The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, March 17, 1955, Page 7, Image 7

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The Bend Bulletin. Thursday, March 17, 1955
REFLECTED GLORY Mrj. Stephen Zubar, 123 St. Helens, is one of Bend's talented cooks. At
her house, there's always something good to go with the coffee. (Bend Bulletin Photo)
Delicious Casserole Dishes
Tops with Cook-of-Week .
Women's Director
Mrs. Stephen Zubar. ol 123 St.
Helens place, is one of Bend's best
cooks. Anne, as she's known to all
her friends, enjoys fixing good
things to eat, both as a hobby and
a profession. This week she shares
with Bulletin readers two wonder
ful casserole recipes, an unusual
party luncheon dish and three pop
ular desserts.
One-Dish Casserole
2 lb. lean pork steak
2 large onions
1 medium-size head of cabbage
1 1-lb. package crinkled egg
1 tsp. salt
M tsp. pepper
Bring water to boil in two-quart
saucepan, add salt, and put in
noodles; cook for 20 minutes,
Drain noodles and put in a kettle
large enough to hold all ingredi
ents, which will be added later.
Cut pork in strips two inches
long and half an inch wide. Brown
lightly in 5 Tbsp. drippings. Add
Va cup water and simmer 10 min
utes. Add meat and liquid to
noodles, Shred onions and cab
bage. Brown onions in 4 Tbsp. fat
Add cabbage and seasoning, and
cover tightly. Steam about 10-15
minutes, or until cabbage and on
ions are tender. Add to pork and
noodles. Mix well. Put in casserole.
Sprinkle with finely crushed pota
to chips. Place in hot oven five
minutes, to brown topping, and
Tuna Dish
1 pint too milk
3 Tbsp. flour
1 6V4-0Z. can chunk tuna,
3 hard-cooked eggs, cut in
1 small can mushrooms
Salt and pepner to taste
Mix flour with small amount of
the milk, to make smooth paste
Scald remaining milk, add paste
and seasonings, and continue cook
ing and stirring until thick. Add
remaining ingredients and pour
into casserole. Spnnkle with corn
flakes and bake in medium oven
10-15 minutes.
Partv Luncheon Potatoes
Scrub three large potatoes and
bake till done. Frizzle 2 cups (7-oz
jar) chipped beef in 4 Tbsp. but
ter for f've minutes, or until light
brown. Blend in four Tbsp. flour
and a dash of pepper, then add
gradually 2 cups milk. Cook until
When potatoes are done, cut in
two the long way and scoop out
centers. Mash potatoes and add
milk, salt and pepper as neces
sary. Beat until fluffy. Partly fill
potato skins with the mashed po
tatoes. Put remaining potatoes in
pastry tube, and flute potato cases
around edges and down the cen
ter. Place in hot oven to brown
Meanwhile cook 1 package fresh
frozen peas in small amount of
water. Remove potatoes from
oven. Fill one side of each half
with creamed beef; the other side
with hot buttered peas.
Serve with vanilla sauce.
Vanilla Sauce
2 cups water
3 tsp. cornstarch
'i cup sugar
1 Tbsp. butter
1 tsp. vanilla
Mix cornstarch with small
amount of the water. Add remain
ing water and boil until clear. Add
remaining ingredients. This may
be used as a topping for any des
sert, in place of whipped cream.
Cup Cakes -
1 cups flour
1 tsp. soda
Y tsp. salt
1 tsp. cinnamon . , . ...
Vi -tsp. nutmeg" '
H cup shortening
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
Yz cup walnut meats
1 cup sour milk
1 pirn mixed fruit
Sift flour with soda, salt" and
snicpa Croam shortening and su
gar. AuQ eggs one ai u uuie, miia
ina thrti-niimiiv niter earn aaoition.
Add nuts and. fruit. Ada nour ai-
rprnnrp v . wrrn swiui num. miA
well.' 'Fill 'muffin tins one-half full.
