Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, November 21, 1919, Page PAGE NINE, Image 9

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    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1919.
" WW if . n
Ik T HT9
Small Ads GetR
new i
Hate per word Each insertion one
cent, six insertion 5 cents,, one month,
14 insertions, 17 cents, one 5-ar, per
month, V cents. Minimum per ad 5
cents. - ...,('.
Fitst insertion only In ft Today.
Ci:y ads cash in advance and not tak
en over phone, unless advertiser has
monthly account. No allowance lor
phone errors
New Today.
FOB SALE By owner, modern
home, 8 room, gas, electricity, fur
nace, fireplace, garage. Price ,
L'OO, terms. Call" 1SS0 Center St. or
. write P. O. box. 423. .Will sell furn
ished i desired. -' . . 280
FOR SALE r-Or trade horse and wa
yron for a car. -2233 Fairground
road. 278
FORD for sale cheap, good condition.
Phone 955. ' " " 281
BAF.Y sulkv for sale, good as new.
1308 N. Com'l. " . 277
FOR SALE Milch goats, fresh in
about three months. Phone 2153.1.
FOR SALE White angora rabbits.
Phone 2153.T. , ' 278
FOR SALE 4. Fox terrier puppies
and yellow canary singers. Phone
ilSFU'. ' 281
FOR EXCHANGE Will exchange
640 acres of land for Salem prop
erty. 640 State street. 277
FOR RENT Furnished room In pri
vate family, reasonable. "Phone 1009
WANTED An acreage close in with
fruit and berries; would like to
deal with owner. Box 50 Journal.
. 277
WILL pay cash for good used pi-
nno, must be a bargain. Phone
492. 278
WANTED Ludy to do day work, will
pav 35c an hour. Call at CSC Center
St. 276
WANTED To rent piano by respon
sible party. 'no children. Phone
1276. 277
FOR RENT Furnished room wthin
one block of P. O. lor rent to lady.
Phone 1576R. 278
FOR SALE Or trade, a big snap by
owner. A 4 apartment house, ao
ttress Box D R Capital Journal. 281
FOR SALE Cheap, 6 large lots,
'small house, bnrn, bearing fruit
trees, close to car, good location,
Owner, 1720 N. Summer. - 277
FOR SALE 6 room house, furniture,
.Wind. etc.. on Davpd street. 1 block
from carllne, 2750 cash. Address
H J A care Journal. - , t,
YOUNG married man .wants steady
position as grooery clerk or some-
' thing similar. What have you? Onei
year experience. , Box 4 ., capital
Journal. . " 278
FOR SALE A full size player piano
with 16 rolls of music, only used a
few months, better than new and a
genuine bargain. The Wiley B. Al
len Co,, 619 Court St. , 278
STRAWBERRY plants, Curhsbert
raspberries, loganberries and Yroo
man Franquet walnuts grafted on
black. Middle Grove Nursery, Rt.
No. 7, box 201. Phone 24FG. 2S1
NATIONAL cash register lc to $9,
re'ed on acc't. charge, paid out,
etc., $450 model, price 8:175 ensh
or terms. Telephone 22', Aurora, or
write P'. O. box 113, Aurora, Or. 276
FACTORY lot or warehouse location
60x110, one block off Union avenue
Portland, to exchange for auto, pi
ano or what have you? Telephone
22, Aurora, or write 1. O. box 113.
Aurora, Or. 276
7-10 acres of nice land set to straw
berries, logans and filberts, small
buildings, for $200 per acre on easy
terms. This is a bargain, better
look into it. John H. Scott Realty
Co., 254 Oregon bldg. 278
80 ACRES 1-4 mile north Aurora on
main Portland road, some timber,
balance logged off, 15 acres beaver
dam easily cleared. Wire fencing,
some small buildings and lumber
' from former saw mill. Will accept
cltv property for one half, price
$6800. Telephone 22, Aurora, or
write P. O. box 113, Aurora, Or. 276
CHEAP LANDS We can sell you im
proved and unimproved . land in
large or. small tracts,- in this
f ' county, for $25 to $100- per acre.
email cash payment, remainder on
easy terms, 10 .years If desred. Let
us tell you about them. John H.
Scott Realty Co., 254 Oregon bldg.
