Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, January 22, 1920, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    1 HAVERS
., ' ,f a fast semi
. ,nidly progress!
.. is rapi
MidanCe of
iop of the Willamette
feheady encroached
of uw
o , deavoring to In
8vM..! chroedcr in making
fat W in Salem. It is
i(fmaii""r .u. former Be
'f been offered a position
iar naa ,.,. Accord-
.thaLrB0ff 7ed a
InitctM ".. . mi nmoany. .
U.tko"- :ie in the Oregon
N "d wwed to holding out for
prtffrl portlanl u;
a'n hnea that the inducement of
1. location and a fair deal
uroposed Salem Dan ciuu
ftSroeder here, Schroed
" K..avers with a good
bavins pUiy.dA-1 ball
im p,bb" :;:, m than
Ouwr here and
reputation. galem
iUUdered excellent. The following
, considered ex throufihout the
me . f.wt nlavers are showing
Mruwe- . . Wavne
. hp., located in Sa-
Kte and who has shown good in-
.m ability wnue wuh
. I...,- now in Salem. Is Jack various
mi-Dro c uos ami - ---
"ml.P ,,.,., Haves' ability with
Z mask and big mitt has been recog
nted and he Is eonsiuereu uu
siticm for the local club.
Another player, newly Interested in
'Stem U Frei Gai ner, who has play
ed infield with various northwestern
These players will be wen matcneu
. . i .n wiin lire known to Sa-
iWllH w" ii'x -
I to fans. Charley Craig is expected
to twirl with the beat or em ana ev
Mikd Mille'a play in
I the infield. Knickerbocker, Cole, Proc
tor, Humphreys, Reene ana Aaams
iimone local players who have
ihown ability in the game.
Chauncy Depew Butler 01 ine
Dalles, aspirant for secretary of state
is another good player, available- to
the Salem players. Mr. Butler recent
ly resigned from his position in act
ing Secretary Koser's office, but is
still temporarily located in Salem.
With all the timber available, Jtsisn
op eipects to have the club engagid
in routine practice very soon, 'the
schedule during the season is expect
ed to bring two games to Salem each
week, It being planned to call play
at 1:10 on Saturday afternoons and
at tM Sundays. . ' '
Caraes with fast clubs from the
entire northwest are available. Blsh-
m hnnn tn pnt Tils tjnm Into nhfl.n3
early and to arrange for a game with
ulfl Rpflver h when thev mtllrn from
their California training grounds in.
u t
Vers And Hunters Of
County Take Out Licenses
DurlnET thfl naRt wmlf thn rfamnnri
for hunters permits has fallen off
lishtly, but there has been a notice
able Increase In the number of ang
lers permits issued. The present run
f ITayling Is supposed to be the
rause of the awakening of the. fol
ders of Ike Walton. The. following
femes were made out In Salem, Jan
uary 19th to 22d:
toglew-A. 0. Kurtz, Monitor; Ed
Rrock, West Snlom- wo.i
8. Negstad, T. J. Olsen, Salem; Terry
cr, Turner.
Hunters-Q. p. Mains, Redne; Ed
Clark. P. 1 Tnl CI a n
... .... oaiwiii, D. v.
n, .Turner; H. C, Ransom, Shel-
Combination hunters and anglers
wmits-Henry "Eighmey, W. . D!
lamer. P. j i t,,m,
J-Barr , G. W. Trussel. R. E. Lee Stein
a w. Meyers, I,ee TInruh and W.
Grabenhorst. Jr., Salem; Sherm
"k, Aums-e.
Pioneers and Civil war veterans
Walker, Newport; B. B. Gesner,
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Zt! r " and dn't acceDt
Aggie Co-eds to
Play Chemawa
Girls Here Soon
; Con allis, Jan. 22. The O. A. C.
girls' basketball team will play, Reed at
Portland. February 7, and later in the
season will complete with the Chemr.
wa girls.
