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    MHElOTMBER 27. 1910.
Mrs. WilHan
tt xiu
Meet Me at Meyers ffiSGSRS"i
A flfll . A
WM i5VKT:ilTl)ifinnoinr...Ji
k 1
r; trac
tM 1 1 I m it
. ' MllUlllln 4
Dec. 29. Business Men's
luncheon at Commercial club
Uec. 29. City schools re-"
sume Monday morning.
Dec. 30 o. A. C.-Salem
dance at armory. . .
Dec. 30 Philippine National
day celebration at Firar lw-.h.
,odist church, 8 p, m.
Jan. 19-25 Sixth Annual
S Marion County . Corn Show,
Valley Motor Co., tractor de-
Pment, State ana-'Front
IE streets.
" Rigdon company, leading funeral!
un:iur. superior service. Moderate
i prices. v . . ,
3 ' ' ' '
8 0kek3ust tfy Kinsmen
5o cigar, the mild Havana short fill
er smoke of satlsfacton. Jacobs &
Busick, distributors. ana.
Judge George O. Bingham has issu--
. uiee oi oivorce in favor of
Ward N. Barrett in the case of Ward
N. Barrett against Rebecca Barrett.
night Query's hall,
i Dance Saturday
Mvesley station.
Simultaneous suits have been .
od against the Barbara Welcher and t Z V yuis with the!r la'--lilia
Welrher h.. anA ' ents in Harnsburg.
forts to clear title to two parcels of
. -.. w mm u.ucia, i.i ci-
lan in Marion county. One aetion is
''.V,n t,, .
- r ,.,. oaiiiuci
Start against the Welcher hears, to
beuie any ownership claims to 40
, , . fl"'u" coumy. ine
other claim is by B. S. McGinnis in
imiicuuis imc uu i acres aiso locat-
ed in Marion county.
5 Another big dance at armory to
night. 306"
: Zeno Schwab, B. F. Giezy and L. I.
3nyder, appraisers in the Ernest Ma
der estate have reported upon the
property holdings of the aged reclouse
who died near Gervais, early in De
cember. Cash deposits of $1900 In
Salem banks and $86.92 cash on hand
-is shown by the resort.
. Another big dance- at armory to
night. 306'
f In the-Arthur L. Whlteman estate,
.Grace Hanson, , administratrix, . sub
mits her statement of final . account
'and upon her application the county
-court for Marion has designated Jan
'"larv 24 at 10 a. m. as the date and
""niefor final review of the account.
Another big dance at arniory to
night. - ' ' - 306
' 1 February 4, has been pet as the date
V for the hearing of final account in
lha estate of Paulfne Adams. James
fcioekhart, administrator of the estate
: as filed a report showing . receipts
r amountingl to $0,62S.60 and disburse-
intents of $989.61.
Stated meeting of Salem lodge No.
i '4 and Pacific lodge No. 60, A. F. &
J iA. M., this evening. Joint installation
' ;of officers. Visiting brethren wel'
come. -306'
i 1 ..
i J Chemeketa Chapter). Daughters of
$ ii.- . Dai,nl,itlnn- mnt tlliftfli-
,L Jif III V 1 1 iwfuiMuu,',
! lernnon at the home of Mrs. V. S.
J !Shiply, 245 North Thirteenth street,
5 f Plans; were discussed for the organ-
! Xzatlon of a society for the Children
a ,at tha American Revolution
li Dr. C. Stone can be found at
S-'Tvler'S drug store, 157 South Com-
mercial street.
li rhief of Police Percy Varney who
Phas been ill at his home for the past
t'week with an attack of tonsilitis has
TVeeovered sufficiently to resume nis
f luties at the office.
M Dance Auburn hall tonight. 306
tt Mathews' cantata, "The Story of
i" Christmas" will be presented at the
First Presbyterian church after a ves
ts per service Sunday1 afternoon, at 4
o'clock. The quartette which will I n--.-t
is composed of Miss Ada Miller.
m" 'Margaret Hodge, W. T. Jenks and Dan
B . ...1.1. Mice T.neiUfi Ross al
I Langenours, wn - - -
lithe organ. - ' '
H 1 itm!,, cantata. "The Salva-
tion of Israel" will be sung by the
choir Sunday evening at 7:30 p. m. at
the Central Congregational church.
