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    Weather Forecast
NHvlniniil. 47.
Minimum, 20.
No JtaliifnU.
Oregon! Tonlnlit; Wednosiliiy fall'.
ton (or He Carriers We. If yon do not
81 before 70 o'clock and one wUlbe seut you.
5 4 5 9
Only Salem Member Audit Bureau
of Circulation.
u??l f riiniiiJ I h9 II f" "" 1 n
m ur m am mm
- t-iJ LU LZLi U UU UU ULa
Washington Miners Answer
Declaration That Proluction
Host Co On By Flat Refusal
To Return lo Work.
Washington, Pec. 2. Further reg
' Vial Ion of coul distribution to of rut!
,.,..,!,., economy of fuel was being
ioimliUn-1'tl toilny, In accordance) with
,i, government'! policy of mantling ami waiting for the striking min
ers to resume work.
Fuel AdinlnlHtrator Garfield was cx-
.t,.d io confer late touay or toinur-
wllb Attorney Uenorai rainier.
By S. I. Freed
(United Press muff correspondent)
El Paso, Texas. Dec. 2 A w.,u
uonai story of the slaughter of six
i.uiiiiidu una seventy four Omn.ii
U toldlei-s of tho Ranuho EsnHn mr.
.n.m uj um inouwna Vllllstaa la orcd
lted along the border toduy, despite
uu.ui.u ui.-niais.
Report Conflicting
Vice Consul Alberto Sandoval of the
.Mexican consulate In Rl Paso, after
taming with the Juarez telegraph of-
uce tniH morning emnhatlciillv ev
pressed his disbelief In the reported
In addition to D. L. C. Gomez of
Los Angeles, a lother Chihuahua City
eriiv.-u ncre, j. ii. rorea, agent of a
New York Importing concern, declar
ed ho witnessed in Santa Rosalia
heartrending scenes of mourning on I and ao on.
Baltimore Blue
Law Hits Sunday
Vendors Of Food
Baltimore, Mr., Dec. 2. More than
20 persons have been released ty polie;?
magistrates to await action of the
grand Jury following the clamping
down by the police department yester
day of Baltimore's "blue law" Sunday
lid, framed in 1723.
One hundred and twenty-one men
were nrrested upon such charges as
"balancing books,'; selling ice cream,"
"dispensing pickles and chewing gum,"
Curb Bolshevism.Remove Causes unaeny is
Labor Troubles, Give Aid to Farmers, Simp
lify Taxation and Frame Budget System.
Washington, Dec. 2.-President. Wilson today sent to congress a message urging
Coke Kins Dies After Short
Illness At 5 O'Gock This
Morning; Rated Among 10
Richest Men In U, S.
..6v.., - :i!v
an extensive program ui "SZtZririi nrnhloms confronting tne na-
His communication was aevoiea enmeiy iu n v
Legislation was recommended to curb
remove the grievances of labor which are causing n the war control
prSce bigg'er crops, simplify ft ml s and
government expenditures by a budget system and care lor me n .
sailors who have left the service. ;
left too l the taxpayer Inconvenience , ana
.1. ......i,if unvovnl times 1
. Tnovgn me - m nml ,,..oits tux rate are
vefai'ifii tn the neace ireiuy 4 in w
iv.v... - . . . ,. i.,t. 4lov mnv urovu m-aiu."-
the part of wives and relatives of the
murdered Carranzlstas.
Revenge Wan Motive
Besides the 121 arrests for working
Miners Holtl Out
K,.;ittle, Wn., Uoc. I. -oal mliiern
4 ffTnl....l
of Hie Hlalo nnivcreu mm .-mn-o
IHstiirt Attorney Robert C. HaiuulcrR,
asuertion that 'proiluctlon must (to ,
cm" todnv with a flat refusal to re
turn to tho nilnPH until disputed prob-1
lrnm of WO HOB nnu inner
conditions nro threshed out and the
flcmllin W In tho cast l broken.
f ollowing a state wide referendum
vole of miners. Krncut Newsnnm, ms
1 ri,.i Hoeretarv of the United
U'oi kei s, went to Saundorn' officii and
informed the latter that the men hud
voted to remain Idle ns Individuals
villi) the whole matter Is settled.
