Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, November 18, 1919, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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- By Henry J. I'uircll
(United Press staff correspondent)
New York, Nov. . Its a sweet
mess now in the east.
The dope killer stuck his stirring
stick down li the football pot Satur
day and turned things upside down.
The results of three wild upheavals
made the championship as clear as
mud. '
On the surface it seems there Is no
Harvard and Stevens have not been
defeated, but they haven't beaten any
body worth giving them the first place
Colgate and Dartmouth topped the
pile for a while, but the derail was
finally thrown Jn front of their speed
ing train.
They may find it strange In the cel
lar, but they shouldn't be lonesome
there with plenty of company, Penn
sylvania, Army, Navy, Brown, Cor
nell, West Virginia, Lehigh, Lafay
ette and scores of the little fellows.
If Harvard had a few hard games,
the Crimson could undoubtedly claim
the championship. But their schedule
is loaded with easy marks. The Cam
bridge team, favored to beat Yale,
will not care much about losing con
sideration for the title If It is able to
defeat old Ell.
Princeton's victory over Yale was
not such a surprise as the real super
iority the Tiger showed. '
Wisconsin pulled a surprise In the
west by holding Ohio State to a mini
mum. Center College, conquerors of
West Virginia, remained In the south
ern lime light by trimming Kentucky
Slate, 56 to 0.
Washington, Nov. 18. Har
ems, are going out of style In
Turkey and it's all due to the
high cost of living.
According to recent arrivals
from Constantinople, only very
rich- Turks can afford to run
over & list of wives to see
which one they'll take to the
theatres. Life in Turkey is
vefty expensive Just now.
Th annual A. 8. B. play will be giv
en In the high school auditorium, De
cember 19. The play to be used this
year Is J. Hartley Manners' "The
House Next Door." At the final try
out Monday evening the following cast
was chosen:
Sir John Cotswold..Turfleld Schindler
Lady Margaret Cotswold-.Alma Engleb
Lady Margaret Cotswold
Alma Englebart
Ulrica, their daughter Hazel Long
Cecil, their son....lrank Deckabach, Jr.
Vining, their servant.. Elton Thompsert
Capt. Clive Trevor Ralph Morgali
Sir Isaac Jacobson, M. P
Willard Marshall
Rebecca, his wife Olga Kirkwood
Esther, their daughter Leone Estes
Adrian, their son Ralph Hamilton
Maximilian, their servant
Percy Hammond
I Walter Lewis Kenneth Waters
j The rehearsals, under the direction
of Miss Beatrice Thompson, will begin
at once.
75 Year Old Rheumatic
Throws Away His Crutches
"I am now 75 years of age, and for
a number of years have suffered
with rheumatism, eczema and a se
vere itching. I was compelled to walk
on crutches. I obtained no relief un
til I began to take Number 40 for the
Blood. Have taken eight bottles and
my rheumatism and the itching ec
zslia Is all gone. On Christmas day I
laid away my crutches and get around
pretty well without them. You have
my permission to use tTils letter to
advertise Number 4 0, as I feel that I
have received great benefit and will
continue- the treatment,- believing I
will receive more, and I wish to rec
ommend It to other like sufferers to
do as I have done and try Number 40
and got relief. With great pleasure I
subscribe myself, yours very truly.
Isaac Ludwlg, Delphos, Ohio, March
17, 1917." Number 40 is demanded
In gouty conditions, nial-nutritlon,
poisoning, auto-intoxicatlon, constipa
tion, chronic rheumatism and ca
tarrh, liver complaint and all diseas
es arising from impure blood.. Made
by J. C. Mendenhall, Kvansvllle, lnd;,
4( years a druggist. Sold by Sohaef
ers drugstore. . (Adv)
New York Teachers Accused
t Of Belonging To Red Party
New York, Nov. 18. Removal of six
1 women public school teachers for al
leged membership in the Communist
party Is being sought by William Et
tlnger, city school superintendent.
I Charges against the teachers were
based on papers seized In recent raids.