FOR SALE A snap in second hand
cars. One Maxwell $550; Overland
roadster $175; Saxon bug $300; Oak
land $600; Studebaker $275; Chev
rolet $560; another Chevrolet $500;
Ford $450; Saxon $350; Another
Ford for $325; Studebaker $500;
R. C. H. $550. American Automobile
Co., 1S5, 19a a Commercial St. 276
D3. JOHN L. LYNCH, osteopathic
physician and surgeon. 403-4 Ore
gon bldg. Res. phone 5SF5; office
phone 1394. . S01
Any amount. Low rates.
Full repayment privileges.
Very prompt service. Ask
about our 20-year loans at
arc . -: ..' .
I 205 Oregon Bldg.
Salem Oregon
For Sale.
FOR SALE 9 goats. Phone 107F32.
27 7
FOR SALE 9 1-2x14 tent, child's
bed with mattress, reed baby bug
gy,, nialealile steel range with res
ervoir, new heating stove, practic
ally new double express harness und
single harness. AVill sell above arti
cles for 1-2 of origiual cost. 395 S.
12th street. 277
POTATOES for sale.. Phone eenings.
8F23. '' ": 276
FOR SALE Fantail pigeons. 1495 N.
Liberty St. Phone 2167M. 277
FOR' SALE 15 h. p. Zimmerman
. Wells boiler, complete with stack.
E. C. Cross & Son.
FOR SALE Or trade- for cattle some
" sheep, 9 head of Shropshire ewes.
Call evenings 87F24. 276
BEAUTIFUL wall tints 10s pound
and up. Max O. Buren, Com. St.
. 276
GOAT meat for sale, first class only.
Orders taken 2567 Oak and, 25th
' street. Phone 2160M..
WrOOD Good old fir $9, delivered;
supply limited. WT. A. Shelton, Rt.
3. - 276
CHOICE goat -meat at Peoples mar-
Ket oetween state ana i;ouri o
Liberty street. '
FOR SALE 1919 Buick. Five pas
senger. Practically new. W'ilson's
i garage, phone 220. 276
FOR SALE Chean. liirht team work
j horses. See Alford LaBranch, four
corners on pen road. Phone 19F4.
27 i
FOR SALE 1919 Dodge touring car,
has not been run 2000 miles. See
car at Dodge agency, 184 South
. Commercial St. 281
FOR SALE Modern six room house
(except furnace) at 1244 Waller
St. $3000, $1000 cash, balance
terms. Roth Grocery Co.
GOATS for sale, thirty six head. R.
Anderson, Rt. 1. box 72, Jefferson.
FOR SALE At a bargain,' in good
' town with standard High school, 2
churches, 2 stores and flouring mill,
99 ,11 plnnr wHfrVl K l'finm
house and barn. Price $3600. See
Chas. Ransom, Aumsvme, or. ztt
FOR SALE Four Buttercup cocker
els, 8 months old, Fine winter ap
ples, also weed cutter. Phone 23F21
after 6 p. m. 276
FOR SALE 235 acres improved
farm, 1-2 mile south of Marlon, Or.
$75 per acre, terms. H. Fennell,
North Bend, Ore. 280
FOR SALE Pullets "' soon x laying.
White Leghorn and Barred Rocks.
Center of Hollywood addition. Fred
Cniilsons,. or phone- 2394W. 277
FOR SALE Fordson tractor com
' plete. with -plow, extension! rims,
pulley and extra shares. Cheap.
Oregon Tractor Co., 173 S. Com'l.
Phone 1600. . '; .
FOR SALE 10 acre tract, 9 1-2 acres
in bearing prunes, six and nine
years old, 1-2 acre .family orchard,
rock road, 4 1-2 miles out. Price
$5600. Phone .2315. 276
BOAR. WTill sell my herd -boar, 3
yenrs old. Hd Is from the best and
has proved his worth; weighs about
450, in good flesh; first check for
575 will take him.- H. R. Jones,
phone 49F2, Salem.
have fifteen pigs eight weeks old,
eligible to registry that I will sell
at $10 each. These are beauties,
your choice while they last. H. R
Jones, phone 49F2.