VI a Perrv streets, Sunday De
ll cember 28. This special service is at
ycemoer public li
lively arranged and the public Is
I invited to attend.
1 The Scandinavian Tabernacle 15th
w V mm streets. Christmas sermon
Wand Ml" sueeia. jiatHet su-
ni be preached by the ds riot m
let us exciians lt win be
Ey an order signed Friday by Coun
ty JuS w Bushey Mary H
bay ben n.,;-.-
v. --Hnw aamhtistratriv f
00 and will '" . " "
MnS? p t:;dWoThbum:
Hicks ,,, t "iana, Thomas
icks, son, Lapwai, Idaho; Laura F
Moore, daughter. Silverton? 0r
tucks, a son, present hereabouts un
known; Naomi state! a daughter
Portland: Jam., u "Bmer-
WoodbUr 4 two" -h--
o"::, "uruon Jones, residinsr t
Seattle, Washington.'
- . -
Miss Nell Hav nf s.til ..
house guest of Miss An7.v,,.
a few days." Miss Hav . Z .
an instructor in the RarfipM
here and is well known in Salem.
T . , -
James Oibson of Portland will ar -
rive in Salem Sunday morning for a
short visit with friends here- . -
Raymond Wilson, ; an employe of
uregon (Jity paper mills.
le holidays with relatives
Salem. .
in South
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Todd went to-.
Portland Christmas for a few davsi
visit with relatives and friends. '
' Miss .Tski vrniov -.r:....
. I. ' ,,,BB
One of the many familv reunion
held Christmas was that at the coun-
try home of Mr 'inrt i w a
Keene of Shaw This I the ' nt
leunion in sixteen years, and a most
enjoyable time was spent. Those pres-
ent were Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Keene
and daughter. Miss Riihv nf
Francisco; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Keene
and son Lloyd of Shaw; Mr. and Mrs.
Kdward Keene and daughter, LaVelle
of Salem; Arthur A. Keene of Salem;
Er. and Mrs. W. C. U'Ren of Spo
me; Mrs. H. J. Downing of Wend
lg; Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Keene of
Silverton; Mrs. Mary Howd of Salem;
Mr. and Mrs. Will Howd and daugh
ter, Miss Mildred, of Silverton.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kugel of Pendle
ton are the holiday guests of their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Kimball,
of the Wallace road.
A. family reunion was held Christ-
f mas day at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W, C. Hubbard near Gervais. It was
also the 52d anniversary of the birth
day of their youngest sonk Ira, and a
sumptuous dinner was served in hon
: fr of the occasion.. Those present
wre ex-County Judge Hubbard and
wile;OnUlel Hubbardy iof Alaska;
Walter Hubbard of North Bend,. Wn;
Ira Hubbard and family of Gervais;
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Graber of Salem.
Walter Hubbard will leave-for his
homa. Sundayi and OrviUe will remain
uutil spring. .r-- .'
Mr. and Mrs. James Nicholson and
small son Jlmmiei spent Christmas
day In Portland as the guests of rel
atives. - . -
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Kyle (Gertrude
East) of Stanfield have been the hol
iday guests of the latter's mothdr,
Mrs. S. S. East ... ."
Plenty of King, Spitzenberg and
Johnathan apples. Order at once if
you want apples. Special price In 5
box lots. Ward K. Richardson, 2395
Front street. Phone 494. 306
Salem educational experts and
teachers will, attend the Oregon state
teachers association, which convenes
at Portland, December 29 and con
tinues for three days. Salem educa
tors who will attend are: Hon. J. A.
Churchill, Newton Van Dalsom, W.
M. Smith, John W. Todd, Mrs. Mary
L. Fulkerson; Miss Marie Barber, E.
E. Bergman and C. A. Davidson.
W. iX. Mahoney of Fairfield and Al
Thornbery of Gorvals were post
Christmas visitors to Salem, Friday.
Tom Miller, confectioner of Turner,
made, a business. Journey to balem,
Saturday morning.
Mr and Mrs. J. E. Barber of Eu-
o-nnA nre vlsitinu at the home of Mrs.;
Barber's daughter, Mrs. R. Bligh at
634 Ferry street.
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Moon who re
side near Dallas in Polk county, are
visiting at the Fred Drager home op
South Commercial street, Mrs. Dra
ger being a sister of Mr. Moon. Mrs.
