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T , father Forecast
l"W.t ....,1 1WMluy falr.
Maximum 41,
Minimum 17.
'1'iHPi. (,r rtilnriill.
Listen for the Carrier's Whistle. If you do not
receive your Capital Journal promptly, phone
81 before 6:30 o'clock and one will be sent you.
Joint Resolution Authorizing
President To Use U.S. Force
Against Huns Introduced By
tjviiaivt iuui
I hit- mn ml
54 5 9
Only Salom Member Audit Bureau
of Circulation. "
- mm l Ml
J K -iMi.'.
Washington, Deo. 8. A Joint reso
lution authorizing tho president of the
ITilted fcitntoB, If necessary, to uho Am-
orlron military, naval and air foreta
In cooiH'fatlnflr with the allien ti en
force observance or tho pt'iioe terms
l,v Germany, v offered today by
K.nnlor King, Uluh.
Tim roHolullon mm reforrud to the
foreign relations committee.
King's resolution stated In tho pre
iiinblo that Germany is "manifesting
tad fiillh" In regard to the execution
i.C tho peace terms (the Huh agreed to
Kunutor Thomas, Colorado, domo
rrat, asked Klnif how the United
suites could consistently direct en
forcement of a treaty It haH never rut
"Let's don't go Into that now,'
Vice President Marshall Interrupted,
.... Washington, Dec. 8. War prices
KRUD FOIt 1NVASIOV THOUGHT t,nd restrictions on coal and coko were
AVKKTUI THRU MODIFICATION' restored today, Fuel Administrator
Cm-field announced.
lly Henry wood
(VnitcA Press staff corrcHpondont)
, . , . ne lateHt allied
War Prices And Other Reeu
lations Are Again Placed In
rorce By Fuel Admimstra
tor Garfield Today.
Have You Voted
Today the school Voters of Salem are voting
upon the proposal to raise the tax levy of the dis
trict 1 mill and thereby allow an increase of $150 in
the yearly salaries of the teachers employed in the
The polls, in the Marion Hotel, opened at 2
o'clock this afternoon and will not close until 7
o'clock this evening.
hiss men
Suga r Expo rts La rge r In
October Than Year Ago by
100,000,000 Lbs. Borah
Advance Of Gasoline Price In
Oregon Chief Tonic Of Dis
cussion At Noon-Lay Lun
c.tx'eHsloiiH to eliminate the possibil
ity for further occupation of German
territory to enforeo its terms, accord
ing to authoritative information oh-
itltiotl luuiiy.
Lodge Says Proposal to Sever
Diplomatic Relations With
Mexico Is Dead Following
Letter by President
" Washington, Dec. 8. President Wilson today declar
ed he would be "gravely concerned" to see. any resolution
like Senator Fall's providing severance of relations with
Mexico adopted by congress.
Wilson further declrred that the passage of the Fall
resolution would constitute a reversal of our constitution
al practice which might lead to very grave confusion m
reeard to the guidance of our foreign affairs.
The president s aaviue on uw reso
lution was submitted in the form oC
a pergonal letter to Senator Fall.
Answer in letter
Immediately following receipt . V
Senator Fall of Wilson's communica
tion, Senator Lodge said that the tan
resolution was dead and that the foreign-
relations" committee would not
take it up again. . -
'ihe text of Wilson's letter to Fall
"ihank you Very much wr jour
kind promptness with my request that
you send me a copy of the memoran
dum report of the suo-commme v
Mexican affairs of the committee on
foreign affairs. I shall examine it with
the greatest of care. What you told me
of the investigation on Friday last pre
pares me to find in it matter 01 im
greatest importance.
Resolution Opposed '
"You ask an indication of my d-
-.1 , ,. Uo rtan.llner fAjMl
... .... .. .u. . .u..w m.liire m "S"" ...
