Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, November 18, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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farm of William H. Kgran and Sons,
and will resume his duties with them.
?Reds" On Trial For Part
In Anarchist Acts Today
New York, Nov. IS. Investigation
Nov. 17-18 Convention
state commercial club secretar
ies. Nov. 18 Mass meeting, ar-
mory, E. B. Fish, topic, "True
Nov. 19 Rotary Club, Hotel
Marlon, noon.
Nov. 19 Business Mt-n'a
League, Commercial club. 8
p. m.
Nov. 19 P." E. O. Sister
hood meets with Mrs. Gordon
McGllehrlst, 2244 State street.
Dec. 3-4 Bazaar In St Jo
seph's hall.
Dec. 19 "The House Next
Door," high school auditorium.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Vm Reader of As
toria are spending the day in Salem
with friends.
II. L. Traver of Eugene transacted
business in the capital city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Hyde of Baker
are visiting capital city. friends for a
few days. They arrived in Salem this
The Leisure Hour club will be en
tertained at the home of Mrs.' D. J.
Fry, Sr., tomorrow afternoon.
D. E. Pearson, a McMinnville resi
dent, attended to business affairs in
Salem Monday.
At the regular meeting: of the East
urn fitnr tVI'a ovpnmer. visiting dele-
'truies from Donald; Turner and Stay-i ot m criminal anarcny cases agamsi
'ton will be entertained. At their last "red" leaders captured in recent raids
i meeting it was decided to extend the i here began today with the calling of
I invitation, to the -three out of town j "Big Jim" Larkln.ilMsh abor agitator,
chanters, and a social evening has and Benjamin Gitluwv former New
been planned for their benefit Among (York socialist assemblyman,
the features of the evening will be vo-j Members of the New York police
cal renditions by Miss Gussie Niles, j bomb squad and agents of the United
John W. Todd and Mrs. Bertha Stiles. States department of Justice were call-
ied as witnesses. -
J -With all members of the Oregon
supreme court with the exception of
Justice Burnett in Portland attending
the annual session of the state bar
association, the usual Tuesday grist
of opinions has been deferred this
week until Wednesday. This is the
second consecutive week on which the
Tuesday morning program of the
court has been lnterferred with, Tues
day of last week being a legal holiday
by proclamation of Governor Olcott
because of the celebration of armis
tice day.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Friedll of West
Liberty, Iowa, are stopping in Salem
today, while touring the west.
Norma N.TerwUliger,licensed lady em
balmer with Terwifliger Funeral Homo,
Alvin A. Kurtz, son of Mr. and Mrs.
K. A. Kurtz, underwent a minor oper
ation at the Salem hospital this morn-
V. W. Blakerlee of Chemawa' was I ing, and is doing as nicely as could
a Medford visitor Monday.
Phone 35 for drugs. Prompt deliv
ery. Tyler's drug store. . '
be expected.
Asa B. Robinson, judge of Polk
county, visited in Salem yesterday.
He is a long, long way from home,
is J. R. Cox of Nome, Alaska, who is
in Salem today transacting business
and visiting with friends.
Mr. and Mrs.- Thad Howe of Sheri-
Dance Moose hall Wednesday night. f'in are the guests of friends in.Sa
Good time. 2" 1 tor B eW da5'a
Miss Vivien Applegate of Portland ' Adjutant General Conrad Stafrln Js
brief visit at the home " ' "
connected wun nis uince. ivir.
Owing to the fact that Mrs. Louis
W. McCullough of Portland, state In
spector of the organization, will be in
Salem on official business tomorrow,
the meeting of the P. E. O. Sisterhood
which was to have taken place on
Thursday of this week, will be held on
Wednesday instead. Mrs. Gordon Mc
Gilchrist will act as hostess for the
gathering, , at her home, 2244 State
Two motions to' quash writs of re
views in cases against the city were
filed at the court house today by City
Attorney Bert W. Macy. One writ is
in the case of Paul DeAntremont, who
was arrested September 20 on a dis
orderly conduct charge, and was fin
ed $50. The other is in the case of F.
Berber Stands On Platform
Of "Pro-Humanity" In Race
Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 18. Victor
Berger is "pro-humanity," he said
today in a statement asking support
in his candidacy for reelection to con
gress fi'om the Fifth congressional
district in Wisconsin.
The socialist leader said "I am pro.
German, pro-English, pro-French,
pro-Polish and, in Bhort, I am pro-humanity."