Bake : in moderate oven (375 de
grees) for 20 minutes.
' ! Applesauce Cake
' 1 cup brown sugar
Vi cup shortening
2 eggs .'
m cups thick applesauce
1 tsp. vanilla
2 tsp. honey
2 cups flour
Yi cup cocoa
Wt tsp. cinnamon
Yi tsp. cloves
4 tsp. salt
1 tsp. soda
cup walnuts
Cream sugar and shortening;
add eggs one at a t time, mixing
well after each addition. Ada apple
sauce, vanilla and honey.
Sift flour before measuring, then
sift with cocoa, salt and spices.
Sprinkle nuts with a small amount
of the flour mixture. Add dry in
gredients to liquid mixture, then
stir in floured nuts. Beat for two
minutes. Pour into greased and
floured deep 8x8-inch cake pan,
and bake at 350 degrees 30-35
Kalain Klce Custard
2 cups fluffy cooked rice
3 eggs
1 pint milk
cup raisins, cookpd 5
1 too. vanilla
Pinch salt
Beat eces till light, add mHk
and remaining Ingredients. Pour
into baking dish or Individual cus
tard cups, set in pan of water and
bake at 330 degrees until set.
Motor Division
Shift Approved
SALEM (UP)-Thc Senate Com
mittee on Highways, headed by
Sen. Warren McMinimee, Tilla
mook Republican, voted favorably
yesterday on a measure to take
the motor vehicle division out from
under the secretary of slate's of
fice and make it a separate de
partment under the appointive
power of the governor.
The vote was 5 to 3 with Sen.
Truman Chase absent. Sen. Mon
roe Sweetland, Milwaukie Demo
crat, said he thought the measure
was an out-and-out political move
because the Republicans fear that
the next secretary of state may be
a Democrat.
Sen. Carl Francis, Dayton Re
publican, denied that the measure
was political but said he was vot
ing to table the bIH anywaySen
ate Bill 85 on grounds that the
division is working well in Its
present status.
Sen. Phil Brady of Portland, a
Democrat, was the only other sen
ator voting against the bill.
Local Cook Gives
Dessert Recipes
Mi's. t.d Nystrom, whose recipes
were featured in a recent Bend
Bulletin cooking article, has sever,
al favorite desserts that ai-o rec
ommended for home use. Here are
the dessert recipes that didn't ap
pear in the picture-story.
Pumpkin Pie
3 cups sugar
3 tsp. cinnamon
3 tsp. ginger
1'4 tsp. nutmeg
1 tsp. salt
6 eggs beaten
4 cups milk
1 No. 2'4 can pumpkin
Add spices to sugar and mix in
beaten eggs. Add milk and pump
kin, and mix well. Makes three
. No Egg Spice Cuke
1 cup sugar
1 cup cold water
cup shortening
1 cup seeded raisins
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. nutmeg
Yt tsp. cloves
tsp. salt
1 cups sifted flour
1 tsp. soda
Put the sugar, water, shortening,
raisins and spices together in a
sauce pan and boil about 4 min
utes. Remove from stove and cool
thoroughly. Sift flour and soda to
gether and add cooked mixture.
Pour into buttered loaf pan and
bake in moderate oven.
Delicious Lemon Pudding
2 eggs, separated
2-3 cup water
1 heaping tsp. flour
i cup sugar
Juice and grated rind of
nnp Ipmnn
Beat the egg yolks, add half the
water and continue beating unui
light. Mix remaining water with'
the flour and add. Mix in sugar!
and lemon juice and rind and boil
until thick. Remove from heat and
cool. Beat egg whites stiff and
fold into cooked mixture, serve
1 cup butter .
2 cups brown sugar
3 eggs
3 cups flour
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp, soda
1-3 cup water
l'i cups chopped raisins
1 lb. chopped walnuts
Cream butter and sugar, add
beaten eggs. Sift flour with cinna
mon and soda and sprinkle a small
nmnnnt nn the raisins and nuts.
