The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, August 06, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

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ellmlnalod thean Important word
Hi n premier', atnlninent. Tliut
Ihey were deleted waa obvloua; alao
tliut lh deletion could only have
been done by aomnhndy cloae to I.loyd
(ienrge. If mil, Indeed, llm premier
li 1 in h-I r Tim I in pi hhIoii t hut
I. lip) (I flcorgn, who hud been vcnily
hulled In preceding iiM'Htloini, hud
auld rulhor more lliun ha hail liilend
li when replying to tho harinleaa
InokliiK Aiiglo-Japaiife g in-ill Ion, und
Unit li" hud corrected ihn error a
noon UK poaalhle. Hut the offlrlul rn
Inaertlnn of thcae wordu hud every
liody gtieaalng.
Then, In Ilia promlm-d alalniiienl on
July II. I.loyd (ienrge lilundly atud-d
I hul when he aald he i-npi-ctcd "re
plica from the lulled Hlutea, Juiull
uml rtilnn." he meutit thul Curzoli
hud hud roiivermit Inn with lh I'lill
ed Sliile and Jiipiiiiee iiinhaHMailor
uml the Chlliene iiiIiiIhIit, III which
he hud llild before Iheill the view of
Die llrlllxh riiblnel, and lliul Ihey hud
proinlni-d to report uny replica lh'-y
might rerelvn.
The eipluiiutloii gem-ruUy favored
wa thul I.loyd OniKe. feeling coin-pelli-d
to do mmielhliiK ubiiut the An-glo-Jupiineae
treaty, uml to meet the
vlcaaof the Dominion pieinieia. then
III roiifir.-ni e In Loudon, hud nought
(o provoke the tulkcd-of. hut no fur
immatcrlalUed. I ii -1 1 at loii from
Waahlngton on the fur eualern quri
I Ion.
WunhltiKton "ruiue aero," mid. If
thin wu hlu object, II wu utlulned
very nicely. And, a Washington
waa the only capital thul really nial
leied, the qucatlmi of a conference
mi happily launched.
Ilul did I.loyd ficorge Invite Hard
ing, or did Harding Invite I.loyd
lii'lil ki'7
(ll llnllrd Vnmm lTh. lUnd llulMln.)
LONDON, Aim. . Who Initiated from
the peudliiK Waalilngtmi diaarma
ineiit unit I'uririfl rniiferetice? I'rnal
denl HanlliiK r I.loyd (Jonrgo?
Thin In u problem which la hi-In it
veiy freely debuted here, and one
which la likely In prove u contention
auhject for future hlaloiluna.
Thu uvcrugu memher of the llrltlah
public doi-au'l vitally rum either way,
hut he reudlly roncedea thul I.loyd
lienrgn, with churucterlat Ic "Wclah
wliurdry" nod acutueii, hua uiunuKed
In net In flmt uml rnke off In udvuuce
a good allure of uny credit which may
uccrun to the promoter - without,
however, Incurring much bluiiie If
Ilium full lliroiiKh.
IMnliili'iinli'd officialdom a Ihul
the iui'Miiii can only be houe.itly hii
awered by the ai-lcct few who thor
oughly undei aland the Inner u iiIiik
of the lltlle diploinuMc Juggle with
the Mailt pl:p.i' of "lli'luard"- III'
III p.ii lluiiieiituiy official ri-cotd
u few week ugn.
July 7, l.lod tli-oigc, rialng In the
hoime of coiniiiiiiiN to uimwer u hurui'
lenH took I II t lliNlloU ullollt the Au
K I ' J u In-1 treaty, tuld Uml he
hopi'd to tiiiike u full ai.i'.i-metil on
the following Moiidny (July III. but
I hut It would depend upon "replica
received fiom the rulti'd Hlatca.
Jupuli und China " Till" wua the
veixlon given by every repoiier In
Ihe pre Kulli'iy of the houae of
common Theie weie a few differ-i-tii-ea
In Ihe uctuul wordlux. aoiue
pupi-ra raying, "rolled State and
Japan." other only iiiiitliic "I'lilled
HI it.' mid China." while the mujor
lly Inrludi-il ull Hi rem ruiitilrlea.
"liana, ird'a" report I never pub
lished until the fiillowlog day, u Ihe
lioiiHc of ciioi'iion il'ii- hot Mi" tin
III II p in. und very ofii-u alt hit"
the early houi of Ihe nmrnltiK- Hut
liii-unwhlte i-m-iiti-tlc American rorre
ap, indent -i hud cabled (hi iiiolal!on
to Ihe t'ul't-d Stale, and eiually I'll
entitle colleague In Wo-ihtngti ii had
In-i ll aioiind lir ihe unite depurtmi'iil
In find out Mhoiit the pri-nnm-d
"note" in wblih Ihe llrlilxh pr-inli-l
wai evidently expecting it reply.
