorst & Co., 275 State street. 20
6 ACRE farm for sale all In cultiva
tion, fruit and berries, building
ready to move Into, near station;
running water. Price $2400. Owner
box 333, Salem. 20
FOR SALE 160 acre farm, 100 acres
plow land, balance pasture, fair
buildings, family orchard. Will take
as part payment good home in Sa
lem. Price $16,000. W. H. Graben
horst & Co., 275 State street. Phone
615. 20
FOR SALE 8-weeks old pigs, and
some small shoats. Donald Ham
mock, Rt. 8, Salem, Or. Phone 69
F4. 23
FOR SALE Large second growth fir
wooa iu per cora. rnone id,
Kapphahn Transfer Co. 20
FOR SALE 42 to acres rich bottom
land, 35 acres in bearing prunes,
also some peaches. Buildings. Sell
for cash or take some small prop
erty in or near Salem. Phone 92b
11. R. H. F. Struckmeir. 23
FOR SALE 2 Silver Wyandotte
cockerels, March hatched. Price
$3.50 each. Phone 5F14.. 20
FOR SALE Almost new 7-drawer
Singer sewing machine; Inquire at
574 N. 15th, 4th house from Ma
rion. 21
160 ACRE farm for sale in Lane coun
ty, near live town, good roads. This
land is all level bottom land, best
of soil, 135 acres in cultivation, 25
acres pasture and timber with creek
Good barn. Owner going east and
will make a very exceptional buy.
$75 acre, terms; would consider Sa
lem property as part. For quick re
sults see S. R. Pearson, 405 Oregon
bldg. Phone 43.
LOOK 6 acres near car line, on rock
road; good soil, mixed young orch-
: ard, 100 young walnuts, 6 room
house. $4200, terms. 6 room bun
galow, paved street, assessments
all paid. See it. Room 416 Masonic
'. bldg. Phone 353.
FOR SALE rooms of nearly new
furniture, will rent house $15
month to buyer only. Call 654
Ferry St. 20
WILL sell my business for $850, in
cluding 2 Fords; making now about
$150 month. Investigate. Call 589
Trade St. 20
FOR SALE Old papers for wrap
ping and packing 10c bundle. Cap
ital Journal office:
six room houses. Bath, llghta Near
school and car line. Price $1250
and $1500. See them.
10 acres located a few miles out on
good road. I acres of loganberries,
acres of prune family orchard, 6
room house, barn, outbuildings. We
can show you this is an investment
that will pay. I sell bargains and
i sacrificed properties. H. S. Radcliff
room 4, Bayne bldg. 20
Salem Auto Radiator Shop
Radiators, Fenders and Gas Tanks
, Tractor Radiators a specialty
Ford Radiators for Sale
198 8. 12th Street- Salem, Ore.
FOR SALE Cord wood or stumpage.
i S miles from Salem. Address E. C.
! Wiesner, Gervais, Or. 21
FOR SALE Purebred Duroc male
hog. J. J.. Johns, Rt. 3, box 27T. -20
FOR. SALEt Span pf mares, 7. and 8
. years ohi. Cheapv Call aj 1935 Lee
St. , ... 20
FOR SALE Craftsman leather
couch, 2 sets -of express harness.
Pioneer vacuum cleaiMr, 12x13 vel
. vet brussels rug; man's bicycle,
i large ice box. Bargain. Come quick.
395 SKth. ... , . ... 24
FOR SALE Wllscn strawberry
. plants, welI'VObted'$4.50 per 1089;
delivered., p. F. Stoliheise Rt. 4,'
box 17A, Salem, Or. " 20
BIG auction sale, furniture, carpen
ters tools, mechanics tools, ranges,
heaters, new and second hand rugs
and many other things at Woodry's
' auction house, 210 North Com'l, Sat
urday Jan. 24,-1;30 .p m. undf:30
p. hi. Be on time.- - 20
WOOD SAW Phone your orders to
Lester C. Cline. Phone 2062M. 23
. trist-optician, eyes thoroughly ex
amined, glasses made and fitted.
: 610-12 U. S. bank. Phone 341.
