Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, November 17, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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All Around Town
Bon to Mr. Mini J -rs. Em!l Be!e.
route 8, or. Saturday, November lo, a
son. He has been named Henry
Rmmnli tl for 100 lbs. A very cheap
vegetable, 3 to 25 lbs. each. Ward K.
Richardson. Phone 494. iVf
Nov. 17-18 Convention
state commercial club secretar
ies. .
Nov. 18 Mass meeting! ar
mory. E. B. ish, topic, "True
Americanism." 1
Nov. 19 Rotary Club, Hotel
Marlon, noon.
Nov. 19 Business Mn's
League, Commercial club. 8
p. m.
Dec. S-4 Bazaar In St. Jo
seph's hall.
Deo. 19 "The House Next
Door," high school auditorium.
Countv Judire Asa Robinson of Polk
county, is in the city today from Dal
las on official business.
1920 Velie Sixes on display. Salem
Velle company, 102 N. .Com'l. 272
rhiu h riinrk. editor of the Stay-
ton Mail, is transacting business in
Salem today.
Mrs. E. D. Boydston and Mrs. J.
Morgan of Independence, paid a bus
iness visit to Salem Saturday. .
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wolte, ot
Aumsville, Monday, 17th, a daughter.
She has been named Josephine Mar.o
Chariea E. Brazllle of Chemawa,
visited friends here yesterday.
nr. fi. R. Wilson of Stlverton was
among the out of town folk who spent
Sunday in Salem.
Dance Moose hall Wednesday night.
Good time. ' 277
Unrrv r.Rvnnr nf Dallas is in Sa
lem today, visiting with business ac
Four varieties of apples, 5 boxes for
$4.25, 10 boxes for $8 delivered. Ward
K. Richardson, Phone 494. 272
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Drager of South
15th street, spent the week end with
friends iir Dallas.
Turkey shooting, Sidney,
November 23.
Phone 35 for drugs. Prompt deliv
ery. Tyler's drug store.
Miss Georgia Shaw and Miss Mil
lred Shaw of Dallas were Salem vis
itors Saturday.
Mas Clara Waldorf spent the week
end in Sheridan as the house guest of
friends. -
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Wain who re
side on the Jefferson road, are among
the Salem folk who spent Sunday in
J. T. Steiner, a resident of Jeffer
son, was the guest or rrienas nere
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Miss Constance Cartwright was
among the Salemites who attended
the homecoming in Eugene, over the
week end.
C. O. C. Hansen of Falls City was
an out of town visitor in Salem yesterday.
Huron, South Dakota, Is represent
ed on the register of the Bligh hotel
today by O. L. Kissick.
Love, the Jeweler, 337 State St.
Watches, diamonds', jewelry. Repair
ing a specialty. 276
' Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon J. Mc-
Alister, of Shaw? on Monday, Novem
ber 17, an 8'A id. aaugnier. duo iio
been named Emma Isabelle.
3forma N.Terwilliger,hceTi8ea lady em
bslmer with Terwilliger Funeral Home,
Louis Davenport, formerly a busi
ness man of Salem, was visiting
friends here Saturday. Mr. Davenport
is now a resident of Silverton. - .
Rhoriff Til 11. Woodcock and wife
nt T nkpvlow. I.a ka' county, were over
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. R.
Waters, 495 North Winter street. Mr.
Waters was a deputy under Sheritf
Woodcock several months during last
summer. .
The music department of the Sa
lem Woman's club will meet this eve
ning at the Presbyterian church at 8
o'clock. - .
L. Jj. Thomas of Marshfield, who
arrived in Salem Friday for a brief
visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. E. Thomas 649 Center street, left
Saturday for Portland and beattie.
House guests of capital city friends,
Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Jones of Mc
Mlnnville "spent Sunday here.
Miss Phoebe Smith of Vancouver,
Wash., spent Sunday at the Beta Chi
house on Court street, as the guest of
her sister, Miss symi smitn.
Miss Vella Smith of San Francisco,
is in Salem for a visit of indefinite
length with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
George .W. Smith, of South High
J. Frank Stroub, a business man of
Beaverton, is transacting business in
Salem today. While in town he is stop
ping at the Marion.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Janz of Silver
ton were in Salem yesterday, as the
dinner miesis of the latter's brother
and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. L. D.
Corn on cob for sale, 1-2 mile west
of Keteer Bchool house. H. W. Bow
den. Phone 29F3.
Charles Marr of Portland is here
for a few days, visiting his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John Marr, at their
home, 404 South High street.