renning me gasoiiiiH mm muoi. Bummer ai win ,,,tn tn which wou ana Benamc
...a . .,. ..,!, than ...... i .,,(i..l.fl nnrt select a I"""" l" .,
T..ii.,not.nlla Tnrt.. Dee. 8. The soe ' " - . . ; ,- . Horn n uresuu uuoio .. !. cuaaie wm ........... Tiitnhrnck called my attention un
clnl grand jury called to investigate King, Utah, declared he was inrorm- here thte afternoon e up on other gasoline, and it is for this city ln which the convention will ne r ftm glud tQ reply with the
f cnnl mine owners and ea oaiurouy iu, vu n ref
Washington, Dec. 8. Senator Borah
The order also authorizes tho dlrec
tnv ireimrul of railroads to "make di
versions of coke In transit us may be read to the senate figures from a Uni-1 to Germany contains sufficient n(.cel)Hary in the present emergency. ' ted Press dispatch showing that sugar
Regulations and restrictions fixing exports irom me uimeu m wu-
the margins tor commission of middle- tobcr were 100,000,000 pounds more
men or wholesale or retail dealers in than ln the same month last year,
bee hive or bv-product coke such as Borah also read the comment of a
were ln effect during the war period Pittsburgh business man on the situa
aro restored. The order affects eoke tion and asked whether the govern-
lilinml.ii.nH coal in transit as be- mem is im
Ing llableto diversion under orders of go on when "hardly a family in the
the fuel and railroad administrators. United States has a weeks supply.
1 L V Senator Smoot replied that it is true
I '
Indianapolis, Ind., Bee. 8. The spc-
exporting continues.
These concessions oro such, it was
believed, that Germany cannot nlfora
to Uo otherwise than sign immediate
ly. .
Whilo the nolo demunds linmcdluto
acceptance of the protocol of the
pence treaty, tho lant paragraph,
vhlch provided tor invasion of Ger
i.iany in tho ovont she failed to car
ry out the treidy terms, was praetic-
t ,,j v. ... , .,.- ,.r mi,,p owners an
To Ileturn nimim-rs r ' " "" a l.eine loaded with su -a
Tho most, important polnt-from their employes as H" ' - t b"e Ht!nt to Mediterranean ports,
tho German Standpoint-is the prom- in view of the probable 'tUoment o to Be
iso to return German war prisoners the coal striKC, uisiuci w - f.iuit of congress.
i,h soon a ratifications to the treaty announced. Yll,,.w wrnmr." said Rmoot. "Tt's
aio exchanged.
T. A. Olsen, from McCoy, who is
red at the beginning of j accused of eloping Saturday with Mrs.
"It was nssu
October that exporting woulii cease,'
said Smoot, "but it has not
Verda Walling, a mnrrieu woman,
nin livinc ate McCoy, was arrested
Announcement that a raise-of from
one to four cents a gallon for gaso
line in this state has fallen like a bomb
into the peaceful seclusion or a
church, judging from the alarm felt by
Salem business men at the regular
weekly noon-day luncheon of busi
ness men held at the Commercial -club
today this matter formed the princi
pal topic for discussion.
Hope that the law ln this state that ,
requires a better grade of gasoline)
than is being sola eisewnere win ue i . months
repealed was expressed, and attacked tional conventions only, six months
MS L11 Will B ailU tX iiuouinv. . VI J t t- -
Suvlling Explains Raise. states began flocking to Washington
R. O. Snellintr. local representative t0ljay f0r the meV-ting Wednesday oi
for the Associated Oil company, was the 'republican national committee,
called upon to explain the cause for officially the committee will fix the
the raise. He said that the work of date Df vhe'naiionai
Washington, Dec. 8. With the na-
Varney and Patrolman Thompson. He
is being held for Folk county aumoj
the lties. "
reason- that the rais.e has been plan- hold.
utmost frankness that I should ba
Unofficially, however, the delegates concerned to see any
... n n .1 urnhflUlQ b .. T.
It was decided by the business men wiu aiseuBS nominations and probable . M n 1)ass tne congress. It would
that two weeks out of each month, campaign issues. constitute a reversal of our contrtUu- '
after the first of the year, excursions Washineton hotollobbies today are ... -!,. which might lead to
Walling, botn ... ...-inc, . . . , u. ...rtiiintps " . ...... is iha
, , , rf,i .ho nil. "ton re wrong, ,-,.m.ji. a x. jv. . vronm os maoe ra me anuus uvmura oeaecaeu wim uuiioi very grave coniusiou -
Judge Anderson postponed me an. ,i,nlnitratlon. which mn.rried. who fled their homes at Mc- , . ., T1 , la , nelee'ations hopfeul of getting ,,, , , foreign affairs, I am
T. A. Olsen and Verda Walling, both, nhn fled their homes at Mc-
Mrmnnd for delivery of drydocks ting of the grand Jury unti tomorrow. sugar crQp Coy Saturday night, came to Salem ed to famitiarize the business men of the convention. St. Louis and Chi-, conldent that I am supported by ey-
niid iiierchiint marine materials, in In th0 meantime eno.iv "'" when it hall an opportunity. Now an were Inst reported at snveiion. the clty wlth the various industrial ac- cag0 are believed to have the best.
