The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Deschutes County, Or.) 1917-1963, July 12, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

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Oregon Trunk
Arrives, 7:86 A. M.
Leaves 7:3 I". M.
o..v. it. s,
Arrives, 11:60 J'. M.
Leaves, 7:00 A. M.
Mra. Curt Muller went to ttid
tnoiid tlila nmriiliiK.
I.. (). Taylor left for Portland lunt
litKlit 'l business lrli.
Minn Nellie HcdkkIh f Til inn Id i-f I
lust night visit III I'lirtlnml.
I). K. Mi'Nninwa of Crooked river
wnit In Ili'inl yimtiiriliiy on Imalne,
Will I ti in 1 1 ii i Icy of Muni wn In
Hend hint it I IE tit mi bin wuy to Port
liinil. Dr. II. N. Mourn Ik In Vancouver, II.
4', attending Ilia Northwest Helmuts'
It. A. Ilrunnf lulil mill wife went lo
Portland hint nlKlit to visit for a
short tliiif.
Mr. nnil Mra. J. I.. Ivy returned to
Portland lllKl IllKllI ifliT Vlnltllig In
llend (or some time.
Mr. and Mm. Wlllium Philips ami
tiuliy wont to I'orl In nil luat night (or
a tvo weeks' vacation.
Miss liii'i (jn ml lu ii returned this
morning from Port lu ml . where "lie
has I n Tor several diiya.
Mra. Marie Urnwn went to Ited-
Passengers on thn Silver Lake
stage till morniiiK wore: II. Unit,
Mra. M. K. Webster it nil C. Hmltli to
Silver l.iikn; I,. II. K.mmI lo Paisley;
iind M. K. Iioiiuliiiii lo l,ii 11 no.
Mr. mid Mra. T. V. Mutes of Heal
ll lire lit Him rlty iiiiiip ground- Mr.
Hales la u 1 1 1-1 1 1 1 1 r of Wlllium Hal km,
of thla rliy. They cxpiM't to go
aouili, on u lour of I lie slule.
Mra. It. 1). Kelly, of Th Dulles,
nnd Mia Olivu l.uiidigiin, of Port
lunil, nt tin- illMlrlrt fores! office,
wen! ut I In' illy en in p Kroiiiid yester
ilny. on thiilr wuy to Crater lnk.
The ladles of tint Mnthodlat Aid
society urn iluutiliiR an old-fushloiicd
chicken pie supper, lo Iim given lit
Kp worth Hull. Krlduy. July 22. be
ginning lit 6:30 o'clock mid continu
ing until nil lire served.
Tim Women's KornlKii Mlaaloniiry
society of I tin Mi'lliodlat rhurrll will
meet with Mra. It. H. Dart. IM2 Fed
eral street, ut 2:30 o'clock Thu ra
il ny afternoon. Mlaa Alice Spalding
will present thu leaaiin.
The I.ikI lea' Aid society of the
Chrlatlun church will meet at the
home of Mra. Ocorge Kellna on Ox
den aenue near Hie Kenwood gro
rery at 2 o'clork tomorrow afternoon
All memliera of the aoclety are timed
to attend.
K. A. Ileurd. ilUtrlrt niunnicer of
the Woodmen of the World, baa
tukeii a room ut the Altumont, and
will make Ma hum" there during bla
aiuy In Central Oregon. He ex
perts bla wife to arrive In ll'' rid with-
III a few days.
I'r. Chin lea K. 1 1 )" liua been or
den-d lo report at lliemerton lor
Pilot Hullo Inn.
W. K. Krkmt, I'orl land; W. I'.
Itrlggs. Portlutiil; II. P, Muller, Tort
liuid; Ucoign K. Itoberta, Portland;
(1. K. Miitilik. Portland; Mr. anrl
Mra. A. M. Hiiillh. I'ortlmid; It. A.
Ilootli, KiiK"iie; Krunk Carter, Ku
gnc; l.iilhi'r Hmltli, I'ortlmid; Mr.
und Mra. W. It. McMillan, Kiircka.