WaeblliKtoil profi-id iKlioralire
and anld ihut lln-ro .ia imthlug to lly lloniy K hmfl
reply to. uml wllhln a few hour of ill, i-miad Trm iaTk Bml liuli.iln.)
- " NKW VOIIK. Aug. 6. After one
limine of common. London edlloi
... , . of I hi hiiriel alrurgle a boxer ever
and pin llnnieulary ep.-rl were wor
rying tlK in. tv.-H ihlu over the my- iifount-rcd. Toiuiny Oibhona. the St.
lery. Th-v naturally went to the I'aul liKhl-heuvywelght, I juat one
foreign o.'ri'-e and No. lu Downing rung below lbs top.
aired, uml nomethlng had lo hi- Tlmae who know him are aure that
ilninv he will lake tho next atep to a chum
The next day th foreign
npok.-Mii.iii blandly referred
en lo the fieahly-printed nheet of Many of thoao w ho know him feel
"llaimanl." which coulului'd no ii-f-jauie Ihul aoine day he will wear Ihe
eri-nce to the premier hnvlng men-1 bevy weight crown mil anon, uiuybe,
Honed ei.p.-clliig replica from Iheiliul tiniuu day.
I'nlted Sinte. Japan or China. "Any- (ilbbniiB deio-rvea n chumplotiHhlp If
hoily nui'llng the premier differently a boxi-r ever merited one. Ilia rle
lo Ihe i. 'filial pai lluiii.-iitai y record : from the handicap of being merely n
nitixt have uilaunderalood him," wu I great brolhi-r'a brolher baa been one
nil Hint c.iiild bo extrarted from the . rout inuallon of trial,
foreign nfftie. Kor aoine hi range reuaon a certain
Leading new Kpuper. with Implicit I element of the boxing crowd retimed
faiih III tln-lr parllumeuliiry expert, j lo ontertuln the St. I'aul boy aeriuua-
were not .itii.fied with thl. nnd went
to ihe premier' office. Soon after
ward an official atateinent wa Ik
aued. auylng Hint aomebow or other
crle of u "aet-up" allll purnlaled.
To in in y hua never opened hla
lu proli-nt ut I he knock ugulnat lillil.
No doubt he knew Ihul hn could get
lo the top In aplln of Ihe burrlera
put up uguliiHt hi in, und he la tin-re
lie ought to beat '"urpenller. Kroin
the ai-ntlmeul heard around New
York u nil throughout tho country, lie
will i-iiii-r the ring the fuvorlle.
Toduy will witneaa lh luat per
foriniiniea of "Scrap Iron," Ihe Klrat
Nullouul aitractlon, alurrlng Charli-i
Huy, ut the Liberty theuter. When
It goi It will leave behind It a moat
inri'sf ill run.
Kun huve found thla Hay produc
tion a novelty a well aa the beat
ort of entertainment, ( harlea Kay
hua built for hlmaelf a repututlon aa
a comedian aecond to none on the
ncreen, and while "Scrap Iron" con
tain plenty of luugli, thn tnuln
Hieiiie la pulho of the kind thai
bring liimpa lo thn throat. Huy
pluH Ihe part of un only aon of u
widowed ii .: U Invulld tuother. lie I
u regular he man and hua developed
Into Hie ainuli'iir boxing champion of
the mill town when hi mother ex
act a promlHii from him that lie will
do no more fighting.
Ill deaertion of the nport earn
him Hie contempt of hla fellow work
era. Ilia rcfuaal to fight when hla
beat girl chooaea to believe ahe haa
been luaulli-d by a challenge to the
Volateud act at the annual picnic of
the mill, cuuai-a her to throw him
over. Then he loaea hla Job. A alck
mother, no Job, no money, no girl, no
friend thul la the poaltlon he la
in when the big cuuiice cornea a
fight with the local profeaxlonul
champion. Hut there la even a
airing to thul. He haa to atay
on hla feet three round or he
geta nothing. The fight alone, aa
ahown In the film, la worth the price
of admlnaloii, and then afterward
there la a big aurprlse flniah.
four are already being made. It la
atated at the garage.
Shipment of Klve To IU- Itecclved
II) The llend Oarage Kour
Model Included In .New Line.
