Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, December 18, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Publisiieu every evening except sun
day by Tne Capital Journal I riiit.iig Co.,
136 Soutn Commercial street.
TelephonoN Circulation and Business
Office, tsl; Editorial rooms, t2.
Q. PUTNAM, Editor and Publisher
Entered as second class mail matter
at folium. Oregon.
Bv earner 60 cents a month. My mail
0 cents a month, $1.25 for three mouths,
a a:. for mx months. J4 ner year.
By order of U. H. government, ail mall
euhscrlptions are payanie in auvanuB,
Ripping Rhymes.
TllesB " v Indian who Invented
lfilmy days w hich bear a name, fla"
which n n . us all contorted with tr.e
' M world's t !iaiiRlri0 fame. Just be
fore the wintry weather wo are
linnctcd this sweet boon, mild nnd
mellow days together, like fond mem
ories of June. All .the distances are
I.fizy, and tho brooklets croon nnd
fclnsr, nnd we mortal jays are lazy,
With the laziness of pprinfr. And the
Indian who invented this soul pooth
iiiK interlude, should he sought., where
lie is tented, in his native solitude;
r nd when we at last have fecund him
jr. the region of his birth, we should
load him and surround him with
pome tributes to his worth. V"e should
f.ive him somethinir useful something
that Poor Im desires,, lilti? tobacco, or
it goosefull of tho stuffing ho admires.
I''or that savaRO is a hummer nnd n
untidy and a jo, who invented Indian
summer, . when no nipping zephyrs
Mow; when the day re mild and
. unny nnd no broodinc cloud appears,
when the timid iwtlent bunny, does
ii't have to thaw 'its 'en vs. t,ot tho In
inan be rewarded who worked out a
(cheme kq wise; ni.'iy it never be re
corded that true merit draws no prize
Odds and Enas
Venice, Cnl. The pupreme court
bavlnp; declared prohibition const ltu
tloiml, Mayor Kinney of Venice has
wived this plea to Senators Johnson
!ml Phelan: "For the love of Mike
take a chance at peace."
ANNOUNCEMENT of the summary dismissal of State
. Biologist Will L. Finley from office by the state fish
and game commission comes as a shockto lovers of Ore
gon wild life and will be keenly regretted by sportsmen
ana me general public.
Mr. Finley is a naturalist of note. He has- devoted
the major portion of his life to the study of native birds,
fish and animals of the state. ' His work has won national
recognition and he is an acknowledged authority through
out the nation. v .
Called on by Governor West nine years ago to' reor
ganize game protection and propagation work upon a
scientific basis, he has devoted the vears since to the work.
With the reorganization of the commission under the late
Governor Withycombe he was removed as state warden
and the position of state biologist created for Him, since
which he has filmed the wild life of the state and hv his
lectures inculcated the love of birds and animals in school
children, as well as advertised Oregon's out-of-doors re
sources abroad. , ;
Mr. Finley's work has done more to foster the
of true conservation by influencing the risiing generation
man any sme ie t . t..e g a 3 commission's labors.
All over the state, children put up bird houses and feed the
birds where they formerly killed them. Adults have been
shown the relation of birds to agriculture and as 'a result
bird life is on the increase, and the principles of true
sportsmanship better comprehended.
Whatever the merits of the commission's action, and
there are of course two sides to every controversy, the!
loss of Mr. Finley's services as biologist is a loss to Ore-
gon, rather than to himself, for had he not loved Oregon
and his work, the ct mparatively meager compensation
paid him, would not have held one of his attainments in
so. narrow a sphere of action and he will now' be free to
work out his. destiny for a brilliant future in the wider
field of the nation. . .
Los Angeles, Cal. Prohibition is
f-wcepliiB on. It looked like the Pa
cific ocean was polng dry yesterday
vhen the tide at I.os Angeles harbor,
according to fishermen was the low
est In a decade.
Now York Professor Elpnrner,
who claims to bo able to talk with
.monkeys, Is suing a commercial lho
tosinplij company because ho nllep;cs
it circulated a picture of him being by a monkey,'.' The firm says
the klssoe la Cy J)e Vvy, former ChJ,
c;iro koo keeper.
Kokomn, Ind. W. W. Wolverton
t'dvertised "No riuewtions linked" for
the renins of some pgRS stolen from
his hen house. Tho thief dropped his
IHirso containing much more than
nouHh money to pay for the epgs.
' kiouk City, IowaMrs, U. ft. Grout
obtained a license to wed hero yester
ik.y. Mrs. Grunt is a Winnebago In
dian, nped 75 years, and Is marrying
Marry Havey, .73'. 'years old, also of
the Winnebago tribe. ,
Washington, l.Hn. IS. For tho sec
ond time within a week, Senator
Knox. Pennsylvania, today made nn
tinsuccesHfiil attempt to get the donate
to consider his resolution of rntifToii
tion l the pence treaty without thi
It.iKun of nations covenant.