HOUSE painting, tinting and paper
- hanging. R. H., Keith. Shop 443
Ferry St Phone, Res. 821, shop
849.- ' 325
WANTED - Garments to remodel;
new suits $45. Ezra Sparks, 644
State street. 31
WHEN in neod of wooa or any kind
: of hauling call 1608J. Bied'erman
transfer. 20
WANTED Some nna to split cord
wood, $1.15 per cord for splitting.
Robt. A. Beer, Salem, Or., Rt. 9,
. 'iVt miles east of Brooks. 20
LOCAL or long distance truck haul
ing of any. .kind.. Phone 1177. .27
BEAVERDAM, onion land, rent free
for clearing. Address 3-B care Jour
nal. 25
WANTED One large size brooder
stove. Claude Boone,"' Aumsville, Or.
r- 20
WANTED To borrow $1500 on good
real estate security, c. W. Nlemey
er, Masonlo bldg.
WANTED To buy 10 to 40 acre
tract; give full description and
price. P F S care Capital Journal,
Salem, Or. . ' . 20
WANTED To rent good seven or 8
room furnished house, with garage.
Good location essential. In or with
in eight miles of Salem. Willing to
pay up to $75 rent. AddreBS box 65
Journal. . . 24
AUTOMOBILE paititlhri furniture re-
iiuiHneu. rnni rne Salem
Kefinlshing Co., .166tS. 12th. 28
Used Cars for Sale.
LOST Irish setter, red, about 4 inch
es of tail cut off, Voir 8 years old.
H. Folkes, Phone If 46R. . 20
FOR SALE One Bulck bug, ; good
condition, $250. Great Western Gar
age. '' 20
HUPMOB1LE for sale, bargain. In
quire 2360 Laurel ave. or 311 N.
Com'l. 23
USED CARS 1918 Velie Six, good
shape, $1250; 1918 model 90 Over
land, A-l condition, $800; 5 pas
senger Studebaker light four, dan
dy condition, only $400. Terms on
these cars. Salem Velie company,
162 N. Commercial. 20
Lrost And Found.
LOST Brown and red Indian blan
ket taken from Bulck car parked
at armory January 13. Reward for
return. Ivan G. Martin, Masonic
Temple. 20
SPRAYING Leave orders for all
kinds of spraying with D. A. White
& Sons, phone 160, 255 State St.
Good work; best material. O. P.
St. Clair. 23
iLOST Purse with $5 bill and gold
ring, Wednesday, rtewaru ir return
ed to S. F. Bilyeu, 156 Front St. 20
LOST Overcoat Tuesday morning on
High street, please call 34F2, 21
For Rent
HOUSEKEEPING rooms to rent.
1145 N. Liberty. No children. 20
FOR RENT Unfurnished housokeep
ing rooms, modern. 818 Broadway.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, as administratrix of the es
tate of Arthur L. Whiteman, deceas
ed, has filed in the county court of
Marion county Oregon, her final ac
count as administratrix, am) the said
court has fixed Saturday tb.e 24th
day of January, 1920, at the hour of
10 o'clock a. m. of that day as the
time for hearing objections, to said
final account and the settlement
Any and all persona having objec
tions to said final account are here
by notified to be present at said time
in the county court room in the court
House in the city of 'Salem, Marion
county, Oregon, and then and there
make such objections.
Administratrix of the estate of Ar
thur L. Whiteman, deceased.-
Bargains and Investments.
Nice modern E room cottage, large
lot, barn, garage, fruit trees; nice lo
cation. A bargain for only $2250.
Fine 24 acre tract, 21 acres bearing
niunes and cherries; fine large bun
galow, good pruna dryer, barn, water
system; 1 miles from town; sac
rifice price, quick sale, $10,500.
10 acrts near Salem, good buildings,
7 acres bearing prunes and loganber
ries. I6200-. - ' '
Nino modern S room, cottage-, nlee
location, full basement fine lot on car
line. $2500, easy payments.
' Fine 10 acre tract 2 mue out. pav
ed road, extra' fine dark loam soil.
$2500. . .
For gooa buys ami cecums.
Perrine & Marsters
211-12 Com. Club bldg.
