The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, November 19, 1921, Page 2, Image 2

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(By taura Gntrhcll, Phono 147-M.)
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One of the most Interesting an
nouncements of the fall season In so
cial and musical circles of Bend, Is
that of the joint concert to be given
by Susie Kennell Pipes, Portland vio
linists and Henriette Michuclson,
Russian pianist, under the auspices
of the Civic clib at the American
Legion building, the evening of De
cember 9.
Mrs. Pines Is one of the best known
violinists of the Northwest and hns
had the distinction of playing with
"a number of celebrated pianists of
the day. For tbe past six years or
more, she has consistently maintain
ed a high musical standard in her
work with the Pipes-Konrad-Hutch-inson
trio of chamber music players.
Her concerts each year are consider
ed the most Interesting events of the
Portland musical season. She and
Miss Michnelson have just complet
ed a series of three concerts at the
Little Theatre In Portland, devoted '
to the music of Bach, Beethoven and
Brahms, which were enthusiastical
ly acclaimed by the press and by
music lovers of that city. The two ar
tists won especial comment for their
unusually delightful and artistic
work together.
Miss Michaelson, although new to
the west, comes with' a musical back
ground established through study
and successful concertizing in Eur
opean capitals. She Is a meister
schule graduate of the Vienna con
servatory of music; has studied a
year with Harold Bauer In Paris,
with Tobias Mathay in London and
for a number of years has been on
the faculty of the Damrosch Institute
of Musical Art In New York City.
She was in London- giving concerts
when interrupted by the war. She
bas played for Paderewski and' an
entire .summer with Albert Spauld
ing. Tbe program of these artists in
Bend will consist of an ensemble
number, also several groups of solo
numbers for each. Their work to
gether will be the Shuett suite. Mrs.
Pipes will do the Yieux Temps con
certo and a group of small, exquis
iste numbers as her solos. Miss Mich
aelson will do a Chopin group, also
a Mendelsohn-Litzt number and
Schubert's Marche Militaire for
The Emblem club entertained on
Wednesday evening with a musicale
held at their club home on Broadway
avenue. Seventy members of the
club and a few invited guests were
received by the acting hostesses, Mrs.
Frank Prince, chairman of the mus
ic committee, and Mrs. Clark Rhodes
and spent the evening in the enjoy
ment of music and social pleasure of
dancing which followed the program
The auditorium was attractively
decorated with hanging baskets fill
ed with autumn foliage which the
Improvised stage presented a draw
ing room scene and heightened the
charm of personal relationship be
tween the musicians and andience.
Of special interest on the program
was tbe singing of "My Heart at Thy
Sweet Voice" from the opera "Sam
Eon and Delilah" by Saint Saens,
sung by Mrs. R. S. Hamilton, tbe
piano solo "The Salute A Perth"
Kowalski played by Mrs. M. H. Hor
ton, and the violin solos "Souvenir"
by Dradla and "Moonlight on the La
goon" played by James FiBher.
Mrs. K. B. Weil played two piano
solos with charming effect while Mr.
Weil was heard In the tenor solos
"Macushla" and if you'll Re
member Me" which were well suited
to the high lyric quality of his voice.
Miss Margaret Thompson pleased the
audience with a group of songs while
appreciative applause followed tbe
appearance of Miss. Virginia Stewart
who sang a group of songs by Oley
Speaks. Baritone solos by Dr. L. W.
Gatcbell formed the needed contrast
of tone to complete the program as
. a harmonious whole. .-. -
Tbe complete program follows:
Piano solo a, "Arabesque,"
(Chaminade); b, "Nola," (Spllx.
Arudt), Mrs. K. B. Weil.
Sopruno solo a, "The Lark Now
Leaves His Wat'ry Neat," (Horatio
Parker) ;b, "The Moou Drops Low,"
(Cadman), Miss Murgnret Thompson.
Baritone solo a, "Invlctus,"
(Bruno Huhn); b, "Banjo Song."
(Sidney. Homer), Dr. Oatchell.
Sopruno solo n, "My Hourt at Thy
Sweet Voice," (opera, Sampson and
Delilah, Suiut Sac us); b- "Whan
Love is Kind." (Old English), Mrs.
R. S. Hamilton. -
Piano boIo "Salute A rerth,"
(Kowalski), Mrs. M. H. Horton.
Tenor solo a, "Macushla," (Muc
Murrough): b, "If You'll Remember
Me," (Ernest Ball), Mr. K. B. Weil.
