Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, December 04, 1919, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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By Henry 1.. Farroll
(United Press staff correspondent)
New York, Vec. 4. If there were'nt
so muny "ifs" to consider, doping the
winner of the Curpentier-P.eckett
fight tonight in London would be
simple process.
London, after seeing both battlers
has made Beckett a five to four fav
orite. Ho appears to be the logical
In a twenty round battle the old
axiom of brains being better than
brawn does not always so.
Carpeniter, a boxer of the scientific
type, has shown no indication of pos
sessing the punch to put away the rue
Bed, heavy, bruising, gypsy fighter,
Joe Beckett.
Beckett packs the well known wal
lop and if CJeorges is able to dance
away from him through half the
fight until the Welchman gets tired,
he has a chance to win on points.
On the other hand, Beckett's rush
ing, slugging tactics may force the
Frenchman to lay aside some of his
science and mix it. The Englishman
then has a chance to slip one over 1
that may win him $25,000 and the
right to fight Jack Dempsey for the
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rheumatic twinge
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the World' Linimert for 38 year if it
wasn't highly beneficial in relieving
rheumatic ache, ftiff joints, ore
muscles, lumbago, neuralgia, strains,
bruises, exposure to weather results.
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no stained kin, clogged pores, imissi
nes. A pain and ache liniment that
stands alone in doing what it'is meant
to do. Get a bottle today and keep
it handy. All druggists. Three sizes
35c, 70c., 1.40.
world's championship.
Eugene Corri, veteran referee, Ed
die HcGoorty, Fred Fulton and Jim
my Wilde, say that Carpentler should
win. Beckett's most Impressing show
ing has been made since he left tho
British air service.
Los Angeles, . Cal., lec. 4. Bill
Tate, Jack Iempsey's sparring part-:
nor is expected here before the end
of the week and Dempsey is going to
rsuiiK' regular training, Jack Kearns,
his manager, s;(ld today.
Los Angeles, Cal., Pec. . Young
George, Los Angeles sledgehammer
swatter, knocked out Frankie Haynie,
San Francisco puglistlc scientist, In
the fourth round at Vernon last night.
New York, Dec. 4. Benny Leon
ard's fight with Mel Coogan, the
Brooklyn lightweight, has been post
poned again until Wednesday night,
December 10. It is to go eight rounds
in Jersey City. The champion had
the bout put back on account of ir.-ness.
Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 4. Jack
Sharkey will have no trouble in mak
ing the weight of 116 pounds for his
bout with Jimmy Wilde here Saturday
r.lght, it was shown today. Sharkey,
following a work out, balanced tho
scales at just under 117 pounds. Ho
has a $1000 forfeit posted that he will
make the weight. Wilde is expected
to go about 107.
Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 4. Jack
Dempsey, world's champion, waa prob
ably the -most deeply Interested man
in Los Angeles today, in the outcome
of the Beckett-Carpentier fight.
"Sure, I'm interested," Dempsey
said, and added that he was anxious
to fight the winner, preferably In thin
New York. Dec. 4. Yester
day was a field day for the
Callahan. .
Tim was reelected captain
of the 1920 Yule eleven.
Mike was elected captain of
the Princeton team. -
Tom, kid brother of the two,
was elected captain of the
Lawrence (Mass.) high school
team eleven.
The Robertson brothers will
also captain teams next sea
son. Jim Itobertson has been
elected captain of the Dart
mouth team and his brother
Henry, was named to lead
Welch $ims For Another
Season Coaching Pullman I
Pullman, Wash., 'Dee. 4. With an
understood $.100 in salary,
Couch tlustuvius Welch has "s gned
on" for another year with the V. S.
C. team. Uis salary is now said to ho
13000 a year. '
Welch Is optimistic over prospects
for next vonr. Ho looks for some val-
j uable new blood from the freshman
I VILLA ltl'.ltmTr'.U t ,V;HT
South Bend. Ind.', Doc. 4. When it
was learned that the Oregon Aggies
would cancel their Christmas day
game with Notre Dame, scheduled for
Portland, Coach Roekne announced
negotiations would bo opened for an
other western game, probably at Pas
sadena on Christmas day.
team which Coach Zimmerman turn
ed out this season.
Rub Rheumatic Pain
Right Out-Tiy It!
Don't surfer! Instantly relieve ncltliig
muscles, nerves ami Joints with
. "St, Jnoohs Liniment'
Fiisadetia. Cal., Doc. 4. With Har
vard definitely named as the eastern
team for the New Years day east-west
football championship game here, the
committee in charge promised to
name the western team today.
The western selection lies between
Oregon and Washington with Oregon
apparently the favorite.
What's rheumatism? Pain only!
Stop drugging! Not one case In fif
ty requires Internal treatment. Rub
the misery right away! Apply sooth
ing, penetrating "St. Jacobs Lini
ment" directly upon the "tender spot"
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eobs Liniment" is u harmless rheu
matism ana sciatica relict wnicn nev
er disappoints and can not burn or
discolor the skin.
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tle from your druggist, and in just
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matic mid sciatica pain, soreness,
stiffness and swelling. Don't suffer!
"St. Jacobs Liniment" has relieved
millions of rheumatism sufferers in
the last half century, and is Just as
good for sciatica, neuralgia, lumbago,
backache, sprains and swellings.
Washington, Hoc. 4.-An unverified,
report, of the capture of Francisco VII
la by the .Mexican federal troops near
Parral reached the state department
mil FOOLISH IIF.MIT Hlil.t lLK. 1
'MAT Imill
iki: hii
rtlil.l.. ' AISK I'Vr. A Hl'XfH HH'I) HK so v,,v
I.AZYi I LIUi: HIM TAl 'K I IK KNOWS H.;s , ,u 8
Spasmodic croup is
usually" relieved with
one application of
I l.lki: TIIK W.H JIITII II" AMI lll'ltr. A (j y '
iaui:i ixsu.T A umu . i mkk him, "wkm,, m.
I Al SIS l.tUM.i ii.ii, nir.iiK 1 rn 1 Kill, Oil, Y
si:k "r.viTV utm t'Ri.i; i.v "hack st;i;- yr Tll,.
Oil COON. Sl'XDAY AX I MtXDY. ' IT'S His 1,'.;KT'
Harvard Not Seeking To
!... Win Inter-Section Title
New York, Dec. '4. Fred Fulton,
Minnesota heavyweight, and Willie
Meehan, 'Frisco fat boy, are to fight
eight rounds in Newark, N. J., Janu
ary 17. Tom O'Rourke, Fulton's man
ager, made the announcement after
a conference with Dave Mackey, New
ark promoter.
P.lenn A Brooks, 15 ear-old son of
(i. A. H oi ks of Swiss Home, in Lai.c
counts', c'4 ms to be the i campion bear
hunter of lis age, having killed three
so far this j"i i in
' Boston, Mass., Dec. 4. The Harvard
football eleven will leave Cambridge
for Pasadena, Cal., December 20, for
a game against a racific coast team
on New Year day, according to plans
made known today.
Thirty-two players, in addition to
Coach Fisher and trainers, will make
up the party.
I Fisher declared that while Harvard
will go to the Pacific const us an un
defeated eleven, he desired to make ;i
clear, the crimson was not seeking nn
inter-sectional title.
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cramping pills. Why don't you take
Cascarets and get rid of the bowel
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