Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, December 18, 1919, Image 1

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Homier telecast
Oiveon: Tonight end FrUlaj
Maximum 44
Minimum 38
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rccme ycsr Capital Journal "pTcsspfly, pkne
81 before 630 o'clock and one wiH be sent ycx
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Only Satem Mwnbe Audit Bare
of CtarmletloB.
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St! V
i t 1 :
:Iw.hrlftA Representative Of
J-llUtj . ...nil
20,000,01)0. Russians ne a
By Immigration Clncials
.Francisco, Deo. 18. Vladimir
" !' t,,troff. claiming to represent
r M0.O0O people, of soviet Russia, and
- . - on Important diplomatic mm
.. n.-.wiBton.'to held at Angel
Immigration station for InvesU-
o Ation, If: was learneu ,
Vnit V.troff- arrived on the steam
Voc?metroM am Angel fe
sliiP -nl" . frlav. Immigration
' "iLwtieswiil interrogate him today.
: aUC KuBstan is acting president of
rT ntroaoius. an economic organtr.
tUeCwUh a membership of 20,000.000.
; X. Engllshame for the Centrosolous
.rcentrll union of the consumers' so
cieties. ., Outlined.
Vochmetroff is allowed to reach
in g program
he will urge the follow-
!4Sse the blockade against soviet.
Washington, Dec. !8, Congress
may give up most of its ' proposed
Christmas recess because of the rail-
road bill, It was learned from leaders
today. Senate leaders refused to agree
to the request of Republican Leader
Mondcll ot th house for a joint recess
beginning Saturday and continuing un
til January 5 because ot the Jam m
legislation In the upper body. As a re
sult plans are indefinite. House lead
ers indicated that should the senate
continue in session, the recess ot the
house may be accomplished by' meet
ing only every third day without a
In Marion cbunty there are about, sis association will place a nurse in the
33ft raiioa nf tnUarmi wi . . cnuntv for a cerlod of three montns.
in th ,,ntv thru mm m tht.rB 1 She will make a thorough survey in
von, son mu in inixatinir that tho i tho emintv and determine wnere
deadly disease is on the increase, and cases exist, ana wnat sieps
medical men who have made a study taken to prevent runner imecuun. t
of it believe that it will continue to in- ter this work Marlon count is expect
San Francisco, Dec 18 Edgar
Woodcock, a gray, haggard tigur of
extreme nervousness, took the stanU
here pemVn- today in the trial at which hi. iile is
Agreement Reached Between
'Big Five' and Attorney gen
eral to Free Unrelated Prod
ucts from Control of Group
Washington Dec 18.-An agreement hu been re ach
Hiu. u fe , tirov nnA the "bic five Ini-
JLJSra5K S.'kW ndon con&lot
! .1 4.. ..;i t. Vnn HAaf,K. I A frx oefnhlioh
tlWBC til IIIO tVUUlJ UllVlt 11 IKIO w " I . lrilUrtff
eu a lauu ui itw tEro w w,- cuuji
nift wrli w-. I'nr nnnther WCK Vei Seam wui uv Cu- VraniMACO neWSOBl'Vi iu".
wwv puiiuiauvii , i v " - living " r - - K
Under the ' direction of the Stale (sold ln Salem, Many have already beer. Te!4tifvtng under great tension. wn
m'.v . iv,t -itui ri.,r the rhr,'tion of Mrs. Grover . . i u..nwi nn his face, W oo-
1UUC1UU1UB1B ttSOUtiailUH O6moi;ouiu a flMlllltUl .
, .... a i- .i n,mittM. There are booths ..... tha American army ana
wagea. in every cny, luwu, ,umfc , wuur's" , l mm vfc - " . , ul
n -1 1 1 th nnHKB. Ill iM' v 1.1..., AAM,n lO l III uticiw, " r
foury Brothers, and at the Karnes jtQ the ,.Urt n,urder."
Store. Seals are sold there. . woodcock
The seals make attractive sucrsit if agnpn gray.
for Christmas packages or leiiera. ow white ,a
Ators whprebv the latter
ment of justice dropping h auw-..u- o
packers, it was statea.
the state Red Cross Christmas seals r
being sold. The money derived from
these saies will be spent in combatting
the disease.
