The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, April 09, 1962, Page 10, Image 10

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The Bend Bulletin, Monday, April 9, 1962
Larceny charge
faced by trio
Special to The Bulletin
ville men were held In the local
Jail during the past weekend on
the charge of larceny from
Following clues of track marks
showing unusual markings, state
police corporal Ralph Pope, and
county sheriff Tex King took Lew
Is Berry, Richard Bowley and Da
vid West into custody. The com
plaint, lodged In the Wheeler
county court, was filed by Clar
ence and Muo FranK-.
The Fcankes stated that a va
riety of articles including a 100
foot length of new rope, a three
ton hydraulic jack and a sack of
sheep salt were taken from their
truck and grain drills in a field
30 miles east of Mitchell on High
way 26. Total value was set at
The three men were found tra
veling in an old black pickup with
rear tires that matched the tracks
Jn the Franke field. They were
held in Prineville pending trans
fer to Wheeler county, and prob
able hearing in the justice of
peace court in Mitchell. Berry
has a record of larceny, and was
on parole at the time he was ar
rested for this larceny.
Record claimed
by students
GRESHAM" (UPI) Fourteen
Gresham high school students are
claiming a record of sorts for
bouncing a basketball from Main
St. to the top of Larch Mountain
and back Sunday in sue hours and
two minutes.
Only the ball had any bounce
Jim Kronenberg, a member of
the group, said the students are
challenging other high schools in
the area to match the feat.
publican congressman said Friday
former Gen. Edwin Walker was
"out of line and out of this
world" in his charges against ad
ministration officials.
Rep. William S. Broomfield, a
member of Lhe House Foreign Af
fairs Committee, said Walker's
claims that Secretary of State
Dean Rusk was part of a group
seeking to sell out Die United
r """v
i ' ' '
K:Kf, r cv
Brees, representing the Na
tional Association of Manu
facturers, was speaker at Sat
urday night banquet of Key
Club delegates attending
Redmond convention.
Deer Park boy
new governor
of Key Clubs te The Bullrtln
REDMOND Ralph Tew of
Deer Park, Wash., was elected
new governor of Pacific North
west District Key Clubs at after
noon sessions of the 19G2 conven
tion in Redmond.
Ho succeeds Dennis Hanson of
Redmond. New treasurer is Chuck
Taylor of Anacortcs, Wash. Tew
will appoint a secretary from his
First place winner in the ora
torical contest was Lowell Lux of
North Bend. Lux and Tew will re
ceive all-expense-paid trips to the
international hey Club convention
this summer at Long Beach,
Calif. Second place winner in the
oratorical contest was Bill Swett-
nd, Klamath Fails; third. Mike
Renquist, Anacortes, Wash., and
fourth, Mike Nord, Dallas. First
place winner in the talent contest
was Roger Quiggle of Beiling-
ham, Wash.
The some 400 delegates from
Alaska, the Yukon Territory, Dis
trict of Columbia, Oregon, Wash
ington. Idaho and California,
started for home Sunday after the
directors' breakfast, which mark
ed the end of the 1962 convention.
spirits flowed a little too freely
here during the weekend.
A semi-trailer truck overturned
Camp Fire Girls will have
'new look' come September
Come September, Camp Fire
Girls throughout the nation will
have a new look. For the newly
enriched and revised program
which has been in preparation for
several years will be launched at
that time to modernize activities
for all age levels.
Junior High Camp Fire Girls
will have their own identity in
groups of 12 and 13 year olds,
with a new costume designed es
pecially for them, consisting of
slim blue skirt, with their own
insigne, white blouse, and narrow
red tie.
Miss Martha F. Allen, national
director, yesterday said:
"Changes in the program are not
the result of what we at national
headquarters thought should be
done, but are the result of what
girls, parents and leaders have
told us was needed during a pe
riod of intensive research. Before
making the changes on a national
scale, we actually carried out
these program revisions in ten
communities over a period of two-
States to the Communists was when it swerved to avoid a car
"baseless, pointless and pure fic- and spilled 2,000 gallons of whisky
tion." 'into a ditch.
Auction yard
report issued
Special to The Bull.lln
REDMOND Cattle sales
Thursday at the Redmond Auc
tion Yard totaled 565, compared
to 478 the previous week. Hogs
number 37 and sheep 23, compar
ed to 31 and 12 earlier.
Good choice slaughter steers
brought 23-25.70; standard, 21.10
22.75; good slaughter heifers, 22.-
35-23.50; commercial cows, 16.10-
18.80; utility, 14.60-16.30, and can-
ner - cutters, 12.10-15.
