The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, August 06, 1921, Page 6, Image 6

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The next Instant he opnel door
In the ekylltfit which Hugh had fulled
to discover during the night, and,
climbing down ladder luside the
room, difcHHHarpd from view.
"Hullu. old bean !" A cheerful shout
from the kcouik' made Huh look
down. TIhtc. niiisiM round lvtersoo.
In an effective group, were IVter Par
rvll, AIbjt Ijongworth, and Jerry Sey
mour. "Itlrd's-nostlu'T"
"I'eter, old soul." cried Hugh Joy
fully. "I never thought the dav would
come when I ghotild lie pleased to see
your face, but It has!"
"Ted and his pal, Hugh, have toddled
off In jour car," said I'eter, "so that
only leaves u four and Toby."
Kor a moment Hugh stared at him
Mankly, while he did some rapid men
tal arithmetic. He even neglected to
descend at once by the ladder which
liad at last been placed In position.
Ted and us four and Toby" made six
and all was the strength of the
party as It had arrived. Adding the
pal made seven ; so who the deuce
vms the palT
The matter was settled Just as he
reached the ground. I-akinRton. wild
vyed and almost incoherent, rushed
from the bouse, and. drawing Peter
con on one side, spoke rapidly In a
"It's all right." muttered Algy rap
idly. "They're half way to London
by now. and going like h If I know
It was then that Hugh started to
laugh. He laughed till the tears poured
down his face, and Peterson's livid
face of fnry made btru laugh still
"Oh you priceless pair!" he sohbed.
Right under your hally noses. Stole
away! Yolcks!" There was another
Interlude for further hilarity, "(ilve
It up, you two old dears, and take to
knitting. Well, au revolr. Doubtless
we shall meet again quite soon. And.
above all, I'nrt. don't do anything In
Paris which yon would be ashamed of
tny knowing."
With a friendly wave he turned on
his heel and strolled off. followed by
the other three. The humor of the
situation was Irresistible; the absolute
powerlessiiesH of the whole assembled
(rang to lift a Anger to stop them In
front of the audience, which as yet
showed no slpns of departing, tickled
him to death. In fact, the lust thing !
Hugh saw, lief.ire a corner of the ;
house hid th mo from sight, was the j
majesty of the law moistening his in
dellhle pencil In the time-honors!
method, and advancing on Peterson
xvlth his notebook at the ready.
"One brief Interlude, my dear old
"Warriors." announced Hugh, "and then
we must get gny. Where's Toby?"
"Having his breakfast with your
airl." chuckled Algy. "We thought
we'd better leave someone on guard,
nd she seemed to love him best."
"Kepulslre hound!" cried Hugh.
"'InclOntnlly. boys, how did you man
age to roll up this morning?"
"We all bedded down at your girl's
place last nlsbt," said Peter, "nnd
then this morning, who should come
and sing carols outside hut our one
and only Polts. Then we heard your
deafening diu on the roof, and blew
:' "Co away," said Toby, looking up
as the door 0ciicd and Hugh strolled
In. "Yuur presence is unnecessary
nd uncalled for, and we're not
.pleased. 'Are we. Miss Iteiiton?"
"Can you bear him, Phyllis?" re-
marked Hugh, with a grin. "I meau
lying about the house all day?"
"What's the notion, old son?" Toby
Sinclair stood up, looking slightly put
tied. "I want you to atop here, Toby."
aid Hugh, "and not let Miss Benton
out of yonr sight. Also keep your
eye sklnued on The Elms, and jet me
know by 'phone to Half Moon street
anything that happens. Vo you get
"I get you." answered the other.
With a resigned sigh he rose and
walked to ttie door.
"I've got live minutes, little girl,"
whispered Hugh, taking her Into his
arms as the door closed. "Five min
utes of 'heaven. . . liy Jove!
liut you look great simply great."
The girl smiled at him.
"Tell me whut's happened, boy,"
ahe said eagerly.
"Quite a crowded night." With a
reminiscent stnlle he lit a cigarette.