11. A. White, of the D. A. White &
Sons feed company, will leave tonight
for California, where they will spend
the winter at Long Beach.
$376 BUYS a 4 room house, full lot,
175 cash, balance monthly. If you
liave property to sell list with me.
" H. a Radcliff, room 4, Bayne bldg.
Hiss D. Watson and Miss I. Har
4 per. formerly of the Mier and Frank
beauty parlors, opened offices in the
Balem Bank of Conynerce bulding.
The regular meeting of Chadwick.
chapter. Order of the eastern own.
in k, hold Tnesdav evening at 8
o'clock in the Masonic Temple. This
will be a social evening.
George Whttting of Scio was fined
ten dollars by City Recorder Race,
late Saturday afternoon, on me u
ble charge of being drunk and violat
ing a city traffic ordinance.
Joel Hewitt has sold his property
on 17th and A streets to an earner.!
,t who will take possession im
mediately, and moved into his home
on Chemeketa street, ine consiuen-
tion was $4500.
Mr. and Mrs. Mem Pierce (Emma
Waldorf) whose marriage was an
' event of very recent date, are spend
ing a part of their honeymoon in
' Knappa, Or., as the guests of the for
mer's sister.
Tko Hfnr F.lortrin Vihrator. All Who
a,o intorantnri in health and beauty
are invited to see a demonstration of
this machine. Special demonstration
Monday and Tuesday, perry's arug
store. 272
TWro Ttninh white will entertain
the members of her senior dancing
rlnnn with n. Rncial dance, after the
regular lessons, Wednesday evening
j at Cotillion hall.
Miss Lacy Leonard spent the week
end in Eugene as a guest at the Delta
Delta Delta house. Miss Leonard at
tended the homecoming at the university.
Stayton, Nov. 17. The Etoile de
L-Est club, composed only of mem
bers of the order of the Eastern Star,
was entertained Thursday at the spa
in iiniiu nf Mrs. W. W. Elder by
Mra Elder and Mrs. Eliza Taylor. It
was a masquerade party, and the
guests were dressed to represent dif
ferent persons and some represented
I nnultrv. It was an elaborate affair
and was thoroughly enjoyed by those
Ralnh Urban has commenced worn
nn the erection of his new garage
and will continue as the weather per
mits. He is breaking ground for a
building 100x100 feet, with concrete
wnlla and floor. It is reported that
Dr. Beauchamp will move his office,
which now occupies a part of the lot,
onto the lot next to the Star theater.
Mrs. E. C. Caldwell has returnea
from her visit at Mill City.
Stanley A. Starr left Friday for Al
bany, where he has accepted a posi
tion in the Cuaick bank.
fra Knima Hamnian has movea
here from. Dallas, and has purchased
the house and lot belonging to Fred
Watters, on the west end of Water
nna nf thA members of the new
Saritiam Woolen Mills Co. has gone
east to purchase new macninery, ana
it is stated that there is a good pros
nont nf a laree wool scouring plant
being added to the mill. New employes
are arriving, and new nanus are re
ceiving instruction.
Riidnluh Kusv and family, wno leu
here with the 'expectation of locating
in California, have cnangea men
iriAno and nurchased a 160 acre ranch
near Cambridge, Idaho. This is the
home of the Olmsted tamuy, iormer
Stayton residents.
T. H. Thomas and family of Jor
dan, have moved to Stayton and are
making their home with Mrs. Cox.
Their son, Claire, is attending high
ThA hnsket ball boys at the high
school are already putting on some
good games.
Prof. Ford motored to Eugene rn-
day to attend the U. of 0.0. A. C
fnnthnll frame.
Meifnrd Allen Is carrying an arm in
a sling, the result of an injury while
playing basket ban.
Mehama continues to boom -under
the Impetus given by the new railroad
building to that place. It is stated
that a saw mill will positively be built
there this winter and that the road
will be completed as soon as possi
ble. Balsinger & Son of Lyons, have'
purchased lots and will erect a build
ing and open a store there.
Milt Williams, who has been in
Portland for some time, has returned
to his farm in the Coon Hollow neigh
borhood. S. B. Cole was in town Saturday, to
move his household goods onto the
eleven acre place he recently purchas
ed on the south Santiam near Crab-tree.
The Commercial club today receiv
ed a letter from George W. Cantrell,
1224 Broadway, Chlco, Cal., asking
for information of any person grow
ing horseradish. Mr. Cantrell, said
that he is in the market for loo
pound lots of horseradish direct from
the growers, and asked that he be put
in touch with any one growing it.
