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Published every evening except Sun
Cay by The Capital Journal Printing
Co., 134 South Commercial street,
Salem, Oregon.
GL PUTNAM, Editor and Publisher
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nesa Office. 81; Editorial rooms, 82.
Member Audit Bureau of Circulation
Entered as second class mall matter
at Salem. Oregon. : .
National Advertising Representa
tives W. D. Ward, Tribune Building.
New Tork; W. II. Stockwell, People's
Gas Building, Chicago.
By carrier 60 cents a month, $6 a
By mall, SO cents a month, 11.25
for three months. $2.25 for ' six
auonths, $1 per year.
By order of U. S. government, all
mall subscriptions- are payable In ad-rancs.
Rippling Rhymes.
Iluvimr had a thorough whipping on
the field of death and gore, we may
Bee Germans skipping back to useful
task and chore. Having dumped the
old ambitions, having scrapped the
Willielm dream, they get down to new
conditions, and in trade they'd lie su-I-renvs.
While the othor wrangling na
tions yap around and paw the air. back
to old Jinie occupations go the Ger
man everywhere. With a single earn
est purpose they go back to forge and
loom, while our foaming windsmlths
Ciih'P Us songs of anarchy and doom.
If we do not quit our ylpping. making
Dinoko and fur ascend, Oermnny, that
bot the whipping, will-bo winner in the
end. For she's heating up her boilers
and she's speeding up her mills, and
her brawny, husky tollers go to work,
w ith loyal wills. While we rant around
and clamor of our rights and of our
wrongs Germany takes up the hammer
and sounds forth the work time gongs
Watch the Germans. Bee them germ
ing, in their old efficient way, whllo
we're squeaking, squabbling, squirming
for a. big advance In pay.
GARRANZA'S reply to the American note demanding
the release of Consul Jenkins indicates that the Mex-
i ican government is following the same procedure as the
j United States would follow in similar caseshas followed
m numerous instances..
Jenkins is accused of kidnapping and of perjury be
fore a Mexican court. He is held in jail pending investi
gation and hearing, merely because he refuses to put up
the moderate bail of 1000 pesos (about $500) which would
free him, prefering instead to secure liberty through the
demand of the United States governmnt, which would
probably mean immunity. The deliberate pose of martyr
to Mexican perfidy is one that raises suspicion as to inno
cence. , :
At least this is the Mexican version and it will require
official investigation to justify interference by the Unted
States. Occasionally a consul, even an American consul,
goes astray and takes advantage of his position to break
the laws of the land he is stationed in and when he does,
he cannot expect his country to go to war to ?ave him.
In Mexico there is so much' prejudice against Ameri
cans that accusation frequently means conviction and a
fair hearing is impossible. That may be the case in the
present instance, for none of- the Mexicans is more pre
judiced against Americans than the pompous president of
the southern republic.
On account of the propaganda in progress to force
intervention, all stories about Mexico and Mexicans must
be taken with a grain of salt and an official investigation
only can establish the truth about Consul Jenkins.
Odds and Ends
San Francisco. When Mrs. George
Taylor tiled to heat a delicatessen
plum pudding that came in n Can, the
blame thing exploded, landing her in
tie hospital.
Mllmett, 111. Hov. Stephen A. Lloyd
trikew his texts from the streetcar ads.
Next Sunday he will talk on the text
"Ask dad, he- knows." Last Sunday
bis text was "There's a reason."
tSoranton, Pa. .Tames Culgiilio. 28.
returned soldier, and his widowed step
n other, Josephine Calgulr, 24, will be
married Sunday. James will become
vtepfuther to four stepbrother and stciD
Dcs Moines M. W. Churchman par
ried money on his hip for eleven yesrn
and didn't know it. - He opened n
lister, on his hip and a ten-cent piece,
coined in 1H08, dropped out.
Ne v Tork -Joe Levy's clients could
n't sit down because gamblers swiped
his furniture, then got themselves
raided and the police rnfitse to relin
quish the evidence.
IjfH Angeles. 'Die "high cost 01
water Is the main factor in the high
rust, of milk," writes the farm bureau I
to the mayor. The letter explains the'
Mjter Is for Irrigation. j
T HE strong arm of the government reached forth last
winter, seized numerous alien "reds" in Seattle and
other coast cities and rushed them by special armed train
to Ellis Island, where they were held for deportation. The
aid of the courts was invoked bv svmnntriPttV wenH-W
parlor anarchists to delay actionbut the deportation or
ders were sustained. The anarchists, however, were never
deported, but paroled by Commissioner Frederick C.
