Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, January 15, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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..the senate this afternoon a stren
.nrt is being made to defeat the
rtUd-Bean fish and gam commis
... .v!. named the house yes-
Hne noon after an hour of
ntfoven has narrowed down
Question - " .
?r;.h and game. commission
ffb. sustained by the legislature.
f JduTl- large part, to the atti
f f the governor himself, who has
throughout that he would
tended in ..B bl even
" ,h It took away from hi. office the
ft" appoint the member of the
Vision or any direct and effective
Scion over its conduct in the ad-
, uimtlon of the law.
"Cn M the fight for the bill and
J by Smith of Baker, and Haines
i?ri smith of Multnomah,
of Hiiisboro and Scheubel of
il a (ha mAfliaiirA as .n
cuckama ovv
Inference with the powers of the
,ve by the legislative branch of
wZt measure received Its support as
means of sustaining the fish and
Cub, commission and preventing its
removal by the governor ana me dcb.
" . onttle the controversy without
with the commission's
work of propogation.
1. 1. Emitted frankly by many sen
tore and representatives both publicly
in debate and privately In conversation
Sat the structure of the Norblad-Bean
bill it fundamentally wrong and bad
la but they contend that it Is a rem
edy'to meet a condition which must be
They openly argue, also, that
it will stand only until the coming reg
alar session of the legislature when,
rtnrm having died down, the ap
pointing power will be returned to the
governor, where they admit It should
The vote stood:
yms Ballagh, Bean, Bolton, Brand
Brownell, Burdick, Burnaugh, Childs,
Coffey, Crawford, Cross, Dedman,
nniM. Edwards, Fuller, Gallagher,
Gordon. Core, Graham of Lane, Griggs
Haines. Horner, Hosford, Hughes,
Hunter, Huid, Idleinan, Jones of Lin
coln and Polk, Kuhli, Lafferty, Looney,
Martin. McFurlaml, Merryman, Moore,
Richardson. Roman, Sillier, Smith of
Raker. Stewart, Thompson, Thrift,
Westerlund, Wheeler, Woodson,
WrlBht, Speaker Jones 47.
Nays Dennis, Elmore, Graham tu
Washington, Hare, LcJfgren, Richards,
Bchuebel, Blieldon, Smith of Multno
mah, Thomas and Weeks 11.
Absent Lewis 1.
HOG BRINGS $33,000
Noblesville. Ind., Jan. 15.
Chief's Best, a Bpotted Poland
China hog. brought $35,000
In a sale here this week. The
hog was purchased by an
Iowa state breeders associa
tion. A sow brought $8000. For
ty head brought a total of
EXCEED $1,000,000
An executive session of the Joint
ways and means committee was held
Wednesday evening to act upon de
mands fr appropriations exceeding a
million dollars now pending in the legislature.
The committee faces a deficiency ap
propriation of $300,000 made by the
emergency board to take care of the
administration of the soldiers' educa.
tional act It Is estimated that It would
require something like $400,000 to take
up this deficiency and provide suffi
cient funds to administer the act until
the next legislature meets.
It seems to be the sense of the many
committees, however, to appropriate
approximately $250,000 for the aid of
the educational act. In addition to this
Mrs. Thompson has introduced a bill
appropriating $40,000 for the construc
tion of a new building at the state In
stitution for feeble minded. The com
mittee will probably star.d for $25,000.
LThe public service commission has ask
ed for $8000; the gasoline bill carries
an appropriation of $10,000; another
$10,000 Is asked for the reconstruction
of the barns broken down by snow at
the state fair grounds; county fairs are
asking for $10,000; the child welfare
league wants $150, and there are mis
cellaneous requests of merit which will
total something like $50,000 more.
In all there are demands which are
backed either by emergency or expedi
ency totaling $583,000, not taking info
consideration the mass of demands
which are yet to be put )nto definite
Dallas, Or, Jan. 15. Ray Slater, a
prominent Folk county farmer residing
near this city, was freed by a Jury In
Judge Harry II. Belt's court Tuesday
on a larcency charge after being out
but a short time. Slater was accused
of tho theft of a steer from a neigh
bor awed Martin, but testimony in
troduced by the attorneys for the de
fendan showed the Jury to their satis
faction that the animal in question
was the property of Mr. Slater.
The case of B. Fritz, charged with
assault with a deadly weapon Is oc
eupring the attention of the court to
day. Fritz Bhot two local boys who
were fooling about his place Hallo
we'en night. One of the lads received
a charge of some sixty shots and the
ether about forty shots. For a time
they were thought to be a serious con
ditio, but at present they have fully
recovered from the effects of the shoot
ing. Testimony Introduced during tho
trial was to the effect that the boys
tad been shooting with firearms that
night and that at least one of them was
armed wih a revolver. Fritz claims
Jat he did not shoot to Injure the
yi but only to frighten them away.
