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Only Salem Member Audit Bureau
of Circulation.
Weather Forecast
Tonliflit nnd Snliu'duy ruin.
Maximum 46.
Minimum 25
No rainfall.
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NO. 270.---TEN PAGES.
Rejection of Entire Treaty By
President or Senate Certain
If Clause Is Approved as Part
Of Interpretations.
, By Hugh Bailie
(United Press Staff Correspondent)
Washington, Nov. 14.-Rejection of the peace treaty
bv the senate or by President Wilson himself is assured
if the resolution of ratification goes to a vote containing
the reservation to article 10, already adopted by senate,
sitting in committee of the whole.
, . - This was the opinion in administra
tion quarters here today, based on the
nresldcnt's own words, frequently re
iterated, during his recent tour of the
United States. Whether the president
then will carry oit his threat to send
leadinc treaty opponents, Including
Senator Lodge, to Weimar, to negotiate
a new treaty remains to be seen.
Wilson Gives Warning.
Wilson has served notice mat ne
would consider adoption of the reser
vation to article 10 rejection of the
whole treaty. There iB nothing to indi
cate that he has changed this attitude.
When Senator Hitchcock recently call-
..... !, IVMtn TTnilBB WilsOll told
1'ortland, Or., r,ov. n. me uut, . b unacceptable
Minneapolis Minn., Nov. 14. Un
less the American Legion amends Its
constitution new honorary members
cannot be added to the rolls of the va
rious posts. The executive committee
decided the rectification clause of the
constitution allows posts to retain hon
orary members already elected but
burs any additions.
Delegate Stockbridge of Georgia,
member of the executive committee
urged the constitution be amended as
soon as possible. I
The yearly dues were placed at $1.
which Includes subscription to the.
American Legion weekly. The week
ly will be published in Indianapolis
providing facilities can be found there
to print copies for a paid up circu
lation of more than 350,000 a week.
Olcott Declares Executive Of
. flee Will Co-Operate Witl
Communities To Prevent
Rioting Here.
mm MET,
Tonight the doors of the Commer
cial club are thrown open to new
members. Any one. In Salem, with $5
and a desire to pull for a greater capi
tal city, are invited to attend the
monthly membership meeting, dinner
and business session, which begins at
8 o'clock. It is expected that many
citizens will take advantage of the re
duction in membership rates and will
sign up together.
Office Knee lutercsis.
Thn Salesmen's club forms tonight.
It is probable that the leaders of the
the "Irish republic" was rippea immu
the automobile of Eamon DeVulera,
ty a score of American Legion mem
bers here today.
The "president of the Irish rcpulj-:
lie" had Just entered an automobile
which was to take him for a trip over
the Columbia highway.
Tho foiier service men, who were
standing near, observed the Irish ban
ner flying from the windshield of the
machine, on a lovel with the Amejt-
The executive office will co-orerate
with tho peace officers of the various
communities throughout Orison in
safeguarding the citizens of the state,
from anv outrage such as was perpe
trated by I. W. W. members at Cen
tralia. Wash., Armistice day, according
to a statement given out by Governor.
Olcott, Thursday night.
All district attorneys, sheriffs, may
ors, police chiefs, constables and other
peace officers In the state are urged by
tho governor to keep a weather eye
open for the working of radical propa- ,
ganda and to apply the ounce of pre- j
vention necessary to stamp out sucn
propaganda before it shall have been
permitted to show its sting as in the
case of the Washington outrage.
The governor's statement follows:
Statement Pointed. - -
"There will be no repetition In Ore
gon of the Armistice day outrage at
Centralia if I can prevent It. The con
stitution of the state declares that the
governor shall see that the laws are
faithfully executed, and I believe tnat
the old adage 'an ounce of prevention
is worth a pound; of cure' should be In
as nearly full working order as possi
ble from now on;
"It Is the desire of the executive of
fices to co-operate in every way possi
ble with the peace (officers of the sev-
Centralia, Wash., Nov. 14 While
crossing the Scatter creek bridge sev
eral miles west of the city last night.
Clyde Paton of Rochester was fired
at three times.
All of the bullets struck the auto
mobile in whioh Paton was riding.