payment ror minting oi u.e ........... torney uonenu ....... Cuban sugar is comine be- - 9f 'he arresi ol - tlvltleB ot the community. The plan chances.
war fleet Interned at Scapa Flow, also u,r nl.rlves here from M ashliifctou tins . )s ,tben " issued by Sheriff John Orr ot Polk wM pro,)osed hy T. B. McCroskey, u. Louis After Convention.
Thcv will confer and a " " ..t , ,w1 BhBriff Needham of this ,,tn t0i ik ... nv,iu.,i from Si. Louis
-- - nn 1W1 , '...:., ... .. u tn wheliiB! while American wireunivio ... uuu..ior mu"ut x. f " .... " 0llh,.in the
perniliH .leuvery m upcisinn win ,, , -jounty assisiea in mu oc.... niccrosaey iuuiikcu. iast night neaaing a uoieeuuui, asslgnea oj
thcHt. mnterinlH In lots that will con- the gl.alui jury meets at all, it is said Mississippi, urged prompt Mrs. Walling, the mother of four MoCros&ey wns given a standing WOrker8 who spread themselves executlve and to the exocutive only.
Conn w.lh tlormuny's own economic No worti h;ui been received toda . ,,,.'.,..,,,. , children, Saturday afternoon left her . yot of thanks by the business men through the lobbies in search of 0jiiy one of the two .houses ol
needH. .. the miners' national lieaciquaneis ne.e ........ii-ntion board during husband, Rupert Walling, at nome 10 recommendation ot Frederick committeemen upon whom they couiu gresa u associatea win. .'""
ery compotent constitutional author
ity in the statement tnai bjiui
ln directing the relations ot our gov-
crnment with foreign government
. it . . ., , it. tne sugar cqua
Tho American pence b......... res.arrting tho mceung , , " 1920 to prevent profiteering.
. n,1i. fitvnred the . u r.o.,tr,il rnmnetltlve i6" lu i'."t 1
t,.,.i r.ff k. tne ceiuriii
modification in tho Bcopa Flow de- BCalc pomnlitt,.e, the district presidents
mauds which flaolly were adopted In te cxecutlve committee. It was
the note, permitting Germany to de- umed tlint ijCWi8 and Green made
liver her drydock materials in s null ni.rttneinents for the meeting from
A blockade will bo tho, first measure
a in r..A n.i.mnnv to sign, If
... At.ttun Tnt nth- ... ... - v.,.. ., . .v.. Tv.tjt.Drt,,,., nt.v nH i. u nnnsi tution in an advisory c
care lor two 01 1110 '" - Schmidt ol tne i-ne company, iur iu urge tne menu ui um '"" - . u
er two she took with her. According .m,,,, ns manager of the club and a convention place. Immediately uponlpaclty and the a. dvlce Tv tim
all arrangements
Lewis and Green are carrying the
proposition one
ulie refused tho allied demand, it was h Washington to be submit
learneu uuliihihv..
ns a last re-
cion will be used only
1 anding the noto to Germany was
intentionally, delayed, It was said, to
permit tho allies to complete neces
sary military preparations and to per
mit of denouncing the terms of tho
armistice should Germany fall to
Delivery to Delayed
Delay also was necessitated, accord-i,,,-
t. roilsil.ln Information, to enable
1 the llrltbih delegations to receive In
structions fronv London.
Tho British delegates, it was said,
vero unwilling to assume responsibil
ity for the penalties provided if Ger
many refuses to sign. , '
The supreme council was to deciut,
upon tho time the note will be deliv
ered at its meeting today.
Tim flnrmnn delegation hero in:
that If the note constitutes an "'tinl"
tum it will not be accepted, but if il
ls conciliatory the national asxembls
l.iav take It under consideration.