Ii FoHette Attacks Judge
For Issuing Strike Order
Washington, Nov. 18. Senator La
Follette, speaking today on the labor
provision of the peace treaty, severe
ly arraigned the administration fos
its attitude in the coal strike.
; "Judge Anderson, who issued that
order, should be impeached," LaFol
lette said, declaring his intention of
reviewing on the fldor -of the senate
the "whole outrage," as soon as an op
portunity permitted.
Is spending
of Mrs. Walter Kirk,
Turkey shooting,
November 23.
Peter ,Voth and John Nightingale,
farmers of the Salt Creek district of
Polk county, attended to business af
fairs in Salem today.
Love, the jeweler, 337 State St.
Watches, diamonds,,Jewelry. Repair
ing a specialty.. 2T6
Mr. and Mrs. Connell Dyer return
ed yesterday from a visit in Eugene,
having attended the homecoming in
that city over the week end. ,
Reverend Father Vien of Spring
field is visiting In Salem as the guest
, of Reverend Father Rerouin, assist
ant pastor of St. Joseph's church.
Dr. S. C. Stone can be found at Ty
ler' drug store, 157 South Coramer-
ctal street. . 273
J W Baker. 545 Court Btreet, who
has been 111 for the past week, is re
covering rapidly and hopes to resume
hla himiness obligations in the near
Mrs. Mem Chapman and daughter,
Miss Oda Chapman, left last evening
for California where they will spend
the winter with relatives.
resides in Dallas, and was captain of
company L at the outbreak or tne
recent struggle with Germany. He al-
commanded the company during
the Mexican episode in the summer of
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 18.-Charges
that the American beet sugar refining
A. Kelly against the city. Kelly .was i
A,,,,rt 9n omwintwl o( ; in storage at its plant at Oxnard.
distributing advertising material .from
William Hart is in Salem today.
The girls in the city are warned, how
ever, not to get excited, as it is not
"Big Bill" of the Thomas Ince stu
dios, but a mere man like the rest of
his species. Mr. Hart comes from New
York city, and is registered at the
Marion hotel today.
house to house without a license.
Returns from the asylum were the
only ones received at Red Cross head
quarters yesterday. They amounted to
$108, and brought the total receipts
to $3910. The larger auxiliaries, such
as Dallas, Independence, Silverton,
Woodburn, and a number of smaller
districts, have not yet sent in their
subscriptions, but it is expected that
by. the last of the week the entire
campaign will be closed, and a com
plete report sent in to' the headquar
ters of the northwestern . division In
B. R. Perkins returned last evening
from Olympia. Mr. and Mrs. Perkins
left Saturday morning for Hillsboro
where they were the guests of the
latter's mother, Mrs. A. J. Perkins,
leaving Sunday morning for Olympia,
where Mrs. Perkins will remain dur
ing a visit of indefinite length, as the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Martin Kramer. The four children
have been in Olympia forthe past
four weeks, - while Mrs. Perkins was
ill at a local hospital.
County School Superintendent W.
M. Smith was in Portland today, ac
companying the Marion county boys
who went there to make judgment at
the Pacific Livestock association show
The annual flection of officers for
the Salem Cherrians will be held De
cember 2. Men to succeed King Bing
P. E. Fullerton and W. I. Staley, sec
retary, will be named.
All arrangements for the big dance
to be given Thanksgiving eve at the
armory by the Salem Cherrians have
been completed. The public is invited,
and will be hosts of the Cherrians for
the evening.
The Salem Rotary club will meet
at noon tomorrow at the Hotel Marion
The fact that the Rotarians are giv
ing the mass meeting at the armory
tonight when E. B. Fish will talk, has
nothing to do with the meeting at the
regular time. Mrs. E. E. Brodie, con
tralto from Oregon City, will be at
the meeting and entertain the Rotarians.
Funeral services of H. M. Gearhart,
who died on November 15 of cerebral
hemorrhage, will be held from the
chapel of Webb and Clough Wednes
day, November 19, at 10:30 o'clock.
The services will be in charge of the
G. A. R. and interment in the City
View cemetery. Mr. Gearhart is sur
vived by a wife, six children and nine
' One of the oldest fraternal orders
in America, the A. O. U. W., which
has .been In existence 51 years, has
recently launched an active campaign
for new members. The organization
claims to be 100 per cent solvent with
stable, reliable rates. The local branch
of the order. Protection lodge No. 2,
is much interested In the membership
drive and expects to add a substan
tial number of new members as a result.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Janz, Mrs.
Grover Simmons and Mr. and Mrs.