Rl2lFree Russia of all foreign Inter
ference in the oring out of her own
lmmem ubenJ flnancial a3.
gistance. . fln
the great role
In every county a public health nurse for Christmas packages "
will be placed, the funds thusgainedlthe significance back of their sale is
being snent for this. ot tar greawr u.u. "--
ai-it Anient
.hiTshe wiU Playing concert of
quite con hard UmeS and,
iV,iae ot her extraordinary natural
r sources and the great abilities for
resoui- t,.ainrl neoole she will
ir- "covf from the misfortunes of
the European war and civ striie.
to Decide.
-ntiioTit assembly, he tie
will decide wnemer
s ;"n be : tabbed on the model of
Mian " . . . . w,j, i vp re-
the United states u
nubile " whether only broad autonomy
wW be given her border lands; or
w ether new principles will be estab
wtietner h or0Bress.
tished aions i - -
labor Provisions Puzzle.
Washington, Dec. 18. The fight on
the labor provisions of the Cummins
rairoad bill neared its climax today in
the senate.
senators McCormick. Illinois, and
.Irmes. New Mexico, presented as sub
stitutes for the Cummins bill provis
ions of the Canadian plan, under wnicn
strikes are prohibited during a sixty
dnv nnriod. In which the government
.1-- -.-I . t i,rVem
investigates uie cuuius
and makes an award.
President VVuitlng.
Wasliinaton. Dec. 18. Prestsent
Wilson is delaying sending his railroad
message to congress, waiting to see
What progress will be made with the
Russia fsmunins bill this week, it was learned
1 . - M . 1. - I...
t ,.. to nr. r,,itlln nrevent on ot spreaa oi ui
. . ... .mi..,. ,i MaaM Bmnnff the resiucuvs
nurse.' It enough seals are soia in in-.o iu.
county, and in Salem, the Tuberculo-, oi tnis county,
Ills head is a
lthough he is but SS years old.
mithoritatively today.
Tt raa forecast that tne message
probably would say the railroads will
t ho turned backto private owner
ship for several months, due to the
failure of the peace treaty anu u..
!""--- . ii onnilt If .4 reSUllins uiBiciivi". -
VCt oTmrS " Russian citizen definite date for their return, it was
tnfire does not exist any division he- I predicted, would not be made. .
v . j 4T-,-.nfa n n i
tween 'Siberia' ana xvu.-,
Clsslans hold the deep and full be-Krf,-
said his statement, hat a the
,,L a lot Versailles will be
treaties mB ---- . .
again discussea ana m - '
the world, which has been re-drawn
without the consent of the Russian
people will e again decided upon at
ft new wui.u. A m;tu
m past yea,et um
ber ot re. neee881lry
other business ,"-"- re.
Storm Produces
Grafters; Snow
Shovelers Sought
nH rnnin
t0 r auhlc work and for
this reason the V " whlch
uthorlzed buuoms
To Immediately rebuild .the interior
of Waller hall, partially destroyed by
flames early -Wednesday morning;
was the action recommended by Ve
Salem members of the Doara
tees of Willamette university . -last
night. Architect 1 red A.
Legg will be instruoiea v
plans for the rehaouauun t
...m ostimates of the cost of the
was startea .. thB offlce at
a u tin. nt the board prop- hw County Schooi
alM,n.r "' , SMem. Mondaf present 8milU Rd to
OI VT"""' -w
December 22, at 1 p. m. connect
i litrht. His hana ner
vous. " His voice, however, Is strong
and he enunoiated cieariy. ci'i""i
1.1. .r.4a riff RllltriMV.
j .i nf hiii atudtea at the state
normal school at San Jose and at the
rnivevstiy ot California. ,
said, he was thrown irom mo "
and rendered unconscious.
Later, when Dooocock s purr....
ttfied. Woodcock appearea -
fecled. He had previously t...u..
... ..ti,m tmrinff this testimony
HO " - , .