TO SETTLE an estate, Wim offering
for sale five - modern bungalows
well located on paved stree. Wil
liam H. Trindle, JJank of Com
. merce. bldg. . . 293
FOR SALE Partridge Rock -cockerels,
1902 N. Church. Phone 15C6R.
I HAVE $5000 to Joan 'on good real
estate to private party. Address' G
H care Journal. 279
FARM for sale by owner, located
in fruit section of Virginia. Signs
' of manganese and iron ore, for par
ticulars address, Ethel L. Huffman,
Washington, D. C, care general
delivery. - 279
FOR SALE 8 weeks old pigs for sale
Thone 44F14. 276
FOR SALE New Woodstock type
writer, perfect condition. Address
22 Journal. 279
FOR SALE Five year old work
horse. Phone 1678W. 279
FOR SALE Few cords furnace wood
and oak. Phone 1678W. 279
FOR SALE Cheap, delivery or ser
vice car, first class condition. 114C
"Oak street. - . 279
FOR SALE Rabbits,-Flemish Giants.
768 N. 21st. . 276
FOR SALE 40 acres fine eastern
Oregon alfalfa land, near mainline
, R. R. town. Would sell now for less
than half what it will-be worth a
few months hence when water is
- delivered, or would consider ex
change. 292 N. 20th St. Phone 1902
W evenings. 278
FOR TRADE--40 acres of timber land
Inquire at . 260 N. 15th mornings
and evenings.- . 280
Stove Repairing.
STOVES rebuilt and repaired. GO
years experience; Depot National
and American fence, aizea 2 to 68
inches high. Paints, olr and varn
ishes, etc., - loganberry Mid hop
books. Salem Fence uni Stove
Works, 260 Court street Phone 124
Safety Razor Blades.
SAFETY razor blade sharpening ma
chine, first installed at A. B. Stew
art Repair Shop. 347 Court St
Lost And Found.
' LOST Black driving glove, return to
Salem Velie company, reward. 276
NEWCOMER to Salem': wants to buy : Sfe DR- HALL... WILSON Spe
a modern liome up a, around- $4,- j cialist in the Modern Sclentif-
000. Ceutrallv situated as i"-noasi- io annlication of arlassea fop thn Alii
ble. Possession before' Christmas. !
Write Mrs. Bottoinpy. cure Journal.
Used Cars for Sale.
FOR SALE-A late-model Chevrolet
in first class shape. Sells .for cash
only at a lor price. "170- S. 12th St.
Phone US:.. -Jil r r Z 5 ..- 27.7.
FOR SALE Cheap, one'BuIck road
ster. 17 -8. -'High"- . - - -- ;. 277
TO Oakland owners, we are fully pre
pared, to take are of your-cars no
matter in what shape they are in
and can -guarantee absolute satis
faction.. We are also prepared to ao
first class repair work on any maice
. of cars. American Automobile Co.,
For Rent
FOR RENT Garage. 1409 Mission
street. " ' ; " 276
FOR RENT Small well located farm
Box 6, Turner, Or. . 276
S LARGE furnished housekeeping
rooms on first floor. Also furnish
ed sleeping rooms. 574 N. 15th
street. 277
Help Wanted
WANTED Man to tip loganberries
on the shares. Ground is plowed.
Phone 107F24. 278
Remember, able bodied boys over
18 years old aiid under 60, . the
Crown Willamette Pulp Mills at
Oregon City and West Linn will
need men for the winter season.
Just keep them in mind when ar
ranging your winter work schedule.
They have a fine hotel Just for em
ployes, at low rates,- 300
WANTED Man on ranch, one that
can handle tractor . and prune
trees; nil winter work for right
party. Phone 93F23.
WANTED--Lady boarder, room and
board $15 month. Ella Finney. 276
WANTED Work by school boy
(Japanese). Box J Capital Journal
WANTED Experienced man for
men's furnishings, shoes, etc. Gale
& Co. 277
WANTED Ciood milk cows on shares
John Lorenz, Rickreall. 280
WANTED To buy milk, goat. 1353
N. 15th street. 277
WANTED Somebody with high
blood pressure that can get no re
, lief. Call 1749. ' , 278
WANTED Maid, experienced prefer
. red, n-ood .-wages .and noon . lunch
Apply Housekeeper Hotel Marlon.
- . 276
MR. and Mrs. Sparks, ladles and gents
tailors, want garments to remodel.
Room 2, 442 State St. 286
WANTED Highest price paid for
fat cattle and milch cows. Phone
1576W. 279
WANTED Sawmill to cut on shares
or stumpage, ash, maple, oak and
fir. Address Wm. H. Egan & Sons,
Gervais, Or., Rt. 2, Phone 3F11.
WANTED-Good cast iron. Beards-lej-s
Foundry, 1360 N. Front St. 27 S
WANTED' From private parties, a
good secondhand rug. Call 79F14.
