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Published every evening except Sun
. - .v. nnh,i .Trtiirnal Printing
Co.,, 13 South Commercial etreet.
Salem, Oregon..
Q. PUTNAM, Editor nd Publisher
Telephones-Circulation and ?mu
Office, 81, Kititonai ruumo, .
Member Audit Bureau of Circulation
Entered as second class mail matter
t Salem, Oresron.
National Advertising Representa
tives W. D. Ward, Tribune Bunaing,
New York; W. H. Stockwell. People's
Gas Building, Chicago.
By carrier 60 cents a month, J6 a
year. .
no nil En mntH a month. 11.25
for three months. $2.25 for six
months, 4 per year.
By order of U. -S. government, all
nail subscriptions are payable In ad
irmnce. Rippling Rhymes.
I lined to hate the horrid Hum. find
longed to slay him with a gun: but
now that war h:l hud Its flay, my hat
reds seem to melt nwny; I find it hnrd
to grind my teeth, and Btnmp upon
my laurel wreath, and call down cur
se on ft foe, when such a gent I do
.skate who'd make it worth my while
not know. I cannot think of any
to hate. 'TIh true some chaps have
wrought me ill: they handed me a
bitter pill; but I forget them nml their
deeds, and spend my evenings string'
Ing bends, and thinking of the boys
I've known who never caused me grief
or groan. And there are men who hato
me well, and of their enmity they ten,
and say that on some day remote
they'll happily bear away my gont. My
neighbors tell me of their woros, ami
still I warble like the birds, and trill
my . melodies sublime and have the
blamedest kind of time. They'll all get
tired of hating me, when my Indiffer
ence they sec; whereas, if I indulged
in sweats, and handed back their fool
ish threats, the air wohld soon be full
of fur, and teeth and whiskers, as it
were. And hatred is the thing I hate;
no man can keep his dome on straight,
and be accounted fully Bane, if he has
hatred in his brain. , :'.'".,.
Odds and Ends
Portland, Or. . Because a negro
Pullman porter stole a kiss from her,
Mrs. Fnnnle Haitelhurst is suing Walk
er I). Hlnes, an director general of
railroads, for $tO,000 damages.
Los Angeles rJames Cordon wal
loped Noah Berry over the head with
u bottle, cutting his head -wide open.
Gordon grubbed the bottle instead ot
a rubber one during the filming ot
the "Boa Wolf."
St. Paul, Minn'. A mongrel of tho
streets wandered Into police court and
almost saved N. Tankenhoff from
prosecution on a charge of illegal sell
ing of fish by eating the evidence.
Cleveland, O. The hunting season
opened auspiciously here. Only two
persons were shot on the first day. ,
Sinn Francisco.' Patrolman Small
grunted a woman prisoner's request to
utep.Into a store, Ho waited outBlile
and waited. "Gosh. I don't think
die's coming back," he decided fin
ally. She didn't.
Sun Francisco Kighteen year -old
Eleanor Bnhroft obtained a license
last week to marry u farmer, yester
day she decided he was "too slow"
and got, another license to wed n ship
yard worker.
Crain Corporation To Put y.
; Pure White Flour On Sale
New York, Nov.' 20, The United
Plates (irain corporation has announc
ed it will soon offeif fat jMp'publlo "pure
Urniglil" flour, muU from the finest
wheat in 24 V4 and 12 H pound pack
nue at "prices which will reflect the
(rraiit corporation buyi.up price of tho
fiour." ' "
Tlu flour will be available In about
three weeks in largor cities, the state
ment sulfl. It Is' expected the retail
I rioe will, be about 7i. cents for. 12
r-o inl sack. t ..'' "
What's become o' th' ole time mer
rh int w hose motto w v "Uulek Sales
mi' Small Profits!"'' Some tolks don'tj
jeni inclined t' !y nway anything
ftr th' t'utur but iuiiior.
TRUE to form, the United States senate, placing pre
tended partisan political advantage above human
welfare, has rejected the peace treaty, already accepted
by our allies, refused cooperation in reconstruction and
re-establishment of peace and adjourned after failing to
function on international or national legislationa re
cord of failure unparalleled.