It.-nily for Ixhik l Wi
. .ir,c, v,o flld not discusr, high
Now York, U'ec. 2-(United Press.) tejrcaty situation. He will do so in business and
Ifonrv Clav Krlck, steel magnate, . . . aronrdlnff to reliable nues.
- - a lllld ,
died touay 01 pionuune poihuiuhb- information today. He also win uum
Frlck was 70 years old. He had Jater with the raiiVOad question, he in
been ill for several days. The end lformed tne legisla'tors.
came s iddenly at B o'clock this morn- TjiIk.i- Chief Tonic.
on Sunday, 233 small shops., keepers tn(! at Frlck's home, Fifth avenue and . Much of the message was devoted to
and drug store keepers wore to be rMu Bireet. his physician, Dr. John S. I, ,..,,.., f the labor uroblcm. To
Dr. Crimes, imn nf thn lnut sumintncd today and tomorrow for p,.,,virM. announced. ,i..lrlent said, congress
of General Felipe Angeles to be with 8e'"S on nunuay. ine cases 01 uw Tha funeral will be private ana win ; ..muat now heip in tho difficult tasK 01 premmi ...v - ,,reventcd
the lebei leader before hia execution cnargea wun woming were iuhihisou bc held at tne resilience on rnursoay. nnding a method that will Bring aooui (ui 1. V-""B . ag dlrect a way (laws
Thanksgiving morning, declared the oi yeuuruuy, uitmnjum) i.ajb The place ot ounai nas not jei uu ft gen0mC! democratization 01 inuuu Questions that
attack on the Carranzista garrlson'of 5. announced. J, based upon the full recognition of the , tit ii f.Vat this time, f
not productive to reve-
nr.oiilnirton.. Doc. 2. tu mleu
prPRi, The text of the president's
message to congress follows:-
To the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives: I sincerely regret that I cannot be
opening 01 vnis oes.v..
but in order that his liability may
be made certain una umui.w.
W'tli reference to tne aeuuis uv
revenue law. the (secretary of the treas
ury and the commissioner of Internal
revenue will lay before you for your
l...i...iio,I,tiin certain amendments,
slrable in connection with the admhv
Istration of the law recommendation
which have my approval and support
In I', of the utmost Importance tbar
In dealing with this matter the Present
i,,..,lrl nnt tie CllSlUroBU m
was to nvenge Angeles death.
Perez stated today that Villa, far'
from being "down and out," as gen
erally believed along the border, is
credited In northern Mexico with hav
ing 2000 strongly armed followers. Pe
rez heard rumors that Villa, was plan
ning to launch a new campaign, of
which the Bancho Espejo massacre,
north of Santa Rosalia, was the bo-
Mine I ginning.
Although the garrison was wiped out
last Friday, with the exception of a
lieutenant colonel, no official reports
of the occurrence has reached the
Mexican consulate here, according to
ri,,.u urn rniiHliie or remanuoK 1 1 t'ouinui aanuovai.
ihrn months If necessary, New-sham 1 tn Kl Paso the massacre was said to
1 1...1 m liove tub! Saunders, lie v,.oo.l mivtlilm. Villa has ever been
Vrlrk'q two children. Helen K. and
Charles, arrived at the residence today
from their Long Island homes. The
grand children remained at home.
When. Frick retired from business
sevevi.l years ago he was known as one
of he nine or ten richest men In the
United States and one of the most In
fluential In the business world.
Associated Willi Carnegie.
An associate of the late Andrew Car
necle. he early laid the basis of his
tremendous fortune as a flour miller
. nA itiattllnr. Later he entered the
enk hnsine'ss and from this developed
a n.Hinn in innnrtnmus to compel the II. C. Frick company, which be-
Ben W. Olcott as secretary of state came the largest coke producing firm
, Hap
nsui i - . , ,.,, ha(i tUe auvamaso '
wav iti rvcii v.w...
, t. ,h. ftniAndar year
are , as regarna i"'" "","," .
1920; payable In. tne caienuo..
1921.' The congress might well conata-
higncr raven u -
affects their welfare.'
No better means of doing una cu
. ..(,, loi.nvtTneniS. wiiu
IUUC v.,.-.'
in close touch with anairs in
riirht of those who work, in wnaieve, vmtaw of ad-
w ..... 1 litIV 1 I1JIVC nv 1 . .