. 276
WANTED Baled oats and vetch hay;
state price. H. Brown, Rt. 3, box
- 92, Salem. .276
WANTED To lease farm, I have
team and tools. Cherry City stables
C. H. Glover. . , 276
PATRONIZE Veribest Transfer Co.,
baggage and moving; hauling any
where. Phone 2444, 129 S. Com'l
ex-Bervice man and old tinier in
Salem. . 801
Read This Ad . ' ..
320 acres on Pacific highway. 130
in cultivation, balance in valuable
timber, fair house and barn. A real
snap at $40 per acre. $3500 cash, bal
ance long time.
240 acres, 30 in bearing prunes, 10
in apples and cherries, 15 in logans,
200 under plow, balance in timber and
pasture. Very fair improvements, on
good road. $150 per acre, liberal terms
160 acres, 35 in cultivation, small
family orchard, good improvements;
timber will more than pay for this
land, 1-2 mile off Pacific highway.
$75 per acre on easy payment plan.
We are just placing on the market
some fine berry and fruit tracts, 10
acres or more at $225 per acre on the
easy payment plan; this is a good op
portunity for you to buy land that
will make you a good home, and pay
its own way while you are paying for
it. Let us prove this to you,
John H. Scott Realty Co.
228 Oregon bldg. 277
Real EstateHouses
FOR SALE 5 room bungalow with
or without furniture; terms. W. A.
Liston, 484 Court St. -
Homes, Apartments, Busi
ness Properties, Building
Loans. Current rates. Full
Re p ay me nt ' privileges'.
Our own money. Prompt
service. '
205 Oregon Bldg.
Salem Oregon
of vision and the relief of eye strain
and headache. Office closed Satur
days. Office 210-211 U. S. bank build,
ing. Phones, office 145; res. 1244.
rist, eyes examined and glasses fit-
' ted. Broken lenses . duplicated.
Hours at office daily, 4 p. m. to S
p. m. Saturday 9 a. m. to S p. m.
' Appointment by phone any hour.
510,-12 ,V&, banlt. Phone 341. .378
. Water Company.
corner Commercial and Trade Sts.
Bills payable monthly in advance.
Phone 606.
Office 124 South Liberty street
Phone 937, 1211. Real estate and
stock sales. , - ; .-,
W. P. WRIGHT, Turner auctioneer.
Why not get him. He only charges
3 per cent. .
Money To Loan.
On good real estate security
Over Ladd & Bush Bank. Salem, Ore.
MARION-POLK National Farm Loan
Ass'n. Government money to loan
at t 1-8 percent 303 Salem Bank of
Commerce. W. D. Smith.
Federal Farm Loans
$1-2 per cent interest, Prompt serv-
Ice, 84.1-2- years time. Federal
- farm loan bonds for sale. A. C.
Bohrnstedt, 401 Masonio Temple,
Salem, Oregon, .
BETTER have-your auto overhauled
and put in first class shape, guar
anteed. Work done in your owrt ga
rage. W, E. Tripp,: Phone I3C3M.
- ' ' - . g77
"WALFELT" superior - to cloth at
about half price. Max O. Buren,
. Com'l. St. 276
REX Dry paste, no cooking required,
: works better and sticks tighter
than flour. Max O. Buren,'" Com'l
BL 276
.. Snlom Auto Radiator Shop
: Radiators, Fenders and Gas
i Tanks Renaired
b Tractor Radiators a Specialty -
Ford Radiators Tor Sale
198 S. 12th St. , Salem, bre.
Best Buys.
30 acres all cultivated, well fenced
hogtight; good barn, good berry land;
will grow clover, joining town. $2750.
Own terms on $1000 for 3 years at 6
per cent.
125 acres all cultivated, well fenced-,
1 modern 8 and 1 4 riom residence;
good barn . and outbuildings, -school,
station audi paved roa by. the place.
$185 per acre; $10,000 cash, balance
6 per cent. , -' - -
100 acres, " 94 cultivated balance
timber; good house, barn, at Btation,
at school. $110 per acre; terms on 1-2
at 6 per cent.
- 239 acres all cultivated; 7 rViom
bungalow, barn, well fenced. $65 per
acrp, 1-3 cash. ...
11 acres, 100 bearing English wal-
put trees, logans, cherries, good mod
ern improvements, ; pavea roaa; the
best of soil. $10,600; very easy terms.
