Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, November 20, 1919, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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t J Marion News.
(Capitol Journal Special Service.)
Mr. and Mrs. Jlnnlmrm of Jefferson
epent the week end at the L. P. Ben
nett home. r- " -
The Misses Clnra at.d Florence
Bernt and Messrs. Fred and Lesley
1 Judd all of Salem, were visitors at
the J. A. Colgan home last Sunday.
Mr. Peterson of the Siletz Basin IB
visiting at the N. C. Olson home.
Mr. Brower and family who left
here last summer for Washington
have returned and taken up their
abode at Turner.
Many of the Friends attended the
quarterly meeting In the South Sa
lem Friends church last Saturday and
Sunday. -
A. I). Webb of Pliilomath, Is visit
ing relatives here. '
Messrs. Peterson from Sllverton
pent Saturday and Sunday at the
Boyle home. Miss Miller .Who has
been the guest of Miss Boyle for the
post week, went to Monmouth last
Monday where she will attend the
Lucille Mellgaard of Prosser, AVash.,
Is the guest of her uncle and aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Cengs.
We are glad to report that the
mtt.1oritytKhe pupils in our school
who were detained at home on ac
count of a skin disease" are back at
work again. '
Mr. K. K. flengs has purchased a
Fordson tractor and will make the
earth fly now.
Miss Omit Morris who left here a
few weeks ago for Portland, is now
attending tho Catholic academy in
Mr. Ovid Plckard took some of his
fine Jerseys to the stock show In the
Portland Stock yards., He left here
Saturday with Viva La France, the
cow that' for three successive years
has been the world's champion for
fcutter fat, Old Man's Barling the 2nd
Lady Silken Glow, Viva la France's
Darling Son, and Old Man's Darling's
Gallant Hoy. These are all among
the best rattle of their breed in the
, '
Hazel Green Notes.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
The Misses Dovey and Euula
Rhodes spent last Wednesday at
Mrs. Hetty Peterson of St. Johns
is visiting her mother, Mrs. Martha
Wolf, who has been in poor health
for three weeks.
The bridge across Pudding river
lias been . closed for several days
while much needed repairs repairs
were being made.
The , Next Parent-Teacher meeting
will bo held at the school house on
Friday eve, November 28th. At this
time the Hazel Green Service Flag
will be demobillxed with appropriate
Clarence Parmenter arrived home
Friday from Idaho.
C, J. .Jjitham has been gathering
corn for CI. G. Looney and will re
main to put in the crop.
Harry Boehm and family spent the
week end with relutlveti around
Louis Wallace and family returned
last week from Ashland where they
have spent tho past five months.
Hen Wilson and family returned
from his California trip. There Is no
place like home.
Mark Aspinwall met With a severe
and peculiar accident lata week while
working at the onion house but is
how able to he about again.
Mr. and Mrs. (loorge Parmenter
spent Saturday and Sunday with the
hitter's brother, Mllo Seaman near
,loe and Bliss Zdlnnkl and their
families have had a setge of colds.
.las.' Caswell and family autoed to
Albany, Sunday to visit relatives.
Grandpa Paterson was confined to
his bed for a part of last week with
a cold,
Mr. and Mrs. Kilgar Johnson and
children. Kobt. Johnson and Hilda
Williamson were here at the William
son home for dinner Sunday week.
Mrs. Pearl Huntley is now staying
with her mother, Mrs. J. Colins and
slowly regaining strength after het
recent operation.
Ralph Slovens greeted friends at
the Kuael Green church Sunday eve.
Fairfield News Notes.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Fairfield. Or., Nov. 20. Mr. and
Mrs. Amther from Forest Grove were
the guest the past week of the datlgh
" 4er and family, Mrs. Jas Muhony,
Mr. and Mrs. William Allsup and
Mr. and Mrs. Si' F. Parker visited at
George Fnrrel's near Brooks Sunday.
John Mathaler and family are en
Joying a visit of his sister, Mis. Weber
of Minnesota, and a niece, Mrs. VVall
iiiK 'f Bullinghani, tt'nu. . ,
Mrs. Conner, Mrs. Hitman ami Win.
F-k'.ker spent li few days In Portland
last week. They were accompanied
homo Saturday by Arthur Brook. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Harry Brook, who remained
over Sunday.
Miss Itlta Miithallx. who has been
employed in the Arlington bank the
liMt two years, returned home to spend
the winter with home folks.
Mr fames' Jmlnh of Hobo visited
the past week with relatives' in this
Washliigton.l'roposals for estab
llshment of free employment agencies
throughout the world were laid be
fore tho committee on unemploy
ment of tho International I-abor Con
ference today -by the Argentine dele
gation,:. ' 1 "' 1 , "" ' ' " " ' ' " '"" ''
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Stayton, Or., Nov. 19. The marriai;a
of Miss Julia Boedlgheimer and' Jjh.i
Gries occurred at the Catholic church
in Sublimity Tuesday morninp, the
ceremony being performed in the pros
nce of a number of friend and rela
tives by Be Father Lainc. T.'ie bride
is a daughter of Mr. and Mre. B. G.
