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6: The fiend Bulletin, TUrsday, March 3, 1955 ft. ! J' f).HM.rl
r; i , ri Vi - Building rermit
rrsr or nve nower onows
Starts April 25 in Redmond
Special to The Bulletin
REDMOND The first In a se
ries of five flower show schools held In Redmond April 25
20 and 27 for gardeners of the
Cascade District. Sessions will bf
in Westminster hall, from about
9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.
Mrs. L. W. Franks of Redmond
past president of Oregon Federa
tion of Garden Clubs is chairman
for the event. She reports thai
while only registered members of
garden clubs may enter the exam
inalions on completion of the five
schools, the three-day meetings
are open to all adults Interested
in learning how and what to
plant In Central Oregon, how to
display horticulture and beautify
our communities, and how to ar
range flowers and hold flower
The three day school here in
April will concentrate on bulbs and
spring flowers, Mrs. Franks
states. Successive schools will be
held in the fall, again in the
spring and fall of 1956, with a con
cluding course of instruction in the
spring of 1957. The periods of rime
between these schools will provide
opportunity for the students to
raise the prescribed plants and
shrubs and practice arrangements.
The schools will follow all regula
tions of the National Council of
State Garden Clubs and will be
duly accredited by this council
Kidney Slow-Do wn
May Bring
Restless Nights
When aldner function stows down, man?
folks complain of nagging backache, head
achei, dlstlness arid lota of pep and energy.
Don't suffer restless nights with these dls.
comforts if reduced kidney function is get
ting you down due to such common causes
' an stress aod atraln, over-axertlon or ettpo
,L gure to cold. Minor bladder irritations due
to cold or wrong diet may cause getting up
nights or frequent passages.
Don't neglect your kidneys if these eondl
- tlons bother you. Try Doan's Pilts-a mild diuretic-.
It'a .mating how many times Doan's
Elv. happy relief from these discomforts
elp the 16 miles of kidney tubes and Alters
flush out waste. Ask for new. larae. economy
aise and save money. Get Dtn'e Puis todayl Myrlc of Bend.
The Oregon Federation is spon
soring (lie schools, and accredited
judges and arrangers will be
unong thcinstructors.
Mrs. Franks, accredited in judg
ing and arranging, will instruct in
lower show practice at this first
tchool. Flower arrangement will
je taught by Mis. Milton Winter
it Portland, and Deschutes coun
y agent, Gene Lear, is scheduled
o leach the horticultural portion
if Hie classes. Succeeding schools
will cover olher plants and other
Mrs. Franks advises it will be
necessary for those wishing to
lake the final examinations to en
roll fur all five schools, in suc
cessive order. A nominal fee of
$3.50 for the three days in April
will be charged garden club mem
bers. Non-members, men and wom
en alike, will also be charged a
fee for attending. Any adult in
the area is welcome to participate.
It is suggested that garden club
members have their textbooks in
advance. These are the regular
handbook, Mrs. Franks states, and
arc available from the Cascade
District book chairman, Mrs. Mar
vin F.aton at 627 Ochoeo Drive,
Prineville. The cost is $2.50. Pos
session of a handbook will elimi
nate the need for taking extensive
Considerable detailed planning
is going into this school, Mrs.
Frank says. It will be the first of
its kind in Central Oregon and
provides an opportunity for gar
den clubbers to qualify for judges
and arrangers, and for everyone
to learn the best gardening prac
tices and thus afford enjoyment
and community beautification.
Funeral services for Nathan
Tucker Murry, 89, late of 429
Staats street, will be held Friday
at 11 a.m. at the Niswonger-WIn-slow
chapel. Mr. Murry was a na
tive of Missouri, and had been a
Bend resident 32 years. He is sur
vived by his wife,, Charlotte, and
three sons, James of Santa Bar
bara, II. T. (Jeff) of Madras and
Activity Brisk
Building permits secured last
month from the Bend city recorder
authorized, more construction than
undertaken in any month ' since
June 1954, Recorder Mrs. Julia S.
Johnson reported this morning.
Twenty-one permits were taken
out during the month covering con
struction estimated at S7C9C5. Last
June permits for approximately
fl64,0U0 were granted at city hull
An upswing in the construction
of new homes was noted for the
month with five permits for homes
secured. This is the largest num
ber of permits secured for such
construction since July of last
In January no permits were tak
en out for new homes. Total cost
of the five homes planned for con
struction In February has been
estimated at J-b.OOO, city hall rec
ords show.
Largest permit taken out last
month went to .E. B. Hogan for
the construction of eight motel
units at 448 Franklin. Cost has,
been figured at Jl 3,000.
Alteration and remodeling of
buildings accounts for the remain
der of the construction set in Feb
ruary. Nine permits were granted
by the recorder for alterations to
homes for an estimated total of
The 176,965 figure for last month
tons by more than J30.000 the Jan
uary figure. Total estimated for
January was $45,467 on 12 permits.