CAE' I CI " .
hv Solving Ulntlon the prim datlons I earnestly -cond ,cont .y.& o
" J ------ . , , . c . 1 . in tne miiLiei " ... . .v. 1 n nn m ill wimu
.,i c .i in the la ior seciiou 01 i"-' - - . i ,.,niv. efficiency. iiis" " - . .
to old standards of labor and wages if.
-rrt ESisras ErsKJsss:
4vv.r,r,uulhlp. he said.
Sti-lko Klght I phelil.
"The right of individuals to strike is
i,i..ifitj." he declared, "and ought not
to be interfered with by any process of
tHbertyatataterdateolwarw.-.- tQ ew enter.
- -wl. nrise. encourage extravagant w
Buugei ojmeiii .- roaUce Industrial stagna-
I hope that congress will bring to , ure, , nd Pjc. unomplovment
and other attendant evus. . -
The problem is not an
conclusion at this session
,i,. m th'n establishment of a bud
get system. That there shouli be one
Ma, he added, that the government get system for the
v. th predominant right to protect 1 single .', nrt that
... . . i . ti,i - . .... ,.. i.nnkinor or an aiiiiui"'"" .
th lirf f,f nfflces now being certinea inE- in the F cnnsyicaniii uu... f.t th .,oome against tne ciuiucii...b - . mAe not m-
t.. hKlm.M'
1 1 ,i ....... 1 v. . Inln tf.. ,...,
H fled with the supreme court nero tu- T'rlcK came iirouuuc...., president told congress, iu
sid the 14 lr I'CHt wage "
offered by tho fnltod States fuel art
...1.. 1. ii.... r,ia nnl nrcentable be-
ii... Limrutors hud previously Ij,,.,.,i, thn oliarire brought in the day D iu
. r.- 1 ., on .... ,.(.,11 Inerease. The . i t Moirlon nn the Jen- ...trlct attorney
I'll. 'I 1.1 .1 fcv . . .. AlllrMlui ,i.'. . ... - - -
iieiidloi-k would bo ended, he said, u
charged with.
If tho latest massacre report
true, authorities here pointed out,
to include the office of governor in In tho world, with 40,000 acres of hold
k. f .rffir.Ra now beine certified nBtt in the Pennsylcania coal fields
m th various county clerks for the ami 12. 000 coke ovens with a Jally ca- r(,SBion ef any single class.
election next May. win ie pacltv of 25,000 tons. Analysis of labors compiumi,
it Is
Roberts' of Medford, dis- pilbiic eye In 1892 during the famous 1 ed upon jugtice. Capital, too, he
11 note 10 ain.o 0 . 0- .... : . , ct,n ln thla maUer he was 8hot and stabbed several tin
?. made puouc yesienmj, "!-- - ..... , ..P11re ...
. . ..fc... ......... . ... , 1 ,g n npaee oinuor hi ... .,v
1 he 1 1 hit cent in -ui'unvu c'arnnza cannoi oiuiwui. cvr.. ..... 1
kins case,
of Jackson county. steei strike at Homestead, ra., wneu
o was shot ana stauoea nevcia. ..
y Alexander Berkman, anarchist, now
declared, has a right to any aueuuiiiD
t.,n nml the Bovernment, he warn
ed", must never "play" capital and labor
. .. ...i. nn Tint ln
in, m.B Hniiii xi. - r
independently 01 eacn uui,
reference to one single cm;reheno8'
rlan of expenditure proper. ..-.
to the nation's Income, there can be no
doubt. I believe the burden of prepar.
ig the budget must,
. . . ' ..... ... ...1 . - ", ih. nut. a decision irom me itwtuun
c.i j.iuxir nmibou wna nn"".... pmel, 0I neMVU Ba...nv vv . f,1,,1,,inlt out the lustruc- vrlck
u with certnln other concessions, j !., . ... fi.n,.i Rmwn who, ,tn of the firm of
Rumors that mlm operators Intend I I"""!..' k.Lf- m the Olcott-Hoff r,,n.h.,r from 189 to 1
l" r,'"!:" 1 .?.?. "! r"rre"UimriimrimfirT Ar :4manau8 .lt early lt was n,
i,,i.n miner tuaru 01 trouiio,
l.ied by N'. V.. Mooro, spokesman for
the iiperatorM.