' Long Distance Hauling.
long distance freight hauling. Daily
- service to Portland, outside trips
anywhere.- Reasonable- charges.- Of
fice 445 Court street. Phone 998;
night phones 67 9 J, S74R. Salem,
"Or. 3
Best Buys.
JBU acre farm, improvements first
clasar- modern house, large barn, 2
silos, family orchard, J miles from
town; no better land m valley. $20t
per acre. $5000 will handle.
125 acres, family orchard, all clear
ed, good valley loam. 8 room modern
house and smaller house. large, barn
and aU necessary.outbuildiugs at rail
road station on ood road. $12 per
acre. . ... .. . , .
56 acres, all cleared, best soil, well
drained... fenced. n small fields;, a
room house. 2 large barns, all im
provements, new; family orchard. 8
miles-from Salsm. $9000; terms' on
part. - . .
30. acre fruit farm, 20 In prunes, 4
acres apples, 3 logans. new dryer cost
$3000 to build, house, and ban, . best
fruit-land, north and west slope. $12,
50O, terms. .
-31 acres river r bottoms 2 miles
from Salem; 14 acres In fruit, paid
40 percent on price last year, orchard
in good condition with good Drosrject
for large crop next year. $12,000,
cash. .
65 acres. 35 In bearing walnuts and
prunes, new dryer, house and barn.
spring water piped to all buildings,.
on rock road. 7 miles of Salem. $340
per acre, easy terma
22 acres all clear,' 1 mile from sta
tion, house, barn and other buildings,
family orchard, good valley soil.
Would make a fine poultry ranch, not
rar rrom Portland, $4750, H cash.
We also have many other small
tracts on paved roads near Salem, as
well as houses tn town.
58 acre farm for rent .
For best buys see '
, Socolofsky., .;
. -341 State street .
Good Buys.
10 aere- timber tract located 54
miles south of Salem, about 350 cords
of standing fir timber. Prico $1050.-
33 acre tract located - 5 miles
south of Salem on main rock road,
nearly all cultivated, 6 room house
and barn, well, fine prune and berry
soil. Price $6600.
20 acre tract, timber and pasture,
5 room house and barn. well. 5W
miles out. Price $1760.
200 acre tract located 6 miles from
Salem, 100 acres cultivated, balance
good timber and some pasture, run
ning creek, spring, buildings. Price
$100 per acre.
ltt acres bearing Italian prunes.
Prce $5500.
Well Improved 80 acre farm. 5
miles, east of Salem, good buildings
and nearly all In crop. Price $16,600.
house BUYS
8 ' room modern house located at
745 Ferry street, basement, furnace,
paved street. Price $3600, V4 cash,
balancei 6 per cent interest.
6 room plastered house, bath, toi
let, electric lights, good basement,
corner lot, 1 block from carllne. Price
$2600," $900 down, balance terms.
Strictly modern 5 room bungalow
and two large lots located on Fair-
mount hill, beautiful ,. view, corner
lots, paved street. Price $6000.
6 ' room modern home located on
Slate street; furniture goes. Price $5,.
000. .
6 room modern bungalow located
in south Salem. Price $2300.
If you want to buy, trade or sell,
W.; II. Grabenhorst & Co.
275 Slate street
Good Homes Priced Right
For Quick Sale
8 room strictly modern bungalow,
except furnace. A real snap. $3200,
'A cash.
6 room strictly modern bungalow,
new $3000; $1000 cash, balance terms.
You'll have to hurry If you get this.
t room house plastered, electric
lights, bath and toilet, small garage.
$2250, $1250 cash, balance terms,
5 room modern bungalow, a beauty,
get busy on this; $2000.
8 room, house on N. Liberty St.,
close in, $32000, H cash.. -
If you want a good home priced
right, John H. Scott Realty Co., 228
Oregon building has It.
Good Buys.
6 room house plastered. 2 lots. $1.-
000. Cash and trade.
7 room plastered house, lots 150x
175, not modern. $3000; trade for
small farm and assume $1000.
5 room' plastered house, modern, 2
lots, S. 19th. $1650; $650 cash, bal
ance time.
7 room plastered house! modern.
fair condition, 6 lots, 2200 strawber
ry plants; paved street. $2100. "
8 room plastered house, plumbed.
no tub; fruit trees; good district. $2,
250, $500 cash balance terms;
4 room house ceiled; fruit $850.
