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    Weather Forecast
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jfo rainfall.
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54 5 9
Only Salem Member Audit Bureau
of Circulation.
ft mUtlLK
John D. Has $1200
in Bank and Row
Boat, Taxes Show
Approval of Proposal to Raise
Salaries Thru Addition of 1
Mill to School Tax Urged By
Prominent Salem Men.
Cleveland, O,, Dec. 6. John L.
Rockefeller's personal property tax re
turn on tile here today showed the
Me hnd 11,200 in the bank: owns
three motor curs valued at $S50; has
one row boat valued at $10 and four
teen lawn mowers, valued at $1200.
No. the above does not indicate the
oil king has frittered away his mil
lions, but merely shows the value of
Mb property interests in East Cleveland.
UPON 110
$100,000 TO GET
mm fight
G. 0. P. Members Of Senate
Foreign Relations Commit
tee Fail To Decide On Rec
ommendation To President.
British and French Military Commands Ready
to Invade Fatherland; 12,000 of "American
Troops on Rhine Available to Foch; Berlin
Reports Refusal as Entirely Possible
' . By Unittd Press , . :
Resumption of war on Germany unless she signs the protocol providing enforce
ment of the peace treaty, was indicated in dispatches from allied capitals today.
A Paris cable said the British and French military commands, as the result ol a
conference yeesterday, were prepared to invade Germany in the event of her dfinite
refusal to sign. Paris believed a virtual ultimatum would be despatched to Berlin
within 48 hours.
the school tax levy in Salem 1 mill and thereby allow
an increase of $150 a year in the salaries of teachers.
WHERE TO VOTE: Sample room of the Hotel
WHEN TO VOTE: Polls will be open between
the hours of 2 p. m. and 7 p. m.
WHO CAN VOTE: Any man or woman who
has resided in the Salem school district 30 days pre
ceeding the election, and who owns property with
in the distinct (City of Salem), as shown by the last
county assessment, and not assessed by the sheriff.
Washington, Pec. 0. A conference
of republican members of the senate
foreign relations committee, called to
decld-3 on a course on the Fall resolu
tion directing President Wilson to sev
er relations with Mexico, was unable
to reach an agreement today in a tour
According to London, Field
Marshal Wilson, the British repre
sentative at the conference, hud
offered co-operation of the British
fleet should force he cmployeu
against Germany. A special meet
ing of the British cabinet was
called today to consider Wilson's
A report of the state department
nt Washington said 12,000 Amer
ican troops now in the Rhine dis
trict would be available for use by
Marshal Foch in the event hostili
ties were resumed.
Berlin reported that allied irisist
hour discussion
Senator Borah and Sonator Johnson, t.nce tn signing of the protocol prob
r,.. it t. t,....ij ia 1,1 on leavinrr tho republican conference ablv would result in reorganization of
j. ui ilium, ui ., ww. v. j. u i,.., .0 ... - . .
,1 i,v :,.i.iKv,ir, .4.1.U uecision tieen reached on tho Gorman ministry. German 01-
WiwwBli-ht contest between Jack the resolution. Other, members con- !ficiaidom still resents the efforts of the
Dempsey, title holder, and George Cur- tinued to discuss it.
An offer of $100,000 was telegraphed
to Jack Kearns, Dempsev's manager,
today by a group of Portland business
men for a ten round contest during
Rose Festival week, next une, when
the national convention of the Shriners
will be in session hero.
The committee has offered to post a
cash deposit of $20,000 as soon as
terms are accepted.
It is the planto erect a temporary
Uihm to force Germany to turn over
Full Explains Resolution. 'docks and merchant shipping in pay-
Whilo tho conference was on, the mcnt for sinking of the interned Ger
Stato department announced it had man fleet at Scapa How and even
started an investigation of the clrcum- a reorganized cabinet, it was said,
stances surorunding the release of Wm might not consent to sign the protocol
O. Jenkins, American consular ageni, ng constituted at present,
from the prison at Puebla.
in his conference with Marshal
" r.n fn Hia m.lls nnrl vote for the 1 mill tax levy asked
to meet the increase of $150 a year in the salaries of teach
ers employed in the public schools of Salem.
That Is the aavieu wmcn pronum-m
business1 and professional men of the
city urn offering In connection with
Hid special school election to be held
bore Monday.