Howe, in charge of immigration work at Ellis Island, up
on their promise to appear when wanted but of course
they disappeared.
Thus the work of the department of justice in ridding
the country of dangerous avowed revolutionists was nul
lified by Howe and the alien reds freed to continue their
propaganda of industrial unrest, This action resulted in
Howe's dismissal from office and a congressional inves
tigation of his regime is now in progress.
Mr. Howe is the author of several books on democ
racy, which portray his radical tendencies. Before the
war, he pictured German efficiency in government as a
model for the world. An avowed pacifist and the writer
of numerous anti-war articles, he was active in peace
propaganda when the war, was declared. If he aided his
country in its struggle for Victory, it was in too obscure
a way to receive public attention.
Whether or not Mr. Howe was pro-German, like most
of the so-called "intellectuals" of anarchy, there is no
question of his being pro-bolshevist in tendencies and sym
pathies. He never should have been placed in a position
where he could influence the immigrant against the coun
try of his adoption and thwart the will of the"government
by giving aid and comfort to those seeking its destruction.
The "reds" held for deportation at Ellis' Island are
on a hunger strike. It is hoped the authorities let them
starve themselves and so rid the world of a menace.
, dv tne noted autnor
1 1dah MSGlone Gibson
Kansans Respond To
Governor's Appeal
Toptka, Kun., Nov. 2S. Seven linn
died volunteer coal diggers today re
sponded to Governor Allen's appeal for
men to mine In southeastern Kali
ans. Governor Alien declared the power
wf the state would he used "to relievo
the coal famine and protect the lives of
those engaged In carrying out thin ef
tort. Otln r offers of nsslstance today In
cluded HS0 Indian students of Hasklll
Institute, Lnwrence, the entire football
squad of Kansas university and stu
dents of the Kansas State Agricultural
"Come with me," said my mother,
after ti few moments. "I want to take
you to your father."
Of course f couldn't Hay to my moth
or, who had all the old fashioned no
tions, that I did not want to look upon
my father's inanimate form.
lAar little mother would not have
understood it. She would always have
felt that I did not love him, I'orhnps
I am prejudiced, but It seems to me
that when one gazes upon the form
from which nil life, all that we have
really loved has fled, one's mind for
ever retains that last impression to
' , -I''".; ., "
Figure don't lie, but. you kin drape
'fin tn they'll answer th' sine pur
pose, We'd like V live in Mississippi
wlicr you kin go t" bed at th usual
hour election night.
echafvi of a ozrfrskm
inay be yours
A clean, healthy skin Is usually a
lovely ;Jn, ln;t the use of the proper
S'i;i is necesiwry, ,
is specially cleatisinj;, yet itis mild
iind sociiliiuif because it contains tli
Ktiiiml properties prescribed by pUy
siciam iir years in the treatment n(
skin troubles.' it eives a rich, refresh,
ine and invigorating lather thut you
lint really feel is cleansing.
KESINOL SOAP is also excel
It. it for the hamXH)Ss it tends
in iessen tlnndn-ff and make the
hair soft and lustrous.
At all druKk'rsIs andtnilct ri.Hisdcafers.
i the exclusion of others which wo
In.iKhl wisli to keep sacred.
' 1 have never looked upon a body
"prepared for its last rest, with the
IfeellnK that it looked . at ' nit as the
person did in life. I never have been
able to say; "Doesn't she look natur
al." Or: "Aren't her hands beautiful."
Death to me is never beautiful, and
I cannot make it so even when I be
hold those I love best In its embrace.
If 1 had said this to my Krlevinsr
mother, 1 think perhaps it would have
broken her heart, so I went with her
"Kiuherine," she Raid ns she lookeil
up from where she was bending over
the casket, "here lies my life as well
ns his. For twenty five years I do not
believe I have had a thought in which
your father did not enter. Iy whole
existence meant 'only him and my
dear, you will forgive me, if I mnka
this confession: I should have hated
to have had to make the choice be.
tween you two."