be mm ,
OF lt Kt
. " . .u n.-v is to be properiy
decision from the court on this ItWntlng deportation. . . . against each other. and responsibility concentrated.
rue- prick was cnairman w. unrest. . . . -.. . .Ht ,.Don the exe-
, CT, Z Blame for lbs unrest in the country ln J h - - p-e-parea shouid
h"nnrd of W P V' enate.for or am-
ic board of n,,w t-nttfv the neace treaty, - be submnteu mi, , .-, 0 f each
ended by. a single i.u.......v
u at one time a director j . fnn,.ra on the house
.(.nn chairman of the board 01 4 -nttfv the neace treaty.
u .. ii " . ,OCrio steel com-,11"1'1""' . . tur. v.h...
ed notice oil the court mat an uiim managers 01 me ----- 1 0ne cause 01 tnis unrw. "
the question would be pushed to pany.
on tne question - jmuy. ". ,:...,.... aent astwiwu .0. m,,i-lation should
a definite conclusion sooner or later. of the Pennsylvania. part of our government to arrive r ----- 8UCn
A fundamental change has taken plat
with reference to the P'tion
i .v.. ,r,ri,l'a affairs. The pre
judice and passions engendered by
decades of controversy between twt.
"ri:",. nf nnlitlcal -and economic
HUliuuin . ..
thought-the one Believers .'""";
tion of American Industrie. "
believers In tariff '
must be subordinated to the 1 slngta
consideration or tne pu
the light of utterly cnnniou
BefoA the war. America
the debtor of tho rest of the wor cl
and the interest paynients she had to
make in foreign countries onmer,-
travelers aDroau " -
hnraoa she nan i ft"
of congress and no single ap-
be mane
,.v, no mav have
"If this court does not pass upon thjj At.chlson, Topeka & ' s.a"ttt ii'v at a just and permanent peace per- f'tlpa n the budget prepared
.,. uiinii now. It must uo bo nn- chinneo & iNorvowoaicw., - .,. otuin to normal coniununo. n,i,iMi bv tflo par-
". ... r, 1 n-num rieelar- c.i nvnnratlon. the Mellon k.,i,i with the by tno execuuvc. v. - , , the war
er: ":L7 7 ht time and the Z. 7 hank of Pittsburgh, the unon Rnd aKitators the ticular committee o,
eu in a the Norfolk & " . T.C... i either with tho buuget ieK ; nrices have
action to oe tiiKeii uy wUt..- 'jtusi - riresinonr. anviseu --- Economy is rmnw . . tk other hand. western railway. "impatient or drastic. e nm..6. ar,d not less Important a- . tlI.onortion of the
tained in thla Bta tomenfc . ""h" aU th0 the caes of unrest be sougn - proWeM l8 the ascertain-, purcnaseu h
be ser7d and maintained otdy state Jo - - a stlr In the finan- connected ; only nudity for
others, about balance the value of her
nfn-war favorame Daia."" ---
Kig the war America'- exprs.
been greatly stimulus
increase" n..
she has
un pflcn uuuiilj ...v..
Paying-higher JteTden t. , and "Sr offices for which
Smith, county ool uperintenden , a chosen, I
unuer , .
for the purpose ot ascer- , been, groat-
Brown s
r.ial world.
tlrer. .cnt
of his associate. Carnegie, and
i iiPPTi inv iv.-1 . . .. .i
e-nment to arrive sneenny - ' ,tlnn. No one is autnonzea u, .nv.. - navw
. l)Bliui. - f ,nll
a ,(,n,r ; icaliy ana eii-v r . traln. Ev import Into tnis " " --
achinalions of malevolent , The , au .o. anenr tcluire In 1 or of goods, ov by t'th.