20 acres all cultivated; lots of fruit,
house, barn, all fenced, 3 miles from
center Of Salem, $8000; $1000 cash,
balance 6 per cent to suit..-'
20 all, cultivated; good fruit land,
7 miles from Salem, owner will sell
without payment down if buyer will
plant fruit. $3000. -
10 acres all cultivated, 3 logans.
family fruit, house, barn, balance in
grain; some fencing, paved road, close
in. $4500, 1-2 cash.
5 acres -all cultivated, the best of
berry land, house, barn, family fruit,
close in. $1850; easy terms.
320 acres, 100 acres cultivated, good
soil, Lake county, Or., $3500; will ap
ply as payment on valley ranch. -
320 acres, 40 cultivated, well locat
ed, plenty water, .Malheur county,
Oregon, $7 per acre; will take resi
dence in exchange.
.. HOUSES , ''
Modern 6 room bungalow.' $1900.
Strictly modern 5 rooni bungalow,
Modern 8 room furnished bungalow
$2000. ' ,. .
Modern 6 room house, large lot,
6 room house with large lot; lots
of bearing fruit $650.
For best buys or exchanges see
341 State streot .
Wood Saw.
'HONE 1754R. Our prices are right.
W. M. Zaadler, proprietor. 1295 N.
Summer street, Salem, Or.
We Want.
Your used furniture, stoves, carpets
and tools, as we pay fair prices for
everything. Call 947.
capital Hardware & furni
ture CO.
28S North Commercial St.
Lodge Directory.
Cv OHEMEKETA Lodge No. 1
meets every Wednesday
evening at 7:30 at I. O. O. F. halL
McCornack hall on every Tuesday
at 8. Harry Levy, C. C. ; P. J. Hunts
K. R. & S.
Oregon Grape camp No. 1360 meets
every Thursday evening in McCor
nack hall. Elevator service. Oracle,
Mrs. Carrie E. Bunn, 648 Union St
recorder. Mrs. Melissa Persons, 1415
N. 4th St Phone 1436M.
bly No. 84 meets every Thursday at
8 p. m. In Masonic Temple. Qlena C.
Niles. M. A.. C. A. Vlbbert, secre
tary. 340 Owen street
Oregon Cedar Camp No. 62'4
meets every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock In McCornack building.
Court and Liberty streets. W. M.
Persona, V. C. Frank A, Turner,
Very Desirable Property.
7 room house nlastered. mnrlei-n.
full basement, $2000.
b room house plastered, modern:
garage- for two- ears, fruit, $2000.-
o room house plastered, modern, 4
rooms upstairs unfinished, $3500.
t room nouses plastered, modern,
basement, fireplace, $4000.
3 acres all in cultivation, wire
fenced, a few bearing walnut and ap-ple-xti-ees,
room ceiled house, out
buildings In- KOOd shaie.. 4 mile out.
2500. . , ; , ,,.
10 acres, 5 in cultivation, 5 in tim
ber, stumps, etc., fenced, best red soil.
3 room house, $1500, terms.
i Walter McLaren '"' :'
Room 25, 180 N. Com. St. 276
Oleson's Auto Exchange
49 N. COM. T. M. C. A. BLOCK
Buys, sells and exchanges used cars
We buy old cars for wrecking. Auto
parts for sale.
Autos for hire without drivers.
1917 Ford, $425
1 Samson tractor $500
Ford bug $2 75
1 Ford truck, fine condition, $625.
Many oth'er good buys.
. W sell oils, grease, gasoline,- used
auto parts, tires and accessories.
Niemeyer's Buys.
A neat 6 room cottage at 260 North
15th St. Modern conveniences.. Good
basement. $2000.
An 8 room, up to date, modern
home at 682 N. Commercial A, snap
buy. $2500. - .
6 room modern house on N. Cottage
St. 3 lots 60x100. Yodng fruit. $2700.
An attractive, strictly modern home
1780 Court St. rooms with nil built
in features. More than 2 large lots;
good fruit. An exceptional offer at
$4000. Good terms.
Coy 5 room bungalow, strictly
modem with fireplace; 1315 S. 15th
St. Cement walks and curbs. $1675.
Easy terms
92 acres 8 miles south on paved
road, 6 acres in orchard; prunes,
cherries and English walnuts. Balance
timber. New dryer; shack, well and
pump. $15,000, ' ' - . I n
10 acres 6 miles south.. All cultl-vated.-Good
fruit. Modern house. $3,-
500.-' ' ". r ,' ',.