" - Since called into special
ate has deluged the country
but iailed to pass a single constructive measure. The re
publicans were in control but were interested only in
playing cheap politics and failed to rise to the greatness
of the opportunity. The following national problems re
main unsolved:
Return of railroads;
Reorganization of army on peace basis;
Repeal of war time luxury taxes;
'.. flstablishment of a merchant marine policy;
Opening of public lands for eoldle r settlement;
Utvelopment of water power sites on public lands;
Opening up of oil, coal and phosphate lands;
Government control of meat pack ing industry;
Revision of court-martial system. . .
The Lodge reservations would - have nullified the
treaty which was their only object. Their adoption
would nave competed the rejection of the treaty by the
president and have virtually withdrawn America from
participation in the League of Nations.
The intent of the reactionary senate leaders from
the outset has been inimical to the treaty because it was
drafted by the president and the president happened to
belong to the opposite political party. In this they were
assisted by the pro-Huns, whose object has been to aid
Germany and make an alliarfce with her against our al
lies. The reservation to Article X. attempts to transfer
the executive authority to the legislative branch of gov-
rnment; The conduct of foreign relations is entrusted byJ
tne constitution to the president, and the senate attempted
by a treaty reservation to usurp this vested authority.
The reservation also declares that congress alone ' can
authorize the employment of the military and naval forces
of the United States, which
v .,i.. J S4.3
wu wcaiB aiiu inamuun uie aniiea ioices, oui me presi
dent is commander in chief. He alone can declare war.
The reservations insulted our allies and sneered at
the libertierpf small nations created by the war. They
attempted t amend the constitution to slap the president.
Surely no great issue was ever met in so small a; fashion
and no party leader has ever
ua Dot L.odge. ;f
The nation which aroused the hopes of the world and
secured its trust and Confidence by its exalted ideals dur-r
ing the war and at the peace conference, has mired in the
dismal swamp of reaction, deserting allies, betraying
friends, blasting the faith of humanity.
di tne notea autnor
i Idah MSGlone Gibson
Naturally I wnB much depressed, but
when I arrived in my room I found
my telephone ringing and John's voice
uunie over the wire with the ac
cent which liiid co often' thrilled' me
before our wedding. '
"Get on your glad lass, honey, and
ask the. chauffeur to bring you down.
Alice, and JHessie and Alice's husband
and myself and Kurl Shepard, if we
can get hold of lilm ,are going out to
the golf club." '
This particularly cheered me ns 1
knew that I was quite proficient at
golf :iid X wax sure that John did not
know it. We had been too busy wit'i
cur love-making to pay attention to
anything hilt u twoMime in his roadster
or a si eluded corner of the veranda.
Aly trunks had come and I had an
Imniiif ulnte white silk sport suit which
I had never worn, 1 dressed myself
with meat care.
"Von certainly look better than you
lid last night," 1 said, smiling at my
mirrored likeness.
From my white duveiyn sports hat
with its stunning white ylngs to my
low heeled white buck sport shoes, 1
felt I was not only appropriately but
jd-feelly dressed. With a feeling ot
triumph I noticed that . my greai
brown eyes," as John vailed them,
lihono brilliantly. Laughingly I saM
to tho girl in the full length mirror;
"I am not sure whether happiness or
anger Is the best cosmetics," for my
cheeks were so pink that I only needed
a tiny bit of rogue upon my Hps to
complete the assurance that never Id
my life had I looked better. , (
A little of this was caused, perhaps,
bocaitfce of the surprise I knew was in
store for John, He never had netted
me iii.d I had never told him that t
was nu. enthusiastic sportswoman and
had reen in many tennis and golt
tournments. The previous winter at
Coronado I had made one of the wo
men's polo teams. And on still an
other occasion I had won a loving cup
in the -woman's amateur swimming
nee. at Coronado.
A Building Food
an energy food -
good for people
who work hard
and play hard -
Grape Nuts
A Food
of Delightful
3 rvr s&
session last spring, the sen
with oratory and invective,
is not true.- Congress alone
1 J 1 J. il.
failed so miserably as Henry
John had never known me as any
thing except the most feminine of wo
men: I had not intended to deceive
him in any way but we had been so
much in love with each other and out
love-making was so engrossing that I
never' had thought-about It.;' "Why,
shall be a new woman to John," I said
to myself. -
I wonder if it would have been bet
ter for John and me to have waited a
little longer? Or would we ever have
known each other better before mar
riage? Do nil married people have to
wait until the real intimacies of mar
vied life to know each other thorough
ly. Eveiy time I see John now, I almost
feel tl-at I am being Introduced to a
new man and sometimes I catch his
eyes upon me with the look they hold
when I told him I would not consent
to usurp his mother's place in the fam
ily home an expression that meant
here was a woman he had not known.