Following the attempted murder of
George Pnxton, while he was cross
ing the bridge between Centralia ana
Chehalis early Thursday niorning, the
shots directed at Paton made the fact
stand out more significantly that the
radicals who are being sought in this
vicinity are not altogether on the de
fensive. The large American flag which flies
from a hill near the heart of the city
of Chehalis was ripped by a rifle bul
let yesterday. The shot ns evidently
fired at long range.
Complaints Charging Murder
In First Degree Filed Against
Ten I. W.W. Who Participated
In Armistice Day Riot
. Chehalis, Wash., Nov. 14. S. A. Godfrey, a mill hand,
who refused to obey an order to halt as he approached
the county jail here early this morning, was shot and
wounded by one of the American Legion volunteers on
guard at the jail.
Seattle, Wash., Nov.- 14. The
Seattle Union Record, labor or
gan, was closed up again at 1
o'clock tills afternoon by United
States authorities, operating un
der warrants Issued yesterday.
Following reports that a gang 01
I. W. W.'s had planned to come to
Chehalis and attempt a jail delivery,
tho county jail had been under heavy
guard since Wednesday night.
Godfred said he cliun i unuersium.
the commandto halt. He said he was
not an I. W. W.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 14. With tht
premisslon of United States District
Attorney Robert C. Saunders, the Se
attle Union Record was preparing this
morning to resume publication of regu
lar editions. While not under govern
ment censorship its editors will be
if certain of the pending reservations
were atached to it and although Hitch
cock never has specified what these
"certain reservations" are, It is gener
ally known here that the qualification
of article 10 is one of them.
What tho Hitchcock forces in the
senate hopeto do Is to reject the reso
lution of ratification containing the
objectionable reservation then propose
n new resolution of ratification which
they expect the opposition- to defeat
. . nnrt then cet together on a compro-
legion . memheru of
TUlHe, UU.L ran
e.uo win p. eeu. "'"----"-" RAntion of held strictly accountable for articles
irerKins ana u. 7 . ' V t aim oiii tn sucirest that IPearing ln the future lf
named for the Presidency of 1 Jf 'the matter printed is deemed sedlt.ous
uotn are insurance me.. y -- "7',; " ' ot"h ' will be arrested and prosecuted under
Mr. Hutchason this afternoon denied, I chief of police, constable or i othw nionare act. according to
however, that ne was a canuiuau, ote. ... 0.,., " ' Ben L. Moore, assistant United States
the position, ami his friends r,lso are enforcement of the law keep his eyes ,
trong in their denial of this. aien as to tne . . olIceman remalned cn
can flag.
Annrnni-lilnc DeVulera, the
members demanded that tmv ir"m the opposition hold that rejection of
o.nhiem ho Tremnvefl. without WU1UH6 . , . ,,.
lor compliance with , the. order,, rip
ped the banner off. ,
Irish loaders In Portland are high
ly incensed and are .making a vigor
ous effort to recover the flag. The
emblem was carried away and bid
den by the former service men.
the -reservation now la process of for
mation will constitute rejection of the
treaty and end the whole affair. And
if they succeed in securing adoption
of the resolution containing the ob
iootinnnhle clause the president will
have none of it, unless he goes back on
v.iu wnrdH and completely : reverses
himself. ,
rions Are Framed.
The administration forces are going
ahead with plans for what tney win
do in the event the resolution 01 rami
talnine the reservations Wil
son considers obje.-tionable fails to get
wn.thirils. vote and is therepy aeieai
.,1 in thnt case, they disclosed today,
wilt offer a urogram of substitute
reservations. ThesP, Senator Hitchcock
eaidtoday, are as follows:
1 Ail members of the league
, i, .i,.i,t tn withdraw on tw
, nnh member SO 1
'drawing to be the sole judge as to
.. vi!, ..rtiloi nrticin
O. whether us ouuBanmio -
Murder Is Charged.