'143 acres 4 miles from Salem on
rock road. 120 acres cultivated. 5
acres slashed; 9 acres timber. 10 room
2-story house; 2 large barns. Good
well and gas engine. Near school. $21,
C. W.' Niemeyer.
, Just real estate and high class investments..-216-216
Masonic bldg., Sa
lem. Phones 1000, 1014. 276
" Good Bargains And
Nice 100 acre farm, 95 in cultiva
tion all level, good soil, good farm
buildings, near school, store and Bta
tion. Snap; $11,000.,-
60 acre farm near Sulem, 60 in cul
tivation, good buildings, nice loca
tion. Bargain; $7500.
30 acres river bottom land, orchard,
buildings. $6000.
40 acre tract, 25. bearing prunes, 4
in apples and walnuts, set farm build
ings and prune dryer. $10,600.
Nica" -6, jici tracti .close in Orchard
and buildings. $1850. .; ,
8 million feet good timber 3 miles
from town; nap, 75c per thousand.
Fine 2 acre tract close in; $1200.
'--JO-acre tract close in, in high state
of!, cultivation. Snap, $160 per acre.
For square deaf in real estate see
Ferrine & Marsters ' '
211-12 Com. Club bldg. ;
Houses For Sale.
FOR SALE 0 room house, furniture,
wood, etc., on paved street, 1 block
from carllne. $2750 cash. Address
B J A care Journal, 275
FOR SALE Good ' modern five
room house, with garage. If taken
at once lor $1200. Phone 782W. 276
FOR' SALE 7 rooms, bath, toilet,
enough bearing fruit for family,
good big barn. This is a bargain.
Price $1650. D. E. Hart, Oregon
bldg. - , : r - 275
FOR SALE 16 acres, New7 room
plastered house, good barn, near
electric station. Price $4500. D. K.
Hart, 208 Oregon bldg. 276
Small house, 2 kits, South Salem,
7 room modern house, corner lot,
$1500. .1
6 acres loganberries, bungalow, $2,-
' 600 '; ' ' .!
Choice corner lot close in, paved
. Btreet, $600. F. L. Woods,-341 Stixte
St. 277
For Sale -
176 acre 1 2" miles from Salem, 3
miles from R. R. station. 85 clear, bal
ance pasture and timber, .70 acres
bottom land worth $150 per acre.
Buildings good as new, cost over ft,
000. 8 room house, basement, furn
ace, hot and cold water, ath, toilet,
water piped in house and barn from
fine spring. Stock with place consist
ing of 6 horses, 12 cows, 37 sheep,
200 chickens, farm tools of all kinds,
16 tons hay, silo full of ensilage, and
other feed and seed wheat; furniture,
all goes. Personal property worth $3,
500; part of crop now in. Price $18,
000, $7000 cash, balance 6 years at
6 per vnt. This is a bargain if you
ai-e looking for. a farm. Enquire at
540 State St . 275
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned, by an order of the county
court of Marlon county, state of Ore
gon, duly made and entered on the
4th day of November, 1919, was ap
pointed administrator with the will
annexed of the estate of George W.
Johnson, deceased, and that be has
duly qualified as .such. All persons
having claims against said estate are
hereby notified to present the same,
duly verified, as required by law, to
the undersigned at 119 iNorth Com
mercial street, Salem, Marion county,
Oregon, within six months from the
date of this notice.
Dated and first published this 13th
day of November, A. D. 1919.
Administrator with the will annex
ed of the estate of George W, John
son, deceased. . -
Why Sell For Less?
WE win pay you more cash for your
household goods. Get our bid bo
fore yea sell. Peoples Furniture
and Hardware Store, 271 N. Com
mercial street Phone 734.
- R-U-Looking-4-A-Home ; '
Beautiful modern 7 room, doubled
ceiled and floored, bungalow plaster
ed, bath, two toilets, full cement base
ment. 7 large lots, pears, peaches,
plumbs, prunes, cherries, apples, all
varieties of berries, walnuts, fine
shrubbery, large barn, chicken house.
This is a swell place for someone and
a real buy. $5000, $2500 cash, balance
at 6 per cent. -
Bungalow, 8 rooms, new and mod
ern, full cement" basement This is a
snap. $3200, 1-2 cash, balance to suit
at 6 per cent.
John H. Scott Realty Co.
228 Oregon bldg. - 277
Good Buys.
