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    FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 21, 1919.
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'happy NEW YEAR
In Stomach
Cause Indigestion
By Don Olininberlatn,
Unlted Press Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, Nov. 21. Foreign dip
lomats here were disposed to believe
today that the peace treaty was not
dead, but would be revived and rati
fied before the end of the year.
Dinlouiatic opinion was divided
Some did not consider the rejection a
serious matter. Others, notably repre
eentatlvea of smaller states, regarded it
as disastroua.
"It is a little bit too early to say
what effect the rejection is going to
have,-' a British atttache said. "We will
have to wait a few days to see in what
way the situation takes shape." He In
dicated the belief that the oppositoin
would weaken.
"The rejection ia a disaster, . said a
high Greek diplomat. "Everybody in
anxious to see normal condi
tions leturn. We "consider the presence
ih. unit mi states in the league vital
. .otuhHfh nnnnn in the world. I hope
nt senate will re-examine the
"In Serbian quarters it was stated
-awtlnn is a bad thing for' the
smaller nations because small nations
t fh United States for sup-
r port However, the League of Nations
scheme will go ahead anyway."
"It is a bad thing," aaid Bulgarians.
"t th-nura nut. the United States.
. ineans the United States will not take
part in the future adjustment in Eu
it ia ovnncted also that the re
jection will do away with the American
mandate for Armenia.
The capitalization of the Northwest
ern Finance corporation of Portland
Ihas been Increased from $200,000 to
$1,000,000 according to a certificate
filed with the corporation oeparuucuv
here Thursday. '
An increase in the capital siock oi
the Inman Mines company of Bandon,
n rmintv. from $100,000 to -$150,000
was also records Thursday.
The Currey Ball Bearing spring
company of Portland, capitalize", ui
9K nan filed articles of incorporation.
The incorporators are C. B. Robinson,
George O. McCroskey and E. P. Sur
rey. !-!.
-Poaolntiona of dissolution were iueu
h fho Palmer Logging company and
the Moore Meagher company both of
Washington. Nov. SO. Attorneys
for the liquor Interests-and the gov
ernment began their legal battle over
constitutionality of war time prohi
hitinn before the supreme court to
day- ' ' .
The opening move was a requesi
Wayne B. Wheeler, counsel for the
antl-saloon league, to file a brief In
support of the government.
That "was granted by Chief Justice
The court was crowded to capacity.
Outside a throng lined up for a block
,OHin0 tn irain entrance.
Riihn Unfit. Lew Mayer ana vu-
ii. Ainhuii Wullltt were m court
behind a mass of papers to mane me
for the nauor interests,
.t.nt Attnmev uenerai rnerauii
was ready to make the main argument
for the government, assisted Dy oom
Itor General King. '
The anti-saloon league in us Dnei
claimed that prohibition was neces
sary to the welfare of the country.
'The brewers," the Drier saiu, were
using 64,000,000 pounds of sugar a
year and enough grain to feed seven
million people a year. me
in 1917 useu tnree iiiiuuu I
coal and required 13,500,000 teams n you want to time catarin ana an
and cars, .including 200,000 freight its disgusting symptoms from your sys
tern in the shortest possible time, go
Frierson made the opening argu- to your aruggisx unu asu ior a iiyoinei
,t Mwr Honor attorney, sougm uurrit today.
to obtain more time im- uibihc.. ..a,,,,. "jwnci a
but this was refused by Chief Justice it rid you of catarrh, and chronic head
White. colds; it gives such quick relief that
an wno use it ior tno tirst tune are
nyornei is a pure pleasant antiseptic
TnnnoHhnr?. U. S. A.. Nov. 19. wmcn 19 creamed tnrougn . tne nose
, . a,io r,t tn hitiut the and throat deep into the head and
hopes of the world through failure to lungs; it soothes the sore inflamed
Premie. Nov. 21.- France will de
liver 100,000 tons of sugar to Czecho
slovakia under terms of an agreement
which, had been reached here today
The Czecho-Slovaks will pay 2100
francs a ton for the sugar.
Create Gas, Sourness and Pain
Hew to Treat
Medieai authorities state that nearly
: .. AnM41. t- ,hn j0.0a nT KT 1 kill U r. U
U111C V V,.,; v.j v. ...
trouble, indigestion, sourness, burning,
gas, .Bloating, nausea, etc., ere uuo
en eiee of hyaToenioiie aniu in tue
Btnnili &nd iint. 94 no ha pbeldcve to a
lack of dieostive juices. The delicate
stomach lining is irrirta-ted, digestion is
aeiaveu anu xooa sours, cuuoiug
disegreeable symptoms whieh every
stcmaen. suiierer Knows so wn,
Avtniii.ol ,ltvftt0ntji artv not needed
in anpli nara anil wnnv do real hrm.
Try laying aside all digestive aids and
mwMa nf Diauru.tail Matmpftia and take
a toaspoonfitl in a -qnarteT glass of wa
ter right arter eating, xitw .
the stomach, prevents tlfe rformatiion of
excess acid and there is tut wniraess,
Bisurated Alagnesia (m
worry, over-work or imperfect nourishment, all
in a measure contribute to and are the be
ginnings of nervous prostration.
is a decided help to those who. are nervous, in that it
provides an eas3y assimilated food that quickly builds up
the general health by nourishing the whole body. Ove
.nKnn tn wnrrv pniov recular rest and sleep
and take Scott's Emulsion regularly after meals.