A varsity squad is being worked In
to shape rapidly. Competition Is S3
keen it has been decided to form a first
and second varsity team. With the six
old members as a nucleus it is expect
ed that a Btrone team will ho rio,r.i..n
ed. Alta Mentzer, of Corvallia, has
been elected captain and Kathleen Me
loy, also of Corvallia, manager.
More than 40 girls are coming out
for freshman practice and most of the
players have had high school experience.-
A game with the Corvallia high
school will be played within a few
Portland, Or., Jan. 20. Art Koeh
ler, junior catcher on the Prrtland
baseball club, signed his contest today
for next season. Four Beavers, who
were regulars last year, now have
signed. The others are Catcher Del
Baker, Outfielder "Biff Schaller and
Pitcher "Suds" Sutherland.
Oregon Agricultural College, Jan.
22. It was decided here today that
there would be no football satr.e be
tween O. A. C. and the University of
Washington next year unloca Wash
ington agrees to abide by the confer
ence ruling which provides for a G0
50 division of the gate receipts. In
spite of the conference ruling, Wash
ington submitted a contract last week
which offered a flat guarantee of $2,
000 to O. A. C for a gum to be play
ed in Seattle. -This contract was re
turned unsigned.
The six colleges of the Pacific
coast intercollegiate athletlo confer
ence this year passed a ruling which
provided for a uniform division , of
gate receipts on a 50-50 basis of the
net returns, each team paying its
traveling expenses. This measure was
adopted by a 5 to 1 vote, Washington
being the only institution to object
' i - j
That the McCredies are passing up a
good bet In trying to freeze "Lefty"
Schroeder down to a 1919 contract
basis; Is the consensus of opinion
among' Portland sport writers. Schroe
der is talking seriously of joining Bid
die Bishop's club.
While giving their other tossers, sub
stantial boost in salarythe two Macks
have adopted the Take it or leave If
attitude In tendering the 1920 contract
form to "Lefty."
That the Heavers pitched Schroedet
steadily In the first half of the Coast
league games is proof that the Albina
heaver was of value to the Portland
Club. Billy Stepp, writing in the
News, "Why did the McCredles pltoh
the southpaw so much?"
After constant vrtirk for the Beavers,
Snhroeder's arm was injured, Judge
McCredie using this as an excuse for
his arbitrary contract talk, this year;
holding that to sign up the Portland
Schroednr at a raise, would be to take
a chance with his arm. Schroeder
worked at the end of the season with
out showing any after effects of in
Jury. It is reported that Walter McCredie,
upon learning that Schroeder was talk
ing business with the proposed Salem
club; offered him he bonus demanded
by "Lefty" upon condition that he
would take part in 40 games and re
tain a J) 00 average. A Portland writer
has the following trite concerning this
"generous" offer:
"With a ball club such as Portland
had last year, such a stunt would be
out of the question, as a pitcher was
lucky when he won a game."
Freshmen Win Second
Jnierclass Varsity Debat
In the second preliminary inter
class debate at Willamette university,
tha freshman team, Bernard Ramsay
and Howard George, won a 2 to 1
decision from the sophomores, Shel
don Sackett and Bernardo Gapux The
final debate for the inter-class cup,
offered this year for the first time by
Elmo S. White, prominent Salem at
torney, will be held next Monday
night between the freshmen and jun
iors. The Juniors will be represented
by Miss Ina Moore and Paul Day. The
debate will be held In the lecture
room of the First Methodist Episcopal
church.. All those interested in debat
ing and all friends of the university
are invited to attend, and as unusu
al interest has been manifested In the
series, the attendance will undoubted
ly be large.
Lipba H Send 23 Meter
Boat To Compete In Race
Vow VwV Tan SS Sir Charles
Alloi ..: a- leading English yachtsman
who i ed In New Tork yesterday
nti .,,1, in aaM tnriav that Sir
Thoi-i fpton would send a 23 me
ter Shamrock to America this spring
to met the cup challenger snamrocn
IV In a series at trial races.
Alfred Draper will be the skipper
of the 23 meter boat. Sir Charles said.
He expressed the confidence that all
British yachtsmen have in the abili
ty of the Shamrock IV to lift the Am
erican cnp.