Violin solo "Souvenir," (Drad
la); "Moonlight on the Lagoon,"
(Friml), Mr. James Fisher.
Soprano solo a, "Morning,"
(pley Speaks): b, "Her Dream,"
Miss Virginia Stewart.-
Plans are progressing for a Sacred
concert to be given by the Episcopal
choir at the Liberty Theatre on the
evening of December 22. Supplement
ing the musical program whicb will
Include a number of anthems, duets
and solos. A film appropriate to the
occasion will be shown.
Much Interest is being manifested
In the Sacred concert to be given at
the Methodist church tomorrow eve
ning at eight o'clock by the com
bined choirs of the Methodist and
Episcopal choirs. Of special interest
will be the singing of "The Feetival
Te Deura" by Dudley Buck sung by
the Episcopal choir and the quartet
number "Behold What Love" sung
by the male quartet of the Methodist
The Bend Study. club was pleasant
ly entertained on Monday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. W. D. Barnes.
Numbers on the regular program in
cluded "The Biography cf Thoreau"
and readings from "Walden Pond"
and "The Fisher Boy" by Mrs.
Charles W. Hayes. The biography of
Edgar Allen Poe and the reading of
the poem "Annabelle Lee," were en
joyed. At 4:30 o'clock dainty re
freshments were served.
The Civic league reception to the
new officers and new members which
was to have been held at Epworth
hall on Tuesday of next week has
beeu postponed until the Tuesday
following Thanksgiving.
The Shrine club of Central Oregon
will be entertained during the
Thanksgiving holidays with a ball at
the Masonic club rooms in Redmond.
The guild of the Episcopal church
was pleasantly entertained yesterday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. Ed
ward Larson. The hours were spent
with needlework and at the usual
hour refreshments were served. The
society will meet aga'n on Tuesday
at the home of the president, Mrs.
Horace Richards where an entire day
will be spent in sewing.
. Those present wera Arluln Peoples,
Charlotte Qagun, Doris Coombs, Alice
Coo, Knthloen Duffy, Margarut and
Juan Goodman, Charlotte Itedflcld.
Roberta Dennett, Francis lleuulluu.
Margaret Allen, Douglas Ward.
Woodson lleimutt, David House, Nor
man Speck, HoHlna Forrest, and
Alice Speck.
, .
Following the regular meeting of
the Masonic order on Wednesday eve
ning during which two new members
wore received Into the order, a ban
quet was served In the (tilting hull
of the club rooms. '
The Einera club of the Eastern
Star entertained laH evening in hon
or of the husbands of Its members.
Mrs. F. K. Studebaker, Mrs. J. D.
Davidson. Mrs. D. G, Mcl'horson, and
Mrs. C. K. Norcntt were the hostesses
of the evening and dancing and cards
were the diversions enjoyed. At the
usual hour refreshments wore ser
ved. This social evont Is to be fol
lowed by a Tories of evening parlies
at which tho gentlemen will he the
honor guests.
The Altar society of the Catholic
church held an oujoyablo curd party
on Thursday afternoon at tho K. C.
club room on Wull street. Mrs. E. F.
Walker, Mrs. Coot-go Sites, and Mrs.
George Itoyman receiving as hos
tesses. Prizes were won by Mrs. E. F.
Logan and Mrs. Gordan Meagher and
a delicious luncheon served.
The Einera club will entertain
next Saturday nftornoon with a card
party at the Masonic club rooms.
Mrs. R. D. Miles and Mrs. J. D.
Miner will. act as hostesses.
will bo rondured. The pastor will de
liver a short sermon on Thanksgiv
ing. Every ono is most cordially in
vited to this service.
, The pastor will preach at the reg
ular morning service beginning lit
ll:0i) u. 111. Mrs, llurvuy .MeKemle
will sing a solo and the mule quartet
will render a special number lit this
Sunday school begins promptly at
9:(3. The attendance Inst Sunday
was 220. Ho on band in the morning.
Epworth league at 0:30. Choir
Dr. H. C. Hnrtranft will preach lit
the Adventist church Sunday evening
at 7:30 o'clock on tho subject, "The
Next World Empire," In which he
will give a study of the past world
empires and a prophesy of the next
and final world empire according to
the second chapter of Daniel. The
public is cordially invited to be pres
ent. An announcement will be made
at this service regarding definite
steps for a permanent church organ
ization, of which Dr. Hnrtram"'. has
consented to be pastor, which will
worship in the vacant chyrch build
ing on Slsemore street formerly used
by the First Methodist congregation.
