The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, November 07, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

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Oregon Trunk
Arrive, 7:35 A. M.
Leave 7:S0 I'. M.
O..W. It. A N.
Arrive. 6:110 t'. M.
l.cuvcs, 7:00 A. M.
Ci.iirti' V. Hnher of I I'ltin I
HOW employed III lll'llll.
Alviu Kleiiulh relumed IliU linn r -'
IhK friiiM a week imiiI ( it In WiihIiIhk
Mi. (JiMirK" I'r.rUlns retiutied IIiIh
liioriiliiK (rum a Vint! Id Viiiirniiver.
I'nlc Hlnllll (if Kliulillio In lli-ril
yesterday vlnliliiii i.l t!i lunim of it.
M. Kmlth.
Chlll'lc 1 1 1 1 K I I II f I'l'llH Villi',
prominent slurkniiiu, Ih In IW-iiil to
day on tiutii:-.
a. i.,cr. ..iiii.ii.- .iir-rtorifOM-'KCTlONKIlS TO
fur tlm II. A. A. f.
spent III" k '
'in! In I i 1 1 u 1 1 I
F. f". Flh ninl noii spent ye.terdny
flnhliiK si Kit luke. 'liny raiiKlH u
number of l.irK't trout.
J. ('. Ili-rlicii of IIIIUIioiu U In
lll'llll vliiltllig Willi III duughlera. II"
will return tomorrow.
W. J. Muhr. reprepentntlvr of a
I'urtlund Knlvaiilii'il Iron pipe miiuii-fai-turlng
compniiy. U In lli'iul to
day. Douglas Mullurky, editor of Ilia
Itedmond Kpoke.mun, arrived In
Head till tniirtiliiK in serve as a Jury
man durlim the circuit court term.
Members of the Huushlne club will
meet Wedncdy. November nl the
home of Mr. II. II. lie Armoiid on
Greenwood avenue, ll will bn n til
B day meeting.
A. I.. Han leave ilila evening for
California. After visiting relative In
Berkeley be will go to I. on Angelc
to lake position with ('. H. It I.
pnvliiK contractor.
A wcoinl inJo)fiiblr Hutiduy f I r -noon
i-t)t by Aim-rlrun l.cnlon
nu'mbcr l Ihi- clnh room yrt-r-duy.
A fint bj.ctiull Riimr m pluy
rd. nil rrfrmhmoiit were wrred.
C. J. Ilt-ibum mid fumlly will
cure Wrdneaday monilliK to tnnkn
their homo In 8uiuivllle. Cal. Mr.
lieiburK I a lumber frailer, mid had
two children In the hlKh achool here.
J. T. I'bu,iiIII. public acroiintonl
for A. J. Tourlellolle and Co. of Port
land, arrived In llend ihla niornliiK
a a wltneaa In the xrand Jury hcar
Iiik of the ce of A. K. Allderaon.
who la rhurxed with larceny.
Jay I'pton of Prlnevllle. nrlKlnntur
of the fumoua 'InvUlble hand"
phraae current iliirlhK the lat .
alon of the li'Xlatature. la In lleinl
, today for the opening; of the Hi cult
court term. .Mr, t plon an-onpuiili d
Secretary I.. Antle of t!ie llei.d
foinmercliil clui) lift yc'Hterdny for
Portland to attend a conference of
aecreturlea of commercial omalilia
tion culled In connection with the
Pacific International l.lveatork expo-
Aumut A. Anderaon la In Knlem
Bttendlnn a meet Inn at county aaaea
aor colled by the atate tax commu
nion. Announcement of th atHte tax
and piiKalblo channe III the county
ratloa of aaaeaaed valuation to act-
mil value. I expected to be made
' followlnR the conference.
Pilot lliittp Inn B. W. .Muntgom
pry. II. P. Muller, J. T. Pnaniilll.
Vernon Moore, llottdlnot Heelny, Mr.
nnd Mr. (I. F. Illoomfleld, 8. Mc
Mullln, (I. W. M hr. A. II. Cole,
Portland; I). I.. Itoaenfeld, A. F. Saw
yer. 8nn Frnnclaco; Juy I'pton nnd
wlfo, Donald M. Ornhnm, Prlnevlll;
Mr. and Mr. E. D. Ilomtnel, Leban
on; F.dith Workninn. War in Bpring;
K. II. Kvnn. Culver: J. C. Ileclien,
Hf HlllBboro; T. M. Kerr, D. C; Hny
Fuller, The Dnlle.