Several hours were reauired to get
three cars back on the Oregon Elec
tric tracks Saturday evening, aner
thov hnri hn derailed near the Trade
street trestle. As a consequence of the
accident, the south bound passenger
train was obliged to switch to the
front street tracks, until the blockade
could be lifted. .
Tn Tin Una Mra. Charles Bilveu is
secretary of the Commercial club, and
her husband is proprietor of the towns
leading hostelry. Mrs. Bilyeu has Just
returned from a conierence in oeai
tl. am is nassine the day in Salem
en route to her Polk county home.
a. M Bfshnn nf Washousal passed
through Salem en route to Engene to
attend the - Oregon-O. A. C. football
game, and was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs.,C. P. Bishop.
"Plans for the issuance early in De
cember of forms for filing income and
excess profits tax returns are being
made by the bureau of internal reve
nue. Taxpayers will thus be given the
opportunity of making out their re
turns immediately nmin the closing of
their hooks for the vear 1919. when ac
curate knowledge of their accounts Is
fresh in their minus.
As a convenience to themselves and
as a means of expediting the work of
the government, taxpayers are urged
by the bureau, in a statement issued!
today, to avail themselves of this op
portunity. The period for filing is from
January 1 to March 15, 1900.
If the tax is paid In quarterly in
stallments, one-fourth of the amount
must accompany the filing of the re
turn. '
Form 1040-A will be used for filing
individual income returns of $500 and
less, and form 1040 for filing returns
of income In exoess of that amount.
The normal rate of tax for 1919,
provided for in the revenue act of
1918. la 4 ner cent on the first I400U
above the exemptions, and 8 per cent
on the remaining next income. The tax
for 1918 was ( and 12 per cent respec
tively. The surtax rates, which range
from 1 ner cent on the amount of net
in come between $5000 and $6900 to
65 per cent on the amount By whlen
the net income exceeds $1,000,000, are
iha same flji for the year 1918, The
exemptions of $1,000,000 for single
persons and $2,000,000 for married per
sons and heads of families remain un
changed. These rates apply to every citizen
and resident nf .the United States.
I Alien non-residents receiving income
I from sources within the United States
are subject to the f uir tax of 8 per
cent on Buch income in excess of -the
Announcement will be made of the
data nn which the forms will be avail
able at the offices of collectors of in
ternal revenue and branch offices.
Boise. Idaho. Nov. 17. Thirty-one
I. W. W., the first to be caught In the
tentacles of the strong organization ef
fected by the state constabulary and
sheriffs of north Idaho since Saturday
night under orders from KODert u.
.T,nM state lnw enforcement commis
sioner, have been arrested within the
last 48 hours in the lumber countiy
about Sand Point and Priest river.
I" I
v !
Good 5 passenger car will trade
for what have von
Phone 1152 654 Ferry Bt.
Attendance at the Eugene public
schools during the past month of Oc
tober, was 322 more than for octoner
of a year ago.
Each necessary for
mality is observed
by us. We have prov
en our sincere de
sire to satisfy those
who need our serv
ices. We are exper
ienced, capable and
ta f t
Yakima, while not a close neighbor
to Chehalis, is near enough to the lat
ter city to be greatly excited about
the reoent T. W. W. outbreak. - utto
Nelson, of the former city, was a Sa
lem visitor yesterday.
At nnnn tndav the total receipts of
the third Red Cross roll call for Wil
lamette chapter amounted to only $3,
775. A few' of the outer districts and
small town auxiliaries had not yet
sent in their reports, but the outlook
la nevertheless, a trifle disheartening
to the chapter leaders. Canvassing in
Salem has ceased altogether, and the
end of the week will probably see the
cjose of the entire roll call.
John Bentley, who died at a local
aiospital Thursday night, was buried
at two o'clock this afternoon at the
j o. O. F. cemetery. Funeral services
were held at the chapel of ttte W. T.
Rigdon undertaking company.
The body of Hiram Dowe, 60, who
4 flied In a local hospital Friday night,
-was shipped to Orleans, Or., Satur
day by the Webb & Clough undertak
ing company, where funeral services
and burial were held. Mr. Dowe is
survived by a daughter, Mrs. H. Dav
idson. Portland, and has distant rel
atives residing at Albany.
aA. o enr's faithful service in the
city fire department Gerald Kneeves
resigned this morning, to assist his
father In conducting a confectionery
establishment at Woodburn. Kneeves
-was succeeded W Herbert Savage, a
former fireman.
