Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, November 28, 1919, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Inking Jackson's place in the third
MiKirter. Wapato. Toble and Lawson
rlid the best work on defense, white
Busier Kot back into the game with
M usual pep.
I:tnie1sun .was Puget Sound's be:.t
eround-gniner. Pollen and Revelle al
so coins; cxxi work. The Taconia team
played a clean, hard game and did
well to hold the llearcata to so low a
. 'Score.
i Tne Kcarcats have gone through the
New York, Nov. 28. Having been season without being defeated by a
the bumpiest of bumy seasons, it was college team, and thus may claim the
only right that it should close with a rmn-conference championship of the
bump and it did.
No sounder wallop was handed to
the dope all through a season replete
with knockouts than the trick of Co
lumbia in holding Brown to a 7 to f
He. Columbia was so little considered
that Brown had figured -on bringing
along an adding machine la foot up
the grand total. But the Rhode island
ers were played off their fset and Just
escaped wtlh a draw.
Ther. Syracuse had to go and do it
over again for the second time in the
west. It was so cold out In Lincoln
that the clylndcrs of the O'Ncil ma
chine stuck and Nebraska, booted a
field eoal in a snowstorm ?.nd won 3
to !.
That Pennsylvania didn't run ft score
u; around the half century mark
aniimt Cornell was the omy surprise
of tbt) season'B finale in Quukerdom.
The Ithacans are so used to -reverses
that the 24 to 0 score was considered
a moral victory.-
This swan song of the Pittsburgh
Tanthers had a lot of sour notes in it
that grated on the ears of the smoky
Bob lllggins ana company
northwest. Only one defeat has been
chalked up against them, that admin
istered by Multnomah.
Although they started the season
with enly a few jiien of college foot
ball experience, through Coach Ma
Ihews' eforts the team has gone into
each r.mne knowing more football than
their f.popnents. and this fact, together
with the "old fight" that has been
characteristic of Willamette teams
ever since football has been played
here, -and which Coach Mathews has
Injected into this year's squad to a
greater extent than ever before, has
been responsible for the present suc
cessful season.
The llheup:
C. P. S. ()
Brooks ,
lillsworth ......
Revelle ..........
Willamette (10).
-I..K.R Wapato
: L.H.R...
ctlv crowTd,
. n r. ., . . V. , 1 1 - ,n uovArftt evhlhl
"7" " ."T", Substitutlons-C. P.
tlons oi tracK ".""',', Todd, Don
nasties i'liu inciueiiitiiij' iJituw i
yointJ, holding the Panthers scoreless.
West Virlfelnla was expected to beat
Washington and Jefferson and accom
plished it gracefully.
Centre collefi-? iar her season's to
tal up to 483 by beating. Georgetown,
K'V . 77 to 7.
.MiiMiuri won the Missouri" valley con
feioncc championship by defeating
Kansas 13 to 6.
Only one same remains ne w to bury
lonhall officially for the seanon-r-tjie
Army-Navy match here tomorrow on
t!ic Polo Orounds.
: Karl for
sey for Arnett, Kinch for
Tollc.i, Clayon for Brooks, Magnuson
for Anderson. Wiilnmette: Thomas
. . Tl Tl - M mi r . . I
u. "', ouroes lor i nomas, ner-;spent th6 nlght at Navy headqual.tcl.a
wood for Jackson, Oanzans for,. fh- rnmmn,t, wi t,.
ReTSL n"7? 0t -VYlsconHin: ,,m- to go to the field this afternoon for a
Chicago, Nov. 28. Jimmy Wilde,
flyweight champion, performed for
Chicago fight fans today. Wilde, who
has bten in training in Milwaukee for
his bout there a week from tomorrow
night with Jack Sharkey, came to Chi
cago for the day to go thronvh his
paces .He will return to his camp
ab n.t 10 miles from Milwaukee tomor
row to finish his training.