Hot4'l Cory John L. Caldwell and
family, Hum; O. W. Conrnd and
wlfo, Prlnovlllo; M. V. Nolaon, Hed
monil. Wrlnlit. Hol4l j. A. Oreen, Idnlio
Falls; J. O. Iliiffmnn, I.a Pino;
(liiorgo A. Ilrndnn, (loldontlnlo; N. J.
Orny, Sotlu KprlnRH; II. I. WIlHon,
Mm. Wood nnd dntiRhler, Portlnnd;
John lliilleti, flpoknno.
INiwnlnK Hotel John D. Skool,
MrB, Wood nnd dnuRlitnr, lien J. Hln
dormnn, Portlnnd ; O. A. Johnson, P.
W. I.eo, Vnncouvnr; Itny W. Bpragtio,
P. n. Uolioiiy nnd wlfo, HormlHton;
Proslon llrolbm-B, North llend; 8. W.
Illchards, Wlllnmolto; John M. Mur
Phy, Talslor.
Dnllotln "Want Ads" bring re
sult. Try them.
AVOID ir tiiiwry (if racking p.iin.
Il.ivti n liulllu il Muni' I ini
mini lm inly iiIkI npply when
Jim find li i l ihr in lie nr p.iin,
ll iiiii kly nw'i llir miii iiml send
n lirling of w.irinlli !iiimh;Ii tlm
in liinc irl , .Shan't Liniment icnelraict
V'tlhuul ruhlitti.
I me, lno, lur rhctim.'ili.m, nrtir.-ili.-i,
ft'i.itit.i, fcjir.iin iifil Mi.iiti. titill joint,
luinc Ii.ii Ic aii'i muu iiiiiv lc.
I or luriy yius turn's enemy. Anlc
your n"ii;hl:ir.
At nil iIiiikkU) 35c, 70c, $1.40.
I 4VI rvgW f Pafn'sl
OUajr Your CMnplvln nf plmtil.
tin mtui uihtrr (iw-inI iif itruramMiril.
I'm frvfly r. iUmm'm Krwur0iiU
nnt. 1 fr prnm, i titny kkm.
fifj uthnr Mklli irmiUlra. UUm VI Iff.
IJltrHKHl't l- wfttlly lU'UMMltel,
Eczema Ointment
MmvIiik V C!illtl'!-M & AriimtnniK.
rnufi'cHdiit'th, :ipi tiiidrr uy ti.d.iy,
;Ih'lr I'-.!iiIj .I.iih-iiI rhlillKlHK I'm
lutlo'i tram I ti O'Kun IimIIiIIiik
jvtli'i It (iiih Im-cii fur th 1uh( llv
tuiM, In tli ruoniit tn th Wurin'f
hulldiiiK on Wull Htrt rcrrnlly vu-
rut fit Ly Dim (Juhl.Ti Itulo Hton.
I'miirli'turH uf lt More l' Ihut
ttii fhuiiKu run 1m rnmplrtMil uiu)
1 1; iilur ready fur hunim-n by nrxl
WORK (;alnin(. at
Morn unmlalakablo evidence of
better bllalllea III llend WUK Riven
today when ('. J. Pugan of the llend
Iron Work atated that enough work
' I on hand to neceaaltate caatlng
thr-e time a week at the foundry.
I One a week ha been the ruin for
;the pout year. Ilecauae of the ad
jdltloiial work to be bandied, Diignn
ha aent tn Portland for a molder
to be employed at the plant.
j In the preaence of a Ibiro crowd
of friend and patron Mr. N. P.
! Smith, Mr. (JeorRe P. Gove, and Mr.
II. Ferrell were dfctared to be In,
olden! cuatoiner III point of patron
age of the Mannhelmer atore, and re
ceived a prlxe of $5 each Saturday.
i The li UK" birthday cake marking the
annlveranry of the opening of the ea
1 1 ii li 1 1 iti iii- ii I In llend, ti rut by
Mayor K. 1. Cllaon and dUlrlbuted.
