Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, October 28, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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I a
T.,t.ii3hoii everr evenlne: except Sun
day by The Capital Journal Printing
Co., i3 South Commercial sireev,
Salem, Oregon. "
Q. PUTNAM, Editor and Publisher
Telephone Circulation and Busl.
tess Office, 81; Editorial rooms, 83.
Member Audit Bureau of Circulation
Entered as second class mall matter
at Salem, Oregon. - ' .
Ripp!mg Rhymes.
The wind of spring; Is joyous, as
pleasantly It floats; it never does an-
noy us with ghastly wailing note. It
seems to bring a rumof of blue and
crystal sens, and with buoyant humor
It swishes through the trees. We never
heat' It screaming, as though with
stomach ache: it helps us in our dream
itig, and soothes us when we wake. The
Sizzltns wind of summer blows morals
galley west; the clergyman and plumb
er denounco it, with the rest. Tumul
tuous and torrid, it goes its burning
way, and mnlces us think up horrid and
beastly things to say. The woor.y wind
of winter has little helpful use; evan
gelist and printer berate it like the
uuce. It numbs our nerves and senses
an from the north it skids; it adds
to our expenses ,and wakes us soak
our lids. But oh, the wind of autumn!
It seems to sigh, iny friends, of woe
that has not bottom, of pain that never
ends. It wails around my cottage,
what time the daylight dies, when I
am tired of swattage, and chasing of
the flies. Now hastily, now slowly, it
vhimpevs' overhead; there nothing so
unholy, Sci weird, no full of dread. It
sighs, in haunted crannies, of long
dead men and maids, of old forgotton
grannies, who walked the earth as
5 i OpenForum t
To the Editor: The people of Salem
have been criticising the police of Sa
lcin because they don't make more
arrests and clean up the city of the
tough element, Now, Mr. Citizen, let
me) ask you one Question, suppose you
had a sewer to clean and you went
down into that sewer to fill the buck
ets with the filth In that sewer and
you had to depend on a man higher
tip to dispose of that filth and when
you , passed it on to him he would
dump it where it would run straight
back to you, would you be encourag
ed very much in keeping dipping it
up? Well, that is Just tiie position of
our police, they make arrests, plenty
of them, then they hand them over
to the man higher up and what doeB
lio do with them? O, gives them a
fow days or perhaps a few months;
then the chances are will let them
out On parole and they are dumped
back on the , people and the police,
when If they had got what was their
flues they would bo sent up for one
to five years. Salem Is getting the
mime of being oisy and the tougher
element is drifting this way.
Sulum used to be called the quiet
clean city, but unless our police are
given more support and the toughs
what they doserve we will soon loose
our good name and will be called
the eawy. Now what we should do Is
to shut down so hard on crime of all
kinds that the very, name of Salem
will be a terror to tho evil doer.
Now I think we have got uu extra
fine lot of police and men that aro
willing to do move than their part,
mid If the people and tho judges will
do their part and whenever the po
iico bring in a crook don't turn him
loose with a small fino or a few days
in jail, hut give them the limit, thou
the crooks will pans Hiilcm up as a
tiad place to. stop and our littlu city
will regain its good name.
Now, good idllxens, don't put all tho
blame on the police but give the oth
er fellows n whaik for I believe in
hitting where it will do the most
PERMANENT Eugenic and Child Welfare' quarters are
to be opened this week by the Salem branch of the
Oregon Congress of Mothers, with the purpose of pro
viding free physical examination of babies and children
brought to the clinic Eminent specialists have volun
teered their services so that parents will receive the same
opportunities afforded in the larger cities.
Any child between five months and six years of age
may be brought to the clinic and expert examination be
given for teeth, eye, ear, nose, throat and other trouble
incident to childhood. The physicians, specialists, dent
ists and nurses of the community have offered the heart
iest co-operation.