The allied military plans, it was un
derstood provldo for occupation 01
Kssen, the Ruhr valley and brankfo 1.
in event Germany refuses to accept
the note.
tod to the meeting tomorrow.
t WnlHne's story to "local police, who ... -,h. Marion County Com- their arrival the St. Lou boosters be
were alos enlisted in the hunt, she met munltv Federation.' Schmidt o!d of gan to distribute copies of an elaborate
Olsen, they engaged Glen Stevenson, a the tmprovement of the organisation booklet setting forth the qualifications
taxi driver and they came to Salem. s,nce ,hpy became under the supervis- 0f that city.
Stevenson today was on trial at Jon of Mccr0skey in March, and de- 1. red Upham, treasurer of the na
Dallas charged with assisting in the Ilvere(J a 8trong plea for increased tional committee, is expected to arrive
escape of a fugitive. He is said to mpmbership to the club. today heading a delegation of Chicago
have been reluctant about giving in- , The f0n0Wing men gave two-minute boosters.
formation as to where Olsen and Mrs. tft,kB on varioua topics: Professor he first formal meeting of the com.
w.,ii!,,o- have fled. , r-nnHir. nf the Willamette university ; mlltee is schedule! for Wednesday
Tt was reported that Mrs. Walling M tinmiiton. P. It. L & P. com- morning. Governors Sproul of Penn-
had been seen at Independence. 'pany; Homer Smith, insurance man; Blyvania and McKelvle of
Walling said that he would De giau Ear, Race poilee judge and city re- are booked lor speecnes.
t to take his wife back, and expresst.a corder. carl AbramB.
" a wlllingnessto prosecute Olsen fori ,
. . -a.... ,haT .. . . I
It wrs Indicated uie stealing nis wilb.
u Ipree vote on the P opo-u -
tee che. s' salaries would De P '-' . . .
! 'fternoon and evening. When the oU XLq ArfvtSeS
esentatlon of tne rewB- at the Snmp.e . - --
n ai iwu u - -
t..,.,...k1 nt-
tion of lr. G. " h, ' -..Hlnn a chance to register
10,'ate t Z ev A rit will be ac- vote and throughout the after-promSld-reetorof
the e,erks and judges
.te of Washington. H-" .t' W. SntUh and City
......nlete surprise to an oui i i sup ru schools John W
.--""i . .... Viml llllUIlll" Cini-v PIPTtUf I'- .
. . f .lencons, wnom t1, . )h Hotel Marion, iuiu
KMlS-" . ...... il... rail Iioiu "i"
1 u- worn n"- '
ln'"UM" , f!rst received,
northern sta te . t of t
jjr. nun. --- :
taking up the pas-
The com
mittee then plans to go Into exocutive
session to pick the convention city.
Formal business will be concluded
Thursday, it is planned.
Women Expected.
nrovided for only w'hen sought by the
executive in regard to agreement
with foreign countries ana i
pointment of tho diplomatic , repre
sentatives who are to .e
government at foreign capuam. x....
only safe course, I am confident, ia t
adhere to the prescribed method oC
the constitution, we migni e
afield if we departed from it.
"I am very much obliged to you fov
having given me the opportunity t -
express this opinion.
"Very truly yours,
"Woodrow Wilson." . '
Resolution is Killed
After receipt of tho letter, Fall con
ferred with Senator Lodge, chairman;
.u nrirrn relations committee.
Several women political leaders are, M
expected to be here during the meet- of course we shall do nothing now
1 iv,n,...v. nnno Is entitled to Bit I ., nUihintv for the Mex-
with the committee. , situation now rests on the presi
Among those expected are Miss d(jnt We are not even allowea 10 bus
London, Dec. 8. "I will recom-
SmUh and City mend tkat Germany refuse to accept
the protocol," Gustave no.
minister of detense was
irt in nn nierv.en . - -
UltL. IHh
BUU,, , ,,.,,
newspnpers were ' tera . d ln the Mail here.
." W church of this cityff
I'""!- ... .. the pas
No in
... ....... von.-N.
nearly i"' , 1!)16
toral duties on ''' ,1 be selected
him hils yet beenmaa.
Inown. but there are a
possible succcssois.
where "I'V"'""- w,,.,d be
"'aTtt.-mpl. room of the.
number of hotel, will be open unt :a sex - -
Mary G. Hay pf New York ana Mrs.
John G. South, Kentucky leader.