Cal.; Mr. and Mra. W. W. McMillan.
Kureka, Cal.; Mlaa llnrliura McMII
luu, Kureku, Cal.; Wlllium Hun ley.
Iliirna; John Fleming, I'ortlmid ; Mr.
and Mra. J. il. Ilruuo, Sisters; Wll
lium La Kiitor. Kilver Luke; Mr. and
Mra. I). M. rliiillh, I'ortlmid; Theo
dore I'owera, l,oa Angoles.
lintel Coxy,
Harvey Hill, Ilurna; N. C, Taylor,
WiIkM Hotel.
II. M. Hell, (,'orvallla; William
I'eut and wife, I'ortlmid; J. II. Hulll-
van, I.akcvlew; K. J. Daoust, Kliim
ulh Kulla; J. K. Iliillmeyer, I'ortlmid:
H. A. Ilulley, Iiurna; Mr. and Mra. I).
L. While, Culver.
I (nu lling Hotel.
H. It. Whit wood. O.-W. II. t N.;
W. R. Knox, I'ortlmid; Con I. Keefe.
Hllver Lake; ). N. Mlauner, Mitchell;
William K. Keed, Mitchell; II. Kuui
mera, Vancouver, Waah.; Oacar
Thomiiaon, I.n Grande; Kumuel V.
Adler, Kemtle; Tliomaa O. Klnley.
The I)ullea.
P'irtica Foreaight
Takltix Hilf ta na they come may
void aome trouble, but ahoiln tiiliit-i
tunt are coming will avoid leaa. To
the man who antlrlpatea and exer
rlaeii bla beat JmlKinent there la no
queatlon Oidt fm-enliclit paya better
divldenda thun hlndalxht.
j joqiojq Hu
-1IIA )taoo.o
aduix "Ml
la uuua iep
aunx jCjua aiujuj
"H O J H Mitt
ox 'auno'i puutl
niond thla iiiuriiltiK on bulnva
i peeled to return totilxlit.
('. Kuxi'ia und fuinlly are lit the
rlty rump xround on their wuy from tydny IrulnliiK crulae on the buttle
lied lit il r f. Cal.. lo rendleloii. i.i,,!,,,, bexlntiilix July 20. . He
Mlaa lima CI. Hi la III at her home . la atl officer ill thn nuvul reaerve,
ami will be taken tomorrow night to with the rank of lieutenant, which
the hopitul for an operation Thura-1 rorienponda lo that of raptuln In the
J I. Mi Cully of Mud. Wa.h.. re
tinned to that rlty thla nioriilnx after
vl.ltll.X with hia tlater, Mra. A. II.
Mlaa lllnliche Johnaon of I'rll.e
vllte, who haa been vlrllmx Mlaa
Kathryn Iy, returned to her home
thla morning;.
At the regueat of bla f .it her. who
Sunday underwent a aerloua opera
tion,. Warren 1 1 1 r tl e n 1 1 left luat mxht
for that rlty.
K. It. Corbett and fumlly reiiirned
to I'ortlmid luat nlxht after vlaltiux
for aome time at the Corbett runrh
oh the Metollua.
Wlllium I'eut uml wife left th.
morniiiK for their home In I'ortlmid.
I'oinlnx here aeverul d:iy uKo mi a
tour of the atnttv
It. A. Ilonth. ui ine ntnte highway
rommiraion, and hla wlf were In
Ih'IhI eterduy. leuvlnx Ihli niorii
lnx for Crater lake.
Mr. and Mra. J. W. Mcllonuld of
irexiui City, formerly of llend. ur
at the rlty ramp xround. touring th
atuln on their aumiiirr vueailuu.
Anna M. Day. who returned
recently from Culver, where ahe
pent three weeka, went to ( hot
town ncii In thla mornlnx on hualnean.
N. Klrhuer and fumlly of Port
land are at the rlty rump xround on
a tour of the alute. They are look
I ti K for a xood flnhlnx luke or atreatn.
