The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, March 24, 1955, Page 23, Image 23

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Thursday, March 24. 1955
ROAST LEG OF LAMB, aurrounded by Easter bonneU, ii popular
for Easter dinner.
Lamb is Popular
For Spring Feast
Spring lamb for Easter, that's
the choice in many families,
Leg of lamb is the prize Easter
roast. But smaller families may
choose a lamb shoulder roast or
a honed and rolled cut, sized just
right for Uie number to be served.
A "rack" of lamb is a generous
roast that usually is cut into the
flavorful rip chops.
Roast the leg of Iamb, fat side
up, on a rack in an open pan. A
roast meat thermometer inserted
in the thickest section of the meat
is an accurate guide to doneness
of the roast. For well-done lamb,
roast to an internal temperature of
182 degrees F. 170 degrees indi
cates medium.
Have the "fell" or paper -like
outer covering removed before
roasting. Rub the meat well with
honey for a beautiful golden brown
and flavor accent. We like a few
tiny slivers of garlic inserted deep
in the meat before roasting. The
French like a subtle touch of nut
meg on the roast.
Garnish the Easter platter with
gala edible bonnets made of thin
slices of yellow turnip topped with
halves of hard-cooked eggs. Small
circles of carrots make the flow
er trim and are fastened to the
turnip slice and egg with food
I-eg of Lamb With
Herb Bouquet
(13 to 14 slices)
Season this roast early to enjoy
the fine flavor.
One 5-to-6-pound leg of lamb,
trimmed, 1 teaspoon rosemary, 2
tablespoons salad oil, '4 teaspoon
dried sweet basil, 1 tablespoon
paprika. 1 clove garlic, peeled,
mashed; 1 glass mint jelly.
Combine rosemary, salad oil,
sweet basil and paprika. If the
fell has not been removed, use a
paring knife to cut and pull it
from the top of the leg. Rub the
leg thoroughly with the seasoned
oil. Let the roast stand in the re
frigerator two to four hours before
Place leg of lamb fat side up
on a rack in a roasting pan. Roast
in a slow oven (325 degrees F.)
2' 2 hours. Spread half a glass
of mint jelly over the surface.
Continue roasting about another
hour. Snread remaining jelly over
roast. Serve medium (175 degrees
F.t or well done (182 degrees F.V
and grapefruit cup. roast leg of
soring lamb with herb bouquet,
currant je'.ly, roasted potatoes,
fresh peas with mushrooms, as
sorted rolls, butter or margarine,
mixed green salad. French dress
ing, lemon meringue tarts, coffee,
tea, milk.
Freezing Rules
Are Given for
Casserole Dishes
Many homcmakers are pretty
much up on their ABC s of meat
freezing but often do not know
much about freezing cooked com
bination meat dishes. Here are
some tips which may be helpful:
1. Stews, soups, casseroles, and
spaghetti sauces all may be fro
zen for use later. When freezing
stews, slightly undercook the vege
Holes as thev will soften further
during cooking and reheating lat
or It is preferable to omit pota
toes and add these when reheat
ine as they tend to become mushy
when frozen. '
2. Cool the cooked dish as quick
lv as possible, then oack In a
freezer carton. (Place the stew pot
In a bigger pan of cold water to
trtpn cooling.)
3. Meit smdwfrtvx mav be frd
7nr- Wrrir) each senrtwVh IndMd
ua'lv hut di not Include mayon
vip or lettuce as these do not
freeze well.
4 Use frozen combination mpat
dishes within about a month.
Ground Beef
Good Eating
In Any Form
Ground beef is just about as
good tasting in one form as an
other. In this recipe for ground
beef pie, chili powder, onion and
tomato sauce are cooked with
ground beef, then the mixture is
baked in a pie pan with a mashed
potato topping. The complete dish
takes just a short, time to prepare
and it's a real family filler-upper.
