Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, December 27, 1919, Page PAGE NINE, Image 9

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il Ads uet JiiesutiLS ai
BY 6
T'Y ' srtT " ''17 '
For. SALK-
$125 per
. I Kim N f,ni'l St
Rate per word Each insertion one
cent. six insertion 5 cents. one month,
8 Insertions. 17 cents, one lv-ar. rer
month, 9 cents. Minimum per ai 25
sent. " . ' .
Mrat Insertion only In Few Today.
lty adB cash in advance and not tak
m over phone, unless advertiser has
uonthly account.- No allowance for
.hone errors . i ..
For Sale.
Stove Repairing.
-tlood apples from $1 to
bushel. Phone 631R. ' "
WANTED Somebody with high
blood pressure that can't get relief
call 1749. - m
New T;oday.
hay and straw.
FOR SALE First class baled cheat STOVES rebuilt and repaired. M
Phone 9in. 3t) years .xperMwo, iw.v.
ana American ience, whs hisrh. Pain's. oHJt and vara-
ishea, etc., loganberry "ad hop
hooka Salem Fence anf Store
Works, Court street Phoua IU
Hand picked Kings, Spitsenberg and (
Ktisset apples. & noxes i
$8. Buy your winter supply now while
price is low. Ward K. RicharSson,
2395 Front. Phone 494. -, 314
POTATOES for sale. 4c per pound by
the sack. Free from frost. Phone
115 Clifford W. P.rown, J71 North
Front street. . ' . .. Sll
l OUR future foretold. Send dime, ago POTATOES for sale, 4c per pound by
birth ttate ior iruunui, n,.,-,
vincing trial reading. Haiel Hause,
Box -15, JLos Angeles,- CaL
the sack. Free from frost. Phone
115 Clifford W. Brown, 171 North
Front street. ... 811
OP. SALE-1678W.
-Wood for you. Phone
' -311
Ko Cash Required Cood overcoa
hu. auiu. all kinds of musical
THE groceries Rnd fixtures or tne instruments, snotgunt, ri'tes, """
Kenilworth -rocerv and tne rurn- tovea, gas stoves, suk ran-.
Jshings of the Kenilworth apart-1 other useful articles to sfU rrafle.
ments at 152 South Church street what have you? The P t;x"
are for sale between now and Jan- change, $S7 Court St. Phone 4.
uary 1, 1929. Make a list or your
needs and come in soon, as the gro
ceries are being sold at ""
prices... ;.' , 5('7
Money to Loan
Federal Farm Loans
Any amount Loag time.
IV, and percent interest.
City building loans. ,..-
. . A. C Bohrnstedt
401 Masonic Temple, Salem. Oregon
OR SAJLE Partridge Rocli, Bar.
red Rock,. Buff Minorca cockerels
and. Silver Laced Wyandotte hens.
Mrs J. H. Arnoia, i s.
Phorte 1946M.
7" ANTED Partridge "Rock hens, not
ovei' 2 years old. Mrs. 'J. H. Am-OW.-
447 I- Pom'l St. Phone I946M.
... ' . ... ' oUS
1 the lady who left her own and lit
'ile Kirl's umbrellas at O. K. shin-i.,-n.rinf.
110 N. Commercial ' St.
last Tuesday can -j?et them by call--
ing ana payuig mi mi
WANTED To hear from owner of
good ranch for sale. State cash
price, full particulars. D. F. Bush,
' Minneapolis, Minn.
FOR SALE 55 aces best fruit land
located near Salem on rock roan.
Entire farm ready to he set into
fruit. Good house, barn and out
buildings. Piiced - very, reasonable
at J6000. Terms,-25fr eash, .bal
ance ,6 percent. Investigate this.
Bearinc fruit farms for sale. S. R.
Pearson, 405 Oregon hldg. Phone
. 43.
1916 five passenger l'ora, A-i -
dition: 1918 StudebaKer six, a-j
condition; Puick four, dandy to
make a bug; Studebaker bug, Over--land
5 passenger, 1919 Dort, good
a a now All (if tllfSB CaTS Will UO
Start 1920 Right Own
U.R. Own Home.
MR. and Mrs. Sparks, mates and sent
t.iinni wiiil aarmtnti M remimw.