I Harry Hilngold, v.ho ha con-
ducted ineu'a furnlahlng atorn In
I llend for nix yearn, I now In Ited
moud cloHlnii out the tock which he
i has bad there In pnrtnemhip w ith
; K. Pearl, who la now In llend con
1 ducting I lie Colcli'ii Kale atore here.
Iteltigold will leave for Port land In
January, dlaxolvlng partnerahlp with
Pearl. Ill Buhaeueut plana have
not been announced.
Obttructrd Villon.
An old merchant who renlded III Ire
land lu:d n gliif eye. which It una bU
rtiMoiu to take out nnd dcpoalt In n
tuiiibler of wnter each night before
n tlrlng. lie awoke one morning very
tlilraty, liming on the previous night
drank not wlaely but too well, and by
mlatake drank from the tumbler which
contained hU iii'tllli'lul optic, thereby
wnlbmiiig ainne.
Ilia wife, fully nrouaed nnd gn-iitly
nliiruied nt tin- semi choking condition
of her apiiuse, culled to the vnlet, who
nns li n IrUhmnn, to render assist
ance. Pat bnvlng promptly arrived, wn
reipiested tn look down bis master's
thront to see what cniiaed the nlmt ruc
tion. Proceeding to Investigate be
saw the eye In question lodged some
distance down the pnxaiige. Meantime
the anxious wife naked:
"Can't you ec down, Pnt?"
"I low can I aee down and nnothr-r
fellow looking upT" London Answers.
Whin the "Llttl Woman" Played.
Wlrit American girl or woman hn
not laughed or wept with the Meg,
Jo, Iteih nnd Amy of I.oulsn Alcott's
dellgiiirul story, In thu home of the
nuthoivKs at Conconl, Mnss., the attic In
pni'tletilnr n-culls the Jolly good times
of the jttlo Women." As we mount
the still. s, w enn hear In Imaglniitlnn
the sound of laughter ns the four
girls discussed plnns nr plays, for this
wns their favorite gathering place,
nnd It recall tunny a delightful In
cldunt In their Uvea,
Helium Atoms From Radium.
A grnm of radium continuously
ends off helium atoms, - known as
"alpha particles," at the rate of
000 billion a second, traveling at a
peed nf 12,000 miles a second.
I ITinflTIIlTn'mT nrrTrn mrrr rm rr TTjFrn UnriTinTITlTniTiMn
V '
Thin in a new motor car which Mcrr Kuniplcr, a German scitn
tiTir inventor, lun jimt produced. Kumplcr tiKik nt his plan the hape
of a hilling iiaindrop and his car ha the k-at rcjistance oi any in
d.i- ikc. 'Mm effect i helped by the triad guard, which are placed
a to rcMinblc rudimentary wing. The car has only a 10 home
power motor, but liecaue ol its reduced resistance it can make 75
unlit an hour. Of course the cost of it is low. which is a prune con
t.duation Willi llic Germans at prcscuU
Ancltntl Bsllcved to Hav Thought
f Its Possibilities Unfortunate
French Inventor.
It Is written that the elder Hero nf
Alexandria, Kgypt. recognised steam
to be knended by the fingers Into
device to Illustrate It action as early
as l.'IO It. C. It also wns believed by
some of the engineering exiert of
the Nile valley that the vocal Jlein
non, famous throughout the Mediter
ranean countries, really had Its ninrvi l
from a simple steam arrangement, by
which It fairly whUtlcd Its way to
Numerous Indications that steam
had begun to engage the vagrant
thought of Inventive hrnlns before
the Christian era are to be found, but
It appear that no one ever mnde a
model of a steam-driven machine, to
run on wheels, until 17IV1. when a
Frenchman nnmed Cuguot made such
a model. Ills little engine, with a
vertical shaft forward for guiding,
looked oddly prophetic of the chassis
of a modern automobile. Cugtmt's
engine waa put In motion by the Im
pulsion of two single-acting cylinders,
the pistons of which alternately acted
on the front wheels. The thing had
one virtue outstripping beauty, with
which Is was not endowed It ran.
It made four or five miles sn hour.