Philadelphia, Nov. 28. Benny Leon
ard, champion lightweight, and Soldier
Bartfield, welterweight, fought a six
round drew here last night. In the fifth
round missels of every variety 'were
hurled Into the ring by the fans, who
claimed both were stalling.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 28. Battling
Reddy, New York, was awarded the
decision over jOhlck Hayes of Indian'
apolls after 12 rounds here last night
Jersey City, N. J., Nov. 28. Pete
Herman, bantamweight champion, out
pointed Mickey Russell, a local boy, in
an eight round fight here yesterday
New York, Nov. 28. Army and
Navy ore camped here preparatory to
engaging In their annual battle which
will close the football season tomorrow
on the Folo Orounds.
Thfl middles, headed by Commander
Dougles L. Howard 'and Coach Dobie,
plre, WilHtim of low
Ford of Willamette.
head linesman.
"Miracle Man" Hailed As
One Of Greatest Movies
final workout.
The cadets, numbering close to GO.
arrived this morning and billeted at
the Astor.
Willamette's Item-ruts defeated the
College Of Puget Sound 10 to 0 ill the
big Thanksgiving game, before the
large-it crowd of the senson. C. P. S.
fought gamely but were unable to make
yardage against the local team. Wii
lnmette had the stronger team, and
and should have won by a higger mar
gin. Peveral times they threatened the
visitor's oitl, but fumbles nnd penalties
. prevented them from scoring.
Knrly In the first quarter Zeller went
tthrojgh the C. P. S. tenm on n cross
buck and ran 00 yards fnj- a touch
down. Dimlok kicked goal. I'hH other
iicoro was made in the third quarter
when Tllmlok succeeded In place-kicking
from flie 25-yard line. In the same
qunrter Zeller carried the ball 30 yards
ever the goal, but It whs brought buck
slid Willamette penalized for offside.
Willamette got close enough again
in that quarter to try a place-kick, failed. Just before the end of
the unie Willamette carried tile ball
to the one-yard line, but lost It on a
C. P, S. threatened Willamette's goal
only once, when u series oOforwurd
passu can-led the ball to the ten-yard
line. An incompleted pass over the
goal-lino counted a louchback, losing j
for them the only chance to score.
During the first half C. P. 8. was'
blo 'o make yardage, but the Bearcats
slght-Micd up on defenso In the last two
nvi-lndii, mid on most of the plays stop-
lied the runner behind the line of
scrimmage. C. down In the second half, and that
wth a forward pass, '
Zellt-r was Willamette's most consist
ent ground-gainer, all hough Sherwood,
playing his first college game, made
a number of spectacular runs, after
A super dramatic Paramount-Art-oraft
feature, "The Miracle Man, '
which was produced by George Loane
Tucker and Is now at the Oregon Thea
tre is declared to be one of the really
great screen dramas of recent years.
It was written by Frank L. Packard
and produced asTi stage play by Oeo.
M. Cohen and packed the Broadway
theatre In the season of 1910-17, where
It played for Hiany months. The screen
version Is said to be even more ab
sorbing anil thrilling in its develop
ment of the striking story, which
shows the marvelous transformation
under the beneficent influence of an
ennobling environment of four of tha ! o'clock before it
most notorious crooks of New York's lighting service
Hearing of the healing powers of
this old man of the hills, Tom Burke
and his' band determine to capitalize
them to enrich themselves. Little did
they reckon that In their new field of
operations they 'were destined to un
dergo a magical trn information, and
and this forms the basis of one of the
most thrilling stories ever screened.