Room it 44i State St. H
WANTED AH kinds of Junk and sec
ond hand goods Liberty Kxchange,
S41 fc. Commercial, rhooe Stl.
Spier & Scott, e rops.
MODERN houses for sale, 6, 8 and 9
room- close in; 12 rooms with 3
apartments rents 50 close in, for
S35no. terms S1000 cash, balance
6 percent. Others larger and small
i er. Se S. R. Pearson, 40a Oregon
bldg. Phone 43.
A good modern house
ter, furnace, close in; rooms nn"
tor 440 per iuohuj. iav.
New modern house 7 rooms, full
v.M.,.ni furnace heaU two toilets
hot wa-lBll-'S Y ACTIO, I. rma "
quesicu v.... ....-r. - " - -
side entranK ana uin-
basement of the
Wheat. No. 1. $1: feed U
S0f5c; milltng m 85 Kc; cheat!
hav $t8l; wt hay 'JtiffSs; chv-J,
er hay iJ3Wi:
Ituttftfat: Futtwmt le;. cream
ery btttter 7Tlo. -Potk.
veal and muttoat Pork mt
lc; veal fancy ,SSc; '"
i si.- eowa tT 1-tc; spring lasahs
4 to: hwp. yearung o isar et ai. v oiMt""'-
- - ' - - ... . . .... .,1. !
Eggs and uiir : nnv
light hens tic: heavy hens 2; eld
roiwtera UUc; sprtngs iv
VegetaMee: Otile.ta lac '.
celery doa $t.7S! potatoes, Yakima
iriU t'wurt.
Btaaatug Cw t J;.C lott;et
l. tWmuTr.
W. Colin va Frank Ua ai. Wi".
Belle Ktwle U. W, Stwl. NstU-t
vf UtUXiJ- - " ,
Fratik .M. Ford v. .wsww
Kdwanl F. Whelan vs. WUUam Kd-
Sd cheap if taken at once. Batem Md baths, cement walks; this is a
Velie Co., 162 N. Commercial 307 gooi buy tur someone at 13. .0. f
i... a if ii have both
FOR SALE Fresh Jersey cow; aim- room tne
Wov terrier oups. Jti. a. auii-, Ior ,nov-
1. W. Collins and A. M, Boltwf va.
I'ntted rankers cvmpaoy. a cof pota
tion. Sllptilatlim.
Ktat of Uaurtce KUngw. b4w m
Oreson, appellant i it. jaojafir.
celery oa. i.ii iww". ."- .
e. Oregon wraav uotetoea c-fexecutor, reode. Tranwript
phone 6F8.
. 301
l?OE SALE Or trade, Overland car.
o; I.' Hull factory. ,307
FOR SALE Good Jersey male aim
v,nu iv Chester wnue mam
Leshorn cockerels, Oregon strain.
Phone 86F22.
EXPERIENCED seamstress will o
' out by the day. Phone. .1413.
OUR protected article exclusively
owned.and controlled ny us, cieara
upward of $40 per day for sales
men. Aiost essential, uuiriiuireui'
created demand. Large territories
to salesmen able to handle crews.
Side line or full time. If you can
not sell this specialty you will fail
selling life preservers on a sinking
ship. Definite cooperation. Jerome
Laadt, Pres., 8 South Dearborn St
-Chicago, HI. - V s 406
rnn otp T.,m hrown and black
weight about 3150. Five and six
,. i atouAv and free workers.
ai av. wairon aim
fi.? Vi rM,. Box -213
Iiaiiiea. v.. . t nft
Stuvton. Or. 4U0
OR SALE Wyandotte hens and
gullets.' Phone 798y. 306
mt. 1 hnrsfi and -wagon, set
of single harness. 1259 B, Liberty.
PIGS FOR SALE and Wilson straw-
u ieoi Vi-flrl Kavser. 1 30b
Qlsktn MHAOIlaU
temple. Plans may be Inspected at P
the office el m to:ii'
Wasonlo temple. Salem. Oregon.
Salem Masonio Temple, association,
Klmo a White, secretary.
'-Ibeeta i)r sack IS.75; turnips per sac "appeal. -
11,9 MU Arrets vver sack 1.25; parsnip U . Or.o.l-y v O U. Wk
snio !r ack IS.T5. i1- Application to place In
t-Wwold et
Fruit: Oranges 3.5W-. im i
J6 60l0: bananas lie; none
A good 6 room house, not meaern.
but a dandy buy ior vv. -"
. . tIC nar ninntll. .