(1 round Beef tjuieky Pie
1 pound ground beef
i cup finely chopped onion
1 8-ounce can tomato sauce
2 Tbsp. chili sauce
tsp. salt
tsp. pepper
H tsp. chill powder
2 cups seasoned mashed po
toes Brown meat and onion in a little
hot fat. Add rest of ingredients
with exception of potatoes. Heat
well. Pour meat into a 9-lnch pie
pan and top with mashed potatoes,
spreading them carefully over
meat. Broil for 5 minutes or until
potatoes are tipped with brown. 4
There are so many uses for
ground beef that it could be served
to' your family almost every daj
and they'd love it! It's fun to sur.
prise them with a new variation
each time. Hamburgers can be
dressed up not only with interest
ing seasonings but also- with but
ter toppings, sauces and surprise
Meat loaves lend themselves to
surprise fillings, too. Bread crumb
and rice stuffings are two sugges
tions. A slightly out of the ordinary
twist for preparing meat loaf Is
to bake peach halves on top of it
during the last part of the cooking
time. Bake the meat loaf mixture
in an 8-inch square pan, making
indentations for four peaches.
Twenty minutes before the end of
the baking time, place peaches on
top of loaf, spreading them gen
erously with catsup.
Barbecue Chops
For New Tasfe
Looking for a little different way
to prepare your dinner pork shops?
Then barbecue them this quick
and easy way they're mighty
Barbecued Pork Chops
4 pork chops
Salt and pepper
4 slices onion (!4 inch thick)
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
H cup catsup
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
Brown chops in a little hot fat;
drain off fat. Sprinkle chops with
salt and pepper and top each with
a slice of onion. Sprinkle with
brown sugar. Combine catsup and
lemon juice and pour over chops;
add a little water to cover bottom
of skillet. Cover and cook over
low heat until tender, about 1
hour, adding a little water if need
ed to prevent sticking. 4 servings.
Ham Leftovers
Because ham leftovers are so
usable, you'll probably want to
buy a larger ham than you'll ac
tually need for the group you're
serving. Use leftovers in any of
'hese ways:
1. Creamed with peas and
served over chow mein noodles.
'Season the sauce with a little
Worcestershire sauce or bottled
neat sauce.)
2. In ham and potato bash.
3. In ham rarebit. (Add diced
ham to cheese rarebit.)
4. Ground and tiled In baked
nnwheel biscuits; serve with hot
5. Ground and used In macaroni
md cheese casserole, scalloped p
atoes or Spanish rice.
6. Split pea or navy bean toup
Buy 1 Chicken,
Cook Two Meals
If there are only two in your
family and you want chicken, lis
ten to what Ann Williams-Heller
tells us. She is author of many ex
cellent cookbooks and an outstand
ing food authority.
Here's what she says: "Yes.
(you can stretch one chicken over
two ample meals if you select a
larger frying or roasting chicken
I about 3V4 to 4 pounds). Fryers of
such weight may be too heavy for
"classical" frying yet too lean for
roasting, we offer two ways to
serve them at consecutive meals
with different taste and appear
ance, yet with equal juice tender
ness. Select a plump chicken about
Vm to 4 pounds ready - to - cook
weight. Have butcher cut it in 4
or 8 pieces as you desire; smaller
pieces cook faster, make larger
servings. Use heart, gizzard and
neck for soup. The liver when
chopped and sautecd and seasoned
fragrantly with a few sprigs of
chopped parsley, may go into an
First Meal: Steam-Fried Chicken
Use a heavy 1014-inch skillet
with tight-fitting cover or dome
cover. Place one-half the chicken
(2 or 4 pieces according to cut)
in skillet: add about 1 cup of wa
ter and about 1 teaspoon salt: cov
er and simmer chicken over low
heat until tender, about 30 to 40
minutes. Drain chicken; reserve
any leftover liquid for soup or
Roll each chicken piece In well
seasoned flour; shake off excess
flour. Heat about 'a cup fat Uard
or vegetable shortening in skillet,
and brown chicken quickly on all
sides over moderate heat. Use
above liquid as part of milk if you
want to serve the chicken with
Second Meul: Fricasseed Chicken
Use second half of " chicken.