15 acre tract all cultivated, 4 acres
loganberries, 5 room house, barn, well.
t-rico jauoo.
10 acres nil cultivated, small house
and barn,- 100 bearing apples. Price
IS5W. ' ,
10 acres of lund, i acres in bearing
null, apples, peaches and lowinhei--
nes. nouse not finished. Price $1650.
io acres Hearing prunes, rock road,
4 1-2 miles out. Price $5250.
20 acres of fine prairie soil, good
piastei-ed house and barn, gravel road.
Price $5000
98 acre farm located on main grav
el road, 5 J acres cultivated, balance
pasture anu timuer, h room house,
barn, orchard. Price $13,000.
- Good 6 room modern home at 1565
South Liberty street. Price $2800.
Two 5 room bungalows located at
61-0 an 620 South 18th street. Price
$2000 each, $200 down, balance $20
per moncn, o per cent interest.
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co.
275 State street
. Grain: Wheat, No. 1, $2; feed oats
7580o; milling oats 86c; cheet hay
$17; oat hay $20; clover hay $2122;
mill run $44(846.. i .
Butterfat: But.terfat, 70c; eream
ery butter, 6769c. '
Pork, veal and mutton: Pork on foot
15 l-2c; veal, fancy 19c; steers
78c; cows 6(5)7 l-2c; spring lambs
9 ',4 c; ewes 4 5c; sheep, yearlings 60.
Eggs and poultry: Eggs cash 70o;
light hens 1820c heavy hens 24c; old
roosters 15 16c; springs 20c.
Vegetables: Onions per sack 4tio:
celery doz. 906; potatoes 2c; sweet
potatoes 5 l-2c.
Fruit: Oranges $6.006.60; lemons
$8.50; bananas 11c; honey extracted,
20c; bunch beets, 45c; vabbage 2 ',4c
head lettuce $1.00; carrots 45c; grapes,
Tokays 1214c; Brussell sprouts 16c;
cauliflower $2.00 doz.; red peppers, 20c
lb. -Retail
prices: Eggs dozen 75c;
creamery butter 75c; country butter
68c; flour, hard wheat $3.10(g3.25.
iPorUand, Or.iNov..21.9utter, ity
creaiftery 66 67c; Eggs selected local
ex 7G80c; hens 2628c; broilers 22
W27c; geese 15c; cheese 3335o.
- i.:- . live Stock. - r .
Ca.ttle: Receipts 246; tone of mar
ket steady; good to choice steers $9
9.50; fair to medium steers' $708;
common to fair steers, $6.60 6.60;
choice to good cows and heifers $6.50
7.50; canners $34; bulls $56.60;
calves $8 14.
Hogs: Receipts' 657; tone of mar
ket steady; prima mixed $16.00016.50
medium mixed $15.0016.00; rougb
heavies $14.0014.60;- pigs, $14.50
15.00. '.,:.'
Sheep: Receipts 52; tone of mar
ket steady; prime limbs $11.S0(R12.25
fair to medium lambs, ,$lQ.50li. 00;
yearlings, $8.609.00; wothers,
w . ou ; ewes is.uofljpT.oo.
Second Hand Goods.
No Cash Required Good overcoats,
shoes and suits, all kinds of musical
instruments, shotguns, riles, heating
stoves, gas stoves, suit cases and 1000
other useful articles to sfU or trade.
What have you 7 The Capital Ex
change, 387 Court St. Phone 493,
Time Tables.
No. Northbound
54 Oregonian .., 6:00 a.m.
16 Oregon. Express t..,..i....i 6:55 a.m.
28 Willamette Limited 9:17 a.m.
18 Portland Passenger ...... 1:50 p.m.
24 Coos Bay 5:36 p.m.
11 Portland Express 7:45 p.m.
, .... Southbound
53 Oregonian , 3:10 a.m.
23 For Eugene 10:05 a.m.
16 California Express ...... 11:05 a.m.
17 Roseburg Passenger 4:08 p.m.
27 Willamette Limited 6:44 p.m.
13 San Francisco Pass 10:03 p.m.
73. Arrive at Salem 9:10 a.m.
74 Leave Salem 4:00 p.m.
"ass mm
Without Delay
C. W.
t 215-216
Masonic Building
- Established 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. ro.
. .
Hf ' i - 1 41
I .;. iEr.Ai, i -l
- - ! . - .. . ;' . .