I had drawn on my heavy gloves
and, throwing a kiss to the girl in
tho mirror I went down stairs. . I met
Madame Gordon's personal maid in
the hull. :.,
"Will you please tell the chauffeur
that I want him to drive me to Jlr.
Gordon's office? And so. Kmmelino.
if Madame Gordon asks, tell her that
I shall not be back to luncheon."
An imperative ring took' Emniellne
to Madame Gordon's room before she
had a chance -to give orders to the
chauffeur but she came back, almost
at one with the Information that h
would be impossible for me to have
the. oar as. Madame Gordon was dress
ing to go 'but herself.
I made no reply to'thls except to ask
Emmellne- to get my. husband on ths
wire. '
" will got. him for you, Mrs. Gor
don," she said quickly. Her alacrity
gave nfe tf little Inward smile for 1
foresaw that it was very probable that i
r-mmejines sympathies would be with
me although her interests might be
with Mddame Gordon,
I .took' the receiver from Kmme
line nnd In reply to. John's voice 1
merely repeated his mother's message
in tne most mtuter-of -fact tunes, audi
1 could not help a little feeling of trl-1
vunph when I heard John swear. I
"What time is It?" 1 heard him ask I
of someone' near htm. v . I
Then he said to me, "Sou have plen-
ty of tlme. my dear, to wait for vouri
own car. ,1 will bring it myself." '
John, John, what do you mean?"
"You'll see. dearest I'm not iroini;
to have my wife play second fiddle." I
(Continued tomorrow.) I
Action On Proposal To Try
tx-iuiser Hoped ror boon
I.ondnn. N'ov. DA .Ti., .,..
proposal to trv the former ksir u!
hoped for by Christmas.' according to
me leiegnipn, which said the attorney
general and the solicitor cenei'ni r.t
Great Britain were In Paris consult-!
nig wuii the supreme council regard-!
ins the proposed trial,
Salefn, during the Christmas holi
days, will don the most gorgeous garb
that ever draped its graceful lines. On
every down town street, in every shop
window, and plaza blocks tokens of the
happy Suletlde. will loudly bespeak
the joyous spirit that will reign in. the
capital city. ' - - -
One of the most extensive programs
of decoration ever shaped for the city
has been outlined, and was adopted at
the meeting last night in the Commer
cial club of the Business Men's League.
It is planned to cloak every lamp
post on the -downtown streets in the
green.; splendor of the native cedar;
huge bells, made of scented evergreens
and with a ; tapper illumination of
beautiful lights will hang from cedar
entwined arches at the intersection of
the prinicpul - streets in the business
district. - '
Kach shop window will form the
frontispiece for beautiful, uniform
sized wreaths. And many of the mer
chants responding to the cull of the
season, will make elaborate decora
tions in their display windows.
And the Salem Cherrians are active
in executing the decoration and cele
briitive scheme. They have arranged
to erect a community Christmas tree
down town where all the kiddies and
old folks, too may dance and frolic
during tile festive .occasion.
Organized for the avowed purpose
of nominating and electing a repurli-
can president of the United States in
1920,i the Roosevelt Republican club
with offices in Portland, filed articles
of incorporation here Wednesday. The
club is capitalized at $10. Arthu' L.
Dlindas, James J. Erossley, Clarence
R. Hotchklss and Frank McCrilUa ail
of Portland are the Incorporators.
Articles were also filed Wednesday
by tho Auto Insurance agency of Port
land, capitalized at $5000 with, the
following incorporators: C. H. Wight
man, Willis Ireland and B. 13. Sawyer.
Tho Coast Bond. & finance Co., of
Portland, filed a certificate showing
an increase ';In capitalization from
$100,000 to $200,000.
The jiamo of the Columbia Ranch
company of Portland js changed to the
Columbia Raivch & Livestock company
in supplementary articles of Incorpora
tion filed Wednesday.