Heat 4 tablespoons of fat or lard
in heavy (lOMi-inch) skillet with
tight-fitting cover or dome cover.
Brown chicken on all sides (about
15 minutes) turning frequently;
add 1 medium onion, finely sliced,
1 scraped carrot, diced, and 114
cups water (or wine if desired).
Cover tightly and simmer over
low heat until chicken is tender,
about 30 to 40 minutes. Season to
taste with very little salt and a
dash of giner and-or nutmeg.
Thicken gravy with flour or corn
starch as desired.
Note' Refrigerate second half of
chicken for later use, loosely cov
ered. If you store in freezer, keep
chicken frozen Until ready to use
and defrost before cooking.
asseed chicken, broad noodles,
cranberry sauce, toast, butter,
crisp watercress, "fruit cup, cook
ies, coffee, tea, milk.
Beef Pot Roast
Is Thrifty Cut
High in Flavor
Pot roast is a thrifty cut you
cant serve too often. Creole pot
roast, made with sliced stuffed
olives, is one slightly different
twist to a basic pot roast recipe.
Brown the meat in a little hot fat
as usual, slice stuffed olives over
it, then pour over and around it
1 cup of condensed tomato soup
diluted with Y cup of water and
2 tablespoons of liquid from the
Anyone can make a stew of
sorts, but a stew which tastes as
though it had orignated in the
kitchens of the finest dining places
is one which has been seasoned
Any homemaker can imitate
such gourmet cooking. After thor
oughly browning the stew meat,
some seasoning vegetables should
be added: celery tops and stalks,
a sliced carrot, onion and a piece
of bay leaf. The flavor of the vege
tables cooks right down into the
Another important step is to add
just a little liquid prehaps half
a cup. Season with salt, pepper
and herbs, cover tightly and cook
over low heat. The small amount
of liquid cooks down, further
browning the meat and giving it
delicious flavor. Add more liquid
from time to time and cook until
the meat is fork-tender.
Indians of New Mexoci were
building with stone, successfully
using clay mud as mortar, when
the first white explorers arrived
in that area more than 400 yearsi
f 'All I did wm lerve him I
M BLUE BEll Potato Chip... 1
t fresher In the Double Bogl
PARMESAN FRENCH TOA8T to unuiuallj rood with honey Md
fruit compote.
Parmesan French Toast
Is Excellent Lenten Dish
Eggs are still big budget and
nutrition news. So you may want
to read part of a letter from Kath-
ryn B. Niles, home economics di
rector of the Poultry and Egg Na
tional Board in Chicago.
Parmesan French toast with
honey and fruit compote is our
favorite new Lenten recipe. It was
planned particularly for your read
ers. The departure (and we feel
improvement) from plain French
toast is in the crispiness and the
pleasantly unusual Parmesan fla
vor. The latter is ine resuu oi
using thick slices of heavy-bodied
French bread (called Vienna in
some larkets).
'There's no mushiness when you
bite into this crisp toast. Honey
combines well with the Parmesan
cheese, although Parmesan French
toast is equally good 'as is.' A
delicious menu suggestion is
scrambled eggs with Parmesan
French toast, an excellent Lenten-
Meat Variety
Keeps Meals
One of the things which keeps
dinnertime interesting is to in
clude a variety of different meats
beef one night, pork the next
lamb and veal occasionally.
For thriftier buys in pork, keep
in mind pork shoulder steaks and
roasts (sometimes called Boston
butt) and diced pork shoulder for
chop suey and other combination
With pork in extremely plentiful
supply, some pork . cooking hints
may come in handy. Pork requires
thorough cooking, whether it's a
roast or a small cut. Cook roasts
at low oven temperature (325 de
grees F.) and allow longer time
for a chunky shoulder butt roast
than a loin roast. In making the
rich brown gravy from a pork
roast, add a little sage or thyme
to give just the right flavor touch.