Oiuanvo -
8 rooms olose in, . -
location, lots of fruit, good basement,
taproved street. ! 4500, $2000 cash.
balance to sun. ,
ood terms on any propertj-
sold out of our office.
John H. Scott Realty Co.
" 228 Oregon bldg. ' '
WANTED Secondhand j no; red peppers
rugs, carpets, stoves, machinery and . .. rtce. Es
tools. We pay tne nisiiw , "1
evoryUtlng. The Capital "'")''?.
and Furniture Co.. 885 N. ConO
BU Phone 947. -
w'd tettutl.Si; oarrota 49e; rrPW driver ot Silvertoa. W Wrte I
Retail 'prtce; t-SS nwra
creamery butter c; wmitry imner
To; flour, hard wneai
,,...i,..i 1lm. 27. gutter vj
creamery 7?7-; e,,,''u,a ,rc1
Claude U i;otaad. Si, ti "
Allu-rt St t'ancoast. 19. a head .
yer, .f Wayton, la La fc. Mm. .10,
a echmiUeaclwr of Salem, rute J.
Salem Auto Exchange.
.r.... .or. now on display. Come
FOR SALE or trade, 10.75 acres to- and we them. 229 tSat. St. rnon;
Imuran. R'" . ... ,,
HO-12 U. 8. hank. Phone 841.
ftv, iifri' v v v-
Receipts S; tone of msr-
. rhnlre steers
n.l; fair to medium steers
..a. ,mnn to fair steers. 7.00t
JUVi v - -
PAPER hanging, and tinting, expert
work, reasonable pra r. ' " -ward!
phou 181 or 1201 after six
o'clock. .
35c; geese
,et steady;
vnn an.w A No. 1 Jersey cow.
Will freshen in February ; also a
few Leghorn hens. Phone 8ot2. 40 1
vyANTED To purchase from owner
L f . -om modern house do to.
; can at im on?
' ' 1HU. ;. 307
V NTED Work by the -day or hour
by lady. Call 1507 after 6 p. m. 308
FOR SALE Or trade, 6 rftom mod-
ern bungalow.-Call at 1287 Marion
St. Phone 139 OR. Owner. -
FOR SALE $800, four-room cottage
laree lot, garage, eieciru; iie-
water. Nob Hill district. . Owner,
phone 1390R. '
WANTED From owner price and
....; it to 100 acre
-,rmUTaVmer il care Journal. 308
MARRY if lonely; J
Vmnrtreaa ricn w"
strictly connaeii-
me: Desi
"Home Maker;
rnarrlage soon;
5 HEAD of fresh cows, 3 with calves
. at side for saie or ;
mottle. Inouire at 2015 N. Com
came. i"H"". - --;,T t
ct i'nnn . zodij.
ii iilps irom oiueiu
v;tLt.t7t.t a , -i
eood roek soad, will be on liayed
Sad next year. Land a" clear with
fnlr mip rove me - "
I,y orchard. Bargain for cash cr
..j n lurp-pr nlace or unlm-
w'" the valley. Horse,
IZZ and 2 cow Ko with place.
Box 44 journal omw. ---
lrnu HALE Cheap, 1917, Ford road- v.rn r t acres of land
F0r?a :cond;lUol..1-.CaU sh4S ,1, with.,; i .Vk mile.
XiUl f,Tn lflVP nt
flen road, rnone ooro
Marion creamery. - -
FOR SALE Black mare y
141(1 I IK.. UaiHniu v- w
or oeei cow mi . .
" ,i milk cows and 2 oeei
.B"""r vtov almost new
or will traoe ior ;
write Ross conau, ; g
and paper .'. rommon to giwd cows and helr
Shop 443 J: 50(S K0. pan,, $S.O04 6; bulls
8S1 $507.M; calves -8.80ei4.80.
W ' .. I L..i.. Stw: tone of mar-
Used Cars for Sale.
HOUSB painting, tinting
v,,,irinir K rl. Jlfiiii
vvrrv St. Phoue, Res.
' . 1 "- ... 1.
