The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, May 05, 1955, Page 9, Image 9

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Thursday, May 5,1955
I FOR MOTHER'S DAT Even a very young daughter can make
this Strawberry Angel Basket cake as s surprise for Mom.
Strawberry Angel Basket
Easy Dessert for Young Cook
Even a very young daughter and arrange cut side up over
can make a beautiful dramatic
strawberry surprise cake lor
Mother's Day. Here's how it's
Strawberry Angel RiiKket
One baker's angel food cake, 1
pint strawberries, '-j pint heavy
cream, sugar.
Split cake 1-inch from top to
within Vi-inch of center. Repeat
on second side. Wash and hull
strawberries. (Save a few for gar
nish.) Cut them in half. Fill split
in cake with berries. Whip cream;
sweeten with sugar to taste. Use
to frost top of cake. Garnish with
whole berries.
Of course, if daughter is a little
older, this strawberry crunch pie
is the perfect answer for a sur
prise for motner on Mother's Day.
It uses pretzels in the crust.
Strawberry Crunch Pie
(.Makes one 9-inch pie)
One package ge'atin dessert,
strawberry flavor, l'i cups pret
zel crumbs, hi cup butter or mar
garine, Vi cup granulated sugar,
I tablespoons water, 8 ounces
cream cheese, V cup (approxi.
mately) cream or milk, 1 pint
Prepare gelatin dessert accord
ing to package directions and set
in refrigerator to stiffen to the
point where it just mounds on
spoon. Scrape pretzels lightly with
a sharp knife to remove, most of
the salt crystals. Put through a
food chopper with a course blade,
or crush with rolling pin to size
of coarsely ground nuts. Melt but
ter or margarine in saucepan and
add sugar, crumbs, and water.
Press into lightly buttered 9-inch
pie plate and bake, at 400 degrees
F. for about 10 minutes, or until
lightly browned. Cool. Mash cream
cheese and beat in just enough
cream or milk to allow easy
spreading. Use two-thirds of this
mixture to line pie shell smoothly
and completely.
Slice strawberries lengthwise
Find New Curb For Pain
Users Rejoice Supply Rushed Her
Victims nf crippling arthritis, rheumatism
and neuritis pnin ran take joyous new hH
from announcement of dramatic success with
a new formula which combines 4 drugs lnt
one tablet capable of relieving! aponizinc
pain in joints and muscles. Acrordinp: tc
clinical reiHjrte. this new romnound, callwj
VERTASOL, acta internally to curb tortur
ous arthritis, rheumatism, neuritis pbin in
back, hands, arms, legs and shoulders yet
1m safe to take, requires no prescription.
With teara of joy In their eyes, men and
women who formerly suffered dread stnhbinn
torture of arthritis and rheumatism pain in
swollen joints and muscles now tell of blessed
relief after using: It.
VEKTASOL costs $8.00 but considering re
sults is not expensive, is only pennies per
doss Sold with money back BuaraMT bv
Owl Pharmacy Bend Mall Orders
cream cheese surface. When gela
tin dessert has thickened suffi
ciently, spoon about l'a cups of it
carefully over strawberries, lift
ing the latter if necessary to per
mit gelatin dessert to reach bottom
of pie. Chill until firm.
Garnish pie with remaining one
third of cream cheese, combined
with enough additional cream or
milk to give the texture of stiffly
whipped cream.
Note: You will have about
of a cup of gelatin dessert left
over for plain or fruit molds for
another day.
broiled hamburgers, whipped pota
toes, fresh asparagus on toast with
mock Hollandalse sauce, enriched i coffee, tea, milk.
bread, butter, strawberry crunch
pie, coffee, tea, milk.
Whole Oranges
In Health News
Whole oranges are now in the
health news picture. Citrus bio
flavonoids help keep our 62.000
miles of tiny blood vessels elastic.
In whole oranges, top scientists
report, these health giving duns
bioflavonoids are 10 tunes as con
centrated as in strained orange
Here are a few recipes using
whole slices of oranges. The whole
slices are rich in bioflavonoids.
Broiled East Indian Fresh
Orange Slices
Cut large, seedless, unpeeled
oranges into cartwheels -inch
thick. Top each with & teaspoon
butter or margarine. Broil 2 min
utes, placed 4 inches from the
source of heat, with oven control
set to broil and preheated. Top
with 1 teaspoon Indian chutney.
Serve hot. Eat rind and pulp.
Serve with meat or poultry.
Broiled Minted Oranges Slices
Cut large, seedless, unpeeled
navel oranges into cartwheels Vir
inch thick. Top each with ' V4 tea
spoon butter or margarine. Broil
2 minutes, placed 4 inches from
the source of heat, with oven con
trol set to broil and preheated.