The case is creating quite a little !n
the court ' room being crowded
with spectators at all sessions.
Robert C. Paulus, president of the
Salem Fruit Union, will leave this cltv
Thursday night for a three weeks' bus!
ness trip in eastern cities. The purpose
of Mr. Paulus' trip east Is to attend
the American Fruit & Vegetable Ship
pers convention at Chicago January
21-23. From there he plans to go to
Cleveland to attend the National Can
ners association, January 26-29, where
he will meet sales representatives of
the Salem Fruit Union. .Following
that Mr. Paulus expects to visit New
York, and return In time to attend
the Western Fruit Jobbers convention
In San Francisco, February 2 to 6.
Because of this trip east Mr. Paulus
was unable to accept an urgent lnvl
tatlon to address a fruit growers con
vention at Vernon, B. C.
Br the explosion of a five gallon can
f oil while she was stiu-tlne hA Uitoh-
n r. Mrs. Rosa Carlson of Astoria
.fciT. r burne1- h 6-months-old
w severely burned and the furniture
w Personal effects of the family de-
V rOU want tn .. u.i-
. .v awl, jvur iinjr m
04 Condition Kb ........... i
it With v"u uu
Most soaps and prepared shampoos
TOOtaln too much alkali. This dries
we scalp, make, the hair brittle, and
on v barmful- Mulsifled cocoanut
thvd vwmcn, is pure ana en-
Zl,gr6,ett3)' 18 much better than
"nhlng else you can use for sham
ans, as this can't possibly Injure
Simnl ...
t """inn, your nair with wa-
fttl. m " U ln' Ono or two teaspoon
trLT ,mak9 an abundance of rich,
nail, er an(J cleanses the hair
es JrP thorouehly. The lather rlns-
1i-L . r. 7' ana removes every par-
or flUBt, flirt, dandruff mil or.
The hair driB quickly
silk. kJ , na 11 leavea " "ne and
brlBnt' nffy and easy to man-
Tea . .... .
than, B 1 ""'eiriea cocoanut oil
J" at most any drug store. It is
n..u . p' an a few ounces Is
month CTer7ne the
Spasmodic crown is
tuuallv a
Pyramid Pile
The Great Honuhold Treatment tor
Itching Bleeding or lro
trndlns Piles,
Aimosi every
iuumy hub hi
least one suffer
er who should
bare the
blossed relief
-V f'ji Pyrnmid Pile
i rent mem.
You can hove
a free trial by
mail or It you
cannot wait, get
a 60 cent box at
any drug store.
Take no substi
tute. Join the hnp
py throng vflio
nna the nralses
S--f Pvpamtfi.
I'p la the Moraln Feelloa yse jni9 con.
Fine as tb RhhII af non for free
PTrmmld Keller. trlai,
At the regular monthly meetlnv nt
the state fish and cam commiaainn
held in the governor's office Wednes-
Hicrhpst 'Sticrar I
5 O "
Price Ever To
Be Charged On
What are said to be the highest
sugar prices in the history of the coun
try will be effective here within a few i
days, wholesalers and retailers an
nounced 'Wednesday. The continued
scarcity of sugar is said to be respon-
day. the purchase of7h."tC
naton-prv vna mthn-.. j u . i
ter fish'warden med to g'o.heTd i","
wun construction to the extent of
J5000 appropriated from the hatchery
fund. The site consists of 5U aerra
and the assistance of local sportsmen
in supervising construction pledged.
ine commission approved the plac
ing of all employes under the state
compensation act.
Master Fish Warden Clanton renew
ed favorably upon the upper site for a
hatchery at Enterprise but action was
postponed pending engineer's report.
The rechecklng of trout propogation
figures was ordered as those given in
the auditor's report were stated erron
eous by Mr. Clanton.
Appraisal of the value of the Bonne
ville hatchery pondB and plants was or
dered from Messrs. Price and Kendall,
who have charge of the investigation
into hatchery operations.
The uper forks of Hood River were
ordered closed until June 1 upon re
quest of local anglers and sportsmen.
Application of E. 8. McCormick ol
Carleton for appointment as state biol
ogist was placed on file.
Under the provision of a bill Intro
duced by Senator Eberhard, Wednes
day It would be made unlawful for any
officer or agent of, or any contractor
with, the state of Oregon, or and coun
ty, town, city or municipal corporation
to employ any alien, whether a declar-
ent or otherwise who claimed and was
granted exemption from military ser
vice in the war with Germany on the
grounds that he was not a citizen of
the United States. Violations of the
provisions of the act would be made
a misdemeanor.
Cut This Out
Old English
for Catarrh,
und Head
five cent in
crease over the present price.
According to advices from Portland
the wholesale price ln Portland and
here will be 1 cents. This means,
the advices state, that every article of
food or drink of which sugar is an in
gredient is going to rise ln price.