B ,?or this or any other subsequent a- ou. J- - t)lis counry with-
ifiijutieu , Miru i i ; ... nutiinrizeu unu cm- 1 nuar v nfVMS-
,.., 1 . . 1 vnin larva turn unu . Tho mis iiu-a i'r. -
.taiesandprooau.y in the wo.-hl. nrnnna w. ,k pnM.B. session to port UP by 'o ket for foret.n securities.
known as om." ". inwe' llvlnc costs , ,,..,(.nti of the government, j..... wk(..h would ten.i
Smlin. louiu ..toa are to De uiiudv-.., rirpr .cnt ot nis iiDow-"--. -
;ndow the -PeSlnl continue, ntheevent Kocketed.r. .hynreo were
AVaKhli.Rton, Dec. 2. Joseph Willis
Alexander, congressman from ollu
tourl, hiiH been selected by President
Wllfion na secretary of commerce, suc
KidiiiB William C. RedfleUr resigned,
It was announced today. Ills nomina
tion will bo forwarded to tho senate
teachers for incroaseu
as follows:
iau n iifLtron
., nnnmve the inov
1 am "' :,, turners for an term
the part 01 w.. .
In their saia"
tement conu.iu. jol... v. leattel.a ,n an,
the it has not ue - - amat umo " tran
1 ir hotter salaries 11
cs are pa'" - t ..,., our
JS"sn"Vvctf ni an
, " , u u cl tons depends so!
Tnny of our govern-
'eachem salaries have not .kept
race with the increaMd "Orto
. . ... .1.1 im.ii-t that Governor . . iop
nninion 01 hd A monuui "--- . . ...
' . fin out the unexpired, to have oeen 111
,-cmeni uicou ha the . v,i ru
of Governor Desi, 01 neaun ai i"" "- IroTV, the m
will institute manaamu, , U,, en.ent ai.u coi.s.ueraoie um. - aB.tators."
. for the purpose u L.Ynresaed thai he snouiu nu atrer iaWs acainst
.... '.1, t tne corparatively early age u. r
rr expenditures Have .balance 01 - -
made within the ap- ly lncre tt
tiii.,1. wnrnnean centers iron. ' orable tara - .
the state
amount of $150 each . - questlon by decision of this
Owing to tne ia-v - - ., 1 ,,
coun. . , v n lllll
Attorney tienerai nru
ani'c i-'i,
us nor
He was
-tifiKutinn for the
in prepa.-i..B ..t thfi offlce
clerks aecinic" ---- - , ,
,....u nnt k nc nuoeu to.. - - . ,i0,i ,ns en .
n ....... ailllUllA ll"V "-- I .. . ... n.han OK
... r, u M tkpre WaH W 1 Lvuvv.
world. tts
Tud"et Svstem.
'..?.. Li art collectors in the
when he retired was e . ks ro,o-m e
' .... ...,1 inaKmuch as there was ! "" mmion8. He was saiu 4ho. ,1(1Pt
in i" " .,.. f n eovern-, mateu i "" . nie.- ' . .m v.o
occasion for tne i - - jto haye paia ,5OUuu iuv r- wm be 0btnine-i wn..--.
or st this time. ture. ' r.n ' " (
The opinion reuu. , Wou Kame 01 nnder rH-edlon or n,
Frick had the h. ni provMe fr "".."'l ' "k" - w co
enough to aesei m .i i"t." " ",.,.
et svstem ress ano to
Must Simplify Taxes,
will give
The opinion reacts.
-The attorney generals oftice
,vWng governor Olcott. a . well
131 P.iho, Texas, Dec. 2. Cordova,
the Puebla bnndit who captured Jen
kins, has surrendered to tho Mexican
ILll.t.i.D - . n.... r, 1 IV 1 1- til 1 H II L CU"B" ' . . .
Deputy Secretary . . - . the ..Sl)hynx." Ho wM extreme nom)ca11v soeot. ,
therefore, tear. w , COn,li-zer. was guided u, - ttt avoiding publicity, Taxes ". .
"v'w- 1 nnlirt Ot HIi'o ... ... i..c in n. SCOTC Ul esic A1ni. r."o""" "
tlO, s
treet cleaners,
.no . ". anA many
government, according to iiuormai.o" no - ;',:,.,. or 0 prpws.-iW f" ' - the full term Tne u nu --- 1inionizaVi0n of
renching here this afternoon, -i no requ . "h Uer pay tnan - uueu - Wlthycombe was gucceSs m --- ck 8 un.
surrender was reported to have been trainiiiK. end a goodly per wnlch . Ja'Ztion 0f tne
made on Saturday in the city ot fueo- tea. ,.e. . .- , prcie" eiec - . .proretatlon of tne pro- tiring ngni-B-. "- --- t,eJ.