Pour 1 teaspoon mint syrup over
the surface. Serve hot. Eat rind
and pulp. Serve with meat or poul
try. Tossed Fresh Orange Salad
Toss 'a head each, lettuce and
romaine, 3 sliced fresh oranges
and "4 cup French dressing. If de
sired, serve with cottage cheese.
Fresh Orange and Shrimp Salad
Arrange orange cartwheels on
lettuce around a mound of cooked
shrimp. Serve with mayonnaise or.
French dressing.
California Orange Sauce
(Yield: 4 servings)
Combine l'a cups sliced fresh
navel oranges, 1 tablespoon each
fresh lemon and lime juice, ;i
cup sifted confectioners' sugar and
1 teaspoon grated orange rind
Serve over sponge cake, cottage
pudding or fruit souffles.
SUNDAY'S MENU: Roast chick
en, giblet gravy, broiled East In
dian orange slices, stuffed baked
potatoes, buttered asparagus, hard
rolls or enriched bread, butter
rhubarb pie with Cheddar cheese,
7 " :
iZaiMa ajsaKaHsssMrlsiyi & Xi
Masoned with new salad dnaainr mlxe
Dry Salad Dressing Mix
Is Newest Packaged Item
During the last blizzard of the
season, we had a very special din
ner in Rochester, N. Y., at the
home of the J. Frank Birdsalls,
old friends of ours. First, oysters
casino, then Si-inch slices of
smoked hum baked in a slow oven
with brown sugar, a little dry
mustard and 4 cup water.
With it Frank Birdsall (he did
the cooking), served cheese flit
ters. He made a batter of flour.
eggs, milk and baking powder, ai
you would for griddle cakes but
a little sliffer. He says you couk
use a prepared pancake mix, too
Into the batter he stirred grated
Parmesan and grated Romanr
heese and added a little salt. II'
dropped the batter, by spoonfuls-'
into hot fat and cooked until even
ly and temptingly brown,
New Potatoes
Are Abundant
Valuable Food
Breakfast Most
Important Meal
Breakfast, ah breakfast. This
first meal of the day can do much
to decide how you will be feeling
the day long. Good, substantial
oreaKiasis provide energy u, , cnl!dl.en
lunch, help keep spirits high, and " Sundav's s
generally increase the sunniness of
the day.
And, happily, breakfast can bt
quickly accomplished. The basic
breakfast pattern of fruit (pine
apple is particularly good in
spring), crisp packaged cereal
served -with milk, bread, butter
and a beverage, can be prepared
and served in a twinkling. And for
a special morning, bake these Ba
con Bran Muffins. Made according
to the quick method, they are
moist and delicious.
Bacon Bran Motrins
1 cup ready-to-eat bran cereal
cup milk
1 egg
VI cup bacon drippings or
1 cup sifted flour
2'4 tsp. baking powder
M tsp. salt
VI cup sugar
VI cup crisp diced bacon
Combine cereal and milk: let
stand until most of moisture is
taken up. Add egg and bacon drip
pings and beat well. Sift together
flour, baking powder, salt and su
gar: mix in bacon. Add to first
mixture, stirring only until com
bined. Fill greased muffin pans
2-3 full. Bake in moderately hot
oven (400 degrees F.) about 25
Potatoes, now in abundant sup
ply are nutritious low-cost food,
They supply protein, minerals and
are an important source of vita
min C and belong in the diet of
Newest thing on the market is
dry salad mix. It comes in enve
lopes and you turn the contents
into a half-pint jar sold with the
mixes. Add vinegar, a little water,
and oil, then shake and pour over
your greens. (The half-pint bottle
is marked so you will know just
how much of each to use).
Dry salad mix was perfected by
Robert Kreis, Swiss-born chef, who
has been a noted chef in Califor
nia for years.
Amiable and vigorous Chef Kreis
makes a buffet salad like this:
In a large bowl he places a
mound of 4 chopped greens Ice
berg lettuce, watercress, chicory
and romaine in equal parts. Then
he skillfully places rows of diced
white meat of turkey, hard cooked
eggs, avocados, bleu cheese, crum
bled crisp bacon and chopped
peeled tomatoes. Over it he pom's
his old-fasluoned garlic salad mix
dressing a terrific production.
Besides the garlic mix, he makes
also old-fashioned French, Califor
nia French, exotic herbs and blue
cheese mix.
His mixes, just on the market,
are the best news salad lovers
have heard in many a year.