Add sifted dry ingredients alter
nately with water, then add rai
sins and nuts. Drop from teaspoon
on buttered cookie sheet and bake
in hot oven, watching carefully.
Sunshine Layer Cake
Upper and Lower Layers:
5 egg yolks
1 cup sugar
b cup milk
'i tsp. soda
1 1-3 cups flour
1 tsp. cream tartar
' 1 tsp. vanilla
Sift dry Ingredients and add to
)oaten egg yolks and milk. Adr
Middle laver:
5 eeg whitPS
'A cud flour
4 tso. salt
il cud suear
1 tsn. cream of tartar
1;- ten. vin'lla
Sift dry inr-dlents and add to
Koiton whites
Bike layprs In S-ineh nans. In
miHerate ven. Put together with
favorite filling and frost with de
sired icing.
Dairy Foods Are Important
In Making Meatless Dishes
With the advent of Lent many
homemakers are faced with the
problem of preparing two or three
meatless meals a week for their
families. The greatest problem
perhaps is finding nourishing sub
stitutes for meat dishes that the
family will like. Naturally, fish
and seafood are high on the list
of Lenten dishes; cheese and eggs
are also excellent foods to use in
preparing meatless Lenten meals.
In fact, dairy foods play an impor
tant part in improving the flavor
and food value of many Lenten
meals, adding valuable protein,
minerals and vitamins, and an ap
petite-satisfying goodness to any
dish in which they are used.
These three Lenten main dishes
arc appetizing, easy and good to
devil-may-care gleam in the
eyes of Dorothy Rowand of
New York, and one look at her
hat explains it. The saucy bon
net, designed by Mr. John, is
called the "Red Devil." Dor
othy, by the way, is 1955's
"Miss Deviled Ham."
eat. Try them on your family and
KMi Fillets In Sour Cream
(Serve 4)
1 onion, sliced
1 lemon, sliced
1 to Hi lb. fish fillets,
fresh or frozen
1 cup sour cream
tsp. salt
Parsley ,
If fish fillets are frozen, thaw
slowly. Cover bottom of shallow
baking dish with lemon slices; ar
range fish fillets on top. Sprinkle
with salt and pepper and cover
with onion slices. Cover and bake
30 minutes at 400 degrees F. Un
cover and spread lightly with sour
cream to which a little salt has
been udded. Sprinkle with paprika.
Place under broiler until cream is
lightly browned. Sprinkle with
chopped parsley and serve.
Fish Fillets Thennldor
(Serves 4)
1'4 lb. fish fillets
l'i cups milk
1 tsp. salt
lb. 'Cheddar cheese,
3 Tbsp. butter
3 Tbsp. flour
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
Separate fish fillets and roll
each fillet into a roll, fastening
with a toothpick If necessary.
Place rolled fillets in a shallow
2-quart casserole. Pour milk over
fish, sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees
F., or until fish flakes easily
when tested with a fork. Grate
cheese. Melt butter in top of dou
ble boiler. Stir in flour, mixing un
til smooth. Remove casserole from
oven and pour oft milk. Add milk
to butter - flour mixture, stirring
and cooking until thickened and
smooth. Add cheese.' Adcf lemon
juice and Worcestershire sauce,
blending well. Pour sauce over
baked fish fillets and sprinkle top
with paprika. Brown lightly under
,T., HTWi i . 4
IT HAS HEAVY "WING TANKS-No. those tanks weren't really atop the wings of this XP6M-1 '
Martin Seamaster. It's a composite picture, fixed up to dramatize the amount of stress the wings
can take.. The Navy's new multijel seaplane, to be flight-tested this spring, is undergoing a series
of rigorous structural tests in its Baltimore, Md., hangar. Wings alone have been subjected to an
applied loud of approximately 350,000 pounds, which is about what the tanks represent. ' i
GOP Claims Tax Victory Over Demos
cans claimed today they have
licked a Democratic plan to cut in-j
come taxes $20 a person next year.