Presidential booms are becoming
evident. John T. King, national com
mitteeman from Connecticut, is nurs-
gest anything to him. The oommn
will not again consider the resolu
'The resolution recognized fully th
nuueeman nun. , nretuuuiii ,,.rpIo-
ing the boom of Major General Wood. , deal wlth the question and mere.y
tttutlonal authority t.
tonight, giving an vui
Ity to vote. to,.,,pra hopeful-
In all the
v pwalted 1
With tho cou
ly nwalted th dc r
viaRflaie ii .uu5 . i with mo - . - . m BCh00i Bya.
. r-ipncv. and mi.i "
. ..mi f-r
, the United States d ss ,--sf- ctinn cna. . at the
The manaaw the appeal At the uusn. ;, - eVerai
niH!lli,'1e a .,1 (-iiin IIU"
;v,i,i he could not. speak for
the nation, aceoraingm-..
but he personally ut"v-
lad been passed.
'Let the allies, who we are unable
0 oppose, occupy our country, Nos
was quoted. as saying. "Th s is not
".ence but a prolongation of war.
I hope the protocol will be reject
,t r-o matter what the consequences
NosUe .leelared. according to the in
-."view We nave -
...Ue. ..t ,.it. The allies may dc
hat he " plse as we are unable to
oppose them bv mMltary methods.'
...mrfliiin uuui nviotriir ot rnvn mreu . 4u.
"of JUU. T i-w con- ed the men to vote n
1 Ifl i RsB liivi ,
the old i'i'" violating
1:""' filoil witn
law was
ess me
favor of
..i-ted on a
I .n-nn nruili."""- tnrll'V. . Tr'
...v.a Oregon supreme c t oUs nnd '
Tho annual election of officers iu. mandote will - the clr.
tho Salem Commercial cluo w tc(1 by the on,- county in
v...,., v.,..,... io-ht at the club. - court of "ultn0Vvl(,ted which
hp raiae, ana
sent was charge -
ao nis
Yoacal'a Water V-rdor
eral- "f A.T
each .
By Ralph F. Couch
(United Press staff correspondent)
Washington, Uec. 8. xhe coa
tho limit : shortage win coin.nue uv-ul
January 1, eve i-.e -
wnge scale officials in uw.a.i.-"."
tomorrow vote 10 accept uie settle
ment proposed by .'resident Wilson,,
it was predicted he:e today.
Railroad admin st.ation officials in
charge of coal pr o-ities are making
Plans based on th.s belief Curtail
ment of train serv ce will be contin-
may do ued Beveral weeks, it is expecea, a.u.
,ay be increased his woun pbm
additional coal haul ng facilities.
Bins MiiMt be Filled
Meanwhile mar:;, plants an : factor
les must remain closed until the r bins
..,-1.-1 Port time onera-
can be repienioc -
T?..ivwla nro nrenarlne to open :ead-
quarters of Senator Harding of Ohio.
Senator James A. Watson, also nurs
ing a vooblet, is on the ground greet
ing delegates as the- arrive. J
Police In Nted
of Training to
Catch fas Guy
with the suggestion that In our opta
rn the situation required some ecl
action as the resolution recommemt-
ed'"But the president does J"
even to express our support AH igW
.'- .oanonsibility is on him. let mm
bear it."
If police heie hoe to make a small
reward for the ca.i.ure of a fugitive
they'll have to start training.
, a they .oi-w.ed a letter from
(hD hlch sheriff of Harrliaan county,
to aiu in
can ne repio.o - . , p0nlvaniii. asking them
tlon. ' 8tf.f h."1,. ntinued Probably the nation-wide search for 6ne Curley
sections win - .... , ai curlev Is said to nave
fui -'' t 8 ed to nis care.
..,111 ho cont nueu pruunu'j
,,nti 1 after the beMrn ng of the new Mcguire,
,ho ueh the e was no offlc a . wit 1 1
Washington, Doc
8. The United
" . hflv to
u the p,.c -,ce rr. - r-
"hit an
. u..pft - . ..mii.,i was v..... .
chambers at eight o'clocn. wuicn """". its verdict
lunch and
been arrangod
, .,i,iv unon the application explanation h
T, T eu!r"h.t-'to- "fiPresdent Wil
ef J- r u . ,,,111 an"" he been acceptec
", ted Pf"
New York. Dec he coun
The vast lI1orr..,,,caKefl at a tno-
.v.,in cnulicl.
