Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, January 16, 1920, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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pony is passed
While Scna'TaiUH ct Josephine
Ana Senitor Ptin.ttr i4 the ser
a(e Wednesday afternoon adopted the
ur.rtltu. Ml! itrfi.'niPl "y Tie
cujy corr-mittee pro"sit. f- r the rts
tc ration of the d' Ml. i.ty In i.-ego:i
tor tho it nries of treasm mid :nuder
in the first degree with a provision
whereby the trial Jury in presenting its
verdict may recommend life Imprison
merit Instead of hanging.
The bill takes the Place of one Intro
duced Monday and sponsored by 26 of
the IS members of the senate, which
Drovlded for the restoration of tee
death penalty with no alternative upon
conviction of treason or first degree
murder The resolution involve
constitutional amendment and must ko
to a vote of the people next Hay If
passed by the house.
Ifuton la Opposed.
Senator Houston in opposing the
substitute bill declared that It would
aerve only to destroy the purpose of
capital punishment which was primar
ily to "put the fear of God" Into the
heart of the would-be criminal.
'Under this bill no one will ever u
hanged in Oregon except, perhaps, In of great stress," declared Hous
ton, who Insisted that the fact would
soon become known to the criminal
class and take away any fear of hang
ing that might otherwise be Instilled
into them.
Senator Banks declared that he was
not so blood-thirsty as some of his col
leagues. "I believe," he stated, "that
life imprisonment is greater punish
ment than the death penalty." The
governor, he insisted should be strip
ped of his power to pardon convicts
sentenced to life imprisonment who
Should be compelled to serve out their
sentence without hope of executive
"We are going at this problem back
ward," Banks Insisted, "I would rath
er that ten thousand guilty men should
cape than that one Innocent man
ahould be put to death."
Death "Not DeUorent."
"Statistics," he continued, "show
(hat murders are greater proportion
ately In states which have capital pun
ishment than those which do not He
Minted to the Ccntralla armistice day
murders In Washington, a state which
has provision for tho death penalty
to prove that the prospect of the gal
lows will not deter a murder from com
mittlng crime. The people of the state,
ho concluded would defeat the measure
as originally Introduced If It ever
came up for their action at the polls.
Sentiment was strong throughout the
tate for capital punishment, he ad
mitted, but the people of the state were
not so blood-thirsty as to deprive the
trial jury from recommending leniency
should he circumstances, as developed
at the trial, be such as to Justify such
a recommendation."
- Henator Handley declares that he
had been consistently opposed to capi
tal punishment but that If It should be
restored In Oregon he wanted It with-
out any complicating provisions which
would permit tile Jury virtually to pass
me sentonce In rendering its verdict.
It was Just as eusy for a Jury to find
man guilty of second degree murder
and subject to life Imprisonment, ho
Insisted, as it would be to find him
guilty of first degree murder and rec
ommend a sentence of life Imprison
ment. The substitute measure, he de
dared was merely a camouflaged move
in an attempt to attract votes.
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and that is to dissolve It This de
stroys it entirely. To do this. Just get
about four ounces of plain, ordinary
liquid arvon; apply it at night when
retiring; use enough to moisten the
scalp and rub it in gently with the
finger tips.
By morning, most If not all, of
your dandruff will be gone, and three
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Tho Clierriana have volunteered for
the work of seeing that everyone In Sii-
lom is counted for the census und
canvass of the city will bo made
Ihem. In uniform, to secure mlnsl
data under King lllng Cluncv.
At a nicotinic nf tho iVmnm,.,
' club directors Wednesday evening, the
need of Immediate iishUI mA In Mm.
pletlng the enumeration was explained
ny census .Director Crawford. Only
limited time reimilim In umi-k i J.
the cu-opprntlun of the community was
A committee of five he.nti.,1 , t.,i,
II. UlcNary was appointed to supervise
ino volunteer work and Mr. Clancy of
fered the services of the Chen-inns,
which wits accented.
A committee was mimed to visit the
Chemawa Indian school and secure
data to Bsnlst tho school In securing
federal appropriation adequate to meet
viiuraung expenses the coming year.
Lord MavoToTCork
Attacked By Unknown Men
Cork. Ireland, Jan. II. V. F, O'Con
nor, the lord mayor of Cork, was at
tacked by a party of men while re
luming last night from a meeting of
ui'Miuumica souiiers. The mayor w
Huocxea flown and assaulted. A cou-
pio or runner soldiers rescued him
from his assailants.
The attack is attributed to the may
ors opposition to the election policy
of the Stun l-'eln organisation.
KoniiKQ m iFUffipy
itvinitu nnu JLMLLni
Stores and busines3 houses of ML
Anzd were raided Wednesday night
when burglars nude away with quan
ttities of kodaks, cash and jewelry the
value i't which has not been ascertain
ed but is nlaee abou about $25. The
looting of the tiooch drug store, the
Mount Angel Creamery and the Leo
Barr wwelrv store, was reported to
Sheriff Needhara early Thursday
morning and Deputy Sheriff Bower
hurried to Mount Angel at once.
