The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, March 16, 1955, Page 6, Image 6

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    6 The Bend Bulletin, Wednesday, March 16, 1955
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-, ROAD BURNER This Is the new speedy Spyder sports car
recently shown In Turin, Italy. Its 66 horsepower, four-cylinder
engine can move the streamlined car along at 116 mph. A lid
. "covering the copilot's seat and a fin behind the driver's seat add
to the futuristic appearance.
Vodka Legalized
In Minnesota
t ST. PAUL, Minn., (UP) The
Minnesota House has decided that
Jodka drinkers may fall, but not
necessarily from the Communist
" The House yesterday passed a
Bill legalizing the sale of vodka in
he slate, despite warnings that
passage would serve as grist for
the Russian propaganda mill.
Z Largest gold-producing mine In
the United States is the Home
Jtake mine at. Lead, S. D.
The milk sherbet colors, the luxurious woven textured effects of
"CLIPPER," new rich rayon crush-resistant fabric by Lowenstein.
Easy to care for, too . . . needs no ironing! Left: Pure line, pure flat
tery! Princess poured smooth as cream.
Sizes 5-15 $12.95
Right: New slender torso look ... the skirt released in a whirl of im
pressed pleats. Worn with or without belt not shown.
Sizes 5-15 . $12.95
Both in Pink, Blue, Aqua, Lilac and Beige.
900 Wall
R. R. Announces
Dip in Income
Southern Pacific Company report
ed today its total net income
dipped slightly in 1954 to $18,702,-
811, equivalent to $5.38 a share.
The total net income for 1953 was
62,015,000, equivalent to $6.85 a
SP said its capital expenditures
totaled J63,306,57 last year, the
principal expenditures being for 98
diesel locomotive units, 1707 freight
curs, 26 streamlined passenger
care, modernization of rail facili
ties and purchases of trucking
Company President D. J. Russell
said SP's traffic volume followed
the trend of business activity in the
Far West and Southwest, a moder
ate decline in the first quarter of
1954, stability during the second
and third quarters and a "measur
able improvement" in the last
Indonesia leads the world in
coconut production; the United
Stales leads In coconut consump-tlon.
Bend Elks Name
Year's Officers
Elks at their annual election
meeting last night named Leon E
Devereaux, Jr., as. exalted ruler
for the year ahead and made plans
for installation of the new officers
on Tuesday, April 5.
Deavereaux will succeed Ken
neth C. Cale as head of the lodge
Cale will attend the 1955 grand
lodge as alternate delegate from
the Bend lodge, No. 1371.
Aside from Devereaux, other of
ficers elected by the lodgemen last
night were Homer E. Ramcy, lead
ing knight: Lloyd L. Evans, loyal
knight and Don Brandvold, lectur
ing knight.
Harry "Bud" Drew was the
choice of the lodgemen In one of
several contests on the ballot, and
William D. Grindle was the choice
for tiler.
Steve Jackson was named trus
tee in a four-man contest. This past
year, A. T. Niebergall served as
chairman of the board of trustees.
Present for the election was a
large group of lodgemen.
Officers now serving will end
their year at the end of the present
Redmond Hospital
Special to The Bulletin
REDMOND A daughter was
born Monday night to Mr. and
Mrs. Victor Livingston of route 1,
Redmond, at Central Oregon dis
trict hospital. The baby is un
named yet.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Fortenberry
of Terrebonne are parents of
girl born Tuesday at the hospital.
Her name is Debra Jean.
Stephen Dahlen, 19 months, Red
mond, was admitted Monday night,
as well as Mrs. Robert Dowse,
route 1, Terrebonne, who was dis
missed Tuesday. Two out-patients
were treated and dismissed.
Admitted Tuesday: Eleanor Urn
tuch, 9, Ethel McDowell, 3 weeks.
Sandra Heath, all Warm Springs:
James Rotz, 2'i, Sisters; Vicki
Rachor, 10, Powell Butte: Robert
Clark, star route, Redmond; Don
ald Stewart, Route 1, Redmond;
Dolores Root, 10, star route, Mad
Dismissed Tuesday: Wanda
Charles, 7, Warm Springs; Ernest
Phillips, Redmond; and from ma
ternity floor Mrs. Fritz Nance,
Madras, and son Gordon Zonie,
and Mrs. Eldon McCoin, Route 1
Redmond, and son Walter Ray.
Susan Campbell, 3j, Cloverdale,
was discharged Monday night.
A cork tree can be stripped
about once every 10 years after It
is 20 to 30 years old.