. I ...jl itPlfllK lilt A"VI
WANTE1V-400 Maaard ' M biImJ tl4.08l4.S0;
MHPtia " " '
1- ---
l)let .
lLAXllt Sarah U Lamb, aged
: veare, wife i Rumlolph Lamn.
8. lltb strert. died 'rtda mit"i
at the Dettcuiifna hoaptlal.
tteatrica her hubd ah leave" i
daughter. Mrs. F. K. Merer of Fr-
est lro, and two ianifs IV.
ahhfleld. r,. Slid Jiavlil
lings. Phone 8 1 r a.
Hlnes St
FOR SALE-1?18 Ford coupe
shape, $535 It taaen av uv. . -----,.ot
w h. Chapman,
vrR SALE Ford looks and runs
FOR au '., ,i ha extras
like new, na - . hftr.
Condlt. Aumsvllle, Or. 806
of Salem; win vr - -
? , L .. '. ... r.nrt herrv land. W.
laim mum S
A. Listen, uun ov.
W Lamb of Kkil. Mnho. Tb
hi at the TMW1llirr 'Bm -Funeral
anaouaeements will he wane '"'
funeral senrlrn win
the chapel of the Tetwimtr-r "'.
Hunduv at It P. . furlal will be
eady; east ot mountain " w-uow eemeiery
,....iii ht yalle lamoa - -
. .. -
ty years ago. Address W
liam, Dallas, Or. Rt. 1. " m
nol0.ll0; wlh
ers $$: ewes $ff7.
mR SALE 19" , tully aauiPr
FOpd A-rconditlon. Liberty Clar.-
... tlal; most reuau.c, rRn.
once; descriptions free. "The Suo
SSSful Club!" Mrs. Ball, box 556
. Oakland,; Calif. t
inciuMiBB , . eiSRO Terms.
i'hone nem'
ganberries or hops. Phon I3jM
FOUR months ago we sold to one of
Salem's best houses a st
....... .,u niano and this week
S peTple decided to i mo- to
farm in Canada and cou d not take
- ped,
Help Wanted
WANTKIV-Experienced houaekeeper
nd cook, good . PftW- C( J
Real Estate Transfers.
Undrew rile
m. aim
1; m.
ONE brood sow for sale sx '
vc' fo Farmers 471S.
. weeKjfcuBu f -o"- t Ml ...
80 ACRES;unlmproved wood prop-
aifference. Box 49i Salem. Or- 311
WANTED Auto painted.
Liberty. '
TO EXCHANGE For aereag Close
Oleson's Auto Exchange
..r nmmrcliil., Phone 6?
.4 TAnt fooa snaoo, ''"
191 J Chevrolet,,
. . A iihanA
.'" -.OTJRSr" v less than
- iqi i t . lie v njiofct
rm m uanao to Uaaa Hes. $72 '
the piano wun to ""gird l-to truck $850
ing ui-on.. -"V ATonrla Gilbert.
can i h- , Sn7
street. Phone 515.
l"e.rr ... to stock, they to
lose the" amount paid. We now
hls beautiful P XZ
warerooms. without -a m.r
ance inew. ; - Rlfl court
The Wiley F, Allen Co., 519 Court
I Samson-tractor $800
We sell oils. grf.
auto part ares -5 for $!
'Wehave taken ti agenoy
Chanoier iu
for demonstration. ; , ..
Ncash store.
irital Joumal oftlc. In morn.,
uuy mis r'sr a p l , c ttMi
t room apartment Jnmes Brown ann w "," "
. ru.u it. ai. I l.. x Ames
Might oonsiuer " " --t ,, -.7
Baker. Plione ..r'. ii ..l MurUna
Prlen to wary 'tT.Tu
lie, N It ' i"'1 8
all it run tr '
. to nlley. l i
fanned. 80 reus m "-...""" .m In H.rt to Artohih H
famU, '4.rchar.t. 11 "...
town. .-"'. .. ,C ., BtH rhriif
. ...! 11
Best Buys.
Hart snd
A t in
house. gOPO lain.
