Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, November 21, 1919, Page PAGE ELEVEN, Image 11

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LyyA Seen under a powerful magnifying ' ,L:-i With a Stropped blade ' ' v-
47 itZ'ut kdwldfU'$ ' ' ' ; Sropp AeepsAe tfny o h ' '
yryJI alter use, looks like a saw edge NX" X the blade in perfect alignment, and V - S
r j . provides ,a smooth keen edge for -"" "-r
" vr ... .-, fivery shave '
Can you ay era
500 shaves from every dozen blades f
OW many satisfying shaves do you
get irom one razor blade before it
begins to pull and scrape?
On the first day, when the blade is
fresh, your- shave is smooth and cool.
But very soon your beard begins to dull
the edge. Soon the pulling and scraping
become unbearable. You throw the old
blade away slip a new blade in your
razor and begin the same round again.
The real reason that blades
, grow dull
Under a microscope, a razor edge is
seen to consist of hundreds of tiny teeth.
When these teeth are in alignment, the
blade is sharp. But the very first shave
with a new blade bends these teeth out
of alignment, and the blade begins to lose
its' edge.
With most safety razors, there is no
way .to. smooth the delicate teeth t back
into alignment. The original smooth, fine
edge of the blade grows rougher with
every shave.
Today there is one safety razor that"
gives you a fresh, keen edge for every
shave. With the AutoStrop Razor you
will get 500 cool, clean shaves from every
dozen blades an average of 42 satisfying
shaves from each blade.
Like having a new blade for
every shave
Built right into the frame of the
AutoStrop Razor is a remarkably simple
self-stropping device which keeps the
blade keen-edged as when new day after
day. It smooths the tiny teeth of the blade
into perfect alignment, and gives you a
freshly-sharpened blade in a few seconds
- without taking the razor apart or
removing the blade.
All the comfort of a fresh blade every
day that's what the AutoStrop Razor
means for you! It ends all the many
shaving troubles due to dulled or dulling
blades "pull," aftersmart, tender spots
on, the face. Morning after morning it
gives you a smooth, comfortable shave
with a keen, freshly-stropped edge.
The " AutoStrop Razor is the only safety
razor that sharpens itself, shaves, and
cleans without removing a single part. A
touch of the thumb adjusts the blade for
close, medium, or light shaving.
A few passes of the AutoStrop Razor over ita
specially treated strop put the original keen,
fresh edge back on the blade day after day
Don't put up any longer with the scrape
and smart of fast dulling blades. Begin
tomorrow to get the comfort of a fresh,
keen edge for every shave. Ask your
dealer today about the AutoStrop Razor
free trial plan.
AutoStrop Safety Razor Co.
New York Toronto London Paris
sharpens itself
Which point on your face is most sensitive in shaving
chin, lip, or throat? The seven places that most commonly
give trouble are here indicated by arrows. Only a
freshly-stropped blade can prevent all irritation in these
tender places
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