Retailers here said Wednesday that
they tire unable to get any sugar at all.
and many of them have none on hand
at the present time. It Is understood
here that a carload of beet sugar has
ben routed from refiners at San Fran
cisco to Portland, and that represents
the total shipment from there for many
It is believed here that the new nrlce
of IK cents a pound will be effective
when a new shipment arrives.
Morris Plains, N. J., Jan. 15. Dr.
Brltton D. Evans, noted alienist and
superintendent of the state hospital.
didd here last night He was 61 years
old. His testimony was the basis for
the "brain storm" defense for murder
presented by Harry Thaw.
Coffey of Multnomah county and
Mrs. Thompson, formerly of Wasco but
now of Multnomah, are out to regulate
dance balls maintained and operated
outuide the limits of any city or town.
Both introduced bills with that object
in view during the afternoon session of
The Coffey bill defines a dance hall
as any place where public dancing is
permitted, an admission charge being
His measure makes it unlawful for
any such place to be kept open between
the hours of 1 and 7 o'clock a. m., in
counties having a population of 100,-
000 or more. A violation of the law is
punishable by a fine of not less than
$15 nor more than $200, or by impri
sonment for not to exceed 30 days in
the county Jail.
The Thompson bill simply amends
that section of the code defining the
powers and duties of county courts,
with the addtilon of a provision that
county licenses to dance halls outside
the city limits of a city, and to regulate
their operation and conduct.
( . r
If you know of some one who is
troubled with catarrhal deafness,
head noises or ordinary catarrh cut
out this formula and hand It to them
and you may have been the means of
saving some poor sufferer perhaps
rrom total deafness. In England sci
entists for a long time past have rec
ognized that catarrh is a conB'itution
al disease and necessarily requires
constitutional treatment.
Sprays, Inhalers and nos! douches
are liable to Irritate the delicate air
passages and force the disease Into
the middle ear which frequently
means total deafness, or else the dis
ease may be driven down the air pas
sages towards the lungs which Is
equally ' as dangerous. The. following
formula which Is used extensively In
the damp English climate is a consti
tutional treatment and should prove
especially efficacious to sufferers here
who live under more favorable cli
matic conditions.
Secure from your druggist I ounce
of Parmlnt (Double strength). Takd
this home and add to it pint of hot
water and a little granulated sugar;
stir until dissolved. Take one table
spoonful four times a day. This will
often bring quick relief from distress
ing head nofsds. Clogged nostrils
should open, breathing become easy
and hearing improve as the Inflam
mation in the eustachian tubes is re
duced. Parmlnt used in this way acts
directly upon th blood and mucus
surfaces of the system and has a ton
ic action that helps to obtain the de
sired results. The preparation is easy
to make, costs little and is pleasant
to take. Every person who has ca
tarrh or head noises or is hard of
hearing should give this treatment a
trial. (Adv)
pyramid rmoa company.
V 8Pjrmld Bldg., UarsbiU, Mica.
Kindly me 'fee Mmpln ot
Pyramid riUXreatirfeat, la plain wrapper.
Street. ,
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4A ACRES. Only 1 mile from
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home ln Balem. Must be
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electric lights. Electric
water system. Wants to
trade on larger farm.
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Fair buildings. For a
quick sale, $2600.
ACRES on car line. Under
cultivation. No buildings,
'$2500. "
ACRES under " cultivation.
Good 4-room house about
10 blocks from car, $3000
1 C. A(CRES on Liberty road, all
IV fruit and logans. Fine
buigalow and good build
ings, $16,000. .
For Results List Your Property
With Vg.
I Laflar & Laflar 1
408-7-8 Oregon Bldg.
With the purpose of securing federal
aid by establishing the St Paul-Wood-
burn line road as a post road, a dele
gation of citizens from these two cities
waited upon the sjbte highway com
mission yesterday, after conferring
kwith the Marion county court and com
The St. Paul-Woodburn road Is on
the Pierce market road program, but
will not be subject for sufficient funds
under this bill to provide adequate sur
facing. The road when bnilt for regu
lar traffic will connect the two great
valley routes the Pacific highway and
tho Newberg-Portland road.
If designation can be secured for the
St Paul-Woodburn route as a post
road, federal aid will make adequate
Improvement possible. The state high
way commission is empowered to make
San Francisco, Jan. 14. Admission
that they attempted to smuggle in
thousands of dollars worth of silks,
pearls and other articles ot value
from the army transport Logan fol
lowing her . arrival In this port from
Manila last Thursday was made to
customs officials here today by six of
ficers and members of the Logan'3
crew, according to John S. Irby, sur
veyor of the port A woman passen
ger, Mrs. D. C. Palston, wife of an
army officer stationed at Manila was
employed to secrete and bring the
goods ashore, it is said.
these recommendations, and action In
regard to the matter is expected by
the beginning of the coming road mak
ing season.
Members of the- delegation were
Harle Moores and Blaine McCord.
Apply Zemo, Clean, Penetrat
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