Scott's never fails to nourish and strengthen.
S. ft B. Pro. .' mal in Norway nd relink in our mmm ntnn t
Uboratoriefc It 1 guarantee of purity ana paiaiammy
Scott Bowi.Bloofiell. M.I. ... .
New Tork, Nov. 21. Pittsburgh
Catarrh Vanishes.
1 Here Is One Treatment That All Suf
ferers can pely Upon.
gas OT pttJll. Diaumicu juiinoi. j . ' , A A IT
milk) is harmless to the stomach, in-' championship games. The selection or
expensive to itake and is the most of- 1 a place for the games at the recent
f ioiAnt. form, nf mCLfnPBia Tor stomacn annual meting oi iiih
DiirBoses. It is used y thousands of Boston was deferred. It has been learn
Tieonla who eniov the meals witih no
more fear of indigestion.
ed that the smoke city is the lone ap
plicant so far and seems sure of selec
Th3 home of T. A. Marrow, a ranch
er living a mile from Mamie, burned
to t'.o ground Sunday. Nothing was
left the family except the coltlf they
were wearing. '
Eleven alleged members of the I.
W. W. were taken from the construc
tion gangs that are building the John
I Day highway and placed in jail at
Art'cks of incorporation have been
filed by the Athena State bank, capital
ized at. $25,000. Incorporators av
prominent farmers of the Athena ncit,h
nations," General Jan Christian famuts,
T!..;i,vi momher nf the league commis
sion, declared in a message addressen
to tho United States today.
Tmae-iTiA It: Nine thousand miles for
$127.37 that's a record of a Ford one
ton truck loaded with touring and
n,T,ir,i onninment and carrying Mr.
.i n: r,Tntn4h R.nd children (our
U1IU ' ' J - - .
informant doesn't say how many cnii-
intnt. also their married daughter,
u,i Armatrnne. and her husbana.
nn .tnlv 7th last, they loaded a orci
tniA-not a tourlnK car wltn a tent,
frying pans, fishing tackle and sundry
camping equipment, climbed to their
seats and soon left behind the city of
Ames, Iowa. .Their trip led through
Sioux City, apid City, Wind Cave, Hot
ar,i.ii,r! VnllnwHtone Park and 296
r O , . -. -
towns or cities, and consumed approxi
mately three months.
A record of the expenditures for tne
entire 90Q0 mile trip showed the
amount spent for" gas, oil and repairs
totalled just exactly .$127.37. Can you
beat it?
quickly heals all inflammation.
Uon t suiter another day with cat
arrh; the disease is dangerous and of
ten ends in consumntion. Start the Hv-
omei treatment today. No stomach
dosine. no sprays or douches, no dan
gcrons drugs or narcotics. Absolutely
harmless. Just breathe it that's all
At D". J. Fry and leading druggists
Dan'l J. Fry.
For Coated Tongue
Bad Breath, Sour Stomach,
Bloating, Gas, Biliousness, Sick Head
ache, Indigestion, Constipation, take
the always reliable .
They clear (he bowe.i, sweeten the stom
ach and tone up the liver. Do not gripe.
1 D --1 IA. f nknTnnij T.n. Ah.mIm.
Cal,: "Alter 56 year' ejoerimce with all aorta
i . . i I .1. .'.j. I d.M ajia M
Foley Cathartie Tablela, and they ate lot beat I
ever uaed. x
J. C. Perry
All Agea
A Nutritious Diet for
Quick Lunch at Home or Office
Avoid Imitations and Substitute
Southampton, Eng., Nov. 21 (Un
ited Press.) Joe Beckett, British
heavyweight champion, has a battle on
iiia ti.mrtn with Southampton citizens,
that promises as muc.h action as his
fight with Georges Carpentier in Lon
don December 4. .
' Beckett has his training quarters in
the public bat house and has provoke
a wail of protest because he proposes
to charge admission to his "working
out shows."
Tho squabble reached the town
council and caused an uproar.
The irrigation of 367 acres of land
near Joseph, Wallowa county, is con
imninind hv Peter Heuel of Joseph,
wha has filed with the state engineer's
office an application for permission to
aproprlate waters from Little Sheep
and Big Sheep creeks.
The Wrenn-Dobbln Ditch company
and the Dobbin Ditch company of Jo
seph have filed application covering
the appropriation of water from the
Wallowa river for the irrigation of 257
acres in the vicinity of Enterprise.
There was an unexpended balance of
!! R7X.4H4.22 to the credit of the work
men's compensation fund on June 30,
last, according to a report on exam
ination and audit of the Oregon state
Industrial accident fund made by J. W.
Ferguson, certified public accountant
and a member of the commission.
