Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, January 22, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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i ttz UAfi LALi KNAL THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1920.
by Miss Leland who i Mr tM,w.
Is. hlocal hospital flays ago from wart for Marion county. The plain-iCTstskoni-.
re., receive treatment !t:ff so.:oreyi presented a stipula
Jan. I7-! Home ProducU
.rft-'th Anna!
Miton County Corn. Stow.
Sm Motor Co.. tractor d
Stat, and Frost
"J? !'-Woman's Republic
J, club meets in Comnmr
L club. 2:30 P- m.
Jan. J3 Lad'es Aid Soelety,
Presbyterian church, meet at
Jome of Mrs. O. A. Hodge,
v 12th street; 2:30 p. m.
Jan. 24. -Meeting of Salem
w mothers in Commercial
dub chambers. 3 p.m.
Jan. 27-28 Diaio hicouhs,
Major F. W. Leadbetter of Port
land, preside o the Oregon Pulp
an Paper Co., !rt Wednesday in
Salem inspecting construction work
on the new paper mill. Work is to be
Hons witf be well under way before
roxhed tut that nuMMifacturing opera-
By Order of County Judge Bushey,
rn win oi w. w. Spayd was admit-
ted tw probate Wednesday, and J. G.
7 tieitaei appointed administrator of
T estate. Haxelle Gearhart. Robin
J I Day and F. L. Wood are named as
The funeral for Mrs. iloby J.
Stroud, 75, who died at her home -In
jkjRosedale Tuesday, was held at the
KosedaIe Friends church at two
v,, Farm Loan associa- o'clock Thursday afternoon. Burial
allonl iwas In the Rnsediitn ronutm
f i - j
C. A. Par of Selem. wh m.-nn-fs
n rater iid g. oauipaaiy i - it
(registered at the Seward, savs :he
Oregonian. Mr. Parks oceunies a
sm office down near Mill creek,
, outmung joke is, "When vou
9M .1 ....... ..... . '
way, drop in." Mr.
Parks is responsible for the kind "of
water that is served to legislators at
the statehouse, and his bubble foun
tain was viciously bitten last week.
Eli Seward, 82, a retired farmer,
died at the home of his daughter.
Mrs. F. Sewald, 1098 Mill street, Wed
nesday epening. The body is at Rig
don & Son's undertaking establish
ment. Arrangements for the funeral
have not yet been made. Mr. Ballard
besides his daughter, is survived by
two grandchildren, Morris Sew.-Id
and Stella Sewald.
Mrs. Dosia Craig, 42, who came to
f.i- a kvo. Uluee. died Mon- Jioa sko
dan 'be- fa.-.eal waa held at thVcorapron
vr...p-L i nejs e ! . ;:i company
;8t 13:30 o'clock Wedm-sda;- r-.-oruiiis,
! burfc.! fjl'.owins in J. O. O. r.
ing that the case had b?en
fed tar agreement ketweem
tie pr.rtie hTroired. Th-e-. eo
corned to:ur sought by a t"ale:u
n . j ...
tery. Mm Cra:3 is survl-d bv her.L - uea ere- " c--n aM"-l
husband Ed C. Crals and two dausa-, , fhlI,mfnt ot automobiles ha 1
ters aged seven and 10 yea. !bcen inJarcd in transportation.
"V 10-U-Y. W. C. A.
campaign in Salem. -
"Lefty" Schroeder and Fred Gar
diner, both well known to baseball fans
I0' the Pacific northwest, were Salem
visitors Thursday. The two kniglits of
watchmaker, Jeweler, Salem.."18 ctlalk diamond were here to con-
WatcnmaKer, jcw , UM,lj T!lKhnr I- ,,.1,
i low,
I T Hanley of Medford was a bus- ' ln ,en?rse'ic,iJI1y i establish
JM.T. Maniu Thiiwdav ,menj of- a ball club here.
less visitor m
must see that wonderful film,
A meeting of the Salem chapter,
o thd Boy on the Farm," now ""'"" "r motners, win be hekl
I1M is. ,in th Commercial club chambers
lowinff at ie Saturday Januarv i at 1 0vinif rt
Mr A H. Knaus of Portland is - - n .m.iuon aitenu,
Mrs. . , and those who- hnv not rtal thai
nwmbership fee of $1 are requested
to- come prepared to do so, so that the
!r eapita check may be forwarded
to the national at once.
e guest f friends in the Capital city
bring a Uriel vim
nicrflnn company, leading funeral
irectort Buperier serrlee. Moderate
William J. Garborg of Portland is
tending to business matters in Sa-
and visiting with acquaintances.
E. S. Hawker ot Albany was among
business visitors in Salem Thurs-
Mrs. Lee Gilbert, 1355 State street,
the guest of friends in Portland for
few days.