Fourteen dollars a ton, and a $10
prixe for largest amount of old news
papers and magazines collected by
bey scout troops in Salem, has been
offered by the Portland Paper Stock
company, and the local troops will
begin today, a ten day drive for this
Police here were asked this morn
Ins by Sheriff Watt Henderson, Mc
Mlnnville. to aid in the search for
four bales of hops stolen Friday night
from the Sheridan warehouse at that
place. The bales weighed 200 pounds
each, and are of considerable value.
Future traffic requirements, and
what Salem needs in the way of a
more thorough traffic law, will be
brought forcibly to the attention of
business men here when the Business
Men's League meets at eight o'clock
Wednesday evening at the Commer
cial club. F. L. Eksward, author of
the California state traffic law, and
authority on traffic rules, will address
the meeting, and explain the needs of
Salem in this connection, xne com
mittee of the league appointed to de
vise plans for Christmas decoration
will report at this meeting.
West Salem Petitions To
Extend Rosemont Avenue
The ctly of West Salem, Polk county,
has filed application with the public
service' commission for permission to
extend Rosemont avenue across' the
Knnthern Pacific tracks.
An application has also been re-
ceived by the commission irom me
5tnndnrd Oil enmnanv which seeks per
mission to construct an industrial spur
track across Mountain avenue in tne
city of ARhlnnrt
Remnant Store
254 North Commercial
May Allison
House Furnisher
You get more for your
Money at Moore's.
1916 Chalmers, first elass mechan
ical condition, electric lights, start
er, all leather upholstered, 1850.
Oscar B. Gingrich Motor
& Tire Co. -
S71 Court street. Phone 635
From flicker to flick
er a scream and a
snicker, .
A laugh or a giggle or
a grin
From cocktail to cur
tain, A riot, that's certain,
be sure to get in.
Today and Tomorrow
I - ) 426. State Street
I " 111 i
- - . -Bar-r-i-vr-snrftCl ' t t, mn jTht rnftifrvffr w iff ft ,f,f'lMWm-Wm
. , . .,- 1lllw-niff-TflflTTi MEET MK Al auu I ttlVO BBSiWWWHWWWII n.rr.,-.. ... .
iwgaiegBgaasmag - ( B
"While the assortment of
materials and patterns is .
complete. It will be more
satisfactory in every way
, if you place your order be
fore the Holiday rush. '
Big Stock of Wool
Representing best quality fab
rics, up-to-the-minute styles and
best workmanship.
Scotch Woolen
A meetine was held this afternoon
t A nvinnk. and another will be held
at 7:30 this evening by the workers
of St. Paul's church, to which all the
friendn nnd members of the parlBn
are invited. The purpose of the gath
erings is to further a campaign db
tnir rmndticted bv - the Episcopal
church, the object of which is being
tborsughly explained at the meetings.
Chairman F. J. Rupert, of the local
committee of the campaign, has been
notified that the following speakers
would be In Salem today: Rt. Rev.
W. T. Sumner, D. D., bishop of Ore
gon; Rev. V. S. Fleming or tnicaBu,
Way w. R. White, for two years chap
lain in the- A. B. F., and Dr. H. C.
Fixott of Portland.
. .. .... i
8:15; 4:00; 5:45
7:S0; 9:15 P. M.
rvnnrdod hniiHpn irreeted the presen
tation of the actual moving pictures of
the battles of St. Mihiel and Meuse-
Argonne, which were shown at Ye Lib
erty theatre yesterday by Corporal It.
TT Tnp-lftHtnn. Who "shot" them l'lll'll-
if Th films are authentic and bear
the stamp of the signel cops, in which
section of the army Corporal ingieston
wcH ufanv Oreeon boys who were
In the 91st, 5 0th and 41st divisions are
seen in action, making the pictures oi
great lotal Interest.
candidate will beerin arriving at
Elks Temple one o'clock p. m., all the
initiatory work will be compietea
about 6 o'clock, all brothers will as
urnhia at the club rooms in time to
march to the armory at 7:30 where
admittance will be by the regular
i,n Rika nard. have your cards
ready to show the door keepers and
avoid delay. A buffet luncheon win oe
served, followed by a program. There
will be no dance. Fred A. jsrixon, i.
W. Lewis, H. J. Wenderoth, commit
Kl North High Street
WDI.CB. O'Neill
Slt J S!StI
r' ' uiuu
I Z&T&ar. Glaie aft
i 7
1 $25.00 j
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