Many of the minor diseases of chcildhood, if neglect
ed, seriously interfere with the growth and health. Prompt
and skillful treatment effects a permanent cure. Many
of the little ones are handicapped by physical ailments
unsuspected by their parents and an examination will dis
close them. Every parent should take advantage of the
welfare clinic.
, In this connection, an effort should be launched to.
secure for Marion county a public nurse, whose duty is to
care for the sick and neglected among the poor, give lec
tures upon hygiene in the public schools and give physical
examinations to students. In the latter she should have
the co-operation of local physicians and specialists. She
would work under auspices of the Congress of Mothers,
local Red Cross chapter and state society for the preven
tion of tuberculosis and her salary and expenses be defray
ed by the county.
Nearly every progressive community in the country
has such nurses and they do a world of good. No money
can be better expended, or expended in a better cause
than for this real welfare work. In Oregon, Multnomah,
Jackson, Coos and Lane county have public nurses and
Marion county should not lag behind. v
ALL accounts agree that Germany is sullenly planning
revenge for her defeat, that the militarists are still
in the saddle, that nearly a million men remain under
arms and that only time and opportunity are awaited to
renew the sinister attack upon the world.
Germany has never manifested the slightest sign of
repentence her people are openly unrepentant and only
bowing to necessity. The open defiance of the armistice
provisions in Poland, the many breeches of faith with
the allies, show that defeat has left unchanged the Ger
man characteristics as manifested throughout the war.
It is still the Germany of poisonous gas, of submarine war
fare, of inhuman atrocities. As soon as rehabilitation
takes place there will be a renewal of f rightfulness.
Masquerading as a civic guard, military training is
almost universal, the correspondents tell us. Veterans of
the war do the drilling .and keep alive the martial spirit,
while all over the country machine guns and munitions are
buried. Intrigues, are unending for German predominance
in Russit, and it is time the world woke to the situation.
Prompt ratification of the peace treaty will alone
enable action to avert the impending catastrophe. As long
as there is probability of its failure and the consequent
collapse of the league of nations, just so long will the Ger
mans feel encouraged to proceed with their plans of con
quest. The senators opposing the treaty and holding out
for a separate peace, are playing the .German game, aid
ing and abetting the common enemy. Only by enforcing
the provisions of the peace treaty can the war be brought
to a victorious end and world menace averted.
keep from trembling violently with the
disgust I felt when his hand dropped
upon my shoulder. .,
For a moment I was almost ready
to emulate the little old woman of
the nursery rhyme and ask If "I be I?"
I did ask: "Can the man who has just
left you, Kate Gordon, be the same
man who set your nerves al! a-flutter
the moment you raised your eyes to
him the first time?"
With the quick change that comes to
all women with vivid memories and
strong Imaginations, all that I had
been thinking -was blotted out and
again I felt, In memory, the thrill that
came to me as I looked up for the first
time into the smiling gray eyes of John
Gordon three years and a half before.
I had been the house guest of an old
school friend and for three weeks the
stage had been set for his coming into
my life. Every one that I met spoke
of him of his fascination, his charm
of manner, his good looks, and his well
turned compliments. Again and aaln
I heard speculations as to why he had
not married.
"All the girls are crazy about him,"
said my friend, "but I have' never
known him to single out any one for
attentions that might mean Inten
tions." We were at the Country Club the
evening of our first meeting. I had
been aimlessly firtling with little Bob
by Gaylord when I heard the voice of
my friend Helen Van Ness at my ear.
"Kate," she said, "I want John Gor
don to know you, and I want you to
know John Gordon. Two people with
such originality and independence of
thought should either be friends or an
tagonists and I leave you to find out
which of these you are going to be to
each other."
-1 took one look at John Gordon and
thure was no mistaking in my mind,
what I was to be to him. As I raised
my eyes to his and extended my hand,
I am sure that he felt the same physi
cal sympathy the same magnetic
thrill that almost embarrassed me, so
sure was I that every one could see my
More by his manner than by his
words he asked me to dance and as
the strains of the sensuous Hawwalian
music, bo popular that summer, came
to us his arm stole around my waits
and we glided out on the floor. We
danced wonderfully together and for
some moments neither spoke. Finally
he bent his lips so close to my ear that
I could feel his warm breath as he
whispered, "Well, Is it friends, or ene
mies?" -'
, (Continued tomorrow.)