Mrs. Woodcock wept souiy.
The defense attorneys announced
..i.t n,u their case today ard
predicted the case would go to the
jury tomorrow.
...trtn Mm. Woodcock ftKvd
The tipled volume of business in
... ;L rmintv Recorder Mildred
'sTn Brooks in the court house
ha made necessary the ' ' . A- o'Gradv with a del.bwa
office room for this department. . . . ,ttaohM
If, in the opinion ot Dr. I F. Olt-
fiih. unerlntenuem o m. -
..itntarfor the Insane, Oeorge vm:..-
oweth. who was commmen tu -'"
stltuUon upon hi. ai' H0' . '
charge of muracring yi, ,.
of Curry county on in -
sanity. Is now '"'".,?''" ,
from ine inmivu.
mi uii.ii.B- - .i,ii(in
n.,uiu Ai.rni'atnir tw
prepared by Attorney General Hrown
prepare . ' hosnltal outhori-
lor inn """".:-'. h,ih
In the dlHptwiunn
.. . itih wvurnl wes
cross-examtnauon in. case. w. "'"''"'".. w. wn. In
husband. . . c.rirc W
She answered tne emmn, ta(,t Uiat '7' j"", h, rnv-
sympton.s oi t"
al at the insmuimn. v..v - - -
. ..a knwvver. n
Vnder the the packer
promise to rive tip com v -
yards n nreiatea pr..--
a. rice, wheat end breakfast .
They agree Mrtner -
tor eare only ir -"i " - .
and meat preducte, "
t'urtrt M pniwrt
BeorgovtuiUon of the JHrhlnerr
which control or i "'""T", " ' ...
duel will " "
feet under the npervw.....
erol courts. It
The pending bill, to
packing Industry are J
IU be made wtm re -
. . .......... ..i,-il ere
iwiwrtment oi J""". " . .m iw
hopeful that V"-ir"V,- , y.
effeotive in reaurans r
The re f
. known leday WJ
. inference
Srroom with the present
Ixs Bxcmls insurance order' office by mea.. . ---
. HitioniUnt'
n-h county school sui-o.
J ami Hometlmes with indigo
the"league of nations,, the
' an A- ntripr tibnferences going
on wMthout any participation by Russia
n,ot tho neoDle who are sym-
tm. t
. ...v...! ,iv. .m nre undertaking to
solve world affairs without the voice
of our mother country. .
Russians Want Pence.
"The broad masses of the Russian
people, who I represent, neuevo
if the world earnestly desires peace, it
. n,r, noinn nnnnot ue ac-
niuiri rcoBiuo , ,r v..onM of hour. ..u.n numbers
complishea wimoui t..c -- he graiters n" (riEhten the,
new Russia." .. '.. Lmfl in an attempt to mgme.i
Intimation of Vochmetroff atutuue . hlring them
toward establishment government was resm declared
s.ien in the loiiowjng: ,.. the city - . the
loOKOUt - . ,
its own to soive miu i....
(of government) hiwre already senca
out their life. We are in process of
,ittm oil mir nolitical forms.
"Bolshevism cannot be checked by I
Li,.. a, hi- kiiniwr.' The blockade
must be raised. It is creating in the ,
Inasses a distrust of humanity. x
The Centrosoiuz, according to ocn
nietroff, during 1918 did a billion rou
v,io hoinooa it is. according to ocn-
metroff, the greatest cooperative buy
ing Institution in the wona.
The total loss occasioned by the
.. i,ht to be less ma"
tire is nut " -. nl ,he
115 000 and some memus.- -
VM : ,ht the actual appralse-
ment of loss wui exceeu.