Of the Stale of .Oregon, for Mario
. County. Department No. 3
Phea Farms Company, a corpora
tion, plaintiff, vs J. H. Dunlap. Lu
cian L. Eberhardt, Bank ot Amity, m.
corporation; John W. Gibson an
Flora Gibson, his wife; G. I. Gibsou,
John B. llolman, T. B. Kay. and Bea .
W. Olcott; the unknown heirs ot Ith
amer B. Pratt,' deceased; also all oth
er persona or parties unknown claim
ing any right, title. Interest, Hen or
estate in or to the premises described
in the complaint herein, defendant
Tq Lucian L. Eberhardt, the un
known heirs ot Itluimer B. Pratt, also
all other persons or parties unknowm
claiming any right, title interest, or
lien or estate in or to the premise
described in the complaint herein, de
fendants. In the name of the state of Ore
gon, you, and each of you are here
by required to appear and answer
the complaint filed against you in the
above entitled court and cause on or
before the 29th day of December.
1919, and If you fall to so appear and
answer said complaint by said date,
for want thereof the plaintiff above
named will apply to said court for
the relief prayed for In its complaint,
towit: a decree decreeing said plain
tiff to be the owner m fee simple
and barring you and each of you
from all right, title, lien. Interest or
estate whatsoever in and to the fol- .
lowing described premises located in
Marlon county, Oregon:
Beginning at a point XiAi chains
west from the quarter seetion corner
on the north line of section 1 in T.
S. R. 3 W. of the Willamette Merid
ian in Marlon county, state of Ore
gon, and running thence N. 84 dee
28 min. W. 5.34 chains; thence N. g
deg. 37 min. W. 9.78 chains; thenc
N. 67 deg. 7 min. W. 6.30 chain;
thence N. 6 deg.' 28 min. W. 8.0
chains; thence N. 88 deg, 24 min, W.
8.63 chains; thence N. 45 deg. 30 min. .
W. 2.84 chains; thence S. 52 deg. 63
miu. W. 37.68 chains; thence S It
deg. .50 min. E. 20.50 chains; thence)
S. 52 deg.. 25 min. E. 12.13 chains;
thence S. 69 deg. E. - 7.66 chains;
thence S. 83 deg. 37 min. E. 2.83
chains; thence S. 83 deg. 25 min, K.
7.03 chains; thence N, 83 deg. 41 min.
E. 4.24 ohains;, thence N. 80 deg. SS
min, 1. 8.30 chains; thence N. 62 dec.
10 min. E. 10.82 chains; thence N. S
deg. 18 min. E. 10.92 chains; these
N. 18 deg.' 36 min. E. 6.76 chains;
thence N. 34 deg. 28 min. W. 7.81
chains to the place of beginning and
containing 224.65 acres of land, more
r less. , . 4 .... , ,,' ;' .. ,'.
Save and except therefrom 10.0 S
fcAres conveyed by the grantors here
in to A. A. Lee on the 24th da? ot
March, 1914, by warrantee dwd, said
deed being recorded in volume 131,
page 658, records of deeds for Mario
county, Oregon.
- You are further notified that this
summons is served upon you by pub
lication thereof In the Evening Capi
tal Journal, a newspaper of general
circulation printed and published la
Salem, Marlon county, Oregon, pur
suant to an order ot the UoDorabta
George G. Bingham, judge of the
above entitled court, dated Nov. 12th,
You are further notified .that the
date of the first publication of this
summons is upon the 14th day of Nor.
1919; the last publication thereof will
be made on the 20th day of Dec
Attorneys for plaintiff.
To whom It may concern; Notice Is
hereby given that the undersigned,
Churles Whitney, administrator de
bonis non, with the will annexed, of
the estate ot Susan Staiger, deceased,
has this day filed in said estate hia
final account and the county court
for Marion county, Oregon, baa fixed
and appointed Monday, November
24, 1919, at the hour of 10 o'clock
a. m. of said day at the county court
room, In the county court house ia
Marion county, Oregon, as the time
and place for the hearing ot objec
tions to suld final account and for the
settlement thereof. .
Hated at Salem, Oregon, October 21
Administrator de bonis non, with
the will annexed, of the estate of
Susan Staiger, deceased.
Carey F. Martin,
Attorney for estate.
Salem Bcavanger Garbage and re
fuse of all kinds removed on month
ly contracts at reasonable rates.
Cess pools cleaned. Dead anlmsJs)
removed. Office phone Main IV.
r 9 9 V mmV9VV9W
Phones 100O--1014