The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, March 28, 1962, Page 39, Image 39

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    4 Sec. 5 Bend Bulletin, Wed., March 28, 1962
Excellent cooperation noted
Men vith vision have built wonderful
system of roads in Centra! Oregon area
Good roads take them to water spots
By Ha S. Grant
Bulletin Staff Writer
The tri-county area of Central
Oregon has an outstanding road
system, built by far-sighted men
with visions into the future. Des
chutes, Crook and Jefferson coun
ties have long-range plans to take
advantage of federal state aid
match money as long as it is
available for federal aid second
ary highway construction, at the
same time continuing their own
county programs, improving main
and secondary roads.
The counties have cooperated,
one with another, and have had
excellent cooperation with the U.
S. Forest Service and the Bureau
of Public Roads.
Jefferson county's road system
really came to life in November.
1954, with the purchase of a com
plete rock crushing plant.
"We have some fine equipment
and a very efficient road crew,
capable of giving the people any
typo of road they care to pay for,"
said County Judge H. A. Dus
sault. "In the period from Jan. 1,
1C3. to Dec. 31, 19GI. we have
operated on road budgets from
$103,000 to $202,200. We are one
county in the state that must vote
on our budget every year on ac
count of our tax base and the six
per cent limitation."
15 Milet of Road
Crook county, according to
Judge Ervin L. Grimes, has plans
for oiling 15 miles of roads in the
next year, and for continuing in
state-federal-aid projects.
Deschutes county plans to con
centrate on improvement of for
est access county roads. "In
keeping with a new policy," said
Judge D. L. Penhollow, "we plan
to construct all such roads to an
0-11 base, in order that logging
will not be hampered on our for
est roads."
Jefferson county has 60.08 miles
of paved county roads, 290 miles
of graded and graveled county
roads, 00 miles of stale highway
and 498 miles of federal roads on
the Warm Springs Indian Reser
vation. Of the feder..! roads on the
reservation, 100 miles are graded,
drained and graveled. A contract
calls for about 25 miles of paving
on the reservation this summer.
In the past five years, Jeffer
son county has constructed 18.8
miles of new county roads, recon
structed 104.4 miles and oiled 19.
40 miles with county funds. Federal-aid
roads oiled by state con
tract totaled 33.08 miles, and 27.02
miles of abandoned state high
ways were turned over to the
county as county roads. One
bridge was built.
The Jefferson county road de
partment had 20 employes in Jan
uary this year, showing a steady
increase from 10 in 1930 and 17
in 1935.
Crook county has approximate
ly 600 miles of county roads, 60
miles of the total paved. There
are 169 miles of state highway.
In the past five years. Crook
county has built 30 miles of new
roads, sealed 20 miles and oiled
40 miles with county funds.
Twelve miles of federal-aid roads
were oiled.
The road crew numbered 17 in
January this year, showing a
steady increase in the past 10
Deschutes county has 368.48
miles of paved county roads, 238.
91 miles of graded and graveled
roads, and 184.96 unimproved.
In the past five years, 145.21
miles of county roads were con
structed, 198.38 miles were seal
ed, and 38.61 miles were oiled
with county funds. Federal - aid
roads oiled by state contract to
taled 92.70 miles. Thirty eight
bridges were built.
The road crew numbered 36 in
January this year, increasing
from 23 in 1930 and 30 in 1935.
Visitors to Central Oregon often
comment on the excellent roads in
the area. And the best way to ap
preciate them is to take a long
molor trip, local residents say.
Back home in Central Oregon,
most vacationers realize they nev
er had it so good.
Not only ore the roads in good
condition, for the most part, but
they lead to something that's
worth seeing. That's why mor
and more out-of-state tourists are
discovering Central Oregon, and
its recreation facilities and
breath-taking scenery.
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Improvements make good roads even better
Reverence and Dignity
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.i oorrt. r thi poiutr
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' . wr; Sjmtn
The Garden of the Cross
The Garden of Devotion
csdmlcs Memorial Gardens fulfills the desire of many families for reverence and
dignity in the last resting place.
t fulfills the desire for truly beautiful memorial property that will increase in
ueauiy uirougliout llie years, yet is priced within everv family's budget. Memorial
properly selected now in Deschutes Memorial Gardens is a wise and prudent
provision for the future. It protects the family against difficult decisions when
emotions arc likely to overrule good judgment. This beforehand planning is as
necessary a part of your family program as is your insurance, home or business.
X he establishment of a family cemetery estate is a wise investment in securitv,
peace of mind and actual dollars and cents savings. Memorials have been estab
lished for over 2000 families since the Deschutes Memorial Gardens were estab
lished over seven years ago.
Deschutes Memorial Gardens is a member of the Interment Ex- -change
of America, whereby a family is privileged to transfer to j
: any of our affiliated gardens throughout the United States and
Canada at no additional cost.
Deschutes Memorial Gardens
OFFICE 530 Delaware 4 Miles North on Bend-Hedmond Highway Phone EV 2-5592
, f. .V. ,. j
Where is Mrs. Pedersen?
. WkMMMaaMaiiMaaaMMajaiMaMHnM
There are lots of good things
fo choose from at Pedersen's!
15 Kinds of DONUTS
rye, oatmeal, sesame BREAD
Too bad we couldn't get a picture of Mrs. Ped
ersen. She's the most important person in our
business. Her name has become a familiar guide
for hundreds of Central Oregon shoppers who
ll- (nr. tUn ....., t...l UT I-
a iuvr iui me vi-1 v uni udtveiy guuiis.
w Yet you'll never meet her. She doesn't exist.
Disappointed? Don't be. Because ever since we
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In the beginning it was just donuts. Now we
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Donu,&sht.. 836 Wall Erickson's