Tn the five years of its existence tne
receipts of the commission nave
amounted to $6,483,370.11. Of this
amount $606,867.78 has been appro
priated by state legislatures, $a,157,
520.75 has been paid in as premiums
by employers, $528,272.14 has been
pail In as premiums by workmen, and
the remainder represents Interest on
the' various funds and penalties as
sessed against delinquent employers.
ni.ahuninments in the five years to
talled $3,604,885.89 segregated as fol
lows: Time loss, $1,925,247.32; meai-
cal aid, $836,478.16; pension, $380,
ick ha. h,.,ni nvnenHn. t44.749.07: ad
ministrative expense $397,444.23; cost
of organization, Nov: 5, 1913, to July
1, 1914, $20,601.17.
It's Easy If You Know Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets
young to do this you must watchyour
liver and bowels there's no need of
having a sallow complexion dark rings
under your -eyes pimples a bilious
1vV in rmir farp Hull evps with no
sparkle. Your doctor will tell you
ninety per cent of all sickness comes
from inactive bowels and liver.
lj l . xurtcu ua, u " .... r .
in Ohio, perfected a vegetable com-
tnivarl U'illl -1urA f tf tiCt Otl
the liver and bowels, which he gave to
his patients for years.
Tl, VrlnrrHc' OlivB TnHetq. the BUD-
etitnte for calomel, are eentle in their
action yet always effective. They bring
about that natural buoyancy which all
should enjoy by toning up the liver and
t . i.mim r( imrmrit iit
Dr. Edwards' OliveTabletsareknown
py their ouve coior. w
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sence form, in vials.
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Doctor Tells How to Detect
Harmful Effects of Tobacco
A Suggestion
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P. M. GREGORY, Mgr. 240 South Commercial St.
New York. Dr. Connor, formerly oil
Johns Hopkins hospital, says: Hundreds'
of thousands of men who smoke and
chew and who believe tncmsclves
healthy are suffering from progressive
organic ailments. Tiicy wouiu never
hnvo hpen afflicted had it not ocen ior
the use of tobaeco and most of them
would soon get well if they would only
stop the use of tobacco.
The best known habit forming prin
cipal of tobacco is nicotino, but the
most deadly and demoralizing is, fur
fural. Both are deadly poison, which,
when absorbed by the system iSi.
vtit. jnrplv. ffect the nerves, mem
branes, tissues, vital organs and vitality
of the body.
Ti, imrmfiil effpet of tobacco varies
and depends on circumstances and the
individual. In some it causes geuerai
Hnfiilit.v. other catarrh of the throat, ln-
,i;,,nctinn onnati nation, extreme nervous
v.v...u, 1 - - -
ness, sleeplessness, loss oi mtmuxy,
of will power, cowardico and icar, men
toi confusion, etc.: in others it cause3
heart disease, bronchial troubles, hard
ening of the arteries, pnipitaticn oi xue
henrr tiiherculoaia. blindness, c-ocer
and the common ff liction known at, to-
haccn heart.
If you use tobaeeo in any form you
tctcct if a hnrmfu elictts uy mak
ing the following simple tests: Bead
aloud a full page from a book. If your
Wcnmea muffled, hoarse end in
distinct and you must frequently Uccr
your throat the ehauces arc mat your
throat is affected by catarrh and it may
be tho beginning of very senou:.' cu
. v-i ,v.i Vert, in the mo;ning
Before taki.-ig yonr usnal smoke, walk
When the price of an article
is shown on the label you
know what that article
should cost you.
When you buy
Ounces for
you have the manufacturers
guarantee on quality and pn"ce.
It's the same now as before and during the war.
Our Government Bought Millions of Pounds.
,up three flights of stairs at & regular
nncfl. then atnn. If VOU find Lnat V0U
1 ' J - - -
nrn nut nf hreath. if vour heart beat la
forced, trembling or irregular, you may
be the victim of a functional or organic
heart trouble. If you feel that you must
smoke or chew to quiet your m-rvps.
you arc a slave to the tobacco habii and
are slowly poisoning yourself with the
innidinua ilnadlv druffs. nicotine ana fur
fural. In either case, you have just two
altrnativcs keep on with your selr-
poisonine process regardless -ot the uan-
irnn nnil anffer the COneeUUCnCtS. OT
rid yourself of the naoit and escape
tlift rlnntrcra.
You can overcome the craving and
fm tho tnhaccn habit in a very short
.r - ....
time by using the following inexpensive
fnrmiiln' to anv druz stoie and asli
for NicotoL Take one tablet after each
meal and in a comparatively snorl time
rnn will have no desiro for lOi)aeu.
Tl, crovinir will haVB left VOU. With
the nicotine poisoning out oi your y
tem yonr general ncann win quicmy iu
ite: When asKeu aooui imiuiui, o
nf our leading druggists said: Nicotol
is truly a wonderful remedy for the to
bacco habit. It is way ahrad of any
think wo- have ever sold befo.-c. Wc
are- authorized by the manufaetuiets tt
refund the money to every dis.tisfied
customer and we would n"l pnrmii.. uu
u f imt nuine unless the remedy pos
sessed unusual merit." jsicetoi ii soia
in this city under an iron-clad money
back guarantee by all up-to-date drug
gists, including D. J. Fry and othoi
good dnijjtciats.
IF WwllPy
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