$300 cash and terms.
7 acres Halls Ferry. 4 room house
outbuildings; 2 acres lit cultivation,
spring, fir wood. $1200; will trade for
nouse in salem.
12 lots near Eola, all in cultivation.
good buildings, fruit trees; $2500 cash
and terms.
20 acres Halls Ferry, 8 in cultiva
tion, 1 acre prunes, 2 acres strawber
ries, 1 acre logans, 4 acres beaver dam
land, log buildings. $3000, cash and
10 acres 3tt miles, 5 acres in cul
tivation, 5 acres In pasture, small
house, deep red soil. $1500 cash and
80 acres, 15 acres cleared, 40 acres
Igood saw timber, for what have you?
Walter McLaren
Room 28, 180 N. Com. St. Salem
Wanted To Buy.
6 or 6 room bungalow with fur
nace: Must be near carllne, 8. Com
mercial street preferred.
13 acres, highly improved, near-Sa
lem, to exchange for. dairy ranch,
preferrably in the coast coun tryr
11 1-9 acres, witn cneap buildings,
6 acres prunes, land all cleared, for
more land.
6 room modern bungalow In Jeffer
son, Or., to exehange for 6 or ( room
house and lot in Salem.
40 acres, with 6 room strictly mod
ern house; 10 acres 6 -year old- prunes
7 acres logans, 2 acres timber; run
ning water, 3Vi miles from, the state
house:. Price $22,060, with easy-terms.
, W. AI Liston
484 Court Street
" 21
Reports from Drew in Douglas
county, a few mile above Tiller, in
dicate that a rich gold striks has been
made. The ledge uncovered is said to
assay more than $500 to the ton.
1 . . Farms 4 Sale
;148 acres, 106 under plow and
mostly seeded? 27 acres pasture. 15
acie timber) good family orchard,
modern 9 room, plastered aouse; two
good barns and other buildings; good
well and running water. Price $23.
300, $7500 cash, balance long time at
per cent. -
80 acres of valuable timber close to
Pacific highway; for quick sale $75
per acre. -
. 320 acres.-lie in' cultivation, fair
improvements; 2.0.0, acres, valuabla tim
ber. A real snap. $40. pec acre.
40 acres mostly in cultivation, good
improvements, fine orchard, close in
on -good road. : $11,080,. $7090 cash.
This. ia some farm. 1. .
JJohn HTSeott-Realty Co.
I $28 Oregon bldg.
tf acres, 13 acres- in apples of stand-
ard Varieties; four acres prunes; H
i acre grapes; chickens, - 2 horses. 3
r Jersey cows and two .calves, birt
equipment worth $2009- gees with It.
; 2 miles from . one- of 'best eonnty
: seats in western Oregon. Prloe $17.
600. .
3.00 acre tract, 22 acres S-year old
' apples, Spitzenberg and Newtons;
. 22 acres prunes, 8-years old. Nice
home, bath, fireplace; running wa
ter; $3000 barn with modern stan
chions, water,- etc; two silos, mod
; em hog house,'. witki concrete floors,
- water; family orchard front grapes
to apricots; 75 acres in hill land,
balance cultivable. On macadam
, roud two miles from railroad town
, in Douglas county. Grand place for
stock and fruit. Price $25,000.
20 acres, 16 acres in walnuts and
prunes in good condition. Well lo
"t cated, beautiful scenery. Price $6,
i 600. $3500 cash, balance to suit.
, PKAUCY BROS., Horticulturists
Apples, Prunes, Walnuts
210 Oregon bldg. Phone 663
r .. . Scavenger."
Salem Scavenger Garbage, and re-
tun hi 111 aiuns removed on montn
ly contracts at reasonable , rates.
Cesa pools -cleaned. Dead animals
removed. Office phone Main It T.
, . Money. To Loan.
. On good real estate security
Over Ladd & Bush Bank, Salem, Or.
MARION-POLK National Farm Loan
Ass'n, Government -money to loan
at 5 1-1 percent 308- Salem Bank of
Commerce. W, D. Smith.
Money to Loan
Federal Farm Loans .