'Pape's Diapepsin" instantly
Ends Indigestion, Sourness,
Stomal Acidity
Are Imiiiji of undigested food caus
ing you )iuiii? Is your stomach acid,
Hussy, sour, or have you flatulence,
iicarthurii ! Then tulifl I'apc's Wapep
sin. Just ns soon ns vou oaf a tablet or
S. made only one 'two of I'npo's Diapepsin all that dys
pepsia, indigestion and stomach distress
mused by nviility ends. Thoso pleas
nut, liai'iiilesA tablets of Pape's Ditipep
sin i kv or fail to make sick, upset stom
achs feel fine nt once, and they cost
very littlo at drug stores , (Adv)
Ciervuis, Or. Nov. 27. For more
than three hours last night, beginning
about six o'clock, Oervais was cloak
ed in darkness. Traffic thinned out on
the streets, and stores closed for want
of light. A play scheduled at the local
opera house was postponed-. '
According to best information, re
ceived here the transformer of the P.
It. L. & P. company at Mt. Angel
burned out, and It was after nine
was replaced and
restored. Damage
when the transformer burned out
amounts to several hundred dollars,
according to 'company officials.
Woodljuin, Nov. 2 7. About one
third of the lights In the city . were
out between 'six ami nine o'clock- ust
night, while repairs to the power
plant at Alt. Angel were being made
Pussyfoot Johnson's
Right Eye Removed
London, Nov. 28. William K. "Pus
syfoot" Johnson, American prohibi
tionist, was reported resting comfort
ably today, following removal of his
right eye yesterday. The eye was In
jtued when he was "ragged" by Lon
don medical students while he was
making a prohibition speech here No
vember 13. Physicians explained ll
was necessary to remove the eye to re
lievo Johnson of pain and save tin;
other eye.
Banish Catarrh.
One cannot
the value of
health as a
business asset
food is a splendid aid
. in placing any mans feet
on the health road.
licious, economical.
'There's a Reason for Crape-Nuts
Made by Postum Cereal Co. Battle Qcek, Mich.
Breathe Hyomei for Two Minutes and
Relieved Stuffed up Head
If you want to trot relief from ca
tarrh, cold In the head or from an irri
tating cmiKh in the shortest time
breathe Hyomei.
It should clean out your head and
open up your nose in two- minutes and
allow you to breatho freely.
Hyomei often ends a cold in one day,
and brings quick relief from snuffles,
hard crusts in the nose, hawking, spit
ting and catarrhal mucus.
Hyomei ia mndo chiefly from a sooth
ing, healing antiseptic oil, that comes
from the eucalyptus forests of inland
Australia whore catarrh, usthma, bron
chitis, totisilitis, influenza, pneumonia
and consumption were never known to
Hyomei is pleasant and easy to
breathe. Just pour a few drops into
the hard rubber inhaler, use ns direct
ed and relief is almost certain.
A complete Hyomei outfit, including
inhaler and one bottle of Hyomei, costs
but little at Daniel .1. Fry's and drug-1
gists everywhere. It you already own!
ait inhaler yon can get an extra but-1
ilo of Hyomei at druggists. (Adv) j
Sage Tea Darkens i
Hair To Any Shade!
Iimt siiiy gray! Hero's a simple
...recipe that anybody can apply
with a hair brush
The use of Sage and Sulphur for
restoring faded, gray hair to its nat
ural color dates back to grandmoth
er's time. She used it to keep her
hair beautifully dark, glossy and at
tractive. Whenever her hair took on
that dull, faded or Wreaked appear
ance, this simple mixture was applied
with wonderful effect.
But brewing at home is niussy and
out of date. Nowadays, by asking at
any drug store for a bottle of "Wy
etb's Sage and Sulphur Compound,"
you will get this famous old prepa
ration. Improved- by the addition of
other Ingredients, which can be de
pended upon to restore natural color
and benuty to the hair.
A well known downtown druggiRt
says it darkens the hair so naturally
and evenly that nobody can tell it ha
been applied. You simply dampen
sponge or soft brush with It nnd
draw this through your hair taking
one strand at a time, liy morning the
gray hair disappears, nnd after1 an
other application or two, it becomes
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get
at the Cause and Remove It
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the
substitute (or calomel, act gently on the
bowels and positively do tlie v.ork.
People afflicted with bad breath tind
quick rcJit-f throu;rh taking them.