The O. A. C. basketball team which , good work. "Russ" Rarey, who star-'
will oppose the WUlamette quir d whitman in spite
t uu4I mKui m o( the (act tnat hft had not worked
the armory is witn tne varsity previously, is hold
one of the fast- lng aown a regular job. Jactaso, who
est t a m S, wnn hlo-h nntnt wAiLUniinBt U'hUntan
is becoming' even more accurate in
which will be
seen in Salem hi w ni.-ittriir I. uni.
this year. Al-! i .wnarino in,...,..,
iuy losi.ii, his nnsaine - i -
t With this reorganize outfit, Coach
o . Multnomah
last' Week, the ' fathpwa tt Knniflff tn Rnrirn, a -
Beave rs had; pris on tne team from Corvallia Fri
not at that time; day nighL According to the showing
been playing toiDlaae Dy both teams against Whitman
gether long iast week. the game should be close
enough to getjiy contested, and Salem fans are
teamwork. Sev- gure 0j an opportunity of seeing real
eral of the men I conference basketball in the armory
B.iowea unusual. Friday night.
muiviauai abili
ty, and the vic
tory over Whit
man showed an
improvement in
Cap. "Butts"
Reardon is one
of the best
guards in the
conference, and
"if his injured
knee is in
shape he will
put up a good
scrap. Stinson
at forward is
regarded as thel
California Baseball Team
Wil Play In East
Berkeley, Cal., Jan. 22. Permission
has been given the University of Cali
fornia baseball team by the executive
committee of the associated students to
tour the east this summer, meeing
many prominent colleges of the Atlan
tic coast and middle west, including
dates with "big three teams,'1 it was
learned today. "
This will be the first University of
California team to have traveled east.
at center is an
f other depend-
Puul Wnputo able man, play
"BOareut" Captain ing principally a
defensive game. "Cac" Hubbard will
play one of the guards. Besides being
a good floor man, he excels at scoring
long shots. Curley, of the champion
team of two years ago, will probably
play the other guard position. Others
who may get into the game ar Ar
thurs and McCart, guards, and Rick-
son and Schroeder, forwards.
Coach Mathews' outfit is also show
ing some improvement this week, par
ticularly In teamwork', which was
their main fault against. Whitman.
Wapato is getting back his old speed,
and "Jeter" Gillette, who Is lining up
at forward most of the time, is doing
oest scoring! I 1 l -i O
hope. Eikeimani Honolulu Keports bugar
Workers Strike Growm
Honolulu, T. H.,Jan. 22. All Japa.
nese sugar plantations workers on one
plantation have struck and some on
two other plantations on tha Island of
Oahu have joined he Filipino strikers.
according to the planters association
Nippu Jijl, a Japanese1 newspaper here.
editorially states, that the situation is
crtical. It asserts that 3300 workers,
including all nationalities, have walked
out No disorders haveoccurred. Spe
cial deputies have been sworn in and
and sent as police to plantations.
The annual meeting of the Baker
Commercial club will be held Fehrimrv
it. Ten directors are to be elected pre
ceding a banquet.. .;
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Washington, Jan. 20. American
newspapers in the middle west appar
ently will e b40 per cent short on their
supply of paper, the state department
announced today, as the result of an
embargo placed by the Canadian gov
ernment on all shipments of news print
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plant of the Fort Francis company, an
American controlled concent la west
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Durtag the first flight of a hydro
plane at Oregon City a number of birds
including pigeons, swarmed around it.
A pigion was struck and killed.
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Seattle, Wash., Jan. 22. Federal
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raids here last night, are to be held
for deportation. Three hundred and
sixteen were arrested In the raids
were directed against members
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Many were released after examination
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During the twelve months ended November 1, 1919,
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Sales over $1,200,000,000.00 F
... ... HtasiWsBanntsMlh'
Net earnings $13,870,181.34 mm
liMtlistof.sli' sCr) m V tmitmitmiit-tmMi.
Our shipments were in excess of 5,500,000,000 lbs.
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