Any amount. Long time. '
6 ft, and 6 percent Interest,
City building loans.
A.!. C. Bohrnstedt
401 Masonic Temple, Salem, Oregon
Salem Auto Exchange.
Monitor cars now on display. Come
and see them. 229 tSate St Phone
; Safety Razor Blades.
SAFETY razor blade sharpening ma-
chine, first Installed at A. B. Stew
- art Repair Shop, 84T Court St
Why Sell For Less?
WE will pay you more cash: for your
household goods. Get our bid be
fore you sell. Peoples Furniture
and Hardware Store, 271 N. Com
mercial street Phone 784.
Stove Repairing.
STOVES rebuilt and repaired. SO
years experience; Depot National
and American fence, sixes 26 to 68
inches high. Pain:s, olf and varn
ishes, etc., loganberry nd hop
hooks. Salem Fence ant Stove
Works, 260 Court street. PhonA 114
Water Company.
corner Commercial and Trade Sta
Hills payable monthly In advance
. Phone 67 .
Lodge Directory.
meets every Wednesday
evening at 7:80 at I. O. O. F, halt
McCornack hall on every Tuesday
at 8. Harry Levy. C. C ; P. 1. Kuntx
K. R. & B.
Oregon Grape camp No. 1380 meets
every Thursday evening In MoCor
naok hail. Elevator service. Oracle,
Mrs. Carrie E. Bunn, 648 Union Bt
recorder, Mrs. Melissa Persons, 1416
N. 4th St Phone 1436M.
bly No, 84 meete every Thursday at
8 p. m. In I. O. O. F. hall. Glenn C.
Nile. M. A.; C. A. Vibbert. secre
tary. 840 Owen street.
W. O. W. SALEM CAMP 118. Meetr
every Friday night at 8 o'clock in
, McCornack hall, cor. Court and Lib
erty Bt. Visiting Woodmen welcome,
' C. D. Roaa. C. C. L. 8. Geer, clerk.
Oregon Cedar Camp No. 6246
meets every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock In McCornack building,
Court and Liberty etreets. W, M.
Persons. V. C. Frank A. Turner,
Grain: Wheat No. 1 $2 02.10; feed
oats 8085c; milling oats 8588c;
cheat hay $19020; oat hay- $234024;
clover hay $2425; mill run $48049.
Butterfat: Butterfat, 69c; cream
cry butter HJ2c.
Pork, veal and mutton: Pork on foot
14 8-4c; veal fancy 22c; steers
TOSc; cows (Q7 l-2o( spring lambs
11 12c; ewes 4i86c: sheep, yearlings
7 9c.
Dressed pork 18911c.
Eggs and poultry: Eggs cash 42c;
light hens, 24c; heavy bens- 26c; old
roosters 1516c; springs 24ci
Vegetables: Onions per pound (a
celery doz. $1.75; potatoes, Yakima;
6c, Ori-Ron 4 4? 4 Vic; sweet potatoes 7o; ,
beets per sack $3.76; turnip per sack 1
$3.76; carrots per sack $1.26; parsnip
per sack (3.76; spinach 10c lb.; rad-i
lanes 40c doz, '
Fruit: Oranges $4. 00; 1 mons
$6.50 7.00: bananas 11c; honey ext.
20c; buncn oeets 45c; cabbage 60;
ISc; Brussetl sprouts 16c; cautif flower
ii do; red pepper 35 lb.
ter (get flour, hard wheat $3.2503.4
soft wheat $2.90.
, Retail price:- Eggs dozen, 5oj
creamery butter, 70c; country but-
Portland Jan. 33. Cattle steady;
reoeipts it steers - beet $11.25$
12.00'; gooa to choice 10.5011; me
dium' to good $9f9.7&; fair to- rood
$8fi9; common to fair- $74? : choice-
cowl anil- haifani SSfilia d-asw! tt
chotee -$T.75S'; medium to good
$7.'W8.00; fair to medium $.00.
8.90; prime light calves $15.50&iJ'
heavy carves IT f 12.59; stockera nd
feeders $8$9.6fc-j
Hogs steady? receipts. 850: prime
mixed: $19t50$lt; median $15.09
.w v t luunn iiratjr fij,vu i.w.
pigs. $12.60$ 14.59. .