Nine 'ars of beef cattle were
shipped from Durkee this week to the
Kansas City marked
jx tne notea auxnor
S Idah M?Glone Gibson
Thirty-two brnkerod passengers
were taken into custody nt Salem,
Wednesduy. Some of them wore'ser
vlce cnblcms and were en route south
to obtain employment during the win
; : !
Mrs. Lafo Bud's gran'father died
t'day. He wus.born In Wisconsin in
1850 an' moved t' this country iu 170.
Tu' hardest thing is t' look pleasant n'
mane. i
"I don't know whether or not I shall
be home fur dinner," my husband con
tinued ns he itrose from tho table, "but
I will cull you up some time- during
the afternoon and let you know."
I glanced up quickly in time to catch
a gleam in his eyes that might well
have ben anticipation; certainly It held
no hint of regret nt commnndeerlng
iny whole afternoon to awnit his mes
sage, nor remose for the idea of leav
ing me to a solitary dinner.
I wns his wife I belonged to film.
Again a little shudder shook me ns I
renliaod that only a little while before
had I thought' that the greatest joy
that could come to me on earth would
be to belong to John Gordon.
A patronizing touch on fhy shoulder
took the place of his usual perfunctory
kiss on my cheek, and he took no note
of the fact hat I had not raised my
face for his salute.
To mo this was another turnlnef
point. Do men ever notice these little
"first times" which mean so much to a
woman-Mho first time he forgets to
hold your chair for you at the table,
the first time he negleots to open the.
uoor, the fust lime he allows you to
put on your own wraps, the' first time
his eyes fall to brighten nt the sight of
a new and becoming frock, the first
time his lps brush your chocks care
lessly, Instead of clinging nrdently to
your mouth? '"-
Tears came to" my eyes as T realised
that the Utile pat on my shoulder was
only another milestone en the road
which wns taking me farther from my
- Resolulely I seated myself again at
the breakfast table, determined to
make an effort to swallow my now
cold coffee. Hut I could not do it
It choked me. '
"I did not really mean It." I said to
myself again, this time in calmer and
more decisive accents. I did not really
mean to wish my husband dead, lust
try as I would. I could not dispel the
horror af the fact that I, sitting across
tho table from John Gordon, had al
lowed the words: "I wish he were
dead,' 'to form in my brain, visualize
before my eyes, and almost Issue from
my mouth. And yet n little over three
years hefore-I felt that I Could not live
without him. The very touch of his
hand at that time had made me fairly
delirious with joy and yet this morning
I had to exercise great will power to
i n OK FOR
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His Years
-Doesn't it make you feel
good cause you to straight
en up and feel "chesty"
when someone guesses your
age at ten years or so
younger than you really
are? You look into your
mirror, smile with satisfac
tion and say to yourself:
"Well, he didn't make such
a bad guessat that."
The point is: You're no
older than your vitality.
If a man ia strong, vigor
ous, mentally alert, fine and
fit at 50 he has a better
chance of living up to 80
than a man of 30 who is
weak and run-down has of
living up to 60. While none
of lis can stay the years nor
stop time, we should all
make an heroic effort to sue-,
cessfully resist- the effect
of time by ever keeping our
vitality at par. .
When you sense a feeling
of slowing down of your
physical forces when your
stomach, liver, kidneys and
other organs show signs of
weakness when you notice
a lack of your old time "pep"
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words, when you feel your vitality
m on tho wane, you should com-
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physically ex
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bowei in fin
a bottle from
your drucffiat
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City State..'.......
Established 1868 V
General Banking Business
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m nil x. vr . i mw i , .1 i . m
I ' T 2 1 (I
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