Mon plans to spend New Years with
a daughter who lives at Astoria.
Mr and Mrs. John Benjamin of
Portland are spending thi mid-winter
holidays with relatives in Salem.
Paul Jones of Gervais was a Fri
day visitor to Salem.
John Steelhammer of Woodburn
spent Friday In Salem.
Mrs. George J- Pearce will enter
tain the Ladies Aid society of the
Presbyterian church Tuesday after
noon at 2:30 o'clock at her home on
North Winter street. Assistant host
esses will be Mrs. A. F. Marcus. Mrs.
W Sheldon, Mrs. U H. LangharL
Mrs. J. K. Sites and Mrs. rranK
Mrs. Ralph White entertained the
nunils of her juvenile dancing class
wUh . Pa'y Saturday
CotUUon hall. The had been
transrornwa -- ,.
! wealth of evergreen and holly, he
nt five of her pupil, and twenty
'five invited ' gts "Owed Mrs,
inTltrt hospltaVy- She.was assisted
;,ichols and Mum .
.... .a fLrturdai
mornlns at Halls Fein ' Earned by a v..; of 1 "
I-eLong on . charpe of ,v"hc of C.,.l.n Kr"-:"'" 1
Ity from a home, ' , nt , i.e made public untlr; fm ftitv4 j Ni.rla bay.
.11 Judge l "
st f..r next Kr.dav- - - -
route to the south.
Mr. and Mrs. j.
Matthews of !
end I
nn mends in Salem.
r. ana Mrs. Y. R. Taylor of Port
and are the guests of friends in I
for the week end.
W. R. Scott of Albany was an oull
of town vuutor in the city Saturday.
n?F; 1"'9' W 2'n'mermani
and dauhgter Dorothy of Grants Pas.1
...uug relatives in Salem.
L .arJrie F'e Osborne and Claude -
a"d' b,Mh ot i. county, were
V.V! J Ur,a" onilB by Judge
, I "' 'er ,e
A corrugated iron n, .1,i',h' '''ileial railroad adminiHtnuioii. u.
.jbe erected soon on property at 124 N
iF"nt street, belonging to Y V
Beardsley. The buildi.ig will ' oont
labout U000. A permit to erect Vm
" ' ' " jv"ui iu .erect me.i ,. . .
warehouse was issued Fridav hv Pitv
liecor(,er Rsce-
The .body of Mrs. Lillian E. Lacv,
w,te ot Rev. A. F. Lacy of Amity,
, "u men at a local hospital Tues
'day, will lie in smm at ti,i
?V" "t ,s,ate at 1,16 cha"el "'
t ! A ?Sh undertaking es -
b"met '"V afternoon. It will
be shinned to Amltv f.., f.,...i 0..-1
burial later ; .a-ugmentert by recent slorms, has re.:
' - .stneted business operations generally
Captain and Mr, M. I,. Cox .jrnrSr tTh on
nounce the arrival of a baby girl. M,r,-. ,,.,..,., . .. li' W " . " imh !
h in i .C, arohna- Ptain Cox was
late Dr. Horace W. Cox.
The regular weekly business men's
luncheon will be held at the Com
mercial club auditorium Monday
noon. The name of the speaker for
the hour was not announced Satur
day, as an effort to secure a certain
speaker failed, and It was necessary
to call on another, which had not
been done late in the day.
Mr. and fsa. W. B. Bishop and son
Arthur, ofPortland are guests during
the holidays at the home of Mrs.
Bishop's parents, Mr. a.nd Mrs.' A. M.
Clough, 1129 Broadway. Bishop's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bishop, re
side in this city at Judson and South
Commercial streets, and are also en
tertaining the visitors.
Lieut. Leland C. Hurd, who has
been spending the Christmas holidays
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Q. F.
Hurt, Marion street, left Friday eve
ning for Dallas, Texas, where he has
been stationed for the past fifteen
months, as test pilot at tha aviation
repair depot.