Good Seasons Stuffed Eggs
(Makes 6 servings)
Six hard-cooked eggs, H cup
canned tuna fish, drained and
flaked, Vi cup finely chopped cel
ery, 1 tablespoon chopped green
pepper, lMt teaspoons French sal
ad dressing mix, 2 tablespoons
mayonnaise, watercress.
Slice eggs in halves lengthwise;
remove yolks and chip fine. Mix
chopped yolks with tuna fish, cel
ery, and ' green pepper. Combine
the dry dressing mix with mayon
naise and add to egg yolk mixture.
mixing well. Pih? Into the egg white
A k at r
For Sunday's special family din
ner, try one of these slightly dif
ferent ways of serving potatoes.
They are especially low . in cal
Boiled New Potatoes With
Caraway Seed Butter
(Yield: 6 servings)
Two pounds (6 medium) new po
tatoes, about 'i-inch boiling water,
1 tsp. salt, 1 tablespoon butter or
margarine, 1 teaspoon caraway
seed, 1-16 teaspoon ground black
Wash potatoes (pare If desired)
Cook in covered saucepan in the
boiling water and salt untu ten
der (use. only boiling water to cook
potatoes tender.) Drain if neces
sary. Add remaining ingredients
Toss lightly. Yield: 100 calories per
Fresh Asparagus Tips With
New Potatoes
(Yield: 8 servings)
Two pounds new potatoes, 1-inch
boiling water, 1 teaspoon salt,
cups fresh asparagus tips, 1 ta
blespoon butter or margarine, 1-16
teasooon ground black pepper.
Wash and pare potatoes. Cook
in the boiling water and salt until
tender in a covered saucepan. Add
washed asparagus tips 10 minutes
before cooking time is up. Cook
only until crisp-tender. Drain, if
necessary. Add butter or margar
ine and black pepper. Toss lightly.
To complete the meal, serve meat,
fish or chicken, a salad, dessert
and beverage. Yield: 89 calories
per serving.
SUNDAY S DlNNtlK: itoast loin
if pork, curried diced pineapple.
boiled new potatoes with carawav
butter, buttered asparagus, soft
rolls, strawberry shortcake, cof
fee, tea, milk.
halves. Chill. Garnish with sprigs
ot watercress.
Sour (Yearn Salad With
(Makes about 6 cups or 6 to 8
servings side salad)
One package garlic salad dress
ing mix, vinegar, water, oil, 6
cups finely cut mixed greens,
cup garlic salad dressing, 'a cup
sour cream, !a cup garlic crou
Combine salad dressing mix.
vinegar, water and oil ns direct
ed on the package or bottle. Chill
salad greens. Mix Vi cup of the
dressing with sour cream, pour
over chilled greens, and toss sev
eral times. Sprinkle garlic crou
tons over salad and toss again
and fresh vegetable casserole, new
potatoes, French or crusty bread,
bu:ter, tossed green salad, French
mix salad dressing, sliced pine
apple, orange-frosted cup cakes,
coffee, tea, milk.
Those same wonderful egg noodles art now
enriched with important amounts of your daily
requirements of vitamin Bt, ritamio B2, iron
and niacin. Each half cup (4 oi.) contains only
100 calories. Buy some today! Also try these
other outstanding Porter-Scarpelli macaroni
products Spaghetti, Saladertes, Macaroni, Sea
Shells, Knrle-Q-Noodlcs and Lasagne.
Fix Spicy Pears
To Go wifh Meat
You will like quick spiced pears.
to serve as a meat accompaniment
or use as a silad base. Use canned
pears from the grocery store.
Spicy Perns
1 No. 2'a can Bartlett pears
li cuo vinegar
1 slick cinnamon
8 whole cloves
Drain the juice from the pears
Add the remalninz ingredients and
hring to a boil; simmer for J min
utes. Pour back over rears and
set in refrigerator to chill for sev
eral hour
Tropical Angel Pie
Will Make a Hit
At Club Luncheon
Here's another variation of that
popular confection, angel pie. It's
nice to servo with coffee for late
evening refreshments, or as final
course of a meal that is not to
heavy. Perfect choice for a bridtrc
club luncheon is chicken salad
with tomato wedges, celery curls,
carrot sticks, ripe olives and rad-
dish roses; bread sticks or hot
Parkcrhouse rolls, with butter; an
gel pie and coffee.
, Tropical Angel Pie
2 egg whiles
tsp. salt
tsp. cream of tartar
H cup sugar
!a cup finely chopped,
blanched almonds
'a tsp. vanilla
'.a cup cream, whipped
1 cup thick pineapple
1 quart vanilla, or pineapple
ice cream
Finely shredded coconut
Beat egg whites until frothy,
add salt and cream of tartar, and
beat until the mixture will stand
in soft peaks. Add sugar grad
ually, beating constantly, and con
tinue to beat until the mixture is
stiff and dry. Fold In the almonds
Oil a 9-inch pie pan thoroughly,
pile in meringue, and spread it
gently into place to form a shell
Bake in a slow oven, 275 degrees
F., for 45 to 50 minutes, or until
very lightly browned. Remove
from the oven and cool.