7 -option 8 or article v now steel inausu The attitude of
I "Chiving been overruled. eratlon of l wllh
of State Sam
.i,. the nonuress
. 1 nnnslderatlon to the
Its imnic'iii'",c . t,i...i.fl
,.., taxation. Slnipllfi-
,ivoniem u . . ...- n,io- m
anil prynmi v...-
ArivthinR. therefore.
to prevent foreign co
ilnff for our evnnrts
n,iu into this counu-v
untfles fi-om set-
hv sl''nme,1,s or
would only
.nnllncr them
have the effect ot
avlng for our -
the ernorts from
,. of the Income
. n.. Inimedtate
oevformcd Indispensable war,
from 1
fore ot "'"" "'-: f the
ade. fne pro..".. -
nsltv. country, at Iniu a cd -
Thoso taxcB peviuiiM" i
Bervlce during the war I (Continued of PaKo Sovcn.)
elevator operator, -rhar fl. Uroad and financial organ- f rhVpUfled not only to save
la. Cordova has made a sworn state
ment of testimony In the Jenkins o-se
b - Mnyicn court official. He is
represented to have given himself up
.earned that he was partly
the cause of the. complications with
tho United States.
cent of their salaries
Relatives Of Man To Hang
OJpfj Tn CM Removal
r .. it not having oeen era - ,ofimtn to treat wi
stamioi - ..titled to till oui judKe uary ,i,i.
Oovernor Oicovt . -- f!..vern0r :.," rPresentatlves recewj !
court in Chad
. .. .... ..... .f the
the P'"ubutthe opinion of the tQ De merely a How.n
:.:.rc ad4 - z, or
Small Salaries Paid 1 eceu
c nu:l Shnrtaxre of Instructors
Throughout County Statistics Show
boen questioned by
' jusutlces.
Whether Governor
Olcott is to fiU
of the late
0 f'Vrt!
lpoUcmer. including
San Diinnitn Pl rofl
intone . Lapara hangs on December
'9 his interstitial glands will not be
iransrerred to one or tne inm . ,at0 jeeoie
the prison here. It was learned touay r policeman n. tQ rest
that his relatives have demanded that i" hospUal Sunday. ,a after-
With six acting as pan
Chief of Poll ainey. aant a
ciiihs. attenaain.
his bod v h rlnllvered to them Intact.
This request Will bo granted the
Prison physicians said
oon. Funeral sen ice un.
.k i,ntiel of the The police
out the Pambe or whether he
Governor W h com . d
,ic is extraord"vr..' uty
'n nublic question, ana . w
RtPORltD kftl
According to Superintendent J. edC?o th.
hers cSt be secured. The fact ZZoX
that similar conumoi.B i- isr.o.OOO. Hiui, r"
United ni,ti -
..... ,k,.i-a tx
are lowest the shortage ot ---
eHtimated at ao per ce... , " a
when, salaries have b e" ncrca
most the shortage in
low as 2 per cent.
2. Dispatches
k. revealed are startling, even alarm
f the chapel
The sum of $10,00.0 has been 01 company ai .' r8i tak
"r who served """,, ia8t re-
fered for T in.nn.rn. m elands, but
1'hyslcluns announced they could only
. be used within the prison walls tor
experimental Tho plan was
to uso them to rejuvenate an aged
men who siTye" - .
. .his meiiim - ,nmm
"'AT .h';, - departed comrau -
ar. S. White. Blme? i Harl.y r.
Thompson, a - Varney.
out me .,, aonolntlon aeei
National bouu --.,, n"t
he point of investigation,
a revealed are startling, ev
Inough replies have been
th National E'ucational
The """"".'- ,r threaten- tlon lo us i""'" . ' " , ..... m war- cost
i tn tne --- .
'i .:.,' .w hold good through-
,1 Educational association ages . " t tlie total short
of investigation. The acts .u : the LnHed Bta . umluallfled
, ... ..tiinff. even alarm ;. e a d toiai i. bR.OOO re-
teachers will ne
Enough replies have been receiv- tcndont)1 were asked to state
Paris, . caniKh cabinet ing. .. ivA(i Mectively.
ontiv saiu i"? v. .mniioH nave uueu "
wrf - MOUK" , Hiiwnueiuiwuvo ,
recenUv by the National Enai -' '1
Sweetheart Of Murdered
WAmm riirKf Ru Police
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