"In Old Kentucky" which will be
given at the Grand opera house
Thursday, November 20, has enter
tained more playgoers throughout the
United States' and Canada than any
drama now current and1 it remains
today one of the most wholesome and
Interesting and one of the must ab
sorbing and thriliing of all the stage
offerings of the day. 'it is worth any
one's time to sit through a perform
ance of this delightful drama. There
are scenes of realism that leave a
strong Impression on the mind and
much genuine sparkling " humor,
btcezv and wholesome. The - love
story unfolded in the play is an idyl
lic one and charms with its simple
purity, and truth. There is a lovable
mountain lass who does heroic things
in a natural manner and there is a
manly young hero of the tight Bort.
Miss I'.lye Power in the leading role
of tho brave mountain girl, gives a
hplendld portrayal of this trying part.
A fine company and a pretentious
band of Kthiopian plantation artists
help to liven up the perofrmanee.
The first town in Umatilla county to
report its 1920 city tax levy is Echo,
which will raise an even $9000 for ex
penses of government.
II For head or throat
V- -m Catarrh try tb.6
From my former place of busi
ness to tho corner of Sonth 13th
and Mill Sts., In tho bl yellow
biilldltiff. will be permanently ,
located mid In a bettor position
to serve my customers. I hiivo a
nice lot of now and secondhand
Furniture, Harness mid good
selection of standard Hungrs.
My stock is nice and clean, with
reasonable prices. If you have
anything to offer or esohange.
H. M.Cannon
riTOXE 980
395 Sonth 12th St.
By Ralph F. Couch
(United Press Btaff correspondent)
Washington, Nov. 20. Coal oper
ators and miners seemed far from
agreement here today as the nation
began to feel the fuel shortage.
As members of the wage scale com
mittees prepared to go into executive
session on this, the sixth day of their
conference, reports reached govern
ment sources of the closing of plants
in the middle west for lack of fuel.
In the south, domestic consumers
are on a basis of one ton to a house
hold, dictated by the regional rationr
ing committee of the railroad admin
istration. Despite optimistic views of!
the officials of the labor department
that differences would be settled with
in a few days, few of the 400,000 min
ers who struck November 1 have gone
back to work.
Operators in conference here are
delaying negotiations on the question
of a w'age scale, it was learned today
and are insisting that John Lewis,
president of the United Mine Workers,
make a new attempt to get the men
back to the mines.
At a meeting of the state highway
Commission in Portland, December
20, bids will be opened for the con
struction of the ruge bascule bridge
which is to spun Young's bay at As
toria. Two plans have been prepared
by tho bridge department of the com
mission for this bridge. One of tho
contemplated combination highway
and railroad bridges estimated cost is
approximately $500,000. The other
plan contemplates only a highway
bridge at an estimated cost of $260,
000. Under the former plan the
bridge would be shared by the As
toria belt line railway and half the
cost of the structure would be paid
by the port of Astoria, the other half
to be distributed between the coun
ty, state and federal governments.
The bridge will be one of the largest
structures of its kind in the North
west with a central span 1,800 feet in
the clear. This spun will be of struc
tural steel and will rest on reinforced
concrete piers.
Another $1,000,000 worth of state
highway bonds, the fifth issue of the
size to be offered under the recently
authorized $10,000,000 highwas
bonds, will be offered for sale at the
December session of the commission
Disposition Of Interned
Ships Put Up To President
Washington, Nov, 20. The cases of
the Iir.perator and other German ships
now held by the United States over
protest of Great Britain have been
1 laced before President Wilson, it was
learned at the state department to
The president, however has "not
reached a decision.
The Iniperator and other German
shiira were given this country by the
eace conference to be used as trans
Washington. Nov. 19. An
mission of German business men in
coming to the United States to pur
chase raw materials for their indus
tries, the state department was nrlviseri
today. Their early arrival is expected
As Influenza
is an exaggerated form of Grip, LAX-
should be taken in larger doses than
is prescribed for ordinarv Orin. jv
g od plan is not to wait until vnn are
sick, but PREVENT IT by taking
lets in time, fAdv
Special Demonstration
Jewel and Bridge-Beach Ranges
Every afternoon from 2 p. m. to 5 p. m., November 17 to 22. Drop in and
enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea with hot biscuit and cake.
None Better than
Bridge & Beach
" Stoves and Ranges
dome in and enjoy a
cup of h)t coffee or tea
and biscuit.