Centralia, Wash., Nov. 14. Com
Dlaints charging murder in the first
degree will be filed this afternoon
nainst ten alleged I. W. W. members,
alleged to have been Involved In the
ArmiHtlee dav murders, It was announ-1
Washington, Nov. 14. the rail-
cert by Prosecuting Attorney Herman 'roads will be completely tied up with
When asked this morning his opln- munity where his JunsdiCUui
ion of the reported campaigns for lead
rshlp of the club Manager T. E. Mc-
Croskey, of the Commercial ciuo saiu:
To Be Auxiliary.
"That is absolutely bushwaw! It
has been said that this has developed
in.n a nersonal flcht. There is noth
ing to It. And I wish it firmly' under
stood that 'tfteflf Is no political savor
connected to this whatever.
'The meeting tonight will be a plain,
open forum meeting. -Every salesman
is invited to attend, listen to the pro
ceeding, and Join the club.
The Salesmen club will be an auxii-
ary to the Commercial club, and will
and stamp put as far as possible every ft tnUnlon Record office this, morn-
semblance of any organization having "
for Its object the fostering of crime and mitted to enter without being ques-
..,nnl.m 0 tVlO i.lUtltllttariE Of OM UOI1BU KUU UIO WVIVU1 BCH-lIlg OUl U
state and nation. PT""9"!" ,n a" r"! .m'"U8 ?8 1 dav that complete confession, signed
Now is the time to take up the ,r, ,ke
Allen and C. D. Cunningham, special
prosecutor. N
The complaints will be against the
following men: :
T. C. Morgan, Brit Smith, Boy Beck
er and James H. Mclnernay, all held
in the Centralia Jail; Eugene Barnett,
n B'and and A. E. Faulkner, held
in the Chehalis county jail: J. H. Lamb
held In. "the jail at Olympla: Loren
Roberta and Bert Bland, who are at
large. . .
Confession Alleged.
Captain Lloyd-Dysart, at the head of
tv,n Amorlrain Leelon. announced to-
cudgel against those torces which must J"ZlrTJf -9T that there was a conspiracy to
hie undermined if -the .nation is not , I v.'"". of the'Amerioan iglon
ibe undermined in inwov mem. .. -j- ., lwho were fighting I. W. W. propagan
Peldges Co-opernuoa. T ,t.- da. has ben obtained. The clues and
1 will pledge the fullest co-opera- "5.." t,.I-L I evidence were obtained by American
juegion men,
1 nniK nt ihn Dentin -will clVG.
In event any situation arises with States Attorney Saunders having given
which the local authorities cannot cope Permission to operate the plant. Thifc
1 urge that a speedy report be maoe - - "
to this office and I will endeavor to
be conducted under the direction of meet the situation ran an 01 un- w
ihi f!nmmerc al club. If any boiw .Bucmiraf iiml iina,,,
man wishes to join under those condi
tions they are welcome to do so." ; zens and the gaiety 01 our nonieimc
Iiunrhenn Fromisea. oeen put m jeopuruy mo .
At tonight's meeting the Commercial of a lawless organization wmcn an
.r,nnlnt a jinmhiatine com- may now plainly see w ueiermineu 10
v;iu - ; - I . . . . . .. , ,v..
mlttee to name officers for the ensu- worn rumj oiuu n..-
Thev will report their se- wnerever a may baibhu h. uauu.
tered the place, taken complete charge
and arrested E. B. Ault, the editor, on
i.i.. .1,- i!o r. ...r riH- a sedition charge. Ault has been re-
IIIB naicij ,,, .emu K.
Tacoma, Wash., Nov. 14. The six
ty four alleged I. W. W. members
rounded up. In Tacoma and held m
the city jail faced state as well
federal charges today.
Prosecuting Attorney w....a... fulfilled.
a Di..n .Ufid an Information in the have ne en iu rnnlred to
superior ""'n'Lhe submit to the league any domestic
ivim criuuiiui nllMHnn such as lmmisrauoii, iauui v.
iei;iDiu.- '
tariff. ...
ture. ., 1 The Monroe doctrine not to dc
This is the first action which author n decision of the
1 r. wttincr cllrectlv at the impaired u.
I. W. W. as an organization. The gCA- 'Article 10, merely advisory and
Koine, nronnred by 1 ruue
icy Sa
ders, alleges conspiracy on
ine vear.
wtinn nt the TJecemher meeting. 11
Is said that Thomas B. Kay is held
high in favor as president of the Com
mercial club. No other names 01 proo
nM successors have been heard. .