Sometimes. It prohnbly was making
Ave. on a certain dny, when It turned
a sharp corner In Paris, upset and
Injured a few of the many who had
poured out to see the tnlrncle.
At once the Paris authorities be
came sure of whnt they hnd susiect
ed for weeks, that the devil wns In
It, and they lurked It up In the ar
sennl, and Its history was nt an end.
Hard Work and Sacrifice of Many Un
nscessary Wants Are Part of th
Purchase Price.
The mind Is the only force In na
ture that doesn't wear out with use.
Your mind makes your work and your
work makes your mind. The more
your mind I exercised the greater It
Therefore the business In which
you would succeed Is unlmiorlnnt.
The one thing to realize la that your
mind Is a mnchlne which once set In
motion along the right lines will make
success a certainty.
Toil want success. It will he yours
If you are willing- to pny the price for
It. And the price Is hard work nnd
the sacrifice of all your other wnnts.
All your hnblts have been formed
by your mind. Most of these hnblts
nre waste hnblts which will never
carry you anywhere. Your hard Job
will lie to scrap them and form new
It will be a tnsk of severe discipline
to get your mind to "work." Itut If
you hnve the grit to tackle the Job
you will In a very short time be con
scious of a sense of efficiency which
will innke ensy the doing of the hard
est things. Chicago Herald nnd Ex
aminer. An Unnecessary Addition,
One old-fnshloued citizen rises to re
mark that It Is not necessary for dead
men tn tell tales the live ones are
hitting a good average. Hot Springs
New Kra.
For Window.
If yon would polish your windows,
use a mixture of powdered washing
blue and liquid ammonia. Put a little
of the mixture on a cloth and polish.
Ths result will be very bright windows.
rial It ta Tb Balletta,
AutoCAD 1 1 R
Majority of th population Subtists
Almost Exclusivity on Barliy
Mial and "BurUr Tia."
Tibetans live almost the year round
on two things, parched barley meal,
called tsaniba," and "butter tea," ac
cording to Ir. A. I.. Shelton, writing
In the National Oeographlc Magazine.
Tsarnba Is made by parching barley
and then grinding It Into a very fine
flour. It become a sort of emergency
ration, for, being parched, It requires
no cooking.
In preparing the other principal ar
ticle of their diet the Tttietans first
make a strong liquid by balling the
coarse (lilnese tea, which they prize
most highly. The concoction Is
strslned Into a churn and to it are
added a lump of butter, more or lea
stale, and a handful of salt. The
queer mixture Is then churned ln:o
an emulsion.
The typical meal among the vnlley
folk of Tibet, and among many of
the nomads as well, begins with the
drinking of two or three cupful of
butter tes.
As the Tlhetnn drinks his hot but
ter tea. he continually blows back
from the rim of his bowl the film
of butter that rises to the top. Af
ter several bowls of the beverage
have been drunk, there Is a consid
ernble accumulation of butter. The
bowl Is then half filled with the tea
emulsion. Into the hot liquid, rich
In butter fut, tsnmba Is now poured,
to tie kneaded by the fingers Into
lumps and eaten.
Knives, forks, and spoons are un
known In Tibet all eating Is done
with fingers. The wooden bowl Is
carried In the sheepskin garment next
to the skin, and ench time after being
used It Is licked clean with the tongue
and replaced In the garment
Modern Filibuster Is a Comparatively
Harmlasa Proceeding, Considering
What It Once Meant.
When a legislator attempts to delay
the progress of a measure he disap
proves of, In the hope of preventing Its
passage, spending hours upon hours de
bating It, he Is cnlled a "filibuster."
The only parliamentary body In the
world where filibustering to the ex
treme Is countenanced and where It
has a chance of success Is the United
States senate.
The real meaning of the word "fili
buster" Is a lawless adventurer, eie
clnlly one In quest of plunder. The
term Is derived from the original fili
busters, who were West Indian pirates.
The nnmo Is traceable to that of the
small, fnst-snllliig vessels which used
to be called "tlilibotes" or "fly-boats."
Gradually Hie meaning of the ex
pression began to embrace nil sorts of
military adventure. American usage
finally broadened the phrase to such an
extent that It now Includes those sen
ators or congressmen who use ohstruc
tlve and dilatory tattles to gain their
Peculiarity Hard to Explain.