Moimlnr Al-Wntlfit 'lVnnaM riMvin
rnit, objected ami Knox then offered
Ms resolution for n M-uurato peace
with Germany, To this Senator Ncl-
fon. Minnesota, rcmihlicnn. and Me
ICellar both objected, and Knox begfin
n e-peeeh in support of a' motion to
rerer the first resolution to the foreign
lelatlons committee.
T7"HILE the republicans are busy with a dozen favor-
ite sons in the field as candidates and a paid pro
fessional politician as general manager to raise a. slush
lima, now comes John Wuchter, who in a printed letter,
dated at Portland, solves the problems of the democrats
by nominating himself for president.
We don't know who or what John Wuchter is, save
that he has applied for a copyright upon -himself and
he needs it badly, lest some statesman steal his thunder.
His announcement letter, to be sure, is somewhat inco
herent, somewhat ungrammatical, and his spelling de
lightfully original, yet his knowledge of history and his
ready relief from national ills qualify for membership in
that illustrious band of barn-storming senators who are
holding up the peace of the world for partisan advantage!
Mr. Wuchter starts in with the tax on tea 'anH ends
up with the peace conference.: He summarizes with
loagenzeri lucidity the situation as follows: -
" The ktser was born to rttlo In the name of thn flormrtn vtennla n ti il nn
lost his rule. The peace conference created a. farce, trying to establish
Worlds power of uutocracy, Wilson has been no erortlt to tho iorni vh
of the situation. I tun in favor of revising the power of the Constitution
that the president and the law maketng body cannot declare War without
the legal voters of the Nation. The present Constitution was signed -by only
thirteen States, nearly all of the public homestead land has been disposed
of, the Cabinet has Increased from four members to ten nnd one more
needed, the seventeenth -amendment change.V the whole architecture ' of
the Constitution, for what it was intended. I will be a candidate for Pres
ident In the Democratic party, and will make known to the public, most
of the Cabinet and policy of the administration if elected for tho voters to
pass judgement on before they go to the polls to vote. If not successful
at the convention will run on nobody's party ticket, and advertise as tarns
my cash goes. The Stock Kxchange had better get busy in tho eomelng
campaign if they want to' get a National hearing. I wish to hear frojn
those directly responsible for the famous, Illegal administration. If the pub
lie press will publish free of charge lwill donate the terms of Peace and
the leaders can digest it for what it is worth.
St. Johns, N. V., Dec. 1 8, Thirteen
schooners and one steamer ar total
wre ks ns the result of the terrific
storms which swept the North Atlantic
last week, necording to informnntton
received today over lines of communi
cation that are being slowly restored
. , , J h .. . j
Tp OR eight days the snow has rested undisturbed by
city officials on Salem streets. State street looks
like the famous Hindenburg line, after the allies got
through battering it, with deep trenches and high em
bankments on each side and shell craters between. Other
streets resemble other portions of the battlefieldsort
of a no-man's land, more or less impassable for man and
beast. . -
The city council authorized the street commissioner'
to clear off the snow, but refused to provide the money
Ih street commissioner failed to rise to the emergency
clean the streets as ordered and let the council pay the
bills. !
The snow monuments to official incapacity are grad
ually, very gradually, crumbling into a sea of slush.' Cross
ings are well nigh impassable. Should a sudden thaw, a
Chinook wind or a warm ram come, every basement in the
business district will be flooded.
The condition nf the
Christmas trade, .working financial loss to the merchants
an inconvenience to the nnhlic it io n m'cm.nn fi,,
community and a source of shame to its citizens. -
yoong woman standing a little apart
from him, whom I took for reporters.
John came foruptrd with a great
show of bravado and yet he had a
boyish look of uncertainty o his face.
He was not aure u just how I shoulu
greet him.
He made a rush for me, however,
as though he were anxious to get. me
in his arms before t could maKe the
slightest gesture of disapproval.
"Wait untilyou get home, Kather
ine. Walt until you get home before
you tajte it out on me," he wh.spered
jnio my ear. iran i you see tnose peo-j
don't look now!" he hastily interpo
lated' as I raised my head from his
shoulder. "Those people are reporters
come down to this train to see what
you are going to do about this nasty
mess." ,
"Well, they found out, I guess," I
answered as I let him tuck my arm
under his and started for the car. ;
Click! Click! and I realized that we
had been snapped by cameras, and 1
grew cold and shivery as I thought of
my picture in the papers.
Here they come! Here they come"
admonished John under his breath.
and just at that moment, to my in
tense relief, Karl Shepard came ud
and shook my hand and smiled Into
my eyes. .
One young man in the party, who
seemed braver or bolder than the rest,
said: "Mrs. Gordon, we should like to
linow if you have any statement jto
make." .
"What do you mean?" I said. "You
certainly must know that I have been
out of town attending the funeral of
my father and that I have been call
ed, back because some careless college
boy drove his ear into my husband s
motor in which my husband and one
of our friends were seated. I came im
mediately because I was very much
worried for fear either my husband
or Miss Moreland might have been
hurt more than they would admit
over the wire."