Most of the planned homes
cleared for construction through
the city hall last month ranged in
the $8,000 to $9,000 bracket. One
permit was for a $12,000 home.
pharmacists of ancient Egypt sold
a Ionic brewed from figs, plums,
grapes, wine, beer, yeast and
goose grease. Except for the goose
grease, it would still make a po
tent tonic today. But the Egypti
ans didn't drink it, according to
a local pharmaceutical manufac
turer (the Amer Co.). They rubbed
it bn their foreheads.
mm 0
FLORAL TRIBUTE Different kinds of flowers adorn each of
new series of Belgian stamps. The floral tribute honors the Ghent
Flower Exhibition, to be held April 23 to May 1.
Redmond Hospital
Special to The Bulletin
REDMOND Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Smith of Redmond are par
ents of a baby girl, born Tuesday
night at Central Oregon district
A baby daughter born Wednes
day at the hospital to Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Hodge of Redmond
has been named Louisa Jean.
Another Wednesday arrival was
the daughter born at the hospital
to Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Bertsch of
Mrs. Mabel Herringshaw, Mad
ras, was admitted Tuesday night,
and .one out-patient was treated.
Other Wednesday entrants are:
Mrs. Harold Holmes, Redmond;
Mrs. George Raymond, Bend; E.
L. Be.-zstralh, Pondosa, Calif. One
out-patient was treated.
Dismissed Tuesday: Donald
Henderson, Mrs. Carroll White and
Janet Charity, 4, Route 1, all
Madras; Mrs. Jean Lucas, Route
3, Bend.
Discharged Wednesday: Ray
Campbell, 3 weeks, Route 1, Mad
ras; Mrs. Merrill Sutton, Route 1,
Redmond; Jacquelyn Thompson,
14, Prineville; Herbert Steven
Chubb, 5, Antelope; and Janice
Walnanwit, 11, Lester Tanewasha,
14, David Switzler, 6, Wianina Polk
and Janice Smith, 8, all Warm
' '''''''''''' ' ' ' ' ''''' '' '
LjapjJI Cuick production hits neur highs
' LLl3i 0 handle the orders pouring in t
GOOD thing the Buick factories stepped up pro
duction of the 1955 cars when they did
because customer orders are touring in.
It seems that just about everybody wants a 1955
Buick the "hot" car that's getting hotter by
the hour.
So hot, in fact, that it's topping the huge popularity
which moved Buick into the "Big Three" of the nation 's
test sellers last year.
Know why? Plenty reasons.
Bold new styling, of course. And brilliant new V8
power. And room and comfort and luxury interiors
and an even finer, softer, steadier ride.
But the big reason is a new magic from the field of
aviation Variuble Pitch Uynoflow.
Twenty propellers inside this wondrous automatic
drive do what the modern airplane propeller does
they switch their pilch.
One way, you get a lot more miles per giillon in
normal driving and cruising.
You switch the pitch lo another angle just by press
ing down on the gus pedal and you get a new kind
of instantaneous response for getaway or safety -surgt
accelerating power.
It's an experience you've never had before in an
earth-bound vehicle and it's thrilling beyond
So you can see why we're writing up orders and
selling Uuicks at a record rate.
And you can see more of the reason why when
you look into the low pricing schedule tht.. makes
Buick the buy of the year, bunds down.
Buick Salet Art Soaring t
Proof? Buick is outselling all other cars in America
except two of the best-known ones in the smaller-car
field. And for two good reasons: (1) popular prices
low enough for any new-car buyer to reach; and (2) a
line of cars to fit any budget, from the low-priced
Si'SCIAl., to the high-powered Centvr Y, to the extra
spacious Super, to the custom-built Roadmaster.
Come in and check things for yourself. Once you
do and press that gas pedal we believe you won't
be happy till you're bossing your very own Buick.
Vrfu Driu ii iljnjjrj un Koimdilir, opliuiul aV mJU nut
en othtr Sri4.
Thrill of the year is Buick
-See the Buicl'Berle Shew AHa,ni. Tu,do. fke.lnol
"Drive from
factory. Save up
to tfjggoo
See Your
BUICK Dealer
Bend (Garage Co. Dddc.
Session Held
By Ladies Aid
Hitchcock was hostess for the
members of the Grange Hall La
dies Aid at their regular meeting
held last Thursday afternoon. Fif
teen ladies were In attendance and
will meet with Mrs. Hooper Dyer
for their next meeting to be on
March 10. Mrs. Mary Burrell was
a guest at the meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. William Milton
and family and Mr. and Mrs.
John LeDahl of Vancouver, Wash.,
were weekend visitors at the Frank
MeConnell home. Mrs. Milton is
Mrs. McConnell's granddaughter
and Mrs. LeDahl her daughter.
Mr. and Mra. Walter Smead and
family returned Sunday from a
short vacation trip to Tillamook
where they visited with friends
and relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wayne's home
narrowly escaped a serious fire
last Wednesday when their chim
ney caught fire. However, no dam
age was done.