Oloaa to school
. .. .. n nhnne 82K11
1MU . '-.- h(, hn(l
1 about Hambletomau - -ot
for sale
,f Real Estate-Houses
easy terms. ...... tn bear-1 tine Jutmw.n
aerw-. V. .,.., rnsnher-
12 arms p.n
to Aiir
KinllV C How
and oherHes. Ten
nek, some wa..".-- bt.ra
r.m """'" a md buy et
.. 1. m illlillllilliifltn ---
tllllt'l -
S-OR BALE $ room bungalow with
F oV without furniture; terms. W, A.
country preic.v.- T . ., 308
123 care Journal. -.-
- m rh. Dreadnaught
OIL uutinrj-. ' - v,aat.
I a ..utMiMtflR HIUC va ---
,.1.,-hurner in , .wo. ;uar-
f eut-9 '0Ur ""J Court St.
FOR SALE Gasoline saw.
314R. . , ' :."
Phone I
-- . , a,.,nii new house, elec-
i'ok 5:,:.';: ,o,r: fuiriot. sue
trie lignts, ""'-u.e 644W.
: . .. - : - ' 308
ahtead for
fn! teami age
bU -"-."- .,5, harness
rifice. leaving, caj. ,.
Price i-i'-
ElLArsets sold by M Alice
Tirguaranteed. Home Thursday
A. Miles, 451 N.
en, in 8"'"; ianiT
.afternoon. rPhonff 1902J.
: t from pri-
WANTISU-jYable party. Ad-1
wInTED-T0 XystbeeninbUgooa
of good graziK '"-. tnree room
Fon? All Ienr;;aVi and abundance
- house on good road anu ao
of wood ad waiei. - 307
-SenTfor names and address.
" TriTT.Tvrt Be-
tween Salem ana rpgu
Dusinesa J" we hope to re-
efficient service we Ml bug.
ceive our shaie .'"Vmnev Trans-
fer, o i A74R.
phones biJ .
oia, weigu ... e al.
barn. - ' -
Scavenger. -
307 Balem .SrmovTd on month
f"""1.::' at reasonable rate
4 years 4 ."""", -leaned. Dead arnma-
"ovVdT Ottlo. phone Main
1 ' . . ..uif mork. Call
FOR plumbing a"" v 307
1310J. -
cow. Grote
FOR SALE rreHii J08
box 6i
FI-EE-Sena ior -r tinB to mar
ps weaiiuj " . " write
.... oont aijw "
KaVif a . Ban Francisco
FOR SALE-7-weeks old pig
284R ovenii.Ku.
Listen, 484 Court at.
on I
rALE-Modern m roomou-
'ur,iT aash. balanc?
tormV Rh Groosry Co.
atats ana
FoTsALlfsiK goofl Idary cowsno
tour heifers. 469 State j)(s
ia South Liberty
.n. .37
stook sales. ' i
iHraw auctioneer.
W. F. v.. nly Charge.
Why no bv
2 per cent.
FOR SALE Shoats,
to 60
. . . .nnt
ivitn I i
FOR 8ALK-U' .," - ,u. other
horse, huriiess. - ,lve
ohuicbes and "? " . u.
XJieperty In le" -f j,08
H.oes; .": ,,,.. gates
10 acre, , her
no init sr-timi i-riii.
buildings inr ." y.A.
... a,.i, .a In cuitiva
a ai'iii near tMi." t tum
Hon, 4 room i
i9 acres nil
1 acres
irvVui ? bslnce
r per cent. .,,.aIi.a
H.rlctly Wdn room buiiM-w.
room nungaiv-.
2 A, i L C James Hmllh
3 01 ll"
p.-t r- L':: a::i
Ll.HHln. Neb.ri -,M
on again. . , is
.T ; ... i i.i. niii women nv
11 cultivated, well hJJ. ThreB wwk ago t"7ll
.veur old I'runea, house. tl0Wn. Two tl-
Money To Loan. J
i.k. $1500.
Seven room inn- p3V.
niuur... - ,..
.1, u"i balanc. iti V
IUU; !"" "
l. hnntmlow neai
FOR SALE"" ro."' ne. -?
E? t Owner phone 17-
&O.UC '
, r-iTTi'T--See kerose...