Utility commercial bulls sold
for 19.10-21.10; feeders, 17.10-19.-
'5. Baby calves sold by the head
beef and beef-mixed, 20-60;
Holsteins, 22-40, and other dairy
types, 3.50-24.
Good - choice feeder steers, 500-
700 lbs., brought 25.60; common-
medium, 400-700 lbs., 19-22.80;
good - choice heifers, 500-700 lbs.,
22.60-23.50; common - medium,
400-700 lbs.. 18.10-21.10: steer
calves, good - choice, 300-500 lbs.,
25.25-28; common-medium, same
eight, 17.75-28.25; good choice
heifer calves, 300-500 lbs., 23.10
26.60; common - medium, 250-500
lbs., 20.30-23.75. No single stock
cows were offered. Medium good
pairs brought 205-222.
U.S. No. 1 and 2 market hogs,
180-220 lbs., 18.20-18.25; U.S. No.
3, 17.50-17.90; sows, 11.20-13.10;
feeders, 17.10-18.25, and weaner
pigs, 10.50-14.50 per head. Ewes
brought 8-14 per head and rams,
15.50 per head.
and-a-half years. Through experi
ence we have ironed out the rough
spots and gained insight into
needed revisions."
Miss Allen said that the Camp
Fire Girls program had become
too old in some ways and too
young in others, since girls grow
up faster than they used to be
cause of many sociological fact
ors. The chance will affect all
600,000 members, from Blue Birds
up. New books will be issued for
use in September.
Under the new program Blue
Birds will include girls 7 and 8
years old, or in the second and
third grades, and they will "fly
up" one year earlier to tue Camp
Fire Girls program level (for
girls 9, 10 and 11 years old, or
in the fourth, fifth and sixth
Camp Fire Girls will in turn
move up to Junior High Camp
Fire Girls at 12 years old, or in
the seventh grade, where they
will stay until they are 14 years
old, or in the ninth grade.
The Horizon Club girls will still
be the program age level for
those from ninth grade through
twelfth grade. Although the Hori
zon Club age level remains the
same their program will be en
riched and revised.
The Deschutes County Council
of Camp Fire Girls will be briefed
on the revised program at the
board meeting tonight at 8 o'clock
in the Tumalo school cafeteria.
Those who attend the regional
conference and training session in
Spokane in March will discuss dif
ferent phases of the program, ac
cording to Kenneth Cruickshank,
council president. He urges all
board members to attend this im
portant meeting.
Young vandals
leave University
EUGENE (UPI) Several mem
bers of Phi Gamma Delta frater
nity at the University of Oregon I
who were involved in vandalism
at a motel near Waldport have
left school, it was announced here
Ray Hawk, dean of men at the
university, made the announce
ment. He did not name or reveal
the number of students who left
the university.
State police at Newport said
about $250 Hamapo was done to
four units at the motel. The units
were rented for a weekend by
the fraternity.
Hawk recommended that the
national fraternity revoke the
charter of the University's chap
4 U.S. churches open talks on possible merger
of four major denominations ga
thered here today for talks on the
most extensive church merger
that has ever reached the stage
of serious negotiation.
Participating in the "explorato
ry" conversations were represen
tatives of the Methodist Church,
the Protestant Episcopal Church,
the United Church of Christ, and
the United Presbyterian Church.
Together they have more than 18
million members in 60.000 congre
gations across the United States.
Delegates Irom the four bodies
were meeting in closed session to
day and Tuesday at the College
of Preachers, on the grounds of
Washington Cathedral. Spokesmen
emphasized that no substantive
decisions KhnnlH Ka PYnwtpH frnm
the initial meeting, which will be
concerned mainly with procedural
problems, including a schedule
for future sessions.
Despite ts preliminary nature,
today's meeting was regarded by
churchmen as a significant mile
stone in the Clirislian unity move
ment. The four denominations in
volved are not only among the
nation's largest. They also repre
sent widely differing traditions.
Supporters of the merger pro
posal acknowledge that many
difficult problems must be solved,
and that it will take years of pa
tient negotiation to work out a
'plan of union which has any
chance of acceptance. But tney
feel that if this merger can oe
a.mnlkhpft. it will be a major
breakthrough toward reunion of
the whole Christian lamuy.
The participating groups nave
indicated that other denomina
tions will be invited to join the
united church it tne negotiations
bear fruit.
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