-, L.ii.iFaii rnni 1111 .now
H IS ut.ire.-v. na,d as
tied on the wwn ---' ml.
soon as,.damage esu ..r: -
hoiH bv the unl-
nolle es vi
f the court to pronounce the Taeoma
woman a ' npienum w. ...",
vhn O'Orady auurewu
o,:w as 'Mra..Coopir,- ine wu.......
who f8 the cenirai nioir ..
remarked: "Mrs. wooucoc. control
please.'' - ' . . ,. w
Mrs, wooucoca ioi n" V , mg to
ren Cwi or ana nor num.......
era! Palmer an "r"' ,tt
.... in. iffni mmw ,
by th. attorney gen- "J" ' , w elated definitely.
ulnteth. m
Palmer'- erem.. "-nhw.
uone wMrr " r h.u. b. ui.-
: IX ZZr of hU discharge will that
r. the elate board of " ,hat th. .houia be preneed t
M w -.,-,, 0 the
lie MIBVru , . . ., Mrt.i
oniroi ',!,. innk- assure
xpected tht immediate action lock , mvr h,nM5i to ,c
m hie release will be taken. i , pu
i. .,n nti'innr mnne , itriuv oliiiiii
llrowne oim...- " .. ,. mini " ., Benatore
HWUi w t,tj...
down Market street the night of the Cm,nowth' return t. Cu
killing. She said Kelly passed her on m en,nger hie
I the slie nearest the curbing, tipping ,Jt, u le up to the
his hut. smiled, and said "Good even- th(l county lu ,rov
With a
. . . ' . th hull
from Us present ' Kniinir. ao-
...tV. dORL Will."" - n.l . . uHa ult 1 f 1 !,B norne of tne spv , iwa italic ta Brttf
prt'i" - i . ,i.,if.rtinent e wont, i -i turneu nn.i
rtBvoted to thetal depanme . . .. . , h)m .8onny.m
her husband and Cooper
1 ...tart Vir
then came up. Her nusoanu
, ...i. (.n neak to youT' she
t., department's offloo. ,.,. 1' , ..rdlne- toiler testimony,
In making .iterative .11,1 Rhe then heard A report at
'." lha benn aocon
nnt "" :.-..
peace 01-
i,rovUl necee-
. ..-.l.l..k 1.IUB lw
Knynn no rtii.u.
make formal M'"'
1. ,role!.ri......n,.d Curry emm- t.ZTJ It.-.
. Hrrr Uuture Mn m.4 r. A tern. ' -r
break In her volce-her first Jui((fe ,9 wl n an advi.- V?'. h h- TZrt-r
. the eiin 1 .... . 1.. urnm-K i "-r .
'".T... available nllM,,(ld. and called to him, 'Sonny.
in order to make y . hmiw ct,. ...i.l her husband and Cool
tt will be necessary .
brick partition at th. east end
The storm has produced it graft-
1 11,1 afternoon cm uflfm as,.otuiiB . , .v,
rout.-B - all,fintB In "..J nf th J19.B00 carneu u ....
vestisating reports 11 o... - plelBu. v,. -
Et Salem that sevei" --,, BuiitimB
.. . .i. ioa ns agents 01 tn'
pitting u cuwvi'" .
seuiiue v tv.i. homes
n,r havo Deen at .-"
.....J, , , nnw ironi
tne siuei- ----- , , .. h(fin ... - ,.rt to mauguitt.
complaints, mat nnv tun(j8 additlona
paign tt. - - b need6d
tv, insurance that win
1 St HHVEiai ' - , . , i 1 JiltKLH Oil"
versity iwu . tn(. Phiia-
,1000 eat- ' -." - - maln. m,Bsioners had. one .- -
ana ,hat wouia nave .,,.
dosian :
ui..., "--, , lnallBUrate a cam- an eievatoi -- . building
is pla"u! fl additional fb BpaCe of the, co accoml,uh
to This could oniy "" ,he present
hoUig e""'""-
the large attic
to the compia...-, - h0
sent uut u, the snow ,lirt,nce thai wm . . hB(LVier
mil tnem to - an n.t of repairing tne iamU" en
. . . . A, . t,r. cii.ftnfwtt .
whicn i ri "'.i - --- -
but sting auto tire, ana men
Kelly say he had ween snot.
was &
not be started unt 1 toe- county about tW
mates are at na.m
amount neeaea.