Sheep firm; receipts 15; eastern,
lambs $15Q1.00; light valley $15.09
16.00: heavy $14.(felS.K0; feeder
lambs $1215; yearlings $130)13.50;
wethers $12 ft 134 ewee-$10.0.t
1 4 Butter
Portland, Jan, 23' Butter, slow;
cubes extra nominal; parchment
wrapped,, box Jots 59c; cartons 60a;
half boxes Ho more; leas, than halt
boxes lo more; buttertat 60 570 t,
o. b. station; 59-Slc Portland.
Poultry and Eggs.
Portland, Jun. 2 3 Extremely, weak
Eggs selling price case count
50o; buying price 61o;. selling price
candled 63c; selected .candled- in car
tpns 56c. '
Poultry; Hans 28J33c; broilers 21
roosters 16o; turkeys ' dressed 47c;
geese 20 25c; ducks 3540av.,
Wheat and Mill Stuffs.
Wheat: $2.20; barley, $73; oat
$62.50 bid;, corn . No. t yellow $58.7
: Havl . Ruvln nnlpA.. vallAir tlmnfhw
$2028;- alfalfa, $31,60;. grain-' $25;
cheat $22; clover $26; oats and vetch
Millstuffs; Prices f.o.b. milt, olty
artoge $2 extra, Mill run. car lots o ,
mixed cars $45 ton; rolled barley $74
rolled oatet $68;. ground barley $74f
scratch feed $82.
. Corn whole $67; cracked $99.
(Continued from page one)
wonderful record, the remorkabla
genius for organization which has
marked his thirteen years of service
as head of the state hospital, finding .
a ready response in the reorganization
6f the affairs of the state prison.
To the free hand which he has been
given in the hiring and flripg of hl
subordinates, Dr. Stclner accredits thu
remarkable change which hoa been
affected In the discipline of the insti
tution under his charge. Disloyal em
ployes have been weeded out and
vulgarity and profanity among em
ployes have besn suppressed, the
warden explains in his letter to Gov
ernor Olcott setting forth his desire
to return to the hospital and his life's
Prison Industry Vrgcxl "
A plea for an enlargement of the
industries Inside the prison walls, af
fording to every Inmate a chance to
work, Is ulso voiced by Hteiner, Ore
gon will never get the best results
until she builds a prison designed on
business lines and constructed to safe
ly hold its Inmates within a prison
wall, he declares, continuing:
"The Industries for the prisoners
should be carried on within the walls
of the prison as far as possible an it Is
unfair to the men and the public to
place any unnecessary temptations for
the men to break their custody.
. "The flax Industry which has been
such a trial In the past is now on a
basis which should lead to success.
The farmers will contract enough acre
age for the coming year to supply the
penitentiary flax mill; the grower to
harvest the flax, which relieves the
state of sending Into the brushy field
two hundred to three hundred men,
many of whom would Inevitably es
cape and become a menace to soci
ety. I believe It Is only a matter of a
able to manufacture a linen twine out
of which nets can be made for the -fishermen
of Oregon. The prison brick
yard will furnish work for forty men
at least four or five months In th
year. The wood camp will keep at
least thirty to. forty men busy for the
next two years. During the summer."
we placed the old abandoned water
wheel into the new power house
which adds at least one hundred horse
power available for future use.
"I hope the next legislature will
equip the prison with a wood work
ing plant, so logs could be shipped In
and worked up Into fruit boxee and
farmers utensils. The. slabs and wests
can be used for heating. This will in
no way interfere with any outside in
dustry, as the amount would bj very
small compared to the state's output
It Is a shame that this free water -power
flows through the prison un
used. "We have reroofed most of th
buildings and made many, repairs. We
are now changing the old disgrace
fully unsanitary kitchen and bakery
into a new one which adjoins the din
ing room. We have placed heating
coils in the celts and have mads the
prison fairly habitable.
"During the past year we had ten
escapes, most of whom, were return
ed within a few hours or days. Three
are still uncaught. For comparison
In this regard, I attach the prison es
cape record for the past few years:
Year No .escapes -1918
1917 ..... . 2
1918 S
1919 . ... 19"'