L. D. Simmons, returned last evening
from Portland where they had been
called by the death of a relative, Mar
tin Setlemelr. Mrs Settlemelr is a
sister of Mrs. Janz and Mr. Simmons.
Emphatically declaring that he does
not come from China, and as proof,
points to the map of Illinois where
Pekin, him home town, is situated,
A. T. Heisel of the American town
with the oriental name, Is in Salem
today. , .
The estate of John N. McKay, who
died in this county October 6, was ad
mitted to probate in the county court
here yesterday. The estate Is valued at
more than $100,000. It consists of
$7065 personal property, land of the
approximate value of $31,635, the Me
Kav building. Portland, $36,100, and
Portland property valued at $3400.
Mrs. parol,ine McKay, widow, was
named administratrix. The heirs are
her children: Mary, Cecelia, Joseph,
John, Jr., Lenard and Mrs. McKay.
They reside near Ft. Paul.
Portland Girl Leaps
kto Willamette; Saved
Portland, Or., Nov. IS "Good bye"
cried Miss Genes Brenner ns she prised
on the rail of the Morrison street
bridge last night, ami l;en jumped f?
feet Into the Willamette river.
The h:ir' or patrol iVKrued her
the 17-year-old girl'is in the city tai:
today, charged with Attempting to
commit suicide. " -
MisS Brenner had bees despondent
berause she had been out of work for
tv weeks and had & ant.pathy f r
applying for work. , .
imuLiiHuiMiiii'nii viafcvr IhTirnli : Z& B
Tomorrow's Big Sale
Sons o fthe American Revolution,
who reside In Salem are Invited to
attend the meeting of the Oregon so
ciety to be held iti Portland on No
vember 22d, at the University olub,
corner of Sixth and Jefferson streets.
According to B. T. Thaxter, secretary,
the 22d will be a red letter day in the
society's calendar, as Honorable
Chancellor L. Jenks, president gener
al of the national society will be In.
attendance. Chief Justice Thomas A.
McBrlde, of the Oregon supreme court
will introduce the speaker, and fol
lowing the speaking there will be a
buffet luncheon served by the Uni
versity club caterer. The affair Is an
nounced as being strictly Informal,
and each member is asked to bring
some - patriotic citizen as his guest.
Eight o'clock is the time set for the
Ventura county, were wired to the
federal trade commission at Washing
ton, today by the Southern California
getail Grocers' association. The sugar
company has been hoding 15,900,000
pounds of sugar off the market by
filling only 40 per cent of its orders,
according to telegram.
Store And Postoffice Af
West Woodburn Robbed
The robbery of McCormlck'S store
! and postofflce at West Woodburn some
time "lust, night was reported to Sheriff
Needham . here today, and, following
the notfication of authorities in ail
parts of the state, a search was being
made al lover Oregon for the robbers
today. i
About $20 In stamps, some cigarettes
and a shotgun was stolen from the
store and postofflce. Entrance was
gained to the establishment by remov
ing a pane of glass from the door and
unfastening the lock. No clues were
left by the thieves providing some
thin? for authorities to work upon.
" A marriage license was Issued to
day to J. R. Hubbs, 57, Marlon, and
Mrs. Alwlne Mitzner, 49, Marion.
May Allison
From flicker to flick
er a scream and a
A laugh or a giggle or
a grin
From cocktail to cur
tain, A riot, that's certain,
be sure to get in..
WhitcOuting Flannel
Suffice to say: "This flannel is of the MEYERS
25c yard
- SALE OPENS 8:30.
Who Always Does Better By You
; 4 -M"-4f444-.-
340 Court Sreet
Remnant Store
254 North Commercial
' Vl ill o 3 ijw rty 1
Dr. CB. O'Neill
LaddDush Sank Duildinrf
? J-SCommeivial Sts.
fnone625 V SalernOr.
The Talent' Irrigation district, em
bracing,' approximately If, 000 acres of
land near thetown of Talent in Jack
son eoonty, has filed with the Btute en
gineer's office maps and other data foi
the completion of its filings on the
waters of Warner creek, Kmmigrant
creek, Boar creek, MacUonald creek
and Little Applegate river. Applica
tion for the appropriation' of water
from these streams was made by the
district July 31, 1915. Tne Talent dis
trict lias now under course of construe
tion the MacDonald creek canal and
other improvements for the appropria
brother-in-law, A., J. Gillbo, which. tion of wate from Bear crek and it
will be held there tomorrow. Mr. Gill
bo -met his death in an automobile
accident Monday. Mrs. Babcock was
scheduled to sing this evening at the
meeting of Chadwlck chapter O. B. S.
but due to the unforseen circumstanc
es will be unable to do so.