A snlendid entertainment has ueen
Following this a buffet
lunch will be served in the club' rooms.
new law passed, by the last
'The organization has lifted Its
bloody hand to strike and that overt
act should place every citizen alive to
the dancers that face him and his
Prompt action on the part of fed
eral and state authorities, may go a
long way toward eradicating this evil
and wherever It exists in Oregon It
should be mercilessly stamped out ' .
ernment charges being Prepareu - American troops or
United States District Atto ney - the ,caBie t0 re8t
ders. alleges conspiracy on the part nayai "
of members to overthrow tho govern- or BCif.g0vernlng col-
nlont . t w w In nnles of empires not to be permitted to
Continued arrests of I. W. W. in on ies or emp fc the em
eXpeXd tSTJr nfes S dom.n.ns or self-governing
.mh.n nffillated with four 1. colonies is u i
rrt.nt .1 J. ' " ? ' i' L? L,i,. motion mlshl
$800,000,000 Available
Now for Developement or
Enterprises Over Nation
Throe hundred natrons were turned
away for lack of standing room, and
rss nersons. the largest audience in
seven years, according to Happy Gor
rtnn who nrofesses to know, watched
v,o nnvfnmiance of the O. S. P. Mel
ody Minstrels at the penitentiary aud
Two exhibits of "Better Speech
posters were held in the city schools
this week. The lirst, comprising
collection of posters from the elemen
tary schools, was at Garfield, Thurs
.1 MnvA.vihpl' 12. The
itorium last evening. The spontaniety i M)sf) EUzabeth Maeieay.
leased on $5000 ball.
When Ernest Newsham, district sec
retary of the United Mine AVorkera,
had posted $5000 ball
latter was re-arrested on a state charge ;
of alleged criminal libel of the dead, l
and was released on $1000 bail. The
state alleges Ault libeled world war
veterans massacred at Centralia in an
editorial published November 12 in
which It was said, "the rioting which
resulted in the deaths was the result
of a long series of Illegal acts by. these
men themselves."
Directors Arrested.
Newsham was accompanied to tht
federal building by Frank A. Rust
member of the Union Record control
board, who was immediately arrested
foY alleged sedition and released when
he deposited $5000 bail. George F.
Listman, third member of the newspa
per directorate, was taken into cus
tody later when he called at the mar
shal's office. He likewise was released
on bail of $5000.
Ault, Listman and Rust will be given
hearing before United States Com
missioner McClelland Tuesday morn
of the applause which greeted every
,.mw was. oerhaps, tne greaieoi
proof available that the record auu
lence was not disappointed in the pre-
Mlss Hazel Finhwood and Miss Ethel
Hummel. Those receiving first places
were Eloise Wright, Garfield: Helen
lence was not oisappoimuu ... w. Bra(Jtol.ti, Garfield; Annie Leadbetter
sentatlon. It Is pretty saie to Englcwood, and Carl Johnson, Rich
that not one m tnai-nuge - , - othcr8 who recelved honor
did not laugh whqiepearteu.y 'l hln mfintlon were Donald Poujade,
nonsensical sallies : Ot A. t.. i'dm . Elliston Bloom; Rich
mond, and a community poster mado
Of those against whom the murder
Charges were filed. Eugene Barnett is
saidto be one of the most desperate,
He was captured In the hills near Cen
tralia. Three Identified.
Brit Smith Identified Mclnernay,
Becker, Morgan and Lamb as having
been in the I. W. W. hall armed with
for Ault, the Kuns during the attack on the Ameri
can Legion paraae.
Becker was found with three others
In a room back of the hall with guns
by the Lgioh men who charged the hall
after the shooting.
Mclnernay is said to have ueen in
the Everett riots four years ago, when
W. W.'s took a boat from Seattle to
Rverett to shoot up thetown.
Rlirteen men got off a freight tram
from the north at Centralia at 3 o'clock
this morning, showed the oraKeman
revolvers, made threats to "raise hell
with Centralia then scattered. in
brakeman immediately reported their
threats to the American region.