And then quite briefly he told her of
the events of the past twelve hours,
being, os Is the manner of a man, mora
Interested In watching the sweet color
which stained her cheeks from time
to time, and noticing her quickened
breathing when he told her of his tight
with the gorilla, and bis ascent of the
murderous staircase.
When he had finished, and pitched
the stump of his cigarette Into the
ftmte, fnlterlngly she tried to dissuade
him. With her hands on his coat, and
The Adventures of A
DeiTiobilized Officer
Who Found Peace Dull
WustraKoiu by
Copyright by Ceo H Dor on Co
With Her Hands on His Coat and Her
Big Eyes Misty With Her Pears for
Him, She Begged Him to Give It
All Up.
her big eyes misty with her fears for
him, she begged him to give It all up.
And even as she spoke, she gloried In
the fact that she knew It was quite
useless. Which mnde her plead nil
the harder, as Is the way of a woman
with her man.
Then, quite suddenly, he bent unj
kissed her.
"I must go, little girl," he whispered.
"I've got to be In Paris tonight. Tute
care of yourself."
The next moment he wus gone.
"Have you got him all right. Tedr
Hm,'h flung the question eugrly lit
Ted Jerningiiatn, who whs lotifiginit
In a chair at Half M'Hin street, with
his feet on the mantelnleiv.
I "I've got Mil) right enoiiL'h." tin-
gwered that worthy, "but he doe. n't
Mrke me us being Number One value.
Ie's KonP o(r the boil, liecome quite
gugga ngain.
"H I !" said Hugh, "I thought we
might ret something nut of him. I'll
go and have a look at the bird."
He left the room, and went along
the passage to Inspect the American.
Unfortunately Jernlnghnm wus only
too right: The effects of 1at night's
Injection had worn off completely, and
the wretched man was sitting motion
less in a chair, staring dazedly In
front of him.
Thoughtfully Hugh stood In front
of the millionaire, trying In vain to
catch some gleam of sense in the
vacant eyes.
"What luck?" Jemlngbam looked up
as he came back Info the other room.
"Dam" all, as they say In the ver
nacular. Have you blighters Hnl-hed
the beer?"
"lYobnhly," remarked Peter I'ar
rall. "What's the program now'?"
Hugh examined the head on his
glass with a professional eye before
"Two things." he murmured ot
length, "fairly leap to the eye. The
first Is to get Potts away to a place
of safety: the second is to get over
to Paris."
"Well, let's get gay over the first,
as a kick-off." said Jenilnghntu, ris
ing. 'There's a car outside the door;
there Is Knglnnd at our disposal.
We'll take blm away; you pud the
hoof to Victoria and catch the boat
train." "It sounds -too easy," remarked
Hugh. 'Have a look out of the whi
tlow, Ted, and you'll see a man fright
fully busy doing nothing not far from
the door. You will also see a racing
car Just across the street. Put a wet
compress on your bead, and connect
the two."
A gloomy silence settled on the as
sembly, to be broken by Jerry Hey.
mour suddenly waking up with' i
"I've got the 'stomneh-ache,' " he an
nounced proudly.
His listeners gazed at hint un
moved. "You shouldn't eat so fast," re
marked Algy severely. "And you cer
tainly oughtn't to drink that beer."
To avert the disaster be Immedi
ately consumed It himself, but Jerry
was too engrossed with his brain
storm to notice.
"I've got the 'stomach-ache,' " he re
peated, "and she ought lo be ready
by now. In fact I know she Is. My
lust crash wasn't a bad one. What
about It?"
"You . mean . . , T" said Hugh,
sturlng at him.
"I "iiie:in." answered Jerry, "that
I'll go off to the airdrome now, and
get her ready, llrlug Potts along In
hnlf an hour, and I'll take him to
the governor's place In Norfolk. Then
I'll take you over to Paris."
"Croat ! simply great !" With a
report like a gnu Hugh hit the speak
er on the back, Inadvertently knock
ing him down. "Off you get, Jerry.
Ky the way, how many will she hold?"
"Two beside me," spluttered the
proud proprietor of the Stomach ache.