It Is a peculiar thing that the names
given live nnlm.ils are of Saxon origin,
but those given to meat when dressed
and prepared for food nre Nor
man, Fur example, Ihe words "ox,"
"steer," "cow" nre Snxon, but "venl"
ll Nortnnu ; "sheep" Is Snxon, but
"mutton" Is Norman ; so It Is severally
with "swine" and "pork," "deer" and
"venison," "fowl" and "pullet."
Life's Minor Worries.
Frequently n woman worries a great
deal over I lie question of calling on an
other woman who doesn't care In th
least whether she calls or not. Boa
ton Transcript.
New and Different
The excellent taste, the
dainty materials and the
luumlng pattern reflected
In the holiday moch of mid
season bloiiM'a Ih an invita
tion to milndy to M'lect
these gni in. 'ins while the
axMn-tmcnt of modi-la in
New Crepe de Chine and Trutn V.'ajtclle Silk
Blouses, in Peter Pan end Ruffled Effects
at $5.50 to $10.75,
ITU. .i
Women's Tuxedo Sweaters, $5.50
Sweater are more fascinating this fall than they have
ever Iw-cn. and now that women are wearing so many drew
and separate skirts, there is a far greater demand for them.
The new Tuxedo styles are dressy and youthful in effect; are
woven fancy stitches, have trim belln, long; graceful front
outlines, with mannish Tuxedo collar and can be bad in
purple, green, blue and black.
Continuing Our Sale of Beautiful Siks at $1.59 Yd.
The fabrics are in various stylish weaves, weights, colon
and patterns. They rover the whole range of frarment nuk
ing. Many yards at a time will be bought op at these pricr.
1'rotiding savings that will gladden the heart of all
Special for this tale, $1.59 yard
It Always Poyt to Step and Shop at
The Quality Store of Bend
fr I'j
Georgs. Bcban fi
l.iliert. Tonight and Tuesday.
"The Old Nest," a Reginald Bar
ker production offered by Goldwyn
wh'lch comes to the Liberty theatre
for two days, beginning Wednesday.
Is perhaps the richest picture in per
sonalities that has been placed be
fore the public in many a season. The
story and the scenario were written
by Rupert Hughes, the direction was
handled by Reginald Barker, and the
cast Includes the following players:
Mary Alden. Cullen Landls, Louise
Lovely, Helene Chadwlck, the fam
ous "Edgar" children, Johnny Jones,
Buddy Messenger and Lucille Rlck
acn: Maurice B. ("Lefty") Flynn.
Molly Malone. Richard Tucker, Nick
Cogley, Dwlght Crittenden and sever
al others.
The sire of the cast la explained
Red Cross Shop and Wo
men's Exchange
Wednesday from 2 to B o'clock
Saturday from 10 to 12 and 2 to O
ladles Tailoring, Alteration,
nd rtrossmakins
Vsaulr. BMta f Utortr Tkastor
Winter Walking
Shoes for Women
Sturdy walking nluv In thi
joptitar Ifnthfr, low, nvflinm or
hiifh hrrN, ar- now hoing t1rrei
In thf MK-tiori rti'votr! to IVmtnini?
Unit wear. If you wouM know
real walking comfort, try on m
pair of thfM- -arful!y made
walking licMitM, rxamin their f
"fllrnt qualify and gnrxl ftryte.
Thfy arc perfrrt for th winter
id Drown or Black Calf and Kid.
$5.25, $5.75, up to $8.75
by the fact that the story starts when
the majority of the players are still
children and follows them through
the various stages of their growth.
Clifford Robertson, Goldwyn casting
director, declares that "The Old
Nest" gave him the greatest problem
that he has ever bad to solve. Be
sides obtaining talented players he
had to consider the necessity for cor
rect resemblances between the child
actors and the adults. But with the
exception of Mary Alden and Louisa
Lovely, all the above named are Gold
wyn stock players.
Put It in The Bulletin.
Your Shoes will smile
with satisfaction over
the splendid job of re
pairing they will re
ceive at our hanils.
Lmdetorg & Hanson
120 Minnesota Street
The oldest established
shoe shop in Bend.
Clothes Cleaned
and Pressed
1017 Bond St