Here's another pork cooking
pointer pork chops or shoulder
steaks should not be broiled like
some steaks and chops. Broiling
pork tends to dry it out and does
not develop its fullest flavor.
Pork chops and steaks should be
braised cooked in a covered skil
let, with a little added liquid. Here
is an unusually good tasting way
to prepare pork chops or steaks.
Savory Pork Chops
4 pork chops or steaks
Flour, salt, pepper
Mi cup chopped onion
1 cup canned tomatoes
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
V4 tsp. chili powder
1 tsp. sugar
In a large skillet or Dutch oven,
fry out fat from edges of chops.
Remove pieces and brown floured
chops in the fat. Drain off fat and
sprinkle chops with salt and pep
per; top with onion. With a fork,
break up tomatoes, add Worcester
shire sauce, chili powder and su
gar; pour over chops. Cover and
cook over low heat for 1 hour or
until tender. Turn chops several
times during cooking. Remove
chops from pan, spoon off fat and
dilute remaining sauce with a little
water, if necessary. Season to
taste and serve over chops.
Here's a way to give your fam
ily their full quota of high pro
tein . . . and still hold down the
food budget. Try delicious sar
dines instead of meat in your fa
vorite main dish casserole, for In
stance: To one can Maine sar
dines add m cups cooked rice,
1 cup canned tomatoes, salt, pep-
ami l' teaspoons minced
onion. Bake in a moderate oven
I for 30 minutes. Delicious
Parmesan French Toast
Makes about 10 large slices)
Three eggs, hi cup freshly grat
ed Parmesan cheese, hi teaspoon
salt, 1 cup milk, 10 or more slices
Vienna French bread. 4 - inch
thick (amount varies with loaf
size and shape), fnt for browning,
honey, if desired.
Beat eggs slightly with the Par
mesan cheese. Blend in salt and
milk. Dip bread in egg mixture,
turning to moisten slices complete
ly to center. If necessary, drain
against edge of bowl, Brown on
one side over medium heat on
well - greased skillet or griddle.
Turn and brown the other side.
Add additional fat as necessary to
keep bread from sticking.
There are a lot of winter pears
in the market, too. Pears with
cheese and crackers make a per
fect dessert. Baked pears are al
ways popular, especially with men.
Just, wash the pears, cut them in
half, core them and put them in
a baking dish. Sprinkle generously
with sugar end a little salt. Dot
with butter and add a very little
water. Cover and bake in a mod
erate oven. As soon as the fruit
is hot, take off the cover to cook
the syrup down.
For extra flavor and color, cook
cinnamon candies in the syrup,
and serve the pears hot from the
oven, glistening in their spicy
syrup. Or cool them and serve
with a garnish of whipped cream,
or a little cottage cheese or cream
mesan French toast, little link'
sausages or bacon, canned or fro
zen peas, sliced cucumbers) with
salt, sncea orange ena grape enp,
brownies, coffee, tea, milk.
Ham Abundant
Spring Staple
This year it's not only Ham for
Easter, it's Ham for Springtime!
There'll be an abundance of
smoked pork on the market which
means a variety of ham cuts for
different uses whole hums for
large guest gatherings, half hams
for family dinners, liain shanks for
a boiled dinner with vegetables,
ham slices for the small family.
What's more, they'll be come-
hith?r prices on many cuts.
The present day milk-cure ham
is one of the easiest of meats to
prepare no boiling, no lengthy
cooking period, no fuss and bother
during baking yet the finished re
sult, a gloriously glazed ham, is
one of the most festive meats you
could set before your guests.
Types of Rani
When you buy a whole ham,
there's seldom any question about
how to cook it, as directions usual
ly are printed on the label. How
ever, in buying a half ham (in
which case cooking instructions
usually are not available), it's
best to ask your meat man for
specific Information on the type of
ham you re buying whether it s a
regular, uncooked ham or a ready-
to-eat ontf.