Beat cream until stiff and fold
in half the pineapple preserves.
Pour into the meringue shell and
spread evenly over the inside sur
face. Chill for two hours. When
ready to serve, pile ice cream in
the center, top with remaining
preserves and' sprinkle coconut
over the top. Serves 6.
Frozen Cream Good on Fruit
go with the ham, small cups of
puff paste filled with applesauce.
garnished with an unsweetened
meringue. All went under a flame
just to give the meringue a south
ern tun.
With this dinner lie served an
xcellent red wine, Clinteu Neuf
iu Pape 1937. The logs burned In
he big fireplace during dinner
ind the table was beuutiful with
spring flowers.
Dessert was Frank's special in
vention. A major In the Army
during the last war, specializing
n food service, he set up the Ad
vanced Food Service School for
rmy officers. He is now mana
;er of the new modern Treadway
'tin on historical East Avenue ip
Rochester. But his dessert
In crystal bowls, he placed sec-
.lons of fresh grapefruit and or-
np of each serving, he placed a
large square of frozen whipped
cream. As .the cream was being
whipped, he stirred In sliced
strawberries. Next he placed the
cream in an ice cube tray and
sprinkled blueberries over the top.
He served also little pastries loanges and whole strawberries. On
Pork, Beef,
Eggs, Fruit,
Plentiful Now
This is the peak marketing ne-
riod for last fall's pig crop. The
supply is larger than last year.
So this all adds up to more, ham
spareribs, picnics, bacon and loin
roasts at economical prices.
ine united states Department
oi Agriculture reports other plen-
uim iooas lor May. Broilers and
fryers are in large siiunlv araln
ana oner gooa protein at reason
able prices. Beef is plentiful, too,
So are eggs, both canned and fresh
oranges and grapefruit, dairy prod
ucts (milk and cheese) and potatoes.
All winter we've been using
chilled orange juice poured from
a container. This juice, pressed
from oranges in Florida, shipped
rapidly to northern cities under
refrigeration and sold in quart pa
per cartons has had considerable
success this past winter.
This "chilled" (not frozen) juice
generally is marketed with fresh
dairy products, either from re
frigerated cases at food stores or
delivered to homes by the milk
man. It follows the current trend
toward time and labor-saving food
products. All you have to do Is
to pour from the Carton.
Processors in California have
prepared juice this way on order
for hotels and restaurants for
years and in Florida it has also
been prepared for local sale. But
last year was the first time it was
tried out for long-distance ship
sliced pork, chili sauce, potato
pancakes, canned corn with sliced
green peppers, rye bread, butter,
applesauce, open-face pie, coffee
tea, milk.
Pictures Made
By Sitting Bull
NILES, Mich. (UP) Sitting
Bull, the Sioux Indian leader who
fought Custer, has series of
paintings on display at the city
museum here.
His venture into art was in pay
ment to a Michigan girl who had
befriended him, according to Alex
A. Praus, director of the Kalama
zoo, Mich., museum.
The chief who was about 50
years old at the time, made 63 pic
tures for the girt, Alice CJuimby,
whose father was an Army officer.
Miss Quimby left the paintings
with the museum at Niles, Mich,
when she died in 1947.
Anvicv. nivrs
TOKYO (UP)-The U S. Army's
Far East rad'o network came uo
t-xiay with this bit of advice for
thousands of American servicemen.
"If you need legal assistance
see your legal assistance officer."
r-wa sn. r AnrrvN
i.'.iaiitBVi.ii'j J
- A. '
No one but Medo-Land
Tg 1 makes "Fresh Strawberry"
jt 1 Ice Cream that tastes like 1
I this. Medo - Land Straw- 1
x?&e Jrtr) I berry ice cream has a fresh I
Jjm. V-tn-hTry taste, because 1
jSsri Medo-Land uses whole I
F """xn flMlll strawberries for flavor! i
I II IHIPli lt 1 : ?
No one but Medo-Land
makes "Fresh Strawberry"
Ice Cream that tastes like
this. Medo - Land Straw
berry ice cream has a fresh
strawberry taste, because
Medo-Land uses whole
strawberries for flavor!
Made with rich, "f arm
fresh" cream, it makes
a low cost treat that
has a fresh, creamy,
delightful flavor.
Buy it in the bright
red, white and blue
package... at your
grocer's todayl