133 N. Liberty Street
Girls! Your hair needs a little "Danderine" that's all! When
it becomes lifeless, thin or loses its lustre; when ugly dandruff
appears, or your hair falls out, a 35-cent bottle of delightful,
dependable "Danderine" from, any store, will save your hair,
also double it's beauty. You can have nice, thick hair, too.
First Disorders Reported
In Italian Elections
Rome, Nov. 20. First disorders re
sulting from Sunday's elections was
reported from Milan late today. In
terventionists attacked a procession
during the post-election celebration,
according to dispatches. Many were
wounded. Police arrested several of
the rioters.
Socialists declared a general strike
in Milan this morning, the dispatches
said. Milan, police searched headquar
ters of tlwcombatants last night and
seized a quantity of hand grenades
and arms.
Glycerine Mixture
Surprises Salem People
The quick action of simple glycerine,
buckthorn bark, etc., as mixed in Adlor-
jika, ia surprising. Ose spoonful re
lieves ami uA5r gas on stoniat-ii or
sour stomach, Adlor-i-ka acts on BOTH
upper and lower bowel and removes all
foul accumulated matter which poison
ed stomach; Often CURES constipation.
Prevents appendicitis. One lady reports
she has no moro pain in back of head
or gas on stomach since usjng Adler-i-ka.-J.
C. Perry, druggist. 115 South
Commercial. ' '.!(AJv)
Tacoma, Wash., Nov. 20. Edwin
Selvin, editor of the Seattle Business
Chronicle and former financial edit
or of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer,
may face government prosecution be
cause of au inflammatory page ad
vertisement which appeared in a Ta
coma morning paper, United States
officials indicated today.
With a capital "S"
Our complete lens grind
ing and finishing plant en
ables us to render prompt
and efficient eye service.
Our methods of examin
ation are scientific and
accurate and ours price
are founded upon the prin
cipal of sound value.
Eyesight Specialists
305 State Street, Salem
C.VK wn
0 rIo if -'
r m
Wm. Gahlsdorf
--'--V V
Could M
M or Sleep
Vinol, our Cod liver andlrn
Tonic, gave him appetite and
telt like different i
Ruston, La. "I am a working man
and got all run down so I could not cat,
sleep or work. Vinol was recommended
for my condition. It built me up so I eat
well, sleep well, can work all day long
and not feel tired. In fact, I feel like
a different man since I took it,"
John H. Wilson.
' "Men fret and worry." ThafiS why
they overwork, get nervous, alt run
down, have no appetite, and can "hardly
drag around." Vinol creates a hearty
appetite, induces sound sleep, invigor
ates the nerves, creates strength and
quiets the nerves.
It is the beef and cod liver peptones
contained in Vinol aided by iron and
glycerophosphates which makes it such
a famous blood maker, nerve builder
and strength creator. t M
Boys Hay LW.W.; One Shot
By Gun Thought Unloaded
Yakima, Wash., Nov. 20. Orville
Dennis, 14, and Rollo Goldsmith, 15.
played at I. W. W. here Tuesday afi
ernoon. Hollo was an I. V. Vf. Or
ville "hunted" him with a .22 rifle
which "wasn't loaded."
Rollo, with a bullet through his ab
domen, may recover.
Sick 17 Years Relieved By
i Taking No. 40 For The Hood
"For 17 years. I whs troubled witii
dropsj- and (bad olood. I took every
kind of medicine that was recommend
ed to me without benefit until I got
a bottle of Number 40 and it helped nt
so much that I sent and got two more
bottles and since, taking the second
bottle, I am feeling fine. I wish to
recommend Number 40 to any one need
ing a blood medicine as I ibelieve it i
as good as recommended. Mrs, JanB
Ooodwin, Gideon, Mo." Number 40 ia
demanded iu depraved conditions of
the system, especially of the blood and
general health. In chronic enlargement
of the spleen or liver. In chrome ma
larinl poisoning. Removes the causes of
disease by' stimulating the removal of
waste thus encouraging nutrition. Em
ployed with siloes in blood poisoning,
chronic- rheumatism, catarrh,, eczema
and skin diseases. Made bv J. C. Men
denhall, Evansville, Iud. "40 years
iWold by Schacfers drug store.
The Jewel
Wood or Coal
Gas Ranges
Bake Better
You place yourself- obligation. '"'
Phone 67