An armed posse is out searching tor
the men. .
in sixty days if congress passes anti-
strike laws, Representative Burke.
Pennsylvania, told the house toduy
during debate on the Each rallroadi y
bill. "'
Rnricn Is chairman of the general
adjustment committee of the conduct
ors of the Baltimore and Ohio rail
road. ...
Burke Indicated the tleup wouia o
brought about by a general strike e-t
railroad men hut did not Biieuuiu..
say so.
After Burke's Beecn tne nousw
ed the Anderson amendment to the
Esch bill which continues tne prcwim.
system of settling disputes batweea
railway managers and ehlployes thru
sii adjustment boards. '
The vote of 11 to 108 was taken
as showing sentiment for the Ander
son amendment as against the Web
ster amendment which would have
prohibited strikes. VA v
The Anderson amendment has the
approval of the railway brotherhood
it was saiu. .
niin Txrndh.. Nov. 14. Memor-
ini services befitting heroes wno aieu u.
i . .., .w held here this after- outset.
no i a. wi
noon for the four young soldiers snoi
to death as they marched in tne at-
istice day parade last Tuesday ait-
Washington, Nov. 14 With the gov
ernment acting as mediator, mine opcr
ators and representatives of the United
Mine Workers came togetner nero w
day in an effort to settlo tho dispute;
over wages and hours which cause!
the recent coal strike. .
AS the delegates assembled for thU
wnm conference" It appeared t:e.-
aeatuocK irom v..u
The union representatives were pre
pared to enter the conference at
this afternoon determined to hold out
for an uncompromising victory.. Lc
triumph, tney learcu.
.... . . . i .1... Iknn rnmlllete
The was tne ; - 7" KXtreme radlcaI element
do honor to j control o
Warren Grimm, attorney: Ar ur w ""- -. wa8 exported
Dale HUDmra, ..s - ...
in town large enough to accow . - " "V , Vi,- miners the men will
those who gatehered to do honor to -r. r conservative leader
Arthur Me
wift-nuh nhftrmaciat
lawman, and - Ben Casagranaa,
. . I1U Ik..
to insist on full compliance wuu
flemandB lor a 8 nour w.
bootblack, al, citizen of Centralia S'nT-i
ail veeians of . ..o wai. .
,n,i sam Taylor.' or" swallow a lump,
that rose unbidden their throats n.- .
when J.' Montrose, In a oice that a of ,ntercst was
more than one so-caueu
Washington. Nov. 1 -Approximately
$800,000,000 will 'be Pleased to
help local enterprise throughout the
Vnited States as a result of the crash
in the New York stock market, gov
ernment officials here Mid' 'da r
This vast sum when It Is no longer
attracted by speculation, will be avail-
here b'
.i-inuim.a. . ,,.v,(ph
onomilatlon v men
mont sounded a w arning ag
latlon eany in - . al
that can i
n tlemand. In
be ternu u--- -
normal times can.
bpecumiu.o tremendous
?fr rr it and the vast amout of
This daiiy attracted millions in ready
JZ tZ small banks In every part
of the
believe that
country, msieuu ' ----
into local enten.
eer couui attuiu
i.Hthetically beautiful
A great deal of interest was mam-
.. I k.i.h f,nm anhool r.lrcles and from
envy, can "r".rv ,.nt- .ii.a t
That I .'ti out,, nuuu. ...
Garfield school inursuiy uueniuuu.
Wonderful Mother of the The high school exhibit was Judged
mu ,ntii-o nerformance, from tnei- . .. i , o
The entire Penmu , ; Wednegay afternoon. November 12.
'e"inBC.S cosine judges were Mrs. J. C. Nelson,
ClUail.L .Ol.e.iiei. o.-.c
....... melodies, was as
tumii.B r.7 j.
finished a production as one
t 05 per cent, 'tne to-
from 14 to P telegraph.
tions .i""-' known as the
These small ba,"ka f ,.mPr rtollar"
"farmer banks, me
helped extenu u.c i - -
sire. The show will be repeated this
afternoon for the patients in u.b
hospital, and again inis ane.....
the inmates of the penitentiary.