Boediffhelmer of Stayton, ami ihi
groom is a prominent young farmer of
Sublimity. They have many friends
who will offer congratulations. v 7
Volney Gates, son of Mrs. Eva
Qulnn, of this place, who had a leg
crushed while working In a logging,
camp near Mill City and who last wei.
suffered ait amputation of the Injure
member, died at the hospital In Mill
City Monday night. He was about 30
ears of age and was In the army, but
did not go overseas. He was a young
man v eil liked by his acquaintances,
who will all sorrow over his untimely
M. C. Hriscoll, who with his wife re
cently moved to Stayton, has pur
chased the Chas. Clow property in
Dr. W. N. Pintler, E. V. Alexander
find Mr. and Mrs. Horace Billy heard
the famous Sousa band at Albany Sui-
rrday night, and unite in pronouncing
it great.
Mlds Viola Brnun, of Salem, who has.
been visiting in town the past couple of
week's, returned home Monday. She
was taken by H. J. Marking, who
brought home a new auto trailer for
use on tho mail route.
Mr, and Mrs. A. G. Myers, of Lyons
have moved to Staym and will oc
cupy the W. A. Biggs place, on he
south side of the river
Mr. Rigg's U !
I reparing to plant the place to logans
and strawberries.
Steven Taylor has gone to Oregon
City, vheie he expects to work during
the winter or at least while Mrs. Tay
lor remains in California.
Georgo R. Beedle, of the Brown
Petzid company, has purchased the
building occupied by C. A, Luthy's jew
elry store, opposite the city hall and
the residence In the rear, in which Mr.
Beedle now lives.
Mrs. M C. Orierson has sold her
farm in the Waldo hills to George Lam
brecht of Fern Ridge, Mr. Lanibrecht
has been living on the farm of his
father, A. K. Lambrecht of Stayton,
who recently sold the place to F. A.
Slegmund, so it was necessary for him
to find another place and ho invested
In tho li Hereon farm.
J. F. Richards has purchased the
Glenn Munkevs residence, in the north
west part of town and expects later to
mako it his home. It is now occupied
by Mrs. Holder and family.
S. H. Hcltzel hns sold his residence
property in Stayton to Frank Grierson.
Misu Gladys Hanimnn, of Dallas, was
a Sunday guest of Miss Maryan Alexau
Bert Munkers- has been confined to
bis home by illness tho past couple of
days. His mother, Mrs. F. M Munkers,
who been quite sick, Is reported
New York, Nov. 20. Commenting
on the defeat of treaty ratification,
the Evening Sun said today:
"The defeat of the treaty with' all
that it carries with it of defeat for
personal government, for autocratic
rule in this country, is an unmixed
triumph for. national freedom and con
stitutional survival."
Indianapolis. Ind Nov. 20. "Pol
itics, complicated with personal and
political antagonism, undoubtedly
blocked the ratification. Neither side
is free from guilt.
"About the only thing that can be
said about the action of the senate
yesterday is that it was a great day
for the reds, for tho radicals, for the
bolsheviks and for all intersangeant
horde that is trying to re-make (he
world along impossible lines."
Chicago Post "The I'nltud States is
rot, in its heart, repudiating Its obliga
tions to the world. Those who so read
the events In tho United Statos senate
misjudge the American people. What
ever the upshot of the matter, Ameri
ca can be depended upon to do her
part if the world neds here again."
Chicago News "Defeat of the peace
treaty as modified brings the
nation to a point where the public
must demand a ratloi nl compromise.
The alternative to a league of
peace Is some system of alliances with
extensive preparations for new wars
and tremendous military and naval
budgets. The people of the Uni
ted States will not accept this alterna
tive.'' Rleven alleged members of the I.
V. "W. were taken from tho construc
tion gnngs that are building the John
Day highway a nd . placed In Jail nt
r ossil.
The Pacific Bridge company of
Portland hns begun work on Its con
tract for grading and surfacing IB
miles of I imd from Burns to I.anen in
Mulheur county.
Washington. The American em
bassy. at Mikxlco City and the consul
ate at Mexlculi have been instructed
to make urgent representations to the
Mexloan government In the shootln?
ff ' Kitgene Luck, an American cltixen.
Several plants in Salem have for
saken old time power utilities, and
are now having electric motors In
stalled to turn the machinery.
The Chas. K. Spaulding Logging
company will install a 100 horse pow
er motor, at a cost of J 1500, to drive
the exhaust fan. The motor is now on
the way to Salem, and will be install
ed in a few days, it is expected.
The Cherry City Flouring mill,
Trade and Church streets, is having a
1 5 horse power motor installed in the
mill. It will be used to operate part
of the machinery.
.Marlon county is having 25 and 40
horse power motors installed in the
crusher and paving plant at Mt. An
gel. It will replace steam power here
tofore used exclusively in the plants.
The county also has ordered a 25
horse power motor to install in its
paving plant on Hood street, in Salem
Washington, Nov. 20. Withdrawal
by the allies of all troops and other
muterial support from Russia seemcit
imminent today.