"And I wish you'd reserve your en
dearments for people of your own
site, you great, fat, hulking mon
strosity." He reached the door with a moment
to spare, and Hugh came buck laugh
ing. "Verily an upheaval In the grey
matter." he cried, carefully refilling
his glass. "Now, boys, whut about
"Is It uecossnry to go at all?" asked
"It wouldn't have been If the Tank
hail been sane," answered Drum
mond. "As It is, 1 guess I've got to.
Now listen nil of you. Tvd off you
go. and raise a complete waiter's out
lit, dicky and all complete. Peter
you come with me to the airdrome,
and afterward hok up Midlines, at
IS Creen street. 11 ox l on. nnd tell him
to get In touch with nt bast fifty
demobilized soldiers who are on for u
scrap. Algy you hold the fort here.
ami don't get drunk on my ule. I'eter
will Join you. when he's lluhhisl with
Mulllngs, and he's not to get drunk,
either. Are you all on?"
Ten minutes Inter he was nt the
wheel of his car with Parrell nnd the
millionaire behind. Put Hugh seemed
In no great hurry to start. A whim
sical smile was on his face, as out
of the corner of his eye be watched
the iron who hud Iwcn busy doing
nothing feverishly trying to rrank his
car. which, after the manner of (he
brutes, hud seized that moment to Jlh.
Still smiling, Hugh got out and
walked up to the perspiring driver.
"A warm day." he murmured.
"Don't hurry; we'll wait for you."
Then, while the man, utterly taken
aback, stared at him speechlessly, he
strolled back to his own car.
"Hugh you're mad. quite mad."
said I'eter resignedly, as with a splut
tering roar the oilier car started, but
Hugh still smiled. On the way to
the airdrome he tojited twice nfter n
block In the tratllc to make quite sun
that the pursuer should have no
chance of losing blm, and. by the time
they were clear of tho4rnn"ic and spin
ning toward their destination, the gen
tleman In the cur behind fully agreed
with Dnrrell.
At first he bad expected some trick,
being a erson of tortuous brain; but
as time went nn, nnd nothing unex
pected hnppened. be became assured.
His orders were to follow the mil
lionaire, and Inform headquarters
where he wus taken to. And asstm-d
ly at the moment It seemed efisy mon
ey. Then, quite suddenly, the hum
ming stopped and he frowned. Tim
car In front had swung ofT the road.
atid turned through the entrance of a
small airdrome. What the dell wrs
he to do now? Most assuredly be
could not pursue an airplane on a mo
tor even a racer. Itlludiy. without
thinking, he did the first filng that
came Into his bead. He left bis car
standing where It was. nnd followed
the others Into the airdrome on foot.
Perhaps he could find out something
from one of the mechanics; someon
might be able to tell him where the
plan' wss going.
There she was with the car beside
her. and already the millionaire was
being strapied Into his sent. I iruin
moti'l was talking to tbe pilot, nnd
the sleuth, full of eagerness, accosted
a passing mechanic.
"fun you tell me where that air
plane Is going to?" he asked Ingrati
atingly. It was perhaps unfortunate that the
said mechanic hnd Just had n large
spanner dropped on his toe, ami his
answer was not helpful. It was an
education In one way, ami ot any oth
er time the pursuer would have treat
ed it with the resoct It deserved.
Rut, as it was. It was unfortunate
that I'eter Darrell should have chosen
that moment to look round. And nil
he saw wusibe mecnsnlc talking ear
nestly to the sleuth. . . . Where
upon he talked earnestly to Drum
mond. ...
In thinking It over after, flint un
happy sleuth whose Job had seemed so
easy, found It difficult to say exactly
what hnpiened. All of a sudden he
found himself surrounded by people
all very affable and most conversa
tional. It look him quite five minutes
to get hack to his car. nnd by that
time the plane was a speck In the
west. Drumtnond was standing by
the gates when he got there, with a
look of profound surprise on his face.
"One I have seen ofu-n," remarked
the soldier; "two sometimes; three
rarely; four never. I'nncy four punc
tures all at the same time! Dear,
dear! I positively insist on giving
you a lift."