Conference Due
Next Month
More than half the people of the
world will be represented at that
big Asian-African conference to be
held in Indonesia next month.
Potentially, the conference is im
portant. It could prove to be a
major development in world poli
tics. The prime ministers of the five
so-called "Colombo powers
India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ceylon
and Burma have asked the lead
ers of 25 other Aisan and African
countries to meet with them at
Bandung in Indonesia April 18 for
a seven-day conference.
Plans for promoting "good will
and cooperation among the nations
of Asia and Africa" will be the
chief topics for discussion.
Actually, despite denials, there
seems to be no doubt that some
of the sponsors hope the confer
ence will lead to the formation of
an Asian-African bloc of nations.
This bloc would be "neutralist"
in the cold war but would oppose
what some Asian and African lead
ers call "Western imperialism"
that is, the policy of the United
States and its chief allies.
But the conference is so big that
it may merely turn into a diplo
matic talk-feast.
Communist countries, neutralist
countries, countries allied with the
West and countries which have no
ties are to attend the meeting.
There will be Christian delegations,
Moslem delegations, Hindu delega
tions, Buddhist delegations.
Red China and the Indochinese
state of North Viet Nam will rep
resent the Communist world.
The "neutralist" movement in
East Asia will be represented by
India, Indonesia and Burma.
The eight nations of the Arab
block will be there. Egypt is trying
to encourage neutralism among
the Arab countries. But Iran has
just signed an alliance with Turkey
which is allied with the West.
In addition to Turkey, countries
at the conference which are allied
with the West will be The Philip
pines, Thailand. Pakistan, Turkey,
Japan, South Viet Nam, Laos and
Cambodia. Ceylon also may be
numbered among the countries
oriented toward the West as may
Ethiopia and Liberia.
All these countries have one
thing in common they do not
like "colonialism. But their own
interests are so diverse that they
are not likely to do anything world
shaking in Bandung.
Market Scores
Wide Gains
NEW YORK (UP) Slocks
surged forward on heavy volume
today in a vigorous extension of
yesterday's recovery move, the
widest market gain in 15 years.
Best gains came in top quality
industrials with aircrafts, steels
and oils leading the way, and rails
and utilities managed gains rang
ing to a point or so.
Much of the demand, which has
restored more than three billion
dollars of the 10 billion loss suf
fered fii five sessions of heavy sell
ing, represents buying by pension
funds, mutual funds, banks and
other institutional investors, ac
cording to market commentators.
Bethlehem Steel soared nearly
3 points. Republic Steel, selling ex
dividend, gained around a point,
U.S. Steel nearly a point.
American Telephone soared al
most 2 points
General Dynamics continued to
lead the aircrafts with a rise of
around 3 points. Bendix and Boe-I
ing gained almost 2 points, Lock-1
heed more than a point and Doug-
las Aircraft nearly a point.
is every ounce
your best bourbon
buy.. .because:
the peak
i !
$4.55 -
AHEAD AND BEHIND The Southern Cross. Ireland's new 20,000-ton cruising liner, is ahead
in design and "behind" in power. That's because she's the first passenger vessel to have her funnel
and machinery located In the rear. The ship, with 1100 first-class accommodations, is shown leaving
Belfast in North Ireland, prior to a 76-oy, round-the-world cruise.
Four Teachers j
Resign Posts
Special to The Bulletin
REDMOND The resignations
of four Redmond elementary
teachers were read and accepted
by the board of school district
two at their regular meetingMon
day night.
Miss Edith Bork, elementary su
pervisor and curriculum director
for the past three years, advised
that she is retiring from the teach
ing field. Mi's. Blanche McFadden
offered her resignation with the
advice thut she wishes to travel
for a year and may apply for a
teaching position here again after
a year. She has taught in the
Redmond elementary system for
many years, and has been head
teacher at Hill school, teaching
fifth grade.
Mrs. Rosabelle Haugen, teacher
in third grade at Hill, announced
she is moving to southern Oregon,
and Miss Jean Shumway, seventh
grade teacher in John Tuck
school is planning to be married
and will not be living in this com
No action was taken to, replace
these four teachers.
The board and budget board
completed the budget for 1955-56
and passed on it Monday night.
In another action they awarded
the coal bid for next school year
to Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co.
Crew Members
Chute tQ Safety
NORTH, S.C.. (UP) - A six-jet
B47 Strutobomber crashed in
flames last midnight near here
after three crew members para
chuted to safety more than 25
miles away, the Air Force re
ported. North is about 40 miles south of
Hunter Air Force Base at Savan
nah, Ga., said the men bailed out
ut slow speed during a routine
training flight and landed safely,
but miles apart in a swamp area
near St. George, S.C.