Democrats refused to concede de
feat but wouldn't make any vic
tory claims, either.
The tax cut was approved by
the House and rejected by the Sen
ate as an amendment to a corporation-excise
tax extension bill. Its
fate rested today with a Senate-
House Conference Committee.
The conferees must come up with
agreement before April 1 to pre
vent a scheduled drop In taxes on
corporations and on liquors, cigar
ettes, gasoline and automobiles.
Republican House leader Joseph
W. Martin, Jr., (Mass) said flatly
"I know" the Senate will stand
firm and 'the House will yield be
fore the April 1 deadline.
Sen. Harry F. Byrd (D-Va), who
broke party ranks to back the
administration in opposition to an
income tax cut this year, was
optimistic about getting the House
to recede from its position. Byrd
is a member of the Conference
"I believe we are in a very
strong position in the Conference
Committee," he said. ."There was
a two-to-one vote in the Senate
against the provision which will
be before the conferees, and the
House approved it by only five
Rep. Daniel A. Reed (R-N.Y.)
Fines Reported
By Bend J. P.
Fines have been nuid in local
justice court by seven persons, four
of whom are local residents.
Two persons, J. R. Beeler, box
343 B, route 1, and C. A. Dob
bins, box 93, route 2, each paid
$14.50 for failing to get licenses for
their dogs.
Two Idaho truck drivers were
fined for overloads, Martin Ed
ward Kittridge, Twin Falls, and
Loyal Lewis Green, Boise. Kit
tridge paid $28.50, Green, $19.50.
Others fined were Gerald Eu
gene Lanser, Bend, $10, no license
on car; Casper Walter Libel: Bend
$10, an over-height load on track;
and Ray B. Jones, Gilchrist, $15,
oasie rule.
senior Republican tax writer, in
the House, cliarged that House
Democratic leaders will be respon
sible for a 132-million dollar "tax
windfall" for the liquor Industry,
unless they give up their tax
cutting drive. -
Rep. Hale Boggs (D-La) retort
ed that Republicans were in no
position to talk about windfalls
after having opened a loophole In
the 1954 tax law which promised
"at least a one billion dollar -tax
windfall", for corporations. c
-0 EASyf:
AISO TRY SpsghMtl, SolwUltM, Macaroni1
Urn Shllll, KurU-Q-Noodl.l and laragnt.
(This advertisement appeared in The Bend Bulletin Friday, '
July 23, 1820.)
The Time Is here when prohibitive meat prices no longer
compel you to curb your consumption. We have taken the
first step towards
Our knowledge of buying; our refrigerating equipment;
our system of handling meat, from the slaughter house
to the cutting block, are the reasons why we can sell to you
at these
Unlike some in this age of profiteering, we are only too
glad to reduce our prices to you, when the cost to us Is less.
Sirloin Steak 3flc
Per Pound w
Chuck Sfeak OCe
Per Pound
Short Ribs of Beef 1 Oc
Per Pound
Beef Stew 1 Cc
Per Pound
Beef Boils 1 Cc
Per Pound
Pot Roasts Oflc
Per Pound
Veal Stew Ofc
Per Pound AW
Hamburger. 20c
Per Pound
Sausage 25c
Per Pound
These are every day prices with us starting
Oregon Sneer Bond Street
We Are Setting Our Prices Back 35 Years to the Good Old Beaver and.Cash
Marker Day! . -
Center Cut Fresh
feSTS 45' HOCKS b 19
Light & Lean Country Style
SPARE 4 ,bs
RIBS lb 43c SAUSAGE $100
Sirloin SHORT
STEAK lb 49c RBS ,b 18c
ground z:: lh ,r
BEEF ,b 25c BEEF 15c
Cushion Style
Boneless Chuck
POT STEAK lb 25e
ROASTS lb 49c
Boneless Brisket