With few exceptions three men,
realising that tho efficiency of the
H im system of the city in seriously
threatened unless 'the salurlos of the
tcacners nro raised to meet tho I"
( Teased cost of living, nro behind tho
proposal to iucronsa tho school levy
to tho neccHWiry extent. Ami they lire
inning that every qualified voter go
Id the polls Monday and vote.
IHrct-tors Henllze Need
Just how serious Is tho
11; PUDGE 1
Fall emphasised that this resolution
Is based on a series of alleged indigni
ties to American honor, the latest of
which, he asserts, is the spreading of
bolshevik propaganda in this country Foch yeeter,iay, offered the co-opera-
stadium on Multnomah field capable b' f?? S. 1HP will tlon o the B.rltish " 1.
f ..,tnr 7r, fiiin wrmni iuu i " , V Is necessary to compel w'""J .- -
cZ Zl W AekerTan representing not act on Fall's severance of relation,. ihe o the alUe(j protocoi,
Chailes W. Acke m- r'?e" resolution until President Wilson has 1 Exchange Telegraph dispatch from
the commi tee said wan . to get , a rnemorandum ex- nartoaay Bald ,t 'Was understood
offer is only a starter and if Kearns
shows any inclination to accept the of
fer we may be ableto go stronger.
It is our opinion th;.t Dempsey
does not like a long fight and for thai
reason would be willing to consider
our proposition seriously. We expect
an Immediate answer from Kearns re-
American Troops Ready
To Advance Over Rhine
12,000 Strong Is Report
By Hugh BullUo
(United Press staff correspondent)
Washington, Dec. 6. Twelve thou
sand troops now along tne Jttnine
could be used by Marshal Foch In
any allied advance further into Ger
man territory, to enforce s.gnlng of
the protocol by the Berlin govern
ment, it was declared toany at mc
state department. Under the armistice
terms and the arrangements maae in
connection with it, Foch can com-.
mand these United States forces, ae-
cording to the department. .
Information is now in possession ' (U ,t fl -prMI, staff Correspondent.)
this government, It was learned, that t U " ea ri 6.Mextau
nermanv has deliberately taken ad- 1 fB.- "r" , ,
vantago of the United States senate's
PLAN Mill!!
By S. I. Freed
By Ed L. Keen
..-i.-i t, Gntf Pi,rri,nnn(lnnt.l
(uiiikeu 4 i"B w.tiii ..i. i rejection ui mo .... in
. tt.i-,.1 kni I J . .. . .... .ii..nne nn President Carranza now m
jjonnon, uec. o. rroui 'an attempt at surnn ui, - - - - .
-At l.l i .. ... . . nnnr- 111 T"ll aninCTtOn.
rclectlon of the peace treaty to make i 7- ... "I ' :
iiresslne his views on the matter. Ho .
told Fall and Hitchcock at the Whitt i Tho dl(spotch silid it had been learned
House conference yesterday he would
have this before the committee oy
Wilson Thought Opposed.
It was generally expected that Wil
son will advise against adoption of the
irnn nxuiintinn at this time. Aumuv
reliably that Foch will give uermany
six days notice of further allied occu-
nation if Germany refuses to sign.
A snecial meeting or tne caoinei
has been called for Monday to hear
tho renort of Field Marshal Wilson's
decision upon moasures to bo taken u
.... i ...r,.iii,ii now- in Washington.
Z, o escape ' furtheMhf.lcaon of the By peaceful methods such as obtalo-
peace terms and avoid payment ior ing recognition m . a.....s.u...
the seized German warsnips ntuin" muuuiiu - -
in Scapa Flow. is thrown open following withdrawal
The white house, it was learned, oe- 0f American support umn v....
lieved this sign of stuDDornnesa on tne eXies or an political coiur mo r
Germany's part is but one of the eon- lng aed to unite on some construc-
sequences of treaty rejection. resi- tive program. '
dent Wilson told senator siiiciiuutiv A j;t,xican patriot oi ummpoacnuura
yesterday that responsibility now rests Bmcerity of the same type as. tho
on other shoulders, in effect, that he mur(j0I.ea Folipe Angeles is now visit-
is ready to remain in tne DacKgrouuv lng leadlng Mexicans In various Amer-
until events prove iie a? ican cities, seeking co-operation ior a
warning ' mat ooiHnevm..i - plan tQ j,e laid before the auminwurar
trouble , with Germany would .follow Washington. Intervention, ot
gardlns Portlands chances of landing tratlon senator8 headed by Senator Germany r6fuses to sign the protocol.