"Good girl, good girl! You're a
brick!" muttere Karl Shepard-in an'
"Take me away from them alt quick
dear. Are you sure that Bess hasn't
been badly hurt?" I said loud enough
for the reporters to hear as we enter
ed the car. ,.
Both John and Karl stepped in
quickly and, ;as we drove off, John
said to Karl,' admiringly:'" "I tell you:
that's-the kind ;ot a wife to have!"
"And I tell you, John," said Karl,
and his mouth tightened, "you're not
the kind of a husband she should
have. As soon I. can , assemble!
enough courage I'm going to tell her
that you are either a fool or a scoun-,
drel. As it is now, I think you are a
little of both. ,
"Let me off here," he continued a
little thickly. "I'll see you at your of
fice. Your marital happiness -under
the circumstances, is a little more
than I can bear."
."I should think," John said, "that
it would make you want to marry, -for i
you can see now that the right kind of
woman will stand by a man through
thick and thin." I
And then Karl turned to me as he
left the oar and 'asked: !'Will she?"
And I had already asked myself the
same question, t f ' . i '.
(Tomorrow :ah women are philos
ophers.) 'V ! N.-
State Denartsient Receives
Mexico's Reply To Note
Washington, Dec. 18. The Mexican
reply to the last American note je.
questing the release of American
Consular Agent William O. Jenkins
has been received at the state depart
ment, it was announced today.
Secretary Lansing is expected to
study Immediately the official text
of the note and the attitude to be as
sumed by this government toward the
Mexican reply is to be disclosed it
was learned.
Americans now are buying more
diamonds and other precious stones
than at any time In history.
Precious stones valued at 10,425,-
325 were .imported Into the United
States in October. In October of last
year the Importations amounted to $1,
Keep handy to promote prompt
relief from rheumatic
pains and aches '
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tubbing. Soon penetrates, scattering
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To Report Upon
arcitv Of Mrs, Esther B!ak
Atlantic City, N. J Dec. IS. The
local commission of alienists appoint
ed to examine Mrs. Esther Miller
Blake, accused of drowning her five
year old son, "Buddy;" will report to-
day. ,, . .. ... .,
After considering their findings as
to Mrs. Blake's sanity and physical
condition, Coroner Stoddard wilT de
termine whether he will issue a sub
poena, for Mrs. Blake U appear be
fore the coroner's jury, which Is to
hold its inquest tonight. .
James Blake, the boy's father, ai
,cady has been subpoenaed.
New York, Dec. 18. Two hundred
retail dry goods dealers meeting here
yesterday, -decided to hold the "econ
omy sales'' urged by tho department
of justico for January and February.
To get the genuine, call for full name
lets. Look for signature, ot E. W.
GROVE. Cures a cold In one day. 30c
Bright eyes, a clear skin and a body
full of youth and health may be
j ours if you will keep your system
in order by regularly taking
j-Hjj. xne noiea ainnor
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! - r i!'" that's oti' t. .:!-' I'll
, H this country w . Uvt.
,'ire lotifnr m uieir siocs.
1 t rS
t n bile the' git lb
f Bud Is taki
r shoe it im If
T was perfectly sure that John
would have come to me had I been:
placed In the same position that he!
was. notwithstanding that my cousin j
intimated that be would not. It gave!
me a little feelinj! of Kidneys because j
T L-ii.v in, t r1!,., i..i,., tse
John, oti ihln iuiltitct iihiiw.'il thnt In i
lit,. id., If -AIl wif ..110. A '
That wb A'&td of Chiirlte'8 char
trun It is that the wic who oritici.ts
unouier ieii nwm u nianni man nv i
tells of the person he censures. j
1 knew at that uiowoivt tlnu Chni'les'
Hiiibl be I he fauul of honor and tie-1
w.iiuii to wniiiiin whom he loved.'
but lie would not forgive the sIikIucm !
I'ei diction on her pari. '
.1 did not have time to say much
more to Cloules, and t was very glad
that this was so, for I knew the more
we talked over the matter the farther
apart we should be. on the subject.
Again- tho long ride, the ride im
which I had confidently expected I
would he leaving some of my sor
row and sufferimr and
lino a ttreuter contentment nf iimf
und here I was, speeding mile after
mite ns rapidly as possible to confront
was It disgrace I did not know!
At least I was sure-of one thing; 1
was going to witness the burial ot a
trust 'which. va already dead within
!.; heart. . , . ..
I eouid not help feeling a Jime stn'
i'.v for .tohn. liowever. when he met
ne at the train. I could see that he
vi .is wry much ..worried, and I saw
three or joui-s u-o :),ul one
The world's standard remedy for kldi
liver, bldclernd uric ocid troubles, th
cnethief of life and looks. In use sine
1696, AH druggists, three sh.ts. -took
(ar th. nam, CoM MtdmX n
ad accvpt $to imitativMi
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