"Keep the coy on the Farm" is a
lature film worth seeing by all, es-
dally the farmer, at Ye Liberty.
W. M. Smith, county superintend-
bt of schools, went to Aumsville
bursday. Superintendent Smith will
iiit schools and confer with lnstruc-
n tt that town.
Basket social given by the Neigh-
brs of Woodcraft and Woodmen of
its World at their hall, Friday night,
in. ii, 1920. 19
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bailey of Forest
fave are expected to arrive in Salem
piursday evening for an extended
Islt at the homa of their daughter,
.m W, D. Clarke, 835 Union street.
The case of T. B. Dean against
pude Cole was being considered by
jury m department No. 1, Thursday.
uiis case, the plaintiff alleges fraud
the sale of real estate,
A film of excellent merit, keen in
vest and great bemfit to bovs and
pents, "Keep the Boy on the Farm"
Nwing at Ye Liberty 19
The fire department Wpdnpsdfl v
ping, responded to a call at 2031
W street, where they extinguished
"'uuney maze. No damage to the
Pse resulted from the fire.
County Sunerintenrlpnr w tit
pith returned Wednesday night
' uma" where he was called by
"Keep the Boy on the Farm" is a
"i that answers thnt i
At Te Liberty. i
uncement was made Thursday
f 'oral Officials nf th. tt- .
11 the date fnr th ,.i...' ' , '
. . unvo iur xunns
J J? trT FrtruJr 10 to Feb
M. L " U' G- """y ha been
EPneraI ehalrman of the
i m charge.
aW-I!eintS. fnrn,-I.. .....
t"rs ! 7 1 cierK.or
Iowa, I, a guest at the home
'f. Rein?. , the Garden road-
Chi1' lnklng 8erlously f
. B h re and has expressed him-
'kthrXy Trably lmPressed
Sd'L?l,the bi and sec-
to TWi auctlon a' Wood
action house on sai .
fc and 7:30 p. m. Tell your
Ssrsss- p,iou th eie-
" "ie Bank of Cn
ftednesdav. mi. -
fanl 7" beinS Installed.
t lT whlch is n-eg-f
kl ow J!1 '.n.t5rvals. as these
h Wear "ot given atten-
T fABlTM, '
e M '
ru... an h.
ra-ta.2L"fecent iiine88 and
t. son and h.t...
'ot Z. prepared to do tour
We Juilnf na " reasonable
?tis:"r?nle all our Wnrlr in
- uune B45
- Members of Sedgwick post No. 10,
G. A. R., and other Civil war veter
ans are asked to turn out and attend
the funeral of Comrade Eli Ballard,
Co. F, 7th Minnesota volunteers, at
the undertaking parlors of W. T.
Rigdon & Son, at 2 o'clock Friday af
ternoon. Interment will be in the
Grand Army circle. The call was is
sued by J. M. Watson, commander,
and D. Webster, -adjutant.
R. B. Smith, B. Gizby and Syd Ev
ans have filed appraisers Inventory
in the matter of the guardianship of
the Eskelson minors, Oscar, Harold,
Laura, Orville and' Hoover. Real prop
erty to the value of J3506.65 Is not
ed, from which other estate Interests
to the amount of $2150.66 are de
ducted, leaving $1355.98 as the min
ors' share.
The largest turkey shootlr.g match
of the season will take place at Mid
dle Grove nursery, 4 miles east of Sa
lem on Garden road, on Sunday, Jan
uary 25. There will bo over 60 oholce
turkeys, beside ducks. Lunch and am
munition on grounds. Grounds are
good with Western automatic trap. J.
C. Herren will conduct the match. 21
The social meeting of the Ladies
Aid society of the First Presbyterian
church will be held Friday afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs.
D. A. Hodge, 158 North 12th street.
Hostesses for the gathering are Mrs.
Hodge, Mrs. H. A. Sonne, Mrs. G. W.
Shand, Mrs. J. A Pooler, Mrs. Eliza
beth Lamb, Mrs. Wittschen.
Sam Rlchey, 15, the boy whose jail
has been the city hall, and streets of
Salem, for about two weeks, was sent
to his home in Grants Pass Wednes
day night by Parole Officer Compton.
Sam was sent here for" forging a
check, but because of failure ot au
thorities to send committment papers
with him, he was given every liberty,
and finally was freed Wednesday to
return to his home.
A shooting match will be held at
Middle Grove nursery, four miles east
of Salem, Sunday January 25. There
will be ducks and 50 large turkeys,
and the grounds are one of the best
in the country. There will be hot
luncji served, and ammunition may be
secured at the grounds. J. C. Herren,
proprietor, invites all persons Inter
ested In the match to attend.
