Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, December 09, 1919, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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U'uiihiiU'i.-n, Deo. J. The state J-:
iartiiitnt cpied t'j receive todi tho j
Mexican reply to the last American
note cai'.h a lor lei'-nse from I'U' j'i
jK-nitt !iti;o y cf Ctular Aqent W.I
Ham O. Jen sins.
Officials believe the trend of the
reply will 1c thn'. i.nce Jenkins has
been re'eased on !wil, there Is 1:0
further cause for friction between the
two frovernments. The United Mates
does not p. tree with this view, thej'
Secretary Lansing is expected to
make public a stro!;s condemnation oi
' Carranza's methods if this ..overi
inent's investifiation confirms rentals
' hat Mexico arranged for Jenkins" bail
fo ns to make it appear that Ci'.rrnna
von his contention that the consi. lai
agent omiM only be freed on payment
of hail. Hut under these cirmustances
the Jenkii!K issue is not expected to bo
pushed further.
The Inst American note was with
held frotii publication in the Mexican
press bv criier of Carranza, according
to advices here, apparently because ol
Lansinff f.tronjr censure of the gov
ernment in connection with the Jen
kins case.
Coming to The Grand
i Oeonre Pappas,
and, appraisement.
estate. Inventory
There is no law now upon the stat
ute boojiii of the state of Oregon au
thorizing the county assessor to ad
minister an oath, according to an opin
ion written by Chief Justice McBride
' and handed down by the supreme
court today. "While (he county asses-
sor may require' that a taxpayer pre
pare a s.virn list of his taxable prop-
v rty it is contemplated that the oath
be administered by a justice of the
peace or some other official author
ized to Jidminister an oath, the opinion
t jstates. The opinion which is based up
on the case of the state of Oregon, ap
pellant, vs. George S. Craig affirms
the verdict of Judge J. W. Knowles of
I'nion :o;.uity circuit court, who had
found Craif,' not guilty oh a charge of
perjury for falsifying a list of his tax
able property in Wallowa county in
lower Court I'csorvcrt.
Clarence True Wilson vs. E. E. J'ret
lyman, appellant, appeal from Mult-
ivumah omirty; suit to restrain defend
ant from cutting and removing stana
inij' timber Irom land of the plaintiff;
opinion by Justice Benson. Judge Rob
ert Tucker reversed.'
' Aleta 1). Shaw et al, appellants, vs.
J. R. Co. bett, appeal from Baker
county, suit arising out of alleged fail
ure to comply with terms of lease rela
tueto saie of real estate, livestock and
farm niuchinery; opinion byJustioe
Burnett, Judge Gustav Anderson re
versed. Augusta Kiesendahl et ul vs. II. L.
(innoe, et nl, appellants, appeal from
' Multnomah, county; suit to terminate a
trust and for an accounting and dam
ages for the maladministration there
of; .onirion by Justice Burnett. De
cree of 'Judge Cavanaugh modified by
adding Ht'SQ to the, credit of Canoe
and by making the reconveyance of
the properly subject to and upon a
satisfactkion of the note given by the
Trustees to the Northwestern National
bank for $300 and $350 respectively,
or any renewals of the same after al
lowing for all payments which have
been mace out of tho trust fund.
State ;f Oregon, appellant, vs. Geo.
S. Craig n.ppenl from Wallowa coun
ty; appeal from action of the court in
sustaining the demurrer to an indlct
uient for perjury: opinion by Chief
1 Justice McBride. Judge J, W, Knowles
- mV a til
Iff i rW-N
I If 1 ' ; ' : '
Eugene Desmond, Margaret Phillippi and Theresa Dale
m the big laugh play "She Walked In Her Sleep," which
comes to the Grand, Friday evening.
At the' (.'Bind opera house Friu,
December 12, with Miss Norton-Paul
Nicholso.i theatregoers of this city will
have their first opportunity of seeing
George 1 .roadhurst's in association
with A. Stern & Co., production of
the new Jiark Swan three-act farce
entitled ' She Walked in Her Sleep."