Coming to the attention of the cxecit
tive committee of tne Salem Centra
. ii n .i n 1'iimnr
Trades & Labor council u.ui --"
SllUllli1"' '
,,,..,i r. morn leni-lv to anyone "
i'urrcnt that they were opposed to
K.c.i.., - l30 ln teachers' saiaruw, t
era of tho schoo rlfc nd that bdy today issued
,-ee .."embers ot en o vehement)y refuttlng this.
th:in to tho inembo
which are active In their advocacy of -s'"e'"
the Inci-entta. Thev are E. T,
l; ir nu..... 1 oU.,r T,. W.nslOW
1. 41. VllllK.-l Clin ,... -- ,
"Wo require thorough preparation Itoara
fioni all tenchors before
the contest.
."""his would be a great thing for
Portland. It would put us on the fis
tic map and would bring people from
nil parts of the world."
end w mm
Barnes, """" , the executive
"We. tne mein' .,,
lnrlul-H anil ia""' "".""
Cttieu, ..a,,r
,,... ..... . . th.(t a rumor is
accepting . Braining tcacn-
..... Mr. that we are oi'i'"""
' .... I.. .nlnrV
r.i.;-,r,n Dec. 6. Confidence th
the coal strike will end before next
Saturday was expressea nere m
Hitchcock, saw tney. expecivu i"- There
ident to tell the committee mat
state department will not abandon its
vigorous efforts to bring about a com
pleted and satisfactory settlement of
the whole Mexican question and that
too drastic action by congress might
defeat the government's plans.
At v,o Ktiite department it was an-
I nounced that an investigation into the
circumstances surrounding the release
of W- O. Jfflikins, American consul
agent, from the prison nt Pcubla had
been started. '
Released on Ball.
Reports from Mexico City are that
Jenkins, whose release the department
demanded in two notes to Mexico, was
,t treed upon $500 bail, said to be have
lwn fin-nisnea uy
rejection ot the pact.
to-no '-doubt "Marshal Foch's
(Continued on page eight)
By Carl ; Groat
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Berlin. Dec. 5. Reorganization ot
courao. will checkmate their hopes, ta
case the United States uses armed
forco to stabilize eonditions In Mexico,
. these exiles will romain neutral. They
believe that anyone aiding the Ameri
cans ln Intervention would forever hn
ibarred from receiving high office Ir
I the gift of the Mexican people.
Plan Not I'uimiexH.
Th3 Mexican embassy of this group
was in El PaBO recently, it has Just
been learned by the United Press. H
was last reported ln southern Califor
nia and has visited Sun Antonio, Texas.
He is a leader In the Mexican colony
of New York.
The backers of the plan are not
' ."' . . honeful of success, exiles here admrc-
the German cabinet it tne However, they consider any et-
increased crs a raise 1 ' embers of tors of the central competitive field,
.hers now 8tron4 denial of this. As ( Lnbor we Negotiations between miners and
,)lft us to the American Fed. aUo n - mUng ' ,)periftol.s-if any are being conducted
fill nro pieageu iu - - .
,,., ... n craft. ve
III" l-uiumi""
helncr conducted iu'-""- , T.ii j '. . , , r.,.o. ., j it ald
, ..,.. i.oitnr working operators u u"j --- "American uonsumr Beiii v. " t ifliCata. ins mi " " Jjlow iieet is emm -., -----
fill nro pledged to M-"" . t t ,ot,.. aub rosa. Operators aim reported ,that he was ... more per man than any oth- protcol Termed "KohlR'ry.
.,,, schools are re- officials of the ope.ato.n -
tlieiii In the Halem schools,'
Uarnesr "Salaries must bo
t'i hold I he experienced teac
on our payroll, and to ena
Kooure competent instructors to
. ...1.1..,. Htlt-lllLT
M,r Tbn t.n.le-nt to llo voted on Mon- thq teaclitis in
'.. .. " , .i ..iblu reiving an un,
oay represoiiiM in iwv:.-,v , -
...t,n ..,..,. tlit we.
nmoiint which we can get nnn m. uncii, ar
ir i i tho oreseut Trade-! I.aor luu' ' .