CinssCT - - .Ment
uoney, p. w
lne ...... . w
innk was despatcneo
.. ..nnr-IS
investigate tne
Dr. Carl Oregg
was instructed
Willamette, was arrange
r.leht's meetine ' nntinuation
ments necessary ior " R untii
moms are replace.
l6Ue.W - - limver8lty
work 01 ".'" alld class
ho musical de-
Cherrians Act
As Messengers
To Santa Causj
without power o ,.-.
with the Cansuifl" '"''" ,h'-Anier.
war after being (ud. A"'er
ican force because of hie
10 mimm 0.
"T. ... " -,ul,iBd Ihey linai
l!Ulimw t" " .
pr - - w,
their control or " hr. It
introduced In 'ngr
we umlerstooo "
TZ i-r ..lie
cpltol ; epar.m-..t
the etepe taken k.r. K.n.
with referene i " , ,
prnding pa"1" ,.wm,nl a
.. .,.1.1 thnt Pnnrty
......... hnlliU,. I uinim". . ,. 1,1.
tnis year : ... ... th. liHIlUS V" ' -.
.h iuivs. he's only B a par., "'"-. ,
of the
the destro
ms are t"V... k oiven tem-
rtment will Pr"u"" ' ,rt Rpworth today was
. fr in me ... ...
P01"5:; the chemical division wi 1 chrl8tmas flrw
na" , "the building fornix. -
taiieu ... ...lemy.
the meaitf. -
Bemorats To Settle Scrap
Over Senate Head In Caucus
,gThe last ob-
ed by
. . TIPC.
Wnshinstu". . wmma
.tacle to deportaUo n anarch
, and Alexander BerKm whel
, 91 ' nnreme court a;peai
:. .vwlrawal Of uo."" ---
" ' . ....n 1 Wit""' . .l.n rlfnKl.
Washington, Oec. . 18. An" 'gainst the deporta u- - erkman was
next Saturday 'to settle the fight for a, appeal by 9 ag0
the democratic leadership in the sen.
ate was called today by Senator Hitcn
cock, acting leader. " . .
Hitchcock ana orau.". w"- ,:v,t 'case, out - ' for Goiai'';
Alabama, are candidates in the '''Vde by attorney I t0 Russia
The vote, which will probably be , ed Bhe Wuld
taken Saturday, is expectea io wRU BerKma-
ceeaingiy ciose. ; . j.
. j. i-
... ... . ... -
T '
'wouldn't come
t,, rich boy s and girl's houses.
10 . little fellow proleM
w"". " . : . u,..i.h hand across
were being 1 lighten .mm. . .hl,re, aa
luuiD o . j t iircen. inri'- " - . . . ki- end n
draped in cloaks m
.....v. .ha completion
1." ,reen
o7bl.merlng but U was
By l'jl I.. K-n
.,.... ,ra etaff c..rrelnl"n
elined to mm.,4 the leg-
whethi-r M wm . ,m..
turns " ' tu euniineni
, ll.e etuly
had a chnc "..., thai
normal l d
-big fle" perkere ha v.
.oiv. their rontr. Mrt;m lMI
. . ..- d.O.Kl-
1..,. .1 11
peace conference
here, it "'"""
Y... ... U tl-'IH'
On the conlrnry. -' offl.
mcresslng her ior. .kv ful
lals here aocmre ......
turn at '
flee today.
of - -- , . ra sn.i . .-" . --"" , America'
of the aewr.v - , ro,rry along in- w " . iber(
rivniw - .. ,rB
VIU The uu (or lh ,nw to
hang over me ""-',' the business """ ,:,: '., ,iVes were tatterea n.. Althnugn ui , wh.h u
the main "'ft'SV' re .i7tS.T. Into the cl.Jl LM ,h. i'fi
district. The lamp P t , th h. Ue ehlver.d agreed '? Ku-
district. Tne dent
ereen , . .
r, nf the pre,
urhlle thry W
l' M'H'
- ... kiittoria Ihey
keening trooiw ...
... tffti Japan.
bu,. it to ,,.
,.,,.. am,aMiartor
ti.hnneh the Japanese .,
lesion , nd Mol nss d.