This play has been given great praise
not 'only for the originality of its idea.
but also for the splendid way in which
it has been developed. The same ex
cellent company seen during its long
run at Playhouse in New York, will
be here foi its local presentation.
Zellah May Lun, appellant, vs. Mag
gie V., i'Jahaffey, et al, appeal from
L nion county; action to recover dam
ages for an alleged unlawful ouster of
plaintiff from certain premises; opin
ion by Chief Justice McBride. Judge
J. W. Knowles affirmed.
Oi Rehearing Ieniel.
Rehearing denied in Farmers Na
tional BuuJt vs. Renfi;o.
Pasco Drug Qerk Killed
In Explosion; Fire Follows
X'asco, W'n., Dec. 9. Roy Van Ness,
drug store clerk, is dead and six store
buildings are in ruins today as the
result of a fire which Pasco citizens
fought for four hours in a blizzard
last night.
An explosion of unknown origin
started the blaze in the drug store.
The flames spread to the Bank of
Pasco and the post office. Three oth
er buildings were gutted.
No estimates on the loss have been
made as yet.
San Francisco, Dec. 9. Fire that
broke out between two hatches of the
United States shipping board steamer
Coekap.nistt At pier 28 today was fi
nally extir.guished at 9:30 a. m. after
it had done considerable damage to
the cargo. At the shipping board of
fice it was said the fire, it was believed
had not damaged the ship Itself.
' The lodge of Lady Maccabees will
meet in McCornack hall Wednesday
evening. Election of officers will be
held and a record attendance of mem
bers is desired. .
Circuit Court
L. D. Gibson vs Charles Kuhnke.
'.Writ of attachment.
j C. C. Wolfe vs Wilbur G. GaineB et
lux. Order dismissing suit.
Louis Webert et al vs the unknown
heirs of Mary Miller et ul. Order ap
proving bond.
Louis Webert et al vs The unknown
heirs of Mary Miller et al. Order of
Louis Webert et al vs The unknown
heirs of Mary Miller et al. Decree.
C. C. Wolfe vs Wilbur G. Gaines et
ux. Motion.
Louis Webert et al vs The unknown
heirs of Mary Miller et al. Findings
of fact and conclusions of law.
D. Samuel et al vs Walter D. Hines
etc. Summons.
Louis Webert et al vs The unknown
heirs of Mary Miller et al. Motion.
Louis Webert et al vs-The unknown
heirs of Mary Miller et al. Affidavit
of boif.
Security State bank vs Frank Aral
et al. Petition for appointing new re
ceiver. Axie Hulferty vs Downer Halferty.
Affidavit of non-military service.
Clara E. Case vs W. I. Needham,
K. A. Ford vs William Hurst et al.
Order directing the publication of
Security State bank of Woodburn
vs Frank Aral et al. Order appointing
new receiver.
Elwood Manufacturing company vs
Roltie R. Bushey. Complaint.
K. A. Ford vs William V. Hurst et
al. Motion and affidavit oh order di
recting publication of summons.
Probnto Court
Sarah E. Allen, estate: Final ac
count. Sarah E. Allen, estate. Order of "n
al hearing.,
Mary Frost, estate. Final account.
Mary Frost, estate. Order of final
Guardianship of A. M. Blinston, in
sane. Answer to petition of A. M.
Louis Silverman, estate. Petition for
order appointing additional apprais
ers. Louis Silverman, estate. Order ap
pointing additional appraisers.
Harry E. Fox, estate. Mary M. Fox
suit against estate.
I A proposed amendment to the state
constitution repealing tho former
amendment abolishing capital punish
ment anu reinstating the death penalty
for murder In the first degree was
filed with the secretary of state's office
j here thli? morning by Mayor George L.
Maker of Portland. Tho ballot tltw.
to the initiative measure must be pre
pared by the attorney general's offlc
before ihe petition can be circulated
for the signatures necessary to secure I
for it o place on the ballot at tho
next regular election.
f Nasty Cold
Eased At Once
"Pupe's Cold Compound" then breaks
up a cold In a few hour
Don't stay stuffed up! Quit blow
ing and snuffling! A dose of "Papo'e
Cold Compound" taken every .two
hours until three doses are taken usu
ally breaks up a severe cold and ends!
all grippe misery.