With Santa Claus in attendance,
Christmas evening was celebrated In
splendid- styli at Liberty , The com:
munlty-t. povided everything except
the program, which- was given by the
school. . The electic lighting of the
tree, by H. H. Mumfod, was especial
ly pleasing, The program follows: :
Song by entire school; song, by Girls
Glee club, "Holy Night;" Sailor's
Hornpipe, intermediate girls; primary,
folk game; vocal solo, Velleda Oh
mart; dramatization, "The Ruggles
Family," author, Mrs. Wiggins.
At the- armory, on the evening, of
December 30, the O. A. C.-Salem club
will give their fifth annual holiday
dance. The purpose of the affair is to
boost thfr Oregon Agricultural col
lege, and Invitations have been Issued
to all ex-students and friends of the
institution. Seniors of the Salem high
school will be guests of honor. Gov
ernor Olcott and President Kerr of
Corvallis, will address the guests dur
ing the evening, and Lena Belle Tar
tar will render a number of vocal so
los. A special orchestra from the col
lege has been secured, and the music
promises to be an enjoyable feature
of the evening.
UICHTER To Mr. and Mrs Frank
Richter at 255 Washington street,
twins, a boy and a girl, weight 6
pounds each, December 25.
Oregon automobilists have consum
ed a total of almost 30 ouu.uwo ganon
of gasoline in the period from fe
ruary 26, when the motor fuel oHtax
became effective, until November 30,
according to a statement isso?d Sat
urday -by Sam A. Kozer, deuty sec
retary of state. This, acording to
Kozer. is an average of approximately
360 gallons for each of the 83,300
cars now bearing Oredon license
plates, or sufficient to rn each of
these cars . distance of A(.00 miles
haed on a mileage of 15 Killes per
rv:m.A Miiimfd In the sam
oerlod totals 4,543.163.25 gallons,
cording to Kozer, and the income
the state from the taxes on the
of these
commoaiues na
amounted to 20,22S S.
Report 0 Loss Of Four
Men Of Ship's Crew Filed
San Francisco. Dee. 27 A written
renort concerning the accment i-y-
r niro at crescern mj,
which cost the lives of four member
of the crew of the mamer
Coast has been Med with the L Mod
States Jnspertw of hulls and boiler
The four wrlon re
when two lifeboat capsiwd. It waSj
renorted that tne snip
,. ni.rl atn lUE IB "
... ...,-.,. ,.f an invention
whi-h '
- - ..,,,. vilt.,h,r
awards tor 1 trucks we ,
! nutde by tha
I tvui i out urxliLV
erc company. Salem, 1
SiX Ke,iral -ks. Hughsw,;?
- U ,! thZ run''- eh
WnJ Rlublie truck Otto X
Wilson company. $47. each.
R. H: Aishton. reioiml ,llrp.,tni- ..f!
",,pa,ed ' in telegnim forwarded;
ul,i'u rice cmnmiasiou. Frt. :
i y ,,isht-to "se his Influem-e in di- targw """ of ears to the
. ""rlnwe ' effort to re
nme tne present iinoinploymenr situ-'
ation which is said to he greatly ag-'
gravated by reason ,.f the innliilitv of
mills to ship their output. necelt.t'inc!
a shutdown of many plants and tn- '
dentally throwing many men out of
1 An
already serious car shortatre in
i 11,1(1 tnrousnout the northwest, ;
...v.....,,.-. i,ui ,,i riunioyment
!also tends to malnvaip and t
losses but :
force ortceA
ui-naiu, me appeal to Aishton reads.
Ttxt of Appeal.
"Cnn you not In this emergency as
sist by allocating and diverting a great
er number of care to the Pacific north
west. This commission hns no general
complaint on local distribution In this
territory, but does believe that drawn
remedies should be applied to Missouri
river points and east to sped up move
ment and materially increase number
01 wesioouna empties. This commls
slon, by circular and otherwise, with
Northwest officials co-operating. Is
urging capacity loadt prompt releases
and other remedies, but we feel thai
our present situation Is the result of
conditions beyond locnl control-and de
mands summary action bv authorities
responsible for car .distribution,
y SuggesUous OtfCN-.L
"We Vi spent full use of all shops.
m-iwtU ot otherwise. In ear construc
tion; and prompt repairs to bad order
cars; also continued efforts to speed
up road and yard movements, with
expedited delivery and release and
heavier loading. We can apreoiate
necessity for priority movement of
coal, foodstuffs and perishables but
at the same time mention that consid
erable portion of our grain orop re
mains n warehouses and that there Is
a. demand for refrigerators. Please
advise, action taken."