?l 'iw. them alter-' heP fad. , . , .Jv.lop. he lt to
Three c"""":.!,!! claim
- . . 1 oiiTnuiu"-" ...
Which teoe. brewerg m
leted lior.
denied by the court court decided
Ld at the same time G,dman
f,,rtherconsiue.r-- . ,a. was - teur ore"-- , the
as.hutareauestx who ma-e ."m,-
wmUlgchan;i -'-Vouijbeweiied m 7';;:r;rcH.pu;.rrby -.rntruw" lm,r M ,.itr
.UBS. - hang from -he InmP ked to Ih. man jj in" ,0 ' . , C'fflSr-
' wreaths wld "n ev),ry hop win-, r(). came in queer, J" , cm,d polli dBeiy lnlreei-il ln' of the eiM
8til,s" Unt" 'fld.rt anevemhlng. "oal S
were dow downtown a Wn. lh.11 P-'".- " ,,. w u. kind of . " ,Iimmon. that lt ' Lwrt4 u"T"f...,a, H.M
vl- the n.erry " for ,ari, sm-P; don't "'.ZZ Tl ain't been tad. r , 'eon-d.r.. - ail
Tt win do i" ... ..on.utn mur im" 1" ... ... Increaiw'"- 1 .l.imtea
Following the an
r T.4IX0T
PEACE IBfc - .HnBi, m-
ntatlves of aty with
This waa
...... the reoreseniat..- trcaty
ne.B'1" d signed at fai.- - - t
eluding our.own. arew - of NaUo..
'8;";art i being the League - ;- bef
;r80 algd covenant was
Puring tne n ,at.on9 to this t. (oreign " h
19th. a series of 15 !mmeaa'Jon B vote of the
adopted by the senate o recom reaolution came o doPtion
committee, .wnen majority '" reservau.
clnity 01 p- ,umWng
Fraser Btreet. this ai
.fin Sand near Ba-
-...nut moono-" .,, a.
- e8, revenue depart-
heau ,.ond. , ,,,
j. -f i'uiw" . nni ik
cere. Indeed, to myUaii""11 anything?" .,,,, hB ,
tlfU,toir C -.stn.a. w.n.j This 1IU .bn .
to attend to re .-doing 1 'man he was ' '' an(,
ot it.
re being aiu; .
s5irs City a"2
u , i.h wno .... aayo
8"manufacW- to6
senate, however. Woted t0 tat voted against
it was defeated; 41 se nators v , , voted
witnoui "j ",..
will of the peoPh
10 rauiy ntt"u -
..3illrtnflU'nttlC'c" . AVa Will v
wWa. w w and 111 gr-aTiinew .in OI
This is a democr-, --- lve3 lr. - t ques
be'acted upon by our
,on. .Dy ' nt on this most . t0 .t -
To test public journal ;,, statement- - -
1 lie
modern times,
attitude by checking
expresses their views-
that one
iA in rtrau.--
1 I favor compton. covenam--
ca'tiop of the peace treaty and the UM-
but only wh
' . ... ..v rervatlon.-
nlV Without -
atiflcation, m
of the t""-
with ImmediaW
Check here
., .. .irtts in re-
' . ...a.A to use me -J". gald
to ho -;-ot Talbot ";; the
AhVhad oraerea hcn ,
tea " -- ,
uww--- I I be uiial'l" to vii
Fight Presaged ,
rein. Tne una. '- . . .,. inlernat."
1. -I..I.A. I M 1IC II ' " . , .1 .
... i. . -iiiiaimn say they ' i,.rits
K . mail " ' . - . .1 vnvr - Mnatin I " "
i...i, .....k the lixl "af" "" J:.. .ve drretaml Jap" " ,h mirp
' !,: And when - 1 b.r f.,rW. '; J, while
! and the pooriy-c 1. ,url e to"'"'"" , .. Aitm,K,A
a;nd the war fir llKtlW lh. .ill-. -
solul club, snn - u will em .isewner. twllrtl ...
twlt.Kl on ... (r .irenK1"-
I -i.h the train, . . Th(.r. . oth-r alld re u.
Tht I. only one wM.nlr.g the Joa..e , th,
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