The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, March 22, 1962, Page 11, Image 11

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    The Bend Bulletin, Thursday, March 22, 1962 11
CRISP COTTON shapes a summer wardrobe in coordinates.
Straight jacket, slim skirt add up to a city-wise suit. Short
sleeved jacket, jamaica shorts add a country weekend dimen
sion. Both are accompanied by coordinated wash-and-wear
Blues are new in men's
suits for Spring of 1962
Men's suits for Spring 1962 bow
In boasting several new fashion
facts, says the American Institute
of Men's and Boys' Wear.
The news is blues, as far as
color is concerned. The remark
able revival of the indigo hue is
seen in ail shades ranging from
black-blue through navy blue to
Blue is also important as an ac
cent shade. It is used to comple
ment olives, grays and the less
frequently seen tans and browns.
Always correct, blue is probably
the color that looks the best on
most men.
However, don't discount the con
tinued popularity of olives, grays
and blacks. All three of these col
ors have a well established place
in the wardrobe of the well-dressed
Another revival that marks the
current season is the two-button
suit. Attributed in part to the in
fluence exerted by President Ken
nedy, the present two-button mo
dels are ? distinctly different in
character, than those of the re
cent past The very newest ex
pressions of this model are rath
er conservative. In some instances
they actually are modified ver
sions of the natural shoulder suits.
The classic natural shoulder
model continues to climb in popu
larity. This style seems to hold
its steady devotees as the years
go by and adds more fans each
season. These gains are not sen
sational in numbers, but they are
Vestiges of the Continental mo
del are still to be seen in some
new Trans American styles as
Well as in some of the extreme
Continental-type Ivy suits. One of
the interesting Trans Americans
is a one-button model with peak
lapels that also has a double
breasted vest.
The California inspired Amer
ican Ambassador model maintains
a special niche in the: fasion pic
ture as many men show a decid
ed preference for its figure flat
tering tailored lines.
Of course, the simply detailed
American Natural model with its
very conservative lines continues
to be a national favorite. Its mod
ified natural shoulders, three-button
front and moderately trim
trousers have unflagging appeal
to most American businessmen.
In all models the trend contin
ues to be toward a look of slim
ness. Even the "tailored" should
ers have been divested of excess
padding. This trend is currently
emphasized by the "Tall Look."
The "Tall Look" is achieved by
the use of stripes and vertical ef
fect weaves. Stripes are due for
a strong comeback and they are
shown in many varieties. In addi
tion to the classic pin, pencil and
chalk stripes, there are cluster
stripes and self-stripes achieved
by the use of reverse-twist yarns.
Spring and Summer fabrics are
keyed to practicality and comfort
as well as to good looks. Each
year finds increased popularity
for the midweight fabrics design
ed for early spring wear.
Beautiful space savers for the
dining area are round tables
which show not only gains in pop
ularity but also more novel and
attractive ways to expansion. One
new table grows to accommodate
extra guests with curving leaves
that add on to the center like
petals on a flower. Result com
bines elegant decor, friendly hospitality.
Color to take
over spotlight
Color sets the pace in sports
wear for Spring 1962. Blue, for in
stance, comes on strong in navy
blazers. Combinations of blue and
white also show up frequently in
such varied items as madras sport
jackets, walk shorts and, of
course, in a combination of seer
suckers and cords. Frostier ver
sions of last year's hot colors in
troduce those new vibrant shades
modified by the addition of grays
and whites in the blends.
Other muted pale shades include
tints of the beige and sage fam
ilies. The soft familiar camel
shades make a strong comeback
in jackets, sweaters and car coats.
With the increasing popularity of
boating, the Nautical Look is a
natural for Sunday sailors. It
takes its style cue from actual
sailing gear and embodies the
features needed by crewmen.
In tailored sportswear the nau
tical theme shows to good ad
vantage in double - breasted blue
blazers and washwear white
slacks that can be worn without
cleaning problem.
Laminated jackets created by
the bonding of polyurethane foam
backings to various shell fabrics,
look to repeat their popularity of
last Fall. Ideally suited for Spring
wear, the laminates offer maxi
mum warmth with a minimum of
weight. Worn on chilly mornings
and evenings, they present little
encumbrance during the warm
hours of the day.
For Summer there are shirt
jackets and shorty shirts, both
meant to be worn out-of-doors.
Many of these are styled with
Continental collars which are ex
periencing a well-deserved resur
gence of popularity.
Polyester and worsted blends of
tropical weight lead the field in
sport jackets.
Wecome is
out-' for.
all colors
It's "open house" for color in
fashion this season. Every imagi
nable hue is invited and looks
Welcome at any spring fashion
gathering are colors that look
good enough to eat. Among the
most delectable of the fruit colors
are the oranges, apricots, peach
es and melons. To fashion's taste,
too, are lemon, lime, banana and
berry red.
Ice cream shades offer refresh
ment pistachio, chocolate, but
terscotch. .
In addition to Ungy citrus and
cool ice cream greens, there are
deeper and brighter greens, while
the berry reds are just one lovely
part of a whole range of pinks
and red, with a fresn prettuiess
for this most feminine and flatter
ing of springs.
Of course, it wouldn't be a
spring party without blue, and
this season the blues are particu
larly varied and numerous, from
clear and pale through sea and
sky to royal and navy.
Prevalent white adds pretty
spring refreshment.
Introduced everywhere, black
wins renewed popularity.
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Suits tell pretty story for spring
The big story this spring is
suits, and whether the headlines I
start because of the fetching jack
et or skirt shapes, tile flattering
colors or the fascinating fabrics.
new suits are bound to create ex
Jackets vary from boleros to
tunics, including the perennial
Chanel jacket, the up-and-coming
waist skimmer, the tunic, the cut
away and the fitted, to-belt-or-not
A slight flare, in most cases be
ginning just under the bosom, con
tributes to the curve conscious
fashion line in jackets. Quite a
few jackets are flyaway capes,
and the fly-away back appears in
just about every type of suit jack
et. Below suit jackets are, of
course, suit skirts. They, too, are
fashionable in a diversity of ways.
The soft look leads, in everything
from eased straight skirts to A, or
pyramid, shapes.
Shirred waistlines, gathered
front fullness, flared hemlines,
side wraps and front panel pleats
are a few of many softening in
fluences on suit skirts. Wools and
look-like-wools in open, lacy
weaves put the emphasis on tex
ture. Silk and worsteds and other
blends, basically smooth and all
lightweight, are leaders in the
spring suit story.
Colors range from a snow-spray
of whites and off-whites through
many pale and pretty hues to a
bright and clear spectrum.
High in front, low in back is the
way of many waistlines. Cutaway
jackets contribute much. to. this
Ring rules fellow ci stom
Just before she goes to . ay, "1
do," today's bride switch 's her
diamond engagement ring from
her left hand to her right. After
the ceremony, tho engagement
ring is slipped back to the left
hand over the wedding circlet.
This tradition, still followed by
American brides, originated in
Colonial days, when the engage
ment ring was called the 'keeper
ring" guardian of love and
When is the right time to switch
Die engagement ring to the right
hand? Provided she isn't too flust
ered, a bride can attend to it min
utes More she walks down the
aisle. A manicure the day before
the ceremony is timely reminder.
and Indonesian negotiators in the
dispute over West New Guinea
have arranged top-secret talks at
an undisclosed site reportedly
within 30 miles of Washington.
Ellsworth Bunker, former U.S.
ambassador to India who is now
retired, was said to be the neutral
mediator for the talks between
The Netherlands and Indonesian
m . : :
1 . rv '
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