Mrs. Marie Erickson entertained
group of friends in honor of
Mrs. Frank MeConnell last Wed
nesday afternoon. Those present
were Mrs. Julius Steen, Mrs. Eliz
abeth Walters, and Mrs. Marion
Dubuis. They presented Mrs. Me
Connell with a scarf for her kind
ness in taking them to various
meetings in the country. They
completed the Grange Hall Ladies
Aid quilt during the afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Cyrus and
family of Salem spent the weekend
visiting with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Carson Call. Other guests at
the Call home over the weekend
were Mr. and Mrs. J. F. lloofset.
Mr. and Mrs. John Clement and
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Lent?, and
son, Joe.
At a meeting of the Horseridge
telephone company last Sunday
evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Adolph Williams, Pete Klo
bas was elected director of the
group and Mrs. Rodney Rosebrobk
reelected secfetary. It was decid
ed to keep the company in good
standing and that those on the 37F
line would be connected to the 9
line when the others are connec
ted with the city line. Present
at the meeting were Mr. and Mi's.
C. A. Burton, , Dan Rastovich,
George Bradelich, Pete Klobas,
Ed McGrcer, and Mrs. Rodney
Rosebrook. There will be another
meeting in July to see what will
be done with the company's assets
at that time.
Mrs. Nolan Turner returned
from San Francisco on Sunday aft
er taking her motner, .Mrs.
Charles Swendig to that part of
California to visit another daugh
ter. Mi's. Turner visited her son.
Norman, who is with the Air Force
stationed at Camp Roberts. It was
incorrectly stated in this column
last week that he was in the Navy
at San Diego.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Stowe and
son. David, are staying wun ner
Darents. Mr. and Mrs C. A. Bur-
meister for a time. They returned
last Sunday from Los Angeles
where they have made their home
but came to Central Oregon for
their baby's health. Little David
was ill in the St. Charles Memo
rial hospital for several days but
is now much improved in health.
Stowe is employed in Bend.
Wall over a hundred people at
tended the Eastern Star Grange
meet i IK held last Saturday eve
ning. Tins was the visitation pro
gram with grangers from Little
Desiir'.tes grange presenting the
program and the local grange put.
ting on the floor work.
right - handed pitcher Red Adams
has agreed to terms after first
balking at his contract, the Port
land Beaver baseball club said today.
i igjri wmiuiv
EaaM jTor J t oo J
Use of Federal Funds Due
In County Road Improvement
Federal aid funds will be used county for road work total $139.
to pave the more than 16 miles
of Deschutes county roads sched
uled for Improvement this year.
Roadmaster George H. McAllister
said today.
County crews will level ard
grade the roads, hut contracts will
be let for paving, he said.
Amount of road construction
planned this year is about the
same as last, the roadmaster in
dicated. He said cost should run
about equal to last year when e.p
oroximately $32.1,000 was spent for
road improvement.
Federal funds. McAllister and
County Judge C L. Allen said,
would he used to pay for paving.
i be done under contract by nrl
vnt construction firms. The con-
r-ctr, will be let through the
slite department of highways.
Planned for imnrovempnt this
vear is aDproximately 9.i miles'
alone primarily secondary thor
oughfares linking maior paved
highways, McAllister said.
Largest project for the year
will be the improvement and pave
ment of 8.2 miles of road in the
Plainview-Cloverdale area north of
Two proiecls. one for 6.3 miles.
he other for 1 .8 miles, are planned
'or farm areas east and south of
Federal funds available to the
000, including $11,000 left over
from projects undertaken last
Vear, Allen reported.
The federal government actual
ly only contributes 00 ner cent of
the fund, Allen S"il. The remain
der is divided between the state
inl ihe county.
Construction work was begun on
1he road near Clovcrdale unil on
one east of Redmond, the ro;iil-
masler said.
Work has been somewhat hamp
ered, he said, by excessive dust.
Jjick of winter rain and snow hns
left the ground unpacked and
dusty, McAllister said.
.1. E. Jafe made a delivery of
heating oil to a customer who
wasn't at home. Jaffe left a note
telling the customer where to send
Ihe check. The envelope contain
ing the check was addressed ex
actly as his message had said:
"P. O. box 'B2 and oblige."
Ambrose, New York harbor's
main channel, is dredged to a
deplh of 'i feet and a width of
2.000 feet. Off "Luxury Liner Row"
at midtown Manhattan, where the
largest ships dock, a 48-foot depth
is maintained. A few extra feet of
water under keels allow
LINCOLN, Neb. (UP) Lay
ing hens adapt themselves to
changes in temperature, accord
ing to poultry specialists. If it gets
too cold, they quit producing eggs.
The specialists suggest raisers
build hen houses at an east-west
angle to give the layers sun and
protection against northerly
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f n --5 . . with Lanolin
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cream ponotratos Instantly, smooths away roughness, protects against
work and weather, lasts longer, too, because it's concentrated. Use regu
larly for velvety hand beauty. Alio . . . toothing treat for calloused
loot. Slock up now and save I
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