Salem ")"" -,. labo
inmont has ,-hnn e
a line onie """ f mu
for. All m"1"""" case
the club have been sent a
minding them of the election, nno i re
ctuestlnpt their presence nt tho
important meeting of the year.
Tho following men have been nam
d for positions in the executive - ,
of the club by tho nominating com
mittoe. Other nominations may
made from the floor e(1en3;"rt
. ,en na new
night, however, ann u . y are
. . . mnv are. i-1'
below may be rejocieu. n.h.,0. ment s
Robert C. i-auiu,
O. Alien; .. ;;- ir time, i-- ttl
i ... ...hich aio nn letter , , .rcv
tuiioiw- hnuSicH m "" ,; f . " ." f...- Labor ana - ..,
B"de?.: . xtv ntni'on ga " " A u an- Compers isan exe,-.
florn Rnth. W.
.1...... r t i?nv .Wise
Deekahnnh: secretary. Will ianl Ham
ed here to e - - as al. cast as
putes is gan..B
the Hudson. - McCroskey, of
Today Manager T- r d twQ
the Commercial c . abQUt
toaar "'u Visions nncil, how it
wster supply systeni.
?-f5rrr;hT;nu;p.; .ssa,a
H-"h 1-,. -used to
blis'ness Th"
nrnved v
before he can quit
"""J. '"I.. .mnreea
ne United biuum
ne unite -.rnncor
the war in comiiai -
'nn must be "T-
pn-miss'on. Tiowever,
,uudj - - " . ,, lilt
. v. haa r,,,!;.-. hArp with the tact, .. . . .,,1 ,.a,mrt..
Ison s proposui w u w. aaiumu n i-" , , .,,,1 in nis ami""-
, onncnted b I'res dent iiewis i wrote mat icBuu . i-
been accepted p ,.,inr. and that many
the miners, it is - , " -In ih .lack DemP- 110 " I" " , enndltion than ever
r.ii.rlc.K no increase in mo - umo ue 1 and more - . -.,...
eludes no i"t 4jm n. ht mtnrlniiH centlemun ' . j n,.tv to that ot uieai
.ettlement propose., p, sey w. - . ,h" . betore-vu..- . oU. .
-,,v element of strength. Uanlca
With battleships in service eq u
to or supeiior to any now ... -In'
six'huge battle cruisers and 1-
itritor Gavf el - . traveled with a Duriesque
fl u. Tnn IT IH
The importance 01 m i.v... - -
sumed. lies in the s-irrres tor
the situation mi"
;;,-t in nnnc "" ? " .nnstl. :;., ad citn
"" It tlOll M" IUI'- ' . ..
pIU' settled by tne , ... Anerlcan
l'u'" f
itt ,1 r,.
rv sinn to st u'1
work to prevent va
The miners thus 'awb -uvry
ot wage readjustments with every
change of the gene -al eoonoulo . tu-
atItnis the commission plan which is
" ,B..-! . influenced Lewis
unuersioou - - . ,he
111 I- nil . K II I III. II "on " , ...,, instruction, a nuro-
ri I Ull 19 1 1 1 111 111 I I
1"" . ... o f'.nneral l'ai- iiitrl Rti
urea jv.i"'".. w.
!.... tho offer before . ni.
mhn Tuel 21 """ - :. o-o -cale com" iltee wit ,ata today on election fraud charges.
. ' ,,.m,r than any now
her 01 I""'" "" .1(V. -.(!.
Grand Rapids Mich.. Dec. 8.-A St the navy is pressing
plea of not guilty was entered for to grea.ter things. 1G.lnch
United States Senator iNewuen, une ..u" -.,ntnrtlA the
1 8uit""- nfnre . i.,,i in federal court noro n8 ure to oe
.i. ...mild lav ine - ne ii"" ----- . .
. ' n scale comn-Ktee wit1' at0 today
Green assu
ilton, W. C. Dyer, William ua..- bollt sixty " cliniulat- which Saniuei of the
L A. the
director ly gold
T-iii.. TnM ti Alhert
"ii.tik, ti.xuica ' -.
... . -.rtrthnnm.
cnii uopartment. i. ii"" ' i.i,
1-,, . , ,-, dinntnr agricui
tllrnl L J Chapln
.... .. ... -Trnlrs,.
v nite, ueorge w. nt-. .
civic, department. Walter
B. Gingrich, R. O B,elHngi ertor
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