An early date will bo announced by
the committee In charge on which
said organization will be perfected
and named.
Robert Myles. W. A. Harris. J. W.
Collette, committee.
Mrs. Ralph
Montana, is a
Leary home.
Wickham of Troy,
guest at the A. R
The Pythian Sisters entertained on
Wednesday evening with a dancing
party at Sathers hall.
The seventh birthday anniversary
of little Miss Alice Speck, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Speck was
the occasion of a delightful chil
dren's party yesterday afternoon.
The hours were spent in playing
games and In singing the many new
songs learned at .school. In the late
afternoon thd small hostess invited
her guests into the dining room
where the 16 children present were
seated about a long table where a
huge birthday cake surrounded with
seven large pink' candles in crystal
candle sticks was the center of at
traction' and Ice cream and cake were
Gym Shoes and Suits
J A . .
The congregation of the Presbyter
ian church has accepted an Invitation
from the Baptist congregation to
worship with them Sunday morning
at their regular services, and in the
evening will unite with the Method
ists at their Thanksgiving musicale.
Sunday school 10 a. m. Junior and
senior Christian Endeavors' meet nt
6:30 p. m.
The executive committee of the
Presbytery of Pendloton hereby calls
a meeting of the congregation of the
Bend Presbyterian church for Tues
day evening, November 22, at 8:00
o'clock at the church for the purpose
of attending to any and all business
that may come. before It. The meet
ing is called at the request of J. M.
Cornellson, chairman.
The session of the Bond Presby
terian church desires all members
of tbe congregation and those who
have within the past year been mem
bers of same to be present at this
Important meeting.
Sunday school, with adult Bible
class, 10 a. m. The 11:00 o'clock
morning service will be In Norwegian
The evening service will be In
charge of the young people's society.
A good program is promised by the
program committee and after the
program refreshments. All young
people from eight to eighty years old
are invited. This program will be
conducted in the English language
and starts promptly at 7:30 o'clock
muscles -Wmi
Function in & f,W'S W
lyf. The greatest per
'M centime of eye- nltllc
fA lions is caused by the
sluggishness ot the muscles. They
either become strulunil
through ubuso or
weakened by neglect.
In either case we cun
determine the cuuso
and supply you with
tho glasses that will
remedy the trouble.
Flint Baptist Church
Unified plan. Sunday school at
9:45. Sermon "Living Epistles" at
11 o'clock. The Presbyterian church
is to unite with us in this service.
B. Y. P. U. group threo In charge,
with Miss Ruby Dodson leader at
6:30. Evening worship and sermon
"Proper Adoring," at 7:30. Prayer
mretini? Wednesday evening nt. 7:30
The public will find a cordial wel
come at all times. Come.
The first musical Sunday evening
service of the season will be given
by the combined Episcopal and Meth
odist choirs In Epworth hall tomor
row evening beginning at 7:30
o'clock. A splendid program of solos,
duets, quartets and chorus numbers
practice Tuesday evening at 8:00
o'clock In Epworth bull, MId-wuuk
service, which will bo muds a spa
clul Thanksgiving service, Thursday
evening ut 7:30 o'clock.
Epwoi-th liu'l Is warm, cheerful,
comfortable unci you will find a cor
dial welcome ut nil 'services.
J. K I HI A It l'l'KDY, pastor.
Chi'iNlliin Helcni-i.
Services Sunday 11 11, in. Wednes
day H p. in., I H Bond street.
Christian Kclouco rending room,
room 0 Deschutes Investment Co.
building, open
9 a. 111. U 9 p, 111,
Will Include lunch 11 nil dinner
each nt 60 cents, until further no
tice. . IIIUlfH
Has 8 -mo neactlon Always.
A llieritiiMinilc metal Invented In
Gmtt Britain Is en Id always to have
the "nine reaction In 11 strip of given
Ipnglli nnil IhlckncMS for a given tern,
pnaturu change,
Pill It In Tho Bulletin.
A New Place to Get
A Real Breakfast
Beginning Thursday, Nov. 1 7th,
we will serve breakfast from 7 to.9:30 a. m.
Breakfast Menu
Buttered Tout
Boiled Eijil.
Coffee with crtim
Hot Ckc Certele
Freeh Fruit in See-on
Milk Toait Cream Toeet
Poached Efg on Tout
Umn or T..
Childers & Armstrong
In the New Location on Well Street
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