" "u " l" 4m l ... .,. nf the raise,
ltiun:aru of our scnoois. '"'", .,., about,
..ip , ,i,iun in school, or -o can to bring it aoi
If you are interested ln tho general
welfare of this community, vote for
ttio school budget Monday. I
"We cannot nfford to lower oui
f-i'hool standards ln Salem."
Proposal Should Carry
Mr. Ollnger snys that "In order to
retain good teachers it is nocessan
l'.n- s.l.,m tn follow the lead of other
... ihmadu in en i . . ...... fl
cuios in giving tnem un - - ,,,, im0us y tne - . ,
wilnrv. Tnrnmn. voted an Increase of un-.n hno the 1M.ovalons for
wish to make men in close touch ' 7"
justwageflna wewr " ? . - had been made
USt .,.' nhe Central m0rs that an attempt
"r" ni are strongly to feel out the miners
.. . , ,iii do all. Situation i
Wnshineton. Den. 0. Farmers in
creased the average crop yield lo per tie protocol, was
ni,t in the lnst decade, Secretary zious t(Kiav.
Department agents in Mexico navi ton Bnowea in his annual report mauo.
public today. . ... affairs, may resign u int. T- xiles, candidate for preslden.
The decade referred to ended wun the pr&tocol requiring Germany to su.- Mexlco la m)t 8ettled. This iatlu
1918. A great increase in the average render certain docks and shipping m difficulty. Every faUtion
.... I- l.t .lnnarla VlmiH- v.... , 1. . unlrl,i.- nf thfl ScaOa 6'TO .
yield is expooieu in mm "-vw return ior mo ...o....b - - wants Its loading man to ue presiuu.
The patriot messenger is appeanna;
nrinrea more per man tnan any ui"- rrotcoi u-nmu - , ,t n n nrnviRlonal nrest-
.. ...1.1 1"" " , A nnl.l,,at U'lll UUIURBiv,.,. - , "...
released from the penltentiar at nuu- ef Houaton said. Whether a reorgamu & wM & rcgular election is helrt.
night, December 4, but that he was 1101 In BeIgiuln says tho report, ' only accupt tho protocol was not known. ,eadlng camndatcs are Francisw.
advised regarding the reasons for hia &bout 5 3 acreg are cultivated for each Gormany bitterly denies her Bovern- Mamje, Caler0. i)r.
release. It is evident from Mr. Jen- pergon engaged in agriculture, where- mont wlul responsible for Admiral on Vasqu(,z Gomez Is 'acceptable to some
kins reports tnai ne mu as in tlle unueu ouvi, "- Keuter s kuuu - factions. De La Uarra is oeueveu
ben ordered to get an lacis u..u im
port as soon as possible.
The state department made this an
sist upon enforcement of the terms o wh(jn Uexim lf) tnr0(rt
the nrotocol, was considered probable r nimrch
U11CU Willi liuwi .v-i.vw-
. . tv,nt- HoIIpv rH likelv to follow
Herman Mueller, minister of foreign " . ' f CarranKa.
resign if the section 01 ----- pnnnlnIlta
return for the sinking of the Scapu
tt-. nrtlnn in scuttling his Bhipu I "
.. .. toi nn Kins repuim --- as m ""- - .. ,,, . . j ... Tactions.
"Although I decline to ,1,""" ' , etlKe pf ball being furnished, 'ine tie- aponc,ing figure is 27 acres, lanms an(1 looks upon tne amen u. . pftrllJ Calcrn waR secretary o
this subject," one ui '" partment is investigating uie 1.1 '"-jboth acreage and yieiu per ... surrenoer 01 aocua I foreign relations and later amoassamir
Vv carding the furnishing or nan nnu ai , consideration, the average abotiui" ping as "roimery. tht) lInltca states under l'restunnc
1-2 times as mucn Frances failure to rawi" ...i,..,.
has arousea tne
r ..v...i,i 1,0 willing to wager 1
saui, i snuu-" . rcr earning tne im """ -
the strikc will be over within a , v.eeK. ,natlince it was furnished.'