In cither case, place the ham
on a rack in a shallow roasting
pan and bake in a 325 degree F.
oven 22 minutes per pound for an
uncooked ham and 20 minutes per
pound for a ready-to-eat one. (If
you know definitely that the half
ham you have bought is a fully-
cooked one, it may be served
either cold or just heated through
14 minutes per pound.)
Ruby (ilaie
How about a sparkling new
glaze for your Easter Ham?. If's
made with cherry preserves. 45
minutes before the ham has fin
ished baking, remove it from the
oven and take it out of the pan.
Pour off the fat in the pan and
save for frying potatoes and other
cooking purposes. Score fat, stick
with cloves and spread with cherry
preserves. Return to the oven to
If you want to serve a fully
cooked or canned ham cold and
wish simply to glaze it, you can
apply the glaze and put the ham
in a 450 degree F. oven for 15
Combine a can of mashed Maine'
sardines with 2 chipped, hard
boiled eggs, add lemon juice, may
onnaise and French dressing
Taste-titillating for snack-time tid-
U.S. Adult Minimum Daily
Vitamin A..-.
Vitamin B. (thiamine)
Vitamin Bi (riboBavin)
Niacin (another B-vuamin)
Vitamin D
Iodine .
The new, easy, "no-forgetting" way to take your vitamins and min
erals is in Medo-Land MV Milk. Folks who have tasted it say the
flavor is even better than regular milk. It docs taste wonderful...
and you get all th: wonderful benefits for only two cents more per
quart. Try it for ten days and see how much better vou feel!
U II V I) - '
HAPPY HfcAD START If you're bored with repetitious break
fasts, start the day with a hot bowl of soup. The taste delights
of soup are legion, ranging from delicate consomme to zippy
pepper pot.
For Breakfast Variety,
Serve Steaming Soup Cup
Breakfast is the least Imagina
tive meal of the day. Though most
folks admit a desire for variety
in breakfast foods, they seem con
tent with a monotonous lack of it;
consequently they feel that break
fast is a bore, even though they
are aware of its many advantages.
Lewis Carroll cxtrolled the vir
tues of "Soup, Soup, Beautiful
Soup" through the voice of his fan
ciful Mock Turtle. And today's
mothers and housewives would do
well to listen to his song at break
fast time. Soup for breakfast is
so warm, filling, and satisfying.
There are many variances of fla
vor, . texture, and combinations
with which to experiment! It is
certainly the easiest of all foods
to prepare and packs a full com
plement of nourishment to keep
energy high throughout the day.
Although the idea of soup for
breakfast may be something of o
shocker, after a bit of thought
you'll wonder why it hasn't always
been part of our breakfast pattern,
it's so logical. Soup has formed
the backbone of morning meals in
other countries the world over. For
centuries it has been favorite of
ponsants and kings who no doubt
have enjoyed the extra dividend
of well-being that soup supplied to
their morning hours.
Here are a few menus to show
how well soup fits the breakfast
The magnetic field of the earth,
which is responsible for attracting
the compasss needle to th north
undergoes slow changes from year
I to year.
Requirements of 9 Essential
1 -
vfll 7 "Oregon'! loading winner of goto owarai A 7
loading winner of gold award
for dairy prodvefV'
Scotch Broth with frankfurter
slices, English muffins, jam or
preserves, grapes or pears, cof
fee, tea, or milk.
Spiced apple sauce, consomme
with chopped egg garnish, crisp
bacon slices, whole wheat toast.
coffee, tea, or milk.
Tangerine, cream or mushroom
soup over shreeded wheat biscuit,
grilled sausage links, toast, coffee,
tea, or milk.
ricx UP 6 CANS next'
Vitamins and Minerals
100 '
' 100
-this is a SETTER