Tha- fliers, all based at Hunter,
were listed as Capt. James M.
Watson Jr., the plane's command-
Lexington, Va.; Capt. John F.
Sabels, observer, Muskegon, Mich.
and 1st Lt. Floyd D. Doss, the
pilot, Lynchburg, Va.
An Air Force spokesman said the
big jet was traveling slow enough
for the men to bail out without
using ejection apparatus.
Sabels quickly reached a farm
house and telephoned authorities.
The Air Force said the plane
was on a routine training flight
from Hunter. The Civil Air Patrol
at Florence said in an earlier
report that the plane developed
engine trouble after refueling in
the air.
It takes the juice from three
feet of sugar cane to make
ordinary tablet of sugar.
is bottled at
of perfection! u
a man's whisky!
'' KlI
tltf- IHi H I iu. ....
T" lute..
Penny Rae Will
Live, Thanks to
'Loan' of Heart
year-old Penny Rae Raymond
looked forward today to a normal,
happy life, thanks to the "bor
rowed" heart and lungs of a
41-year-old man.
Both Penny Rae and the man
who "loaned" her his heart and
lungs, Ted Goodman, were recover
ing today from a rare operation to
close a hole in the little girl's
Dr. C. Walter Llllihei, the Uni
versity of Minnesota surgeon who
directed yesterday's delicate oper
ation, told Penny Rae's Barents
that she now has a normal heart.
Plastic tubes connected Good
man's circulatory system to Pennv
Rae's. Then Penny Rae's heart
was tied off and her lungs were
The heart and lungs of Goodman.
aided for only 11 minutes by a
mecnamcat pump, took over the
job of keeping Penny Rae alive
during the two-hour operation.
Her dark, venous blood flowed
into Goodman's body and returned
purified and fresh.
Police asked three teen-age boys
why their automobile crashed into
a house late one night. Kevin Mc
Carthy, 17, the driver, said they
were so busy discussing a high
school basketball game they had
just seen that everyone forgot
about driving.
teea tt
SUP Panties
White only, sixes 34 to 40 Pink, White, and Maize, sizes 4 to 12
$144 w
- " -nww
Acting Manager
Set at Redmond
Special to The Bulletin
REDMOND Fred Sparks will
be acting manager of Juniper Golf
club course and clubhouse, accord
ing to George MeKinnon, presi
dent of the men's association. He
will also manage the pro shop and
supervise the new sandwich bar
and coffee shop which Is currently
under construction. Sparks and
George Hofstetter, greonskeeper,
are building a 20 foot addition on
the west end of the clubhouse for
the new snack bar. It will be
glassed in to permit a view down
number one fairway and will open
into the present pro shop, MeKin
non says.
Sparks will also do some in
structing for the present. Club pro
Charles Sullivan offered his resig
nation recently to become pro at
the Ashland golf club.
The men are making repairs
around the clubhouse and getting
it ready for spring use.
A club dance and party is
planned for Saturday night, March
26, with the women's association
in charge. Both men and women
have planned other golf and social
functions to get underway about
the first of April, according to re
ports from MeKinnon and Mrs.
Jack Hartley, president of the
women's association.
study of New Hampshire's public
schools showed that more than
half of the buildings are over 50
years old.
...... ade eo?
Redmond Bethei
Holds Initiation
Speeiul la The Bulletin
REDMOND Initiated into Red
mond Bethel Job's Daughters Mon
day night were Myrna Tull, -Marilyn
Swift and Gail Parker. At the
district exemplification on Feb. 28
in Prineville Karen Schoen was ini
tiated into the Redmond group.
Plans were made Monday night
fur the district joint Job's Daugh
ters and DeMoluy dance to be held
Fridav evening. April 1 in Ked-
mond grange hall. All members of
these organizations Irom surrounu
ing communities are invited to at
tend. Ireland, Denmark and Canada
are the main exporters oi uvi-
cattle, shipping 480,000, 329,000 and
228,000 head, respectively, of world
exports of 1,900,000 head in qui.
with the passinq
someuihat slowed.
I'd rather qo bq BUS
than drive.
ioiv. when 1 qo from
between. No fuss,
No traffic rules. . . no
road-hoq qripe5.
Jusf FUN... THAT'S
'..i f mi-iriAiiivr uniirc
A 111 nor 01 AOAOunu ) nuuii.
1068 Bond Street
Phone 500
Jr. J
1012 Wall
Ph. 392-W
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