.Three of them are said to hive con
Ifessed affiliation with the bolshevlsi
and belief In the communist manifesto
which chief City Magistrate McAdoo
1 constituted criminal anarchy. The oth-
r three Were to be examined today.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 17. (United
Press.) An American team of athletes
will go to the Olympic games in Ant
werp, Belgium, next year,- probably
between August 15 and September IS,
It was decided in the annual conven
tion of the National Amateur Athletic
Union of the United States here to
day. It was also decided to hold the na
tional boxing championships in Bos
ton; the 100-yard swimming event at
Brookllne, Mass., wrestling at Birming
ham, Ala., the 50-yard swim at Chi
cago, the plunge at Los Angeles, the
220-yard swim at Detroit, the fancy
diving at Los Angeles, the ISO yard
back stroke at the Indiana Athletic
association, the 650 yard swim at Great
Lakes, HI., and the 200 yard breast
stroke at Meadowbrook club, Philadel
phia. A long ' discussion 'resulted ovet
Judge Mahoney's request that Dan
Kelly's 100-yard record of 9 3-5 sce
conds be eliminated.
Joseph B. Maccabe, Boston, former;
president of the A. A, U., defended
Kelly and announced that he made a
personal investigation on the Pacific
coast and found that three of the five i
timers got Kelly faster than 9 3-5 sec
conds. The record was allowed to stand
after a long speech by Justice Weeks,
who declared that the constitution
would be ruined of records that have
been standing many years were thrown
$31,974 Added
State Road Money
A total of $31,974.32 was added to
the good roads. fund of Oregon, Mon
day, whe nthe. secretary of state's of
fice received the remittance of the
Standard Oil company and the Union
Oil company of California to cover
the state tax on gasoline ana on sold
in the state during the month of Oc
tober. The remittance represents a
tax of one per cent per gallon on
2,962,992.5 gallons rot gasoline and
one-half cent per gallon of distillate
sold during the month.
, The check from the Standard Oil
company was for 127,314.70 and that
fro mthe Union Oil company for $4,
859.62. '
Tobacco Habit
Shell Window Panes
Leonard Millman of Cove, a marine
stationed for the past two years at
Pekin, China, has arrived home after
a tempestuous ocean Voyage of 84 days
says Dostor Connor, formerly of Johni
Hopkins hospital. Thousands of men
suffering from fatal diseases would be
in perfect health today were it not for
the deadly drug Nicotine. Stop the
habit now before it 's too late. It 'i j
simple process to rid yourself of the j
tobaceo habit in any form. Just go to
any up to date drug store and get some
Nicotol tablets; take them as directed
and lo; the pernicious habit quickly
vanishes. Druggists refund the money
if they fail. Be sure to read large and
interesting announcement by Doctor
Connor soon to- appear in this paper.
It tells of the danger of nicotine pois
oning and how to avoid it. In the mean
time try Nicotol tablets; yon will be
surprised at the resnlt. D. J. Fry.
. As a substitute for glass, sea shells
are use of nicely in- the Philip
pines. The largest shells are about
three inches square and placed in the
windows they permit the passage oi
the light and the interior is flooded
with a pearly-gray illumination which
is very pleasant to the eyes.
I Tlif Coal of Poland.
' Next to the textiles, mining is the
1 principal industry in Poland, especial
I ly that of coal, which was considerabe-
in the years before the war. The quaU
I Itv ft ntinftA In Austrian Pnhinil
is better than the German portion. Be
fore the war Russia started to open
some mines in Poland, but the work
was ntver completed.
Red Bearing Card Signed By
Haywood He'd In Eugene
Kugene, Or., Nov. IS. A man who
claims that he is John Everett hut who
had in his possession a certificate
signed D. Haywood as an author
ized orgunisor and delegate of the I.
W. W Union No. 400. was broueht In
. Eugene Monday nutrnlni? from .limn.
' tlon City where he was found In a co.
f of potatoes. He was sent to for CO
I days on a vagrancy charge.
Princeton And Harvard May
Battle For Eastern Honors
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 18. - If
Harvard beats Yale next Saturday a
proposal has been made that Prince
ton and Harvard play off the tie for
the "big three" championship on the
Polo grounds. Major James Barnes,
vice chairman of Princeton's fourteen
million dollar endowment drive .sug
gests the game as a means of raising
money for the endowment funds of
both institutions.
Cut This Out
When you want an Auto
Truck call 998 day phone,
and 679J night phone.
We do all kinds of distance
hauling and will take con
tracts hauling wood or any
other work you have,
Oswald Empey and
R. 0. Cummins, Owners
Office 143 S. Liberty Street
Having permanently located in Salenvl am prepar
ed to overhaul your car and put it in first class con
dition at a reasonable figure. Will do your work in
your own garage, giving all my time to your job
while I am on it.
1919 Studebaker, 5 passenger j'
1915 Overland 5 passenger
1915 Overland 5 passenger -1914
Michigan, 5 passenger
1916 Studebaker delivery .
1 G. M. C. truck, good order. 5
1 5-passenrger Ford, $425.