20 Mffion Gallons
For Chicago Celebration
Mrs. Monroe Gilbert and miss lottie
Peters. Those receiving first places
were Leona Este, Ruth Barnes, Es
ther Butler, Nellie Jefferson ana Laura
Schwab. Others whose work was men-
tinned as worthy were Allan feheparu,
Dorothy Copley, Dwight Mulkey and
Fitz Menaue.
welve of the high achool posters
are being sent to Eugene for the state
fnaorve DOaro
statement condemning it. he
A drop expected in ...... -
key to the situation, it is explaine
tnus ii:.i ,itlce.
ulation that began tn
exnerts pointed out.
eve""" .... dollar"
eight hundred
Now they say the
coin back home,
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 14. Two
more raids, announcement of two
W. W. meetings, prompt counter an
nouncement that they would not be
allowed, calling of another American
Legion mass meeting to demand fur
ther action and the swearing In of
legion heads ns special police, featur
ed the morning here.
Thousands of pamphlets of radical
nature were seized here in two raids,
one on n barber shop and the other
on a reading room.
No arrests have been made up to
noon, since midnight last night.
Police absolutely will forbid any
more radical meetings, Police Commls
sloner Tilsley said today.
Portlanders who spent Thursday In
Salem are J. W. Morrow and A. C.
Spencer. i
per cent.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Smith of Astoria
!are visiting friends in Salem. .
Alleged Red Leader Twins
State's Evidence; Round-Up
Ot" Wobbies" Is Simplified
Body Of College Student
Found In River Identified
nn Colo.. Nov. 14. Striking
Colorado coal miners are gradually re
sumlng work. Additional mines open
ed today and the prospects were that
the state would be oacK to norm...
shortly. Plenty of cars are on hand to
-.., i,o cnnl to Rocky mountain com
munities suffering in zero eaw.-.
inek of fuel. The' state troops are oe-
.., x-v 14 Twenty million
hn,.l, ,.,,, available for Chi
canons ii, if
cago's celebration tomorrow night if
ingire holds War
judge uw,el - t
time prohibition invalid. The aust
"m nd the mahogans
covere" ,.sr;; . anticinatlon of the
celebration. Hundreds of reservations wlHldrawn gradually from the coal
Philadelphia. Pa., Nov. 14. The
body of Fred L. jenKins, i niveau
. . .... . ...,.1 IV, ttl.
of Pennsylvania biuuu.h., iuu
Schuylkill river late yesterday, waa
Identified by his father, H. L. Jenkins,
a wealthy lumberman of Vancouver,
B. C. Post mortem examination showed
ih. hnV WHS suffering from cerebral
hemorrhage when he leaped to his
thim two weeks ago.
Centralia, Wash., Nov. 14. The!
ask of officials who are attempt"'
to bring to justice an memu. .
I. W. W. who participated in ihb
sacre of American Legion nie...-.-here
Tuesday, has been fu
simplfled by the fact "Brick" Smith,
alleged secretary of the Centralia I.
W. W. local, has turned states evi-
r..'iintr Attorney Herman Allen
... ,wiv for the statement that
aitv, nnlnted out to him four of his
fellow prisoners in jail ne
he himself was unarmed and fired no
BhThe coroner's Jury which deliberat
ed here lust night failed to fix res-
-iKiiitv for the shooting which re
sulted in the death of four members
of the American Legion uu.."
Armistice Day paredo Tuesday after-
of those who were in
the I. W. W.
So large was the crowd that gather
ed for the hearing that it was neces
sary to hold the lnouest In the . citjr
commissioner', office instead of th
.....i..tni,inif establishment an Iirsi
scheduled. ,
Those who expected sensational tes
timony and a long drawn-out hear-
t.,..,vw were illsai)I)Oiniu. j
.UK. - - .
headquarters Tuesday afternoon when
tVia firm Istlce day parade passed.
Rmlth. according to Allen, said all . ,iule more tna an spur
four of the men he indicated were an(J practlcaiiy al lot the evidence in
armed and he "guessed" they partlcl- j troduced had been previously heard
pated in the shooting. Smith claimed many times..
It v.
to help finance mcai
Call money is
lne lBI , millions of it.
have been n fields.
ecribe loans made for an
etimes for a day only,
bliort time, som