H. H. Corey, of the Oregon public
service commission will probably at
tend the session 6f the Idaho commis
sion at Boise", February 10, as the
representative of the Oregon com
mission when the application of the
Idaho Power company for an increase
In its power rates Is to be up for a
hearing. The Idaho Power company
operates in both Idaho and Oregon
and Its application for Increased rates
applies to its business In both states.
After thirty minutes deliberation, a
jury In department No. 1, Judge Kel
ly's court returned a verdict, Wed
nesday In favor of the defendant Mat
tie Leland, in the case of Mrs. E. N.
Erickson against Mattie Lrfland. In
this case, Mrs. Erickson,- who is an
elderly woman, claimed $10,000 as
damages for the alleged alienation of
the affection of E. N. Erickson, 76,
I Oi.rrrZ,..'" " i J
I-""HAS ' E 1
"THE t
EWIJOBTEJI thy daughter
Is the. 7 reel, all star cast picture
which will be shown at the armory
tonight for the benefit of the Aban
doned babies of Oregon. It is the most
tremendous moral force the screen
has ever seen.
Two gfrls-Ruth, brought up la tfie
atmosphere of loving parents who
guide her . every footstep: Liiliart,
brought up In an equally loving at
mosphere, but through a sense of
false modesty the mother hesitated en
lightening her daughter ontil it was
too late.
The disaster that befalls Lillian and
the influence it works directly upon
Ruth's life tells a powerful screen
story that will never be forgotten. It
Is a story that we see in everyday
life, but :' goes unobserved until
brought home forcibly to us.
"Enlighten Thy Daughter" reveals
ft to you with a shock, tt handles a
delicate problem, in a way that tells
tl... . . I. , : . 1 . .. with.
j .ruin, muMuiiK nuiiinig, .,...,
,out offense. 19
Divorce proceedings have been in-
At a meeting of Centralis Temple
stituted by C. L. Burson against Fan- , " ,' , . S!a,:rs' 'Iui,av
nie Burson. Trie couple were married " n i IT'Au W"
at Yreka. California. Julv S. 1912. f , 0,lw," " M"'
1 R,lr. n.M .Knt ,,-. .tV V . 1 Anderson, past chief; Cecelia Barboar
him, June 13 . Hl. and that she nasi excellent senior; Nellie M. Cronise
refused to return since that time. The w ,,' Mj ' t, ,-
petition state, that no children were maagar of the temple ; Susie Par :
bora of the marriage and that no pro- mentier, mistress of records ..rd cor
perty rights are involved. respondence; Emma SummerviHe,
! T " " , . ' mistress of finance; Ida M. Tecken-
U-'n IderJ8'end bJue Percy berg, protector of ths temple; Minnie
R. Kelly Tuesday, the suit of D. Sam- wtckher, guard of outer temple
uels and P. N. Andresen against Walk i
er D. Mines, director general of rail-! ODDOsition to the advent nr t..
ways, is dismissed from the circuit r.ese into this country, and to grant-
jing the right of citiiensliip to chil
; dren of Japanese. Chines and Hindus
born in this country, was voiced at
The meefina- of the iiritn County
o.r.e.i iifuB:;an. c:b at f.e in the Corr.nieial club
which l-osan at 2:30 Thursday after
noon. The topic waa continued from
the last meeting of the club and is at
trscting a great deal of interest
among women interested in vital top
ics of the day.
Instructions of the court to find
ifor the p!a:ntiff. terminated the suit
of W. H. S3 mi against A. A. Colvert.
! in Judge KeKy's court, department
jNo. 1. Thursday rnornlng. The jury's
I correr;onding verdict was, therefore,
j returned agnir-st A. A. Colvert. In
ithis case, the defendant had made al
legation that a certain note to the
jamount of $300 and signed in favor
jof the plaintiff had been so signed
I under duress. Due to the fact that
the case was based- purely upen legal
findings, plaintiff motioned for an In
structed verdict
New Years crectins, long delayed,
were received Thursday o iu;nas-r"
T. K. McCroijkpy of the cnminerWjf
Cub. frsr.1 l'ii:!::ppA Baata. in
Ml l'.Ul. -1 d a .
n p.trfy frMB Br Islam- that camo
l.irough lh:s city aevtyra! months airw
investigating the pissibilities of
growing flux and producing linea
here. It is believed here that thefr
itivestipation may result in the rec
ommendation that Belgian capital bs
directed to this valley tnt this pursuit.
An action instituted by the T. A.
Livesley company, against Strauss
land Company of London, England, at
j tempts to recover ISflfiS.lO from ths
British firm of hop bokcrs. The com
plaint alleges that the money wus
paid to Strau3 and Company for the
benefit of the Salent firm and thai
terms of the conditions involved were
not lived up to. Ths T. A. Livesley
company further claims that the
British firm has refused te return the
sum of money in question.
- i i ; structed verdict
, : . . n
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