He felt himself Irresistibly propelled
toward Iirummoiid's car. with only
time for a Heeling glimpse nt his own
four Hat fires, and almost before he
realized It they were away. And It
was then that the man he hud thought
mud laughed gently.
"Is It nil right, Peter?" Hugh asked.
"All sufo," came a voice from bo
hind. "Then dot him one!"
The sleuth hnd a Heeling vision of
stars of all colors which (lanced be
fore bis eyes, coupled with a stun
Ing blow on the hack of the head.
Vaguely he realized the ear was pull
ing up then bluckness.
"My dinir fallow, J told you we'd
git liere soim'Tiow." Hugh TM uinuioiiil
stretched his legs luxuriously. "The
fact that It was necessary to crash
your blinking bus In a stray held In
order to avoid their footling pass
port regulations Is absolutely Imma
terial. The only damage Is a dent In
Ted's dicky, but all the best wallers
have Hint. They smear It with soup
to show their energy. , . , My Hod I
lien's another of ttieni."
A Krcnchman was ailvnming to
ward them down the stately vestibule
of the Kill waving protesting hands.
He addressed himself In a voluble
cnscendo to Driiinmond. who rose and
bowed deeply. His knowledge of
French was microscopic, but such tri
fles were made to be overcome.
The Frenchman produced a note
hook. "Voire nolo, M'sleur, ail vous
"Undoubtedly, mon t'obaiel," re
marked Hugh vaguely. "Nous crash
ons dans "
"He warns your name, old dear."
murmured Jerry weakly.
"Oh, doe he?" Hugh beamed on
the gendarme. "Yihi priceless little
bird! My iinuie In Captain Hugh
And as he spoke, a man sitting close
by, who had 1 n tin nmused oubsiker
of the whole a-ciic. stiffened sudib-nly
In his chair and stared hard at lliu;b.
It was only for a s ml, nnd then
he vas once more merely the politely
lute rctc-d spiM iiitor. Hut Hugh had
! seen that quick look, though he gave
no sign; and when nt last the French
man departed, apparently satlslled, he
leaned over and spoke to Jerry.
"See that limn with Hie suit of
hand ine dowiis and the cigar?" he re
marked. "He's In tbe game; I'm Just
wondering on which side."
He was not left long In doubt, for
barely had the suing doors chtsed
behind the gendarme, when tbe man
In question rose and came over to
(To be Continued)
Its Widespread Use for Light and
Power Was Confidently Predicted
in the Year 1831.
Tbe American Society of Mcchunh-nl
Kng.iiccr has Just h-cu celeluutitig
Its fortle h uiiiiiverMiry and lu Jour
nal has dug from its archives the first
prcddcnilui ud dress delivered by the
late Koliert II. 'I hiii-ston early In Issl.
The year before had been signalized
by the liiveiitlou of the IliiUoii carU'li
filament lump and Doctor Thurston
predicted ".Init for the occmloiml tnlld
light of the moon or the yellow sick
ly flare of the gas flame will soon lie
substituted the less uncertain and al
ways available, and always lieu u 1 1 fill
and mellow, radiance of Hie electric
Within three years there were -P)
electric light stations In operation In
this country.
Doctor Thurston saw still further,
lie knew that tbe "wizard of Metdo
Park" was working with problems of
electric power and be
ventured Tins prophecy :
"The d; . : i-i 1 , t : t . . -i i of power by elec
tricity Is led ulilil e.'y (o j rove a moie
Important appll' nilon of this wonder
ful force than Is the electric light."
So new i. re the things we si-e ns tbe
--oio'ijotiphice (lf f,, tbiTc any
thing that Is h capable of hcttcrmcn ?
Well, a fiinirai, maker of musical In
strument says that no Improvement
has been made In the violin In two
ei, tunes. I'ro.ii the Na lion's P.usl
ncss. Wisj Words Concerning Advice.
(Jive thy friend counsel wisely and
churl tubly. hut h-uve him to his liberty
whether he will follow thee or no;
and be not nngry If thy counsel bo re
jected, for advice Is no empln nnd
be Is not my friend that will he my
Judge whether I will or no. Jeremy
Ubc regon
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