Within a ahort time Bend autoiata
j will have the opportunity of aeelng
the new Hulck four-cylinder line, aa
an order for five car ha been plac
ed by W. O. Coomba of the Bend gar
age. The four-cylinder line Include
four modi-la, roadater, flve-paaaenger
touring car. three-paaaenger coupe
Hard I p Hill MtrtiKKle Agnliml
Heat) I M.N lin.N l.llil ll.av)
w.'lglit One Notill Ill-lew Top.
office j piuiiHlilp w h. n he meet Oi'orgt-A Cur-imiulr-
pi-ntler In October.
tho word, "would depend on re
plica fnm the I'lilled State. Japan
and China." had been "omitted" from
"lluiianrd." bill that thee word
were actually lined by the premier,
and had ncrordlngly been lnerted In
the official record.
There tho mutter ended officially,
and the newapnpera did tint pro tho
point any further, for tho avernge
British editor hn n very high eonae
of patriotic duly whoro delicate mat
ter of foreign policy ure concerned.
Tho corrected proof of "llnnaiird"
for July 7 were not available (or In
apectlon. o nobody cun auy Junt who
ly. It la to hi everlasting credit
that he did not have the aupport of
that faction.
Credit for all hi victories wua luk
en away with the claim that he waa
a hot-hniiHo plant being nurtured on
They camped on hi trail Incessant
ly und ridiculed hi in. charging him
with everything short of crime.
Hut he finally got there.
At first, the knockers said he was
n good hoxor, but lucked a punch.
Then he developed a punch by scien
tific study that got lilin IS short
knockouts In, a row. This even full
ed to convince hla enemies. Even
when he knocked out Willie Meehaii,
a feat that Jack Dempsey fulled to
do three times, he got no credit. Tho
What Are You Doing
Witli Your
We Guarantee to Give Yon
50 'o More Mileage on Them
Turns it tire out with n
factory finish tread.
The Tire Hospital
lOltf Bond Phone 134-J
TheNew -
i 'I
I II I car
All rrlrr V. . II. Flint, Michigan
I Cord Tiro ntnnilanl rqiilpmciit on nil Motlela
So I'a for SHH-i(lcatlon and IVIlvery Dale
and flve-paaaenger aedan.
Many inquiries regarding the new
A Skeptic.
Oue reanon why we don't accept to
theory of gravitation la berauae when
the bottom drops out wa bit tha
Orctoa'l Hifker until Mis of
Eifkt Sckaob; Stvcart Departnala
tor iahwHiaa writ la ItM IllMrtf
Oregon Agricultural Collete
Valve-In-Head Motor Cars
He re is a Thoroughbred Four
Completing the Famed Buick Line
The new Four-Cylinder Buick, here announced,
is a thoroughbred--a pedigreed car well worthy
of its name.
Down to the very last detail, this new model pos
sesses every quality of enduring serviceability,
complete comfort, and distinctive appearance
that have always characterized Buick automobiles.
The advent of this new Four makes the Buick
1922 line complete. It offers to purchasers of a
car of this size all the quality and service that go
to make up the name "Buick."
22-34 2 Passenger Roadster..$ 935
22-35 5 Passenger Touring ... $ 975
22-36 3 Passenger Coupe $1-175
22-37 5 Passenger Sedan $1650
The Buick Valce-in-Head
Engine A Power Plant
That Has Proved Itself
The engine, of course, is of the
time-tested Buick Valve-in-Head
type. The year-after-year con
centration of Buick's engineer
ing skill and experience in build
ing Valve-in-Head motors as
sures the highest standard of
performance obtainable today.
Every other unit is of a qual
ity equal to the power plant.
The whole assembly constitutes a
perfectly balanced chassis which
is of typical Buick construction.
The equipment of Cord Tires is
merely evidence of the quality
which characterises the entire
Two open and two closed body
types mounted on the Buiek
built chassis comprise the new
Even the most casual inspec
tion of the details of design and
workmanship will reveal that
full measure of quality which
motorists have learned to asso
ciate with Buick.
A Great Car Prices
Make It An Even
Greater Value.
Obviously a high grade auto
mobile a genuine Buick pro
duction the prices listed be
low make this great Four even
greater. A value such as this
is possible only because of the
combination of Buick engineer
ing skill devoted to the one
ideal of quality, Buick produc
tion facilities developed over
nearly a quarter of a century,
and Buick's nation-wide distri
bution and service organization.
The Buick Motor Company is
Eroud of the Buick Four. It
as the faith of long experience
in this newest addition to its
line. It places upon it unre
servedly the Buick guarantee
carried by every Buick automo
bile produced. That its con
fidence is well placed is mani
fested not only by the keen in
terest with which motorists
have awaited this announce
ment, but also the advance or
ders placed by distributors,
dealers, and the general public.