The belief that allied withdrawal
from Russia is near Was based on tho.c
two important developments In the
Russia situation.
1 The statement by a high official
that when the Czecho-Slovaks have
been evacuated from Siberia, the Am
erican troops also will be withdrawn.
Arrangemetns for the complete with
drawal of these Czecho-Slovak forces
have been made, according to advices
from Prague.
The declaration by Premier Lloyd
George in the house of commons on
Monday that with her present burden
it was quite impossible for Great Brit
ain to go on supporting indefinitely
the anti-bolshevlk forces in Russia.
At the regular meeting tomorrow
night of the literary study class of the
Salem Art League, a program having
for its motif the story of "Rip Van
Winkle" will be presented. The chief
business of the meeting, however, will
be the adoption of a course of study to
be pursued. Several have been tenta
tively considered but it is probable
that the one offered by the University
of Oregon will be accopted. Men as
wel las women interested In a serious,
systematic study of literature are ex
tended a most cordial invitation to be
present at the forthcoming meeting.
Airs, K. C. Richards is head of the
class. The session will be held In the
educational room of the public library
at 7:30 o'clock,
At the same hour, nt the home of
Mrs. W. V. Fargo, 1085 North Church
street, the active class In literature will
assemble to pursue its work in short
story writing.
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t Open. Up Air Passages. f
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H. II. CAMPBELL, Special Agent, Salem, Oregon.
American Sailor Wounded
In Vladivostok Revolt
Washington, Nov. 20. An Ameri
can sailor has Been wounded in the
revolt at Vladlvostoek, the state de
partment has been advised.
The sailor was on the deck of the
U. S. 8. New Orleans when struck by
a stray bullet. Two British officers are
supposed to have been killed or wound
ed while doing Red Cross work.
AVashlngton. The house today ap
proved the bill providing reimburse
ment to the United States of ;ap-
proxlmately $400,000,000 from the
railroads for new equipment bought
by tho government during federal
control. The measure authorizes
the president ' to accept stock of
private corporations.
Rome. Despite the fact heavy-
snowstorms throughout the country'
were delaying returns on Sunday's
parliamentary elections, it was ap
parent the socialist victory in the
north was growing. The socialists
obtained large majorities in Alex
andria, Modena, Venice, Verona and
Home coming day vt the University
of Oregon this year marked the i'orty
second anniversary of the connection
of Dr. John Straub with the faculty.
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Salts If Backachy
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Drink lota of water and stop eating
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When you wake up with backache
and dull misery an tho J.iilnoy region it
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too much meat, says a well known au
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London, Nov, 20. (United Press.)
Events in Berlin,- where pan-Germans
were reported to be making a supreme
effort to rally all reactionary elements
around Field Marshal Von Hindenburg
to the embarrassment of the German
republican government, were receiving
close attention in official circles
London and Paris today. .
The peace conference, it was learn
ed, is keeping in close touch with the
German situation and is preparing pre
cautionary measures In view of tho
pro-Hindenburg demonstrations.
The British attorney general has re
turned from Paris after a discussion
with the peace conference upon the
British plan to bring the former kaiser
Denver, Colo., Nov. 20. (Unitel
Press.) With his head split open by
an axo wellded by a unknown assail
ant, James Clark, 65, of Dennison,
Texas, was found dead here in a rail
road cook car. Robbery was evidently
the murderer's motive.
Delbert Reeves of Sllverton, listed
as missing in action in France, has
been officially spoken of -in a letter
from his commanding officer as dead.
A distinguished service cross has been,
forwarded to his mother.
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Pianos From Steinway Down
Victrolas, Pathes, Windsor
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Soviet "Ambassador" Is
Protesting His Arrest
Washington, Nov. 20. Receipt of
a telegram from Ludwig C. A. K. Mar
tens, self-styled soviet ambassador to
the United States, protesting against
his arrest in New York was acknow
ledged at the state department Wed
nesday. There will be no answer to the com
munication, however. It is held that
any redress due Martens should be ap
plied for through the courts as his
title is not recognized by this govern
Work has begun on a two story
stone structure which will be used as
a postoffice building at Bend.
Vv' 4?
LiSaLi;,, Mk gul
Pauline Frederick in
By Lillian Trimble Bradley and George Broadhurst
Directed by Hobart. Henley ,
Who Is She? What Did Shi Do? Why Was She Trailed?
Comedy "Jazz and Jail Birds"
Pianos have stood the test for over seventy
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Tugs Dispatched To Aid
In Search For Airplane
Charleston, S. C, Nov. 20. Sea
planes and tugs were dispatched from
the Charleston navy yard to search for
the navy seaplane number 1374 piloted
by IX. Atwater, with Ensign Wolft and
Machinists Mate Dole as passengers,
who left Brunswick, Ga., yesterday af
ternoon for this place.
They were last "reported " sen off
Fort Screven at Tybee Island, about an '
hour after sailing. ,
After serving as school direvtor at
Beaverton for more than 11 years. S.
II. Davis has tendered his resignation
and will remove to South DakorrJ.