T clasped the little trembling form
of my mother in my arms ns I said:
"Perhaps, dear, that is the reason
that we Jill me given no choice in thJ
matter of life and death. Finite minds
cannot visualize beyond a finite love.
Today, mother dear, the modern wo
man allows nothing to be bigger than
life itself -nt least so it seems to ine.
"Do not misunderstand me," I has
tened to add. as I felt my mother's
wondering even questioning me, and
knew she was asking who this strang
er was that sho called child who this
woman was who could put anything
beyond the love of her husband. "Do
not misunderstand me. dear," I re
peated, "I do not mean that there are
not times and places where one should
not give her life for another, if need
bo. Hut I think in most cases this is
purely the climax of an emotional
thrill, and I hove come to believe that
except in exceptional cases It is braver
to live than to die. Tea, braver some
times to Jot the other one die, when
one might have snved him nt the ex
pense of one's own life."
My mother looked at me in wonder.
To her love was all and I, with a lit
tle shudder, took a firmer grip upon
myself as I realized that to me love
was not all,
, "Katherine." said my mother with
tircat anxiety, "don't you love your
husband?" .
"Yes, mother, I think I love him ns
much ns I am capable of loving, cer
tainly he attracts me more than any
other man I have ever known. I
think perhaps that should he suffer
aa father did I should- take care of
him in Just the same way aa you did,
and would grow to feel that he was
the object of my life.
"But, my dear, sweet little mother,
unless one has Just the life that you
and father had, I do not believe it is
possible to have the oneness which is
spoken of in the marriage ceremony.
Modern life is too complex, and wo
men have grown to understand that
they are something more than men's
playthings: or men's servants. A wo
man no longer feels that when a man
covers her with Jewels that he is giv
ing them only for her gratification.
Some of the saddest and most dissat
isfied faces I have ever seen have
been those of women whose' fingers
and forms were covered with Jewels'
Mother clutched me with cold fing
ers. "Katherine, Katherine, you must
not talk this way! If you let your
thoughts run in .this direction, yon
are laying for yourself the foundation
of great unhapplness."
"What is one going to do, mother,
dear, if modern thought and modern
education have convinced woman that
she is a human being after all ? And
looking about me, I am afraid that
this knowledge has not brought any
more happiness to other women than
it has to me."
"I don't understand you at all,"
said mother.
"That's the trouble," I answered.
"That's the trouble with all the pres
ent day women we are Just finding
(Continued tomorrow)
Regular Habits Produce
j a Beautiful Complexion
Daily elimination rids the system of poisons
Women should realize that !
MANY women complua daily of
then complexion, of iHcit hwi
acHes and gmeral ill beaUfe little
realujoj that the trouble it coMbpatkm.
Woma, too, are much mope subject to
such congestion than men, aad much move
car: leu of it. The mull if eeo in iuatef
leu, weary eye, in sallow, pimply cons
plexion, m tauitude, ba4 breatb, and ia
that word so often used, "indisposed."
At the first sign of tliese symptoms the
wise woman will take a laxative, and
will see that the young girl and others in
her care do likewise. Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin is the farorite with thou
sands of women because it is mild and
gentle in its action and in the end trains
the stomach 'and bowel muscle to do
their work naturally without the aid ef
This combination of simple laxative
heibs with pepsin can be bought at any
drug store for 50c and $ f a bottle, the
latter for families, for it is also a very
ateiUng first-aid hi colds, fevers and othar
r'ai ills that make it advisable to
always have a bottle in the home, ft is
free from narcotics and safe for the tiniest
In spite of the fa t that Dr. CahkvcU's
Syrup Pepsin is the largest selling liquid
, laxative in the world, there being oxer
6 million bottles so!d each year, many
who need its benefits haze not yet used
tt. If yon hare not, send your name and
address for a free trial bottfc to Dr. If'.
B. CaJrtweH, 511 Washington St., Mwti
cello, Illinois.