The robbery was reported by Fred
Schwab of Mount Angel, an attempt
to rnter the Schwab warehouse of
fices having also been made.
The Mount Angel raid is supposed
to have been staged by the same op
erators who made kodak and Jewelry
hauls at Dallas and Sheridan. Busi
ness men of Sheridan have posted an
offer of $1000 for the arrest and con
viction of the men who robbed the
Haas drug store and the Bixler Jew
elry stores at Sheridan, January 11.
Premiers Examine Texl Of
Demand On Dutch Fcr Kaiser
JANUARY 16. mi
Omaha, Neb.,
Paris, Jan. 15. Premiers Clemen-
Miss Elizabeth Taylor of Los Ange
les, a graduate of Occidental college, is
now Instructor of Spanish at the Uni
versity of Oregon. .
Updike, grain man. roua, -1 , ,, vltti will this
red per cent ox m r- --- " " , , ,hR de
i,k n ni take orer me . .
he had procur
Jan. 15. kelson B.
today announced ;
of the de-
WHI lane win iut j - ,ri?j 9,.r-
, j manri tn ha iiTion Holland lor
nrf.nprtv at once. Mr. LPaiKe saiu met
property ai on. '-v Ih owi-aditlm. nf rnrn-.i-r Emperor
paper will be lnde;emiem in ponucs - -- - .. ' Th.
but will support a republican for presi- ih 'r
. . .i t , (premiers will also.iiisjvct the list or
dent tills )ear. j German officer, whos. surrender will
be demanded from the Berlin govern
jmenL This list Is said to comprise np
. proximately 600 names. -
No Shoes
For Two Years
Los Angeles Woman Lived in Bed and
Pillowed Chair Until She Started
oa Taiilac -
"I had to be cared for Just like a
baby before I began taking Tanlac,"
said Mrs. Alice Murphy, of 151 POenn
sylvania Ave., Los Angeles, CaL
'Two years ago I had a very se
vere attack of muscular rheumatism,'
she continued, "and no one knows the
pain and torture I have suffered
since. My hands swelled until I could
hardly work my fingero and I have
n't been able to put on a pair of shoes
because my feet were swollen so. I
had sharp pains through my back so
bad that at times I simply could not
keep from screaming. Sometimes I
got so dizzy everything seemed to spin
around and then I would have sharp
pains and a chilly feeling afterwards.
I was so helpless that I lived propped
up with pillows in a chair or in bed
all the time and had to be helped
from one place to another.
'I tried every medicine or treat
ment we could hear of, but it was
money thrown away and I got so blue
I did not care to live. Then my hus
band read in the papers about Tanlac
and by the time I had taken it four
or five days 1 saw it was helping me.
Now, after taking several bottles, I
can't praise Tanlac enough. My
nerves are so much better I sleep like
a child all night long. I am already
doing my housework again and it Is
the first time In two years I have been
able to get around at all and wear my
Tanlao Is sold in Salem by Tyler's
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Drug Co., in Mt. Angel by Ben
Oooch, In Gervais by John Kelly, in
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by Mrs. J. P. McCurdy, in Stayton by
C. A. Beauchamp, In Aurora by Auro
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teria Stores Co., In Donald by M. W.
drug store. It is Inexpensive, and four
ounces Is all you will need. This slm- Johnson, in Jefferson by Foahay &
pie remedy has never been known to Mason and In Mill City by Marketerla
fall. (Adv) Ore. Co. (Adv)
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am wvMt
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' natural
when I eat
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This is the last call on these Plushes, We are point
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I Buy Land Now
tfi ACRES. Only 1 mile from
street car line. No better
loganberry lanA- and its
right in the city. Owner
leaving town and will
sacrifice if sofd by Jan
uary 20th. Paved road
from town to ,the place.
Might divide. See us at
once. 1250 per acre.
ACRES about 7 miles
from town. Not far from
paved road. 140 acres in
cultivation. Several hun
dred fruit trees. 10 good
buildings, Including a big
modern house. Water pip
ed to all buildings. This
farm can't be divided,
but if you want a real
farm don't miss this.
For a short time only
$120 per acre.
ACRES only 714 miles
from Salem. No buildings
some Umber, but 75 acres
can be cultivated very
Boon., A snap at (35 per
O ACRES not far out on pav
AJ ed road.. Fair buildings.
Land all under cultiva
tion. About 60 fruit trees
Will trade for a good
home In Salem. Must be
modern. -ACRES.
Only mile from
car line Cood buildings.
electric lights. Electric
water system. Wajnts to
trade on larger farm,
ACRES, 2 blocks from car
line. i acres In fruit.
Fair buildings. For a
quick sale, $2500.
ACRES on car line. Under
cultivation. No buildings,
ACRES under cultivation.
Good, 4-room house about
10 blocks' from car, $3000
1 ft ACRES on Liberty road, all
1U frrtlt and ; logans.- Fine
bulgalow and good build
ings, '$16,000.
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