F. E. Eksward, author qt the state
traffic- law of California, will be th
principal speaker at the meeting of
the Business Men's League, Commer
cial club, at eight o'clock tomorrow
night. Mr. Eksward is coming to Sa
lem to assist in drafting a better traf
fic law for this city.
Mrs. W. P. Babcock left today for
Tacoma to attend the funeral of her
I Shoe Economy
: Is one of the principle topics of interest at the present
: : time, and we are making it of more interest hy our new
E. N. Coffie and Walter Lawson,
who claim to be residents of San
Francisco, were in jail here today
pending investigation. They were ar
rested last night when they attempt
ed to borrow $ 5 on an auto they drove
to this city, at a local garage. They
said they had come from Washington,
although the auto bore a California
license. Chief of Police Varney wired
San Francisco authorities . to learn
whether the pair were wanted there
for any offense.
2:15; 4:00; 5:45
1:30; 9:15 P. M,
8S2 North High Btieet
John Bowson, who has traveled
oyer the greater part of Canada on
his bicycle( was- in Salem Sunday,
having come up from Portland on hia
wheel in 3 1-2 hours. Mr. Bowson is
enjoying a trip through Oregon simi
lar to his Canadian one, and was en
route to Klamath Falls when here
Sunday. -
Secretary A. H. Lea of the state
fair board left today for Portland
where he will spend the remainder of
the week in attendance upon the In
ternational Livestock exposition. Lea
will leave next Tuesday on the stock
men's special for Chicago where he
will attend the national stock show.
Andrew jMatson has returned to
hi home In Hopmere, after an ab
sence of nearly two years. Mr. Mat-
son left the states as ship carpenter
on a vessel bearing a cargo composed
of a million feet of Oregon lumber.
He also saw six months of active ser- j
vice in the A. E. F. Before leaving j
Oregon he had been employed on the
is expected that the water will be avail
able for the irrigation of the tract
next season.
.Washington, Nov. 18. A general
statement on the coal situation, ad
dressed to the coal operators, miners
and the public will be Issued soon by
Fuel Administrator Garfield, it was de
cided at a two-hour conference of the
cabinet today.
The cabinet also took up the general
labor situation al Mexican develop
ments. While the cabinet was meeting Pres-
Ident Wilson sat in a wheel chair on
a portico of the White House. It was
a mild, clear day and the president
evidently enjoyed getting out of doors.
i lilt l! Hi: 'V'l'U U V
! am : ik
Hungry Ah a Dog
The Eskimo dog Is usually hungry
and In order to prevent them from
eating their leather harness this equip
ment must be rubbed with tar.
t kinds of shoes and the prices are what creates the in-
terest. '
We quote you just a few but you must see the goods
in order to really appreciate the values.
Ladies' small sizes in Hanans, Laird Schober,
Selbys, button and lace, good wear $1.95 to $3.95
Ladies' gun metal, low heels, all sizes $3.95
Ladies' patent or black kid with grey top,
special at $3.95
Ladies' black kids, French or Cuban heels ....$3.95
to ....:. $5.95
Misses' shoes, sizes 11 to 2 in black, brown, elk,
lace and button $2.95 to $4.25
Childs' same in sizes 8 to 11 $1.95 to $3.95
Men's English last, black and brown Goodyear
welt soles at $6.65 to $6.95
Men's round toes, black, tan, brown $4.95 to $7.50
Boys' black and browns $2.95 to $4.85
Elk bals, men's - $2-59
Boys'.:. $2-20
Come in and Help Yourself, Save Dollars
Every Pair Warranted for Satisfactory Service
Candidates will begin arriving ar
Elks Temple one o'clock p. m., all the
initiatory work will be completed
about 6 o'clock, all brothers will as
semble at the club rooms In time to
march to the armory at 7:30 where
admittance will be by, the regular
paid up Elks card, have your cards
ready to show the door keepers and
avoid delay. A buffet luncheon will be
served, followed by a program. There j
will be no dance. Fred A. Erixon, I.
AY. Lewis, H. J. Wendcroth, commit
tee. 2741
4 ' mttmmirm w?m-i
:pli lftl!
t . mam v- td
I13! I "tu1! It-1 t
Littler & Upmeyer, Sole Owners
Salem,' Oregon.
ilim ....
- if ;-'
mm tm
im$mh mm
.-. . - i " Jilffli