The situation at p. - - -
none of us dare to ten
. uiUntlnn "
ior l'': ,. fltntrd that he
UUIS eanio
Paris, Dec. " ; anroved
in cil in neerct nota t0 u
a iviiij Ttttt nn nnlv nskod tov an i"
I'l.uiMrt nf 1
lunch to tb .ivornpe Individual's tax,
...... tv, neace treiity.
,n ...v,in, will not add ma." - - . hl.a not yet
,at n a dita 1 JOURNAL
nfficlnl stated
L, in touch today with mine
6.T1,e -preme coun-r;ners , mtferent states of ne
-licUlle west, iney
tllat the miners TZ T,
ing more sovcreiv in.t. . -
itleq from the shortage.
Ci s ates that in a number - of m n-
communities the m ners n e
: n eroughcoa?totake
LToTthelr npi,e needs. This per
, -,iot tsbut down
rhlcafW raceci
While the note -,, lo bfa
. ..i,ii it was unuuio""--
Bucking Plentiful. -
There would be uniimiiea inontiy u-
Tomorrow auemuuu - 3Q J9
the Grand opera house the ocaj to dg
nf KlkS Will nolo me men."..
f.,iinr nroduces
n.iw nn t'lt-mnr: &.a ... ...... niun
as tne nvt'i-aK ui:ib..." - - war ,wniti,.o
., ..,...,t, ii the i;nL'iisn; ..tout iiuiiirnntion
limes io '"w- . - n t'-" - ,.,. .1,., ineiu wuuiu
times as much as tho 1-rcncn. i i-- Referring to tne comnnmnu " hind tha m0Vement, it was declnreu, w
times as much as the German and six British admirallty to the effect tnai brou(;ht to tnB agreement
times as much ns the Italian." letters had been found on the salvaged mtorest8 have been
The total value of all American Gorninn cruiser Emden of the scapa BOunde(, out a regardB their attltu-
crops this vear is given us $15,873,000, j, low f)eet, showing Von Router was & the ,am Except those favor-
1 .... I. . .. . . . 1.1. 1. 1.. nnv.rnHlRllt &t llld ... .. . .... .1 TTmIIsiI
000 which l-touston says, m tn toucn wun u b-"- - - ig armed lntervcniion uy mo u.....
'three times the average annual vanift tim0 Ue issued orders for the nKlnBe s,ates. the movement has -met with
of all crops for the five year period ,t waa stated BemI-officiaIly today u.e lhy lt wttS stated here. A hitch,
preceding the war. Von Rueter letter, as l"otan y "n has been met with in the effort to ol-
1 At least $1,000,000,000 will be tho 8hlplj were interned and had not Been m,pport of the Catholic clergy.
total spent in pooa ruuun uuumj acuvureu iu m . . ' m. , None oi tne presHut Brtn.wv
nnA thr. next fiscal year, enuing juub
!1, uccorillng to tho report.
n-nn issueu
- lllD
atvlft OI
.r .1.-. nnf lllvt! J liifiT .. hnnvV HllUWi
' Z'r several reasons In, Congrega
,. ir. niaKeuii . ..,iro ton oi ...liters wr" .. . .. ...i,.
in the contest of The uapiia..." - ia that tne jum- "L" and surface lines
- i . UinttlfrS. i i-w"1""'
, Ton eWn al industries for the first 10 -k rltuaI and conducted with
1.? The Commonwealth Edi- l"hrtomary solemnity. Ralph White,
rn nany announced that it w T Wrightman and Ervin .
son eomP'inj . , d. nuim i. nrnn-inil
comply wit
dustries in
son c ,.e ..... of the fucl aH. x ...... the pr0gram
comply v.h.. nnwer f0r m- . nr,rrnm follows:
irXthr The order -t. torV'h (Chopln)-E1Us
Lclth Abbott, of Eugene, is the win-
Chicago loop
Ritualistic ceremonies-
-Lodge offi-
Fulher Alibis Offercnl. . ,.., ranm inclndlnif
Germany intended to use her influ- Qb n and Gonzales, is acceptable lo
ence at Versailles to prevent delivery
of this fleet, it was said. The admiral- suspect Carranza will try b
ty declared the Rrltish statement omit - firth(ir poBtpone the election sched
ted sentences from the letter wnlc"uled for next July, unless American
specifically referred to the peace con- lpres8Ure agalnflt tho first chief su
fcrce. ceeds In forcing him out.