The very first dose opens your
clogged up nostrils and the air pass
ages of the head; stops nose running;
relieves the headache, dullness, fever
ishness, sneezing, soreness and stiffness.
Tape's Cold Compound" Is the
quickest, surest relief known and
costs only a few cents at drug stores.
It acts without assistance, tastes nice,
contains no quinine Insist upon
Pipe's! fAdv)
tome to ziumsvi
We have made special preparation in all departments to have presents suitable
for Christmas giving. This Aluminum taken from our hardware department
is of the very best qualityguaranteed to wear for years and will make a
very appropriate gift
100,000 Prescriptions
Were' Filled Before
"40" Was Discovered
J. C. Mondenhnll, Evansville, Ind.,
spent 40 years-in tho drug business,
compounded over 100 000 prescriptions
from physicians educated in Europe
and America before "Xumbor 40 for
tho Blood" was discovered; the great
specific for all Mood diseases. Suc
cessfully employed in diseases of tho
gliwdulnr system, liu blood poison, mer
curial and lead poisoning, chronic rheu
matism, catarrh, constipation, hepatic,
eongwtions, dyspepsia and stomach
troubles, sores, ulcers, nodes, tumors
and scrofulous swellings that have with
stood nil other treatment yi.eld to 'Xo.
40." .:,
Sold by Schaefers drug store.
3 quart Preserve Kettles $1.75
4 quart Preserve Kettles $2.00
8 quart Preserve Kettles $;i.l0
10 quart Preserve Kettles $:i.60
Vi quart Lip Saucepans $1.10
2 quail Lip Saucepans $1.:5
3 quart Lip Saucepans $1.75
4 quart Lip Saucepans $2.00
5 quart Sauce Pans $2.50
10-inch Skillets $2.75
4 quart Convex Saucepan $2.75
l'squart Teapots $;i,75
2 Quart Teapots $4 50
3 Quart Coffee Pots $1.50
14 quart Dish Pan $:;.50
4 quart Pud Pan $1.75
Cake Pans $1.20
Measuring Cups 20c
6 quart Convex Saucepans $3.50
Prices we are paying
today in trade for
HBP.. Fresh Tic
rlens ,over 5 pounds 27o
Hens, under 5 pounds 21c
Springs, over 2 pounds 21c
Spring-), under 2 pounds 25a
Stags 17c
Old Roosters 18c
War Work of American Women Abroad
Gains Highest Praise From Pershing
i .at ' "mm
k4' f
t ,M
Fx ' '
A -
I - ' I I
Now or Later
ACar A
You Will Own
Truck A Tractor
i . vstonwouo
The women of America who went
; to trance lo serve the fighting men
S of the nation are returning home with
: the knowledge that their work found
; full appreciation in the highest mi!i
t hiry nuaners. General Tershing has
: ifstjcd an official order commending
i them in unqualified terms of praise
-for the . noble and self-sacrificing
t work tliey performed abroad.
Among those who have come In
L. fui Ihij formal tribute arc tlie women
; war workers of the National Catholic
. War Council. Chosen from selected
lits of rnndidatcs, these women were
scut to I-ranee with the broad general
instructions of "doing everything pos
sible to add to the comfort of the '
men." Their efforts form a notable
chapter tu the history of this relief
work. ,
1 lie accompanying picture, one of
the first published, shows the type of
womanhood that made up this legion
of war workers.
l - A (
? it
. MONEV-dtranspo
There's a Reason
ORD PRODUCTS do what they are built to do md rfn if off li
satisfactorily, and they do it with the least iSvesf-Zi eff economically and
production. east lnvestment or first cost because of quantity,
. , ....':'.'...','". '- -
Half the sum total of automobiles nnrl fviifb-c ; u 11 , ' J ' "
FQKD TRUCKS. Over ftftlftw FORD CARS or
115,000 tractors, or more than one-half oAll ffi o .and Son built and sold
in the past ten years. , aU makes combined that have, been produced'.
Now is th
e time to Place vour nrJ. -j
future disappointment
: r
- ON