1 trailer, a dandy.
1 5-passenger Reo, 17 model.
Will sell for cash and give terms, or trade for
property, potatoes or what have you to trade.
1 Year's service goes with every car sold.
U. S. Garage
Phone 1752 ,554 Ferry St.
' Storage $3.50 month"
Today - Tomowpw
Vs - f
Battle Between Tooth Pastes
Who Will tonic I ho Argument. I.ct
Your Druggist bo tlio Referee
2:15 4:00 5:45
7:30 9:15 P.M.
It must be perplexing to the reader
to decide which of the claims are
logical and which are unsupported
when he reads the glowing advertise
ments of the various manufacturers
of tooth paste.
One maker's product lays stress on
the flavor. Another claims to "re
move the film." Still another leaves
a "clean feeling;" Another calls at
tention to the teeth of wild nninials
and is reputed to be highly antiseptic
After reading all carefully, the In
telligent person decides to refer the
matter to the court of last resort for
the true answer. The druggist is the
one whom the physicians and dentist
relies upon to furnish expert advice
on the action of chemicals. Why, there
fore, is he not the person for you to
trust? Long years of patient training
and a knowledge of the relative val
ue of the various ingredients In all
chemical products have fitted him to
express an opinion. He knows because
he is qualified to know.
Something over 28,000 druggists
and physicians in this country be
long to national association known as
the American Druggists Syndicate. The
national formula committee of this
greut association met annually In con
ference for 10 consecutive years In
order to select the best formulas for
household remedies to be manufac
tured in their own great laboratories
maintained at Long Island city.
One of their well known prepara
tions Is A. D. S. Peredixo Tooth Paste
which has been endorsed by lending
dentists in every state of the nation.
I Your druggist will tell you that it
j enjoys a fast repeating mile and Its
j claim us a perfect product is briefly
jstated when he tells you that "be-
sides doing all that any other tooth
paste can do, Peredixo 'whitens like
peroxide.' "
Large production of this remark
able preparation enables you to still
purchase the large tube at the old
price 25 cents. Try a tube today
and be convinced (Adv)
riLiow Institute or Actuamcs
or Great Britain
Fkllow Actuarial Socikty
of America. Etc., Etc
cable: menanoer, new vubk
Feulow Casualty Actuarial
and Statistical Society
Pillow Fraternal Actuarial
, - - Llarch 6, 1919. -
Grand-Lodge of Oregon, . ' ,:
Ancient Order United Workmen. ' ' r
Portland, Oregon. ' -
Gentlemen:- .- .
Assets, actual and contingent t
Present mid-year value -of future net
Assetc C?tributi0ns " 1090,859.00
Assets 596,581185
. . 20t?l $1, 48.7, 370. 83"
Liabilities, actual and continuant; . ' V
Present mid-year value of promised
Liauiier."!.:::::::::::::::;::---' i'-
- 9,000.00
. x xotal " 31,428,776.00'
In excess of liabilities - 558,594.83
Ratio of assets to liabilities 104.09 . V
4 per' ccnt,v the future assessments of the sonLti J r6Stat
rates now being collected, together ?ith J'J h! net
are sufficient to reeT all j.AiT: T "he new tested assets,
terSth:?!! mature by their
and above -statutory BSnSSSaf- V'58,M4,83 (r 4'09 over
Fraternally submitted,
Consulting Actuaries.
If Bilious, Constipated or.
Headachy take
Tomorrow the sun will shine for
you. Everything will seem clear, rosy
and bright. Your system Is filled with
liver and bowel poison which keeps
your skin sallow, your stomach upset,
your head foggy and achtiiK. Your
meals are turning Into poison, gases
and acids. You can not feel rlsht.
Don't stay bilious or constipated. Keel
splendid always by taking Cascarets
occasionally. They act without griping
or inconvenience. They never sicken
you like calomel, salts, oil or nasty,
harsh pills. They cost so little too
Cascarets work ifrhit. you steep, (Adl
The "Old Reliadle" A. 0. U. W.
Protection Lodge, No. 2, Salem, Oregon
Nine of the fifteen SupVeijae Lodge Jurisdictions issued more business during 1918 than was issued by
. V Old Line Life Insurance Companies. " .
" If It's A. O. U. W. It's Safe
. :. D. C. Herrin, Grand Master Oregon Jurisdiction
415 Oregonian Building, Portland, Oregon.