"The text, as printed,
.,n,ioo" tha admiralty
hero declared. Von Reuter, according
lenartment of social service
connection with some
to tho admiralty, acted upon nis own
io ii,iotiv In sinking tne f
, . ,n.tAM n ttm new i"-1' ,.oaenis vw . "
uii iur mo um ii-iiin v. - , .rnnt paK i"-" tr hhick lettei-
iki -' . Hpjmi " .. ...
line of The Journal and the gene
lr. .V";,"nce. Heavy, '"
ke-upoi th7t Page, according Weu cl e togetne.
to tne announcement " ,lrst ft dlf icu.t .-- lhe lmpress.un
uy, ana win bo mimi." stories at t"al " . nf the in""-
.,.dB by the top i' gg 0f
.SamplesOfLW.W.Sabotag. i K
e:sion. Sent To Ulcott ris
statement! , , . t. l. T-
CaHate Once km
ft ' the'varlous comm nica ion with his government naU George B. Chamberlain
li".' : had been stopped. He believed the'Ioave. n0 room for doubt astc . his In-
Proken Blossoms" (Robert Edgar state schools i r 60tloB armistlco had been terminate" a- tentlo wlth reference to "ol
Break"-(Adams) Puf"w' 1 T " r.v for the purpose pllbliFh the full text of an correal..-- ba)iot at the proper i n... .
prize of $10. . . . lnude by tne t.- nhercnt mass
The second prize, $3, is i- that oi An
H. S Presnott, 1500 Chomekota sir , out. ujjp
.1,1 wHr.l of $2 go8 nc , the two stories w
to J. fj, Schott,
the letters su
A. Hoag, of Marlon
1770 Broadw
Glen AV. Loomis,
these letters will be publiahe
Capital Journal during the
.i..,i Fui-tne.i'.--
Flora Case, librarian of tne black noti
rn,ii AVnl ace, ot
paie.n no .tn Train- nn
Break, Rreak:
rehestra. . . v,o errant, nroblem
ltl,.r.H LIl.LL .,,- C" ... "
vWalter E. Keyes. 'mnfronting the commission of whicn officially.
World WO uave . ln discovering
interesting exhibition of John W - .. My God . f, 111 the British statement misrepre-
. i... the 1. vt. - . .,..,..., .
a ur. --, ,,.. mceivea o .hee r.m
makes them plants mw f hls speciai
it had with Von Reuter to show
now sented the facts, it was siaiuu
er.n i,i. sri-eci, ...,,,mns as j"" - ' . ...uarac- ...,n,- u.cun .., m,-n tne t ni tne
, t, ... . cum - . .... nnrt oi vi A h ruiininis :-ui ....... tj.,nin sne . . inl ri'MUtxs Hllilj J'
O Win Mention. - n8 not Dems thrown agent9 epguB- - lzaUon ln ore- . ,. (Nettl Olds e.g. competently trained women lu. -
mention Is also give. - t pllge nut ,)y tne activlLes . - g mnre tnan h piu.dal,l; Mrs. r ramt ..., servlce . . , The
Umitted by Mrs. " flt the last n m ,ie3 un- gon. ne covering eve. ..mpantet I An appropriation u "T wln naHa the
! Maude s. "' .Wg eye win. fnra their ere a score ropaganda. '-. jnedicliun-Kev. - "- '' ,,' made by the last w-n -- . wcek,
oy street, aaie.n, ----- name !-;- atorie8 wk pna . , ,. or worK ionK -- ..stnw and " ture for tne cru, . Mm vf1,t(,d today. Th's w
of Bilverton. uthpS the two ""-"-,..!int ones. ever 3 .f, lire scabbing o ' rrhstra. of this new oep.-"' ',M committee
senate by
Senator Cum-
ould give
..n,.ul nr Attorney uc.
Brown's opinion holding that Gov
ernor Olcott holds office for the oit
.v,ii.,i term of the late Governor
Wlthycombe Is also expressed by Sen
ator Chamberlain In his letter.
Units of the Oregon National Guarcl
nt Ssileni. Kugene, Ashland,
and Marshfleld
will be inspeotea av
nn P
while another
.. ,lo
. re
r do not n-" oml are t"" ""';, nturature
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