Quebec; ue., Dec. 27.- Facing star
vation, from 12 to 24 persons are
marooned on- Belle- Island; famous
"sentinel of Canada" according to dis
patches reaching here today.
Two light house keepers with their
wives and children and three Marconi
operators are on the Island, accord
ilng to reports and no provisions have
reached them for several weeks be
cause of storms andJUMmpes.
The Canadlnn- governininK (learner
Montcalm left Bonne Buy, N. . today
in an effort to reach the islai
Belle Island is an important light
house station at the northern end of
the Strait of Belle Isle belwen the
TTitSijfninsula of Neuufjnilainl
and Ialra
f.M.K OF NMll'S l-L.y.Kl
Washington, Dec. 27. Vale of all
shipping board paHseiig.7 liners, both
built and building, wlllie considered
at a meeting of the bird of directors
to be held soon, lt waft learned today.
Board officials Unify explained that
the Sales, if decli(l upon, would not
cause th jtb.iUMfoiiment of any of the
steamer lines established or contem
plated since the purchase agreement
would Include a provision that the
ship would have to be operated under
mreican flag and In designated
I. w. w. motion i)i:mi:i.
Taeoma. Wssh.. Iec. 27. Sixty Ttt
coma alleged I. W. W. charged wllh
the first round in their fight In thel firjnt wns nrreted tl night ac
criminal syndicalism under (be stat :ruRr(j Qf firing several shots throuh
law passed by the last legislature, lotthe window of the Kd wards homa as
I'ierce county superior court today. jinj banker and his daughter wers
Their trial was net for January 22 by ..a n il at the dinner talla. Hum ut
Superior Jude Ilr-U her after he nut
denied a notion of the defense to re-
quire ProseculliiK Attorney Akren tt
Rive a bill of particulars.
ITIUMM. at Ri:roi!Ti:
TTaWl by social revolution -
- - rtllv t lrkutak, HI-
I . . , - t i s capliil "f Admiral jdajn today when altomeys tne.i no
v ' V. T forcer the state depart-luce of an appeal lo th suprem
I i advised today Ko.chak ourt. Hit negroes sentenced to b
c'tinuetfhold the city. how-Uanuary t are affeed.
,..r The American Ked Cross party. ,--
which has been In vicinity, was re-j
. . f- Tll rureiieiuni. .
j rkuk have not l-ft the
. 1 fcl
After beloK denied eleetrUS power
..r id days, all mnuerry t 1-0...,,..-..
, w,11!lffd operations and J""'
' and puw are aair. at work
A, a ,,,-ial 7hol T!.; I
molc the m'
I. ...... til lo ffK.l a
unfit- a
' . ..,,1 suMvct l'lT
mm i mm -.
i e
We have done the biggest business ia all the Forty years we have been in
"GOOD GOODS" buOt our reputation
and our SERVICE and POLICY of clean
stocks have won out, -
We are going through all Departments putting on S.rECIAU all Broken
Lines. What they will be we don't ourselves yet know, but as we find the
BROKEN LINES we shall put "YELLOW SALES CARDS on '."them with
Special Price to Close. Look for the YELLOW CARDS.
New York, Dv . Beds must be
made, pies baked and windows wann
ed In union hours IP Manchester, Eng
land, now, According to passengers -i.i
the steamship Cedrlo which arrived
from Liverpool last night, a scale of
wages. and working conditions pre
pared there by joint advisory coun
cil of the Mistresses' association and
the domestics In the Workers' Union
bus been adopted by the Assocahlott
if Kmployers of Dontestio Workers ftr
Birmingham and Midland counties.
Ordinary working hours are from
Qiao a. m. to 10 p, 111., with ik hours
for meals and ! hours off for lelsur j.
One half day, from S p. m. to 1 p, m,
each week, a similar half day on altnr
nine Sundays and a fortnight's noli
lay ach year must be given,, ...
(Mils from fourteen to sixteen years
old (ire considered In training and re
ielv front 15.90 to 96 .60 a .year.