L)i. Edwards' CHive Tablets are a
vegetable comrwund mied with olive
o'L They aot fently I ut firmly on lh?
bowels and liver, stimulating them to
natural action, clearing the blood, and
purifying U e entire system. They do
that which dome! does, without any of
the bad after effects. Take one or two
every' slight for a week and note the
pleasing efYect. 10c and 25c a box.
Good Health To You j
Dr. Carter's K. & B. Tea;
For Long Distance Auto Trucking
Willamette Valley Transfer Co.r
Costs but Utile and You Can Stake a j
Whole Lot from One Package j
Redua: your doctor's
bills by keeping
alwsyit on hand
"YOUR BODYGUARD" - 30 60fT20
More people are drinking Dr. Car
ter's K. & B. Tea than ever' before,
because they have found that in these
days of high prices some of the sim
plest remedies are best.
Get a package of this purely vege
table tea. Everyone in the family will
like it, because It only takes a few
days for them to find out that for
liver, stomach and bowels and to pu
rify the blood there is nothing surer,
safer or better.
Pimply skin and sallow complexion
vanish after a few cups, and the lit
tle tots Just love It and should always
have It, especially when out o'f sorts
and feverish. - ' " (Adv)
THERE comes a Time in every man's ilfe
when he is either glad that he has---or sorry
--that he hasn't a strong banking connection.
' It is sometimes in the matter of credits, or
in recommendations, or in the many services
his Mnker can perform. But there's no get
ting away from it.
Start YOUR account NOW at the United
States National Bank and have Such a connection.
Used But Not Abused Cars
.. .
1920 Case driven only 2,000 miles, over $100 extras.
Worth $2,750. Owner will sacrifice $500 on this car.
1920 Studebaker 4, $1300.
Two 1915 Ovevlands. '
1 Studebaker Delivery.
1 G. M. C. truck. Will sell on very easy terms. Near
ly new Maxwell truck to be sold this week. Make
offer. If you have a Ford for sale, bring it in. It's
34x4 Tire, $15.00 :
34x4 Tire, $5.00 1
Storage $3.50 Month. ;
U. S. Garage
Phone 1752 554 Ferry Street
Open Day and Night
Salem SfiSwam Oregon, H
Steinbock Junk Co.
All kinds Scrap Iron, Junk, Metal, Rubber, Rags
r Sacks, Hides.
Highest Cash Market Price
Don't Forget the Number
Saturday, Nov. 29
10 o'clock a. m., all of the following goods:
.337 Court Street
Clocks,-watches,- guitars, drums, ' v.iolins picture
frames, lamps, cameras, typewriters, pianos, chairs,
tables, stoves, bicycles, motorcycles, guns, tools,
graphophones, sewing machines, suits, overcoats,
rain coats, ladies' cloaks, men's pants, hats, caps,
shoes. And thousands of other useful articles that
we are closing out regardless of cost. There will be
bargains and lots of them. COME ! '
Col. WF. Wright,
GEO. MILES, Owner,
337 Court Street
Sell Your Old Shoes for $1.00
On Friday and Saturday, November 27 and 29
No matter how badly worn we will buy them. The
best ones we will give to the Salvation Army an .i
other charitable organizations to help those who
cannot help themselves.
Only that you wear your old shoes into the stove,
buy a new pair at regular prices. You are to put
on the new pair and leave the old ones for us. We
will pay for Men's and Ladies' $1 per pair, for
Boys' and Girl's 50c a pair and for Children's 23c
per pair, any kind.
Will cost YOU only just the regular prices that we always sell them at and
You can nick them out of our windows
If you like, 'for they are full of good shoes at prices'lower, as usual, than any others in this part of the state
of equal qualities and in many cases way under factory replacement values.
Friday and Saturday
November 28 and 29
AH Shoes Guaranteed
For Satisfactory Service
At The Electric Sign "SHOES"
M .
! beautifully dark and glossy. tAdv)