STOP B-VrttiB. Satisfaction i
burner u...--- retunaeu.
i. . ml.Kniy
Oregon at
,-ets, ou--- - .,,, Bpntieman i" .j niiDer nnB"' - -;. cl pi,i
: i ...i tata security
0 2?.AS"JTS-ord . P
'"" . r. itH TOL'SE Is
locatea ',""-. gtate and
vDoTlnvest a. dollar a wee,
Wfor tn week. ' yVrUe tor partlcu
$1000 or more? W lite i 'Cariton,
lars No obligation- J. A- 36
fox 676, Ft Wortn Tex.
a Primer
. -no lWHmuiw .V.
cr. iron ciau "":-. or money
Z hiest car in one turn, o fnel
funded. No -"IJ", then be-
health. Patlelc: ?0U?sell a" yoort
come our agen . to sen d
frienas " : ' pommlBalon. P"c
on sight Good comrn tee
. "onrPHmW, 1466.3roadwa.
New York.
-rrTrth $50,000 age 25. ;
St., U"B
J.t next week , to . business
PlsNothing PJVov'
ortneation. Let .
... - ' . . lease house
VrAN7orr?oom- N -Wfe
stress. ""-:v nii eentleman
for ladies a"u..? or
W afcma.pooll
Turkisn ua... - water. an i'
er1'aCLaay ami gentleman at;
D v "
mXSZl W Com l St Phone
A. Kallstrom.
. All work
IT MAKES your e.o -
'le'hand Wg lrlg.
new today on g
Terms."$2500. '' ' .,inCa,oW on' ZTt.OAN-$5000 at P A.
onnni 1 in-- . l n it. m nennnTi
street, weal -- nn vv. ,iB-
14th street. onie on W. -' Ll8ton, 484
Moaern o -- l60 ,8&u. i . commlt-
.l,. street. Lot ixj. nome ' 1..,,. txidees, clubs ami v
. . -.lorn u tvn t ri;iiv- - am now in - -
Ass n. :""";,. Balem Bank oi
at 6 l- Pf-l--a-nth.
Why Sell For Less?
gooas. vi".
ell. Peopi"
.sr. Store, l
7i rtreet Pnone
BlVIVien -
Axrfor r.nmtiany.
8ALEM WAi,,a Tr,de t
r'rab monthly tn advanc
r"ln TI
i.-un room
j 11800.
eu - ,,
Blx room ""'-Tmialow dose in.
11(00. Modern hu BtrMt in mom
,i ,.,ir ne, a
in or near w n, 4()0
iwr. " ,, In, $1,
Tit Ml XI II T.- " -
1 safiftnt
iTruii.Vu-.. i -
fruit, furnlKhed. $!- . n ,ot
ltlUBfl -
member, o. "".,,v ,,,,, ttie
Hub pledge . ,hfr
price droppert- wt "
enough, gam uug
ban was lifted r- '
h7'tr n.
M . f the will r-tu. to b
nl tuday ' JL. tll eon-
(,. ne " ..' - ... Ultlai
fiuhi tit a "" '
.a investment,
d oar line, a """" . " mi, r.m nu-.
"oo. Pin. pt. .'' f frtltt. $M cash
em. IT0. a nt to bu c ror hoy.
Prune orehnrj W -'' . 30-
Wood, psyna ";
2 tit. n iTu
u tkM all suinmw
wired, city water
in ou " ,
, Socolofslcy.
HI tttate Street
WE will PW yrJTur bid-
household go.u; Furniture I
fore you - n. Com-
nd Hardw. n4
work ma."'"".- , w
180 8. 1 "r Nice home.
and walnut t.- form scno".- -
10 acres "u""'v brusn. if""
w.ltivated. 4 h!4ra. Good
sink. Mill
not Inilud
. Anwinii. i
There Is a ";r,''",'rilll that
back mtere-t and taxes
Trance- In 5"U.m
tt, Incuii'l'Wf'!,, -n , you
stract to date th- house VOU Wll
i ": 1 11 T "ae,ii.
t.,vn. building.
room '
. l.roo, hou- w "
each, uuah and '""""i,.,,., modern.
' 'room .Vh-we '"'i!.h. pav-
ad -iritew
15409. mfldm
1 room .l2B- mm n
toteA AcciistiD vP2?r,
Dida tlUt Fountain, He Avers
Wood Saw.
Good Buys.
... VDfl Ulvl'
land. 1V a"'" "Vine water.
Watered by crj ,, Bo
Sock and Unpletu-tt. -
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