Those seventeen receive 1105.10 and
there is a rising seals to $158.65 If on
hose twenty-four. An allowance of
l 2.06 for uniform Is Included.
For servants over twenty-fof
minimum wages r to be agreed upon
by mistress and maid. Long service Is
recommended for special recognition.
Child Answering Description
Of Billy Dansey Is Found
Hummonton, N. A, Ic 27- A child
answering the description of missing
"Billy" lMiisuy has bueit found in Cut-
llnvlllc, Okla'., Hdwniil White, father
of the man aoi-used of the chilli's mur '
def, said today.
White turned over to O. .rlliur ByUe
attorney for his sun, a letter he re
ceived from the cheif of police at Col- -
litiftvllle that polite bud unUr utir-
velllnni'e a man and wmi'iin who had i
a little boy ntiHWerlnn tn the 'rewri- ;
tion of the lht "pei( i baby." j
STKIK Kit Kl-:.TKX4'I-3
Wlnnlpsjr. Hun . Ilee 7. It. M !
RukwII, found sfullty of hediuuua -mi.
fcplracy In Cfnuecriun wit h the ueiK-ial
strike here bud suinriier, ni m-n.
fenced today to sert two years In
Ptony M rani tln penitentiary by Jipr
tire Sfotcalfe.
Laborer fires Cn Panhen
Police Oaesfion Sanity
Santa Barbara, Cal , Ix-c. 27..
Whether rjenrM Bryant, lalmrer. is
Insane or had n isrudue nit'ilim r'han
A. Kd wards; local banker. as the
mntter for polite IruemUatlori here
the Bhof, tor lt err-et.
j Police tay liryant
a'dmllt the
Little Rock. Ark.. Dee. J Kiec
r,nrl(,n of sis neicroes condemned
... fne irartlclnstlon In
!the uprlslnft at . UMOe-
tober wr voupunru . - -
AUo Jtutk of AH ZtsiM
ett JPrieea OnaranUed
cau. sat .
Ttt Bqnara Deal Htmm
You Can Always Do Better at
Who Always Do Better By You
Allies To Make Iavcr.tiry 1
Of Hamburg Docks Soon!
Paris. De. 8T.The supreme cunn-
cll today decided to wnd a commlsxlan
to Oeraiany ta take an Inventory of i
dorks at Hamburg nnrt iMlislg,
Th council , ai'ilon tallowed
charges Ihut (lrmany Is withholding
part of her imsels In marine mater
ials, demanded hv the allies hh repara
tion for the sinking of the (traps Flow
A report of a oonferonva between
German and French imllUM-y leaders
was read to the tioiifersncs today.
showing th (lerniana had not ottered
sufflnlent trniitpnrtatlon fticlllilut for
troop movements connected with ear.
Our f.eitlrts am of
th highest charao
tr. Ws art equip
ped ta satisfy the
moat sxactlng cli
ent. Tha courteous
eondust of our staff
natnhes tin up to
ialanees of our
r y
"fas "
The World Famous Novel
of Pioneer Days Enacted
by an All-Star Cast in
Scenes of Realism
rylng nut of the liealy totnm for ple
biscites. j We ylsh to llntiik uur fi-ieml am!
milRlibors r their hmd sets ..r kii.d-
'" """"" " " " m't,l ,,s
our dear molliwr, .Mrs,
I'auUae V,
l uivliie, Her chlidrvn.
, We wish to exprerw uur uppt'ecla
linn and t hands to neighbors end
friends for the muny flornl uflorliir. i
and swiiMtanes In our IwrenreititMit
nl" wrrow. iwci fondly,
' , . '
Chsrged with killing amns dnring
litis ulowtd svttwn. snd ulsn hunting
wllh dogs, Churles. I vsn. ('nty and
(William liytert worn fined io eaih ut
If you have received a gift
from an unexpected source
and want to reciprocate liy
sending a New Year' pres
ent we have a very fine
assortment of articles appro
priate for the occasion.
:::0 State St. rhoi,e 1233
12 Rtels
Ye Liberty
J Sort UitfB
r- 7, ; .i;hanrr, S - lt
ii.i.,)eiim and
U vtlte. ,l in,lr.l-
by the attorisey genraL
home ner Hishlawl
'WWW Cv XsX,vt w w w v
; ;; i -