The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, May 09, 1962, Page 27, Image 27

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    Balloon to be
towed by next
U.S. spacecraft
ica's next manned spacecraft, due
to go up later this month, will
low a balloon and carry liquid in
clear container to tell scientists
Wore about what takes place in
Astronaut John Glenn disclosed
this Friday night in a taped-for-television
discussion marking the
end of Soviet cosmonaut Cher man
Titov's visit to Washington.
Glenn said M. Scott Carpenter,
pilot for the coming orbital shot,
Will trail the balloon behind his
capsule to measure the amount
of drag exerted by the tiny bit
of atmosphere at the edge of
Carpenter will observe and take
pictures of the liquid in the clear
inhere to determine how it be
haves in the absent) of gravita
Clonal pull, he said.
Glenn appeared on the program
With Titov; Dr. Hugh Drydeo,
deputy director of the National
Aeronautics and Space Adminis
tration, and Anatoly Blagonravov,
Russia's top space scientist. The
hour-lorn; show (The Nation's Fu
ture NBC) will be televised on
looking deeer into the future,
both Glenn and Titov said
oe day the public will be able
to walch astronauts and cosmo
nauts on their television screens
during earth orbits.
Glenn said American scientists
fere working on very light, com
pact television equipment for use
io spacecraft. Such devices have
Dot been carried up to now be
cause of the weight problem, he
Titov said the vehicle in which
he made 17 orbits last year car
tied television equipment, but that
for unknown reasons did not pro
duce a signal clear enough for
transmission on regular television
For convenient under-thesink
products storage, cover a lazy Su
san with washable adhesive plas
tic paper. Then place supplies on
its shell es. A touch of the finger,
nd the revolving shelf brings a
Heeded item to hand without the
sual search.
'Open door' policy proves
bad for many a waistline
14A The Bend Bulletin, Wednesday, May 9, 1962
By Gay Pauley
UPI Staff Writer
NEW YOllK (UPI i The open
door policy for the refrigerator
has been disastrous for many a
waistline. Including, it turns out,
the waistlines of some men of the
Submarine Service.
A report which reached this
desk today told about a new "bat
tle of the bulge" being waged
several hundred feet below tlie
surface of the ocean.
"No bullets are being ex
changed," said die communique
from General Dynamics, "but a
lot of calories are falling victims
as Polaris submarines wage war
on waistlines."
The problem: Tempting food,
snacks available at all times in
addition to live regular meals,
and tlie cut-down on exercise be
cause of close quarters of subma
rine living. Solution: To add such
exercisers as rowing machines
and vibrators.
"Nobody's being put on a diet,"
said a New York spokesman for
tlie firm which has made most
of tlie nuclear powered Polaris
subs. "After all, food is a major
morale factor on a long patrol."
But he added that on the pa
trots, some as long as three
months, "it's a rare submariner
who doesn't put on two or three
pounds; some add as many as
"Most men put on weight un
less they make a particular ef
fort. . . There's no space to burn
up calories," said Cmdr. Patrick
J. Hannifin, prospective com
manding officer of tlie Lafayette,
tlie U.S. Navy's newest Polaris
sub scheduled for May 8 launch
ing at Groton, Conn.
Hannifin was executive officer
on the George Washington and,
according tc tlie General Dynam
ics people, admits he's still try-
LONDON vLTIl - Magistrate
Seymour Collins demurely de
clined to examine evidence of
fered by actress Valentina Gordi
kova Thursday and fined her $5.60
for being drunk and disorderly.
. The evidence was a bruise on
Miss Gordikova's knee which she
claimed was put there by police.
"I don't want to see your legs,
madam," Collins said and sug
gested she submit a medical report.
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ing to shed some of tlie pounds
added on patrol.
Tlie Lafayette will have special
exercise equipment for officers
and crew.
One company calls tlie innova
tion in hosiery tlie "greatest boon
to women's legs since nylon."
It is bragging about new stock
ings called runless and seamless
which several manufacturers
are in a competitive race to pro
duce. Tlie non-run secret lies in the
method of stocking construction.
And one manufacturer, an
nouncing its non-run product this
week, said if tlie product didn't
live up to its billing, a year's
supply of nylons (12 pairs) would
be guaranteed to any woman
with a "run" down pair.
Tlie nation's bill for toilet goods
is nudging the 2 billion per year
mark. The Toilet Goods Associa
tion (TGA) reports that retail
sales for 1961 reached $1,933 bil
lion, a gain of 8.3 per cent over
1960. Substantial gains were reg
istered in sales of colognes and
toilet waters. And TGA said
"business in eye makeup was
spectacularly good" in 1961.
Tlie ways of woman otten puz
zlc man.
Michel Kazan, New York hair
stylist, helped style the elaborate
coiffures worn by some of tlie so
cialites participating in a benefit
fashion show and ball Saturday
night at tlie Brooklyn, N.Y. Mu
seum. The show preceded the mu
seum's exhibit of 52 gowns from
tlie Paris House of Worth which
www j0mtnmmmKm'i.maiim
t i v it
"fWi"r "?5Jf"
fciiniiv Hila ,,,, J i'k . 1 11 i riMiniii n' fi i mi m h iii mri iiilir ii" ti
MODERN STYLING Kitchen gets a new look via remodel
ing. Montony of straight-wall installation it defeated by ang
ling cabinets outward. Modern effect results.
established the French "haute
Kazan said arranging the coif
fures called for use of false hair
pieces and in order to motch the
locks of the wearers, he asked
each to send samples.
Kazan said he opened one en
velope and it was empty at
least it looked empty to him.
young Idaho girl van killed Moo
day evening in &n auto accident
on Highway 20 three miles east
of litis Malheur County commu
nity. She was identified a-i Carol L.
McMorrow, Meridian, Idaho.
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