You Don't Have to
Question the Quality
The Government settled that
It sent millions of pounds of
to the troopsover there"
more than all other
brands combined.
unees ior
Before the War and Now
Druggists and Doctors Astonished
At Wonderful Power of Nicotol
To Stop the Use of Tobacco
To Detect Harmful Effects of Tobacco
Try These Simple Tests
New York. Jlr. Tobacco User, any
druggist will tell you that a remedy
to be successfully sold muet. above
everything, possess merit, otherwise
failure is Inevitable. N'tcotol. the fa
mous remedy for tha tobacco habit,
was a success riKht from the start,
simply because it quickly does the
work promised. Vc publish a few let
ters from some of the best known
di-URKlsts In the-country to trive you
an idea of what they think of Nicotol,
and you may eet assured that they
would not permit the use of their
names unless Nieotol was something
out of the ordinary. The Peoples Drug
Stores have five of the 'best stores in
Washington. 1). C. They -write; "Since
we have handled Nicotol the sale has
been greater than that of all the rest
of the article of this nature which
we have ever hold. The demand was
so great that we were compelled to
order it locally pending receipt of a
shipment from you direct." Schramm
Johnson, who have six stores in Salt
Lake City, say: "Wo take this oppor
tunity of exprciinV ourselves relative
to Nicotol. We have enjoyel n very
iHi-gfi sale on same and it has given
entire satisfaction to our customers."
Jacob Brothers of Philadelphia. Pa
have this to say: "Our sales of Nicotol
j have passed our expectations. 'Our
i first order was placed late in March
and we were forced to reorder before
ithe end of April; the sales have kept
'up well ever since. There is no doubt
i that we are reccivinu many repeat or
ders from our customers and many!
'espressious of opinion regarding the'
merit of this article have been very
favorable." Ir. Conner, formerly of
Johns Hopkins Hospital, tells how to
detect the harmful effects of tobacco.
Here Is whak he says: "Muay men
who smoke, chew or snuff incessant
ly and who are seemingly healthy are
suffering from progressive organic
.nlimwiiln, Thousands of them would
never have been affected had it not
been for the use of tobacco to excess,
and thousands would soon get well if
they would stop. The chief habit form
ing principle of tobacco is nicotine, a
deadly poison when absorbed by the
systf mi slowly affects the nerves,
membranes, tissues and vital organs
of the body. The harmful effect of to-
baceo varies and depends on circumstance.-
One will be afflicted with gen
eral debility, others with, catarrh o
the throat, indigestion, constipation,
extreme, nervousness, sleepessness, oss
of memory, luck of will power, men
tal confusion, etc. Others may "suffer
from heart .disease, bronchlul trouble
hardening of the arteries, tuberculo
sis, blindness or even .cancer or the
common affliction known as tobacco
heart. If 3-ou Use tobacco to excess in
any form, you can easily detect the
harmful effects, by making the fol
lowing simple tests: Read aloud one
full page from a book. If in the course
of reading your vole becomes muf
fled, hoarse and Indistinct and you
must frequently clear "your throat, the
chances are that your throat is affect-1
ed by catarrh and it may be the be-;
ginning of more serious trouble. Next j
tn the morning before taking your'
Christmas is just that far
distant. We would call your
attention to a few sensible
and useful gifts.
A LAMP 1 "
Mother has been wanting a
new range this long time.
She has the desire,
You have the money,
We have the range,
Let's get together.
usual smoke, walk up three flights of
stairs at a regular pace, then stop. If
you fiud that you are out of breath,
your heart beat is borced, trembling
or Irregular, you may be a victim of
functional or organic heart trouble.
If you feel that you must smoke, chew
or snuff to quiet your nerves, you are
a slave- to the tobacco habit and are
positively poisoning yourself with the
deadly drug, nicotine. In either case
you have just two alternatives keep
ou- with .the self poisoning process ir
respective of the- dangers and suffer
the consequences; of give up the hab
it and escape the dangers. You can
overcome the craving and stop the
habit in a very short time by using
the following inexpensive formula. Go
to any drug store and ask for Nicotol
tablets, take one tablet after each
meal, and in a comparatively short
time you will have no desire for to
bacco the craving will have left you.
With the nicotine poison ut of your
system, your general health will quick
1 Improve.'
Note When asked about Nicotol
tablets 'one of our leading druggists
said: "It is truly a wonderful remedy
for the tobacco habit: away ahead of
anything we have ever sold before.
We are authorized by the manufac
turers to refund the money to every
dissatisfied customer, and we would
not permit the use of our name unless
the remedy possessed unusual merit" !
Nicotol tablets are sold in this city
uuder an iron clad money back guar
antee by all up to date druggists, in
cluding "D. J. Fry. (Adv)
467 Court Street