F. II. Pemberton. dlatrlct aupetln
tendent of the Met hod let church In
thla dlatrlct. left thla mornlnx fori
Prlnevllle after apeiiilinx aeveral daya
In llend.
Mr. and Mra. Kd Duvldann havo
aold their houae. 1663 Weat Klrat
afreet, to J. M. Junaaen. They will
leave lii two week for Portland to
mnke their home.
too late,
today; tomorrow may be
It 1 better to be aafe than
J. C. ItHODEB. j
Hotel Alminom: I lie plix e lo K-t a
well rounilrO inn nteaU; It p. m. to
OiHtl. Price nor. IHWaKllrj
For a tingle or a couple of
women who would like to lie
Itend'a only lliilrilrralnt
Purlor for ante. Will leach
the Irade to Hie Inoperleni rl
free of charxe, anil will atny
Willi them until lliey mnater
till bllilie perfect I).
Mr. Muller's
Hairdressing Parlors
Dulletla "WANT ADS"
ulta Try Them.
Ilrlng Re-
Get Your FRESH
Canning NOW
Daily shipment from
The ballcs orchards.
I?ist oirality, reasonably
Ik'Kir.ning this week
will receive daily ship
ment of Cherries, Bini?s
ami Lamberts from the
Dufur hills, also Royal
Anns from Salem.
At The Old Fruit Stand
P. B. Johnson
A 10 per cent reduction in HOT
POINT and EDISON Electric Irons.
Formerly sold for ($7.75. Now selling
for $6.95.
This price is the lowest in efghtecn
months and will not be reduced before
September. It will be a good invest
ment to buy your iron now and have
the use of it through the summer
months when you really need it.
Bend Water Light & Power Co.
N'raio Ialiew are the nevtrat.
Try them; they make your
K)ea beautiful.
Y3 '
Introductory Offer for
This Week Only!
One Cake of Klenzo
Toilet Soap with each
family size retainer of
Are alaya to Im found on tlie
ahelvra of Hortons, The Kexall
HI ore
From a price atamlpolnt yon
ran alwnya buy In ronfWence.
Kletuo Tooth Paate. ainall. IMc
Lilly Dental Cream
Kexall Tooth Faato 2.V
Colnate Dental Cream !Wc
I'eredlxo Tooth Paate
Ilenntol Tooth Taste BIH-
Euthymol Tooth Pnate
Kolynoa Tooth Paste IK:
Dr. (Ira. voa Tooth Powri,r.....alK
Calox Tooth Powder
Dr. Lyona Tooth Powder.. ..ilttc
Dr. Lyona Tooth Paste ilOe
rtorudunt Tooth Pnate te
Hiker AnllKOpttc. Tooth Paate
priced at .HH-
B S White Tooth Paste Htc
Pearl Tooth Powder ilc
PepKodnnt Tooth Paate 5e
Forilliamo Tooth Pasto (tlK-
Llatnrlito Tooth Paato tc :
Kletxo Tooth PuHto. family I
alio IK
Dr. C. II. Martina Dental
C roil in at TSc i
I featured by us ut a BOc
value, barked by a guarantee
nitnlnst ahedillitit brlntles for
una yimr, replaced by a now
brush If bristles cunio out. j
UG Co.
mm a.
"For The
Soul Of
"King Of The Circus"
Twelfth EpiaoJe
Plrat Uh of KiroHiii.
About tbe mlilille of the Nineteenth
century keroaerie win uaed In lampt
tiiateai) of fthnle oil, Innl. olive oil oi
aimie other aueh oil. Tlii) rhanite mi
be reault i.f it,r ileTelopment of tbe
well In il,e I'nlied Statea.
"Our Ice Cream is
Mt. Hood,
There is no othtr
so good"
Try Our Table Service
Your Shoes will smile
with satisfaction over
the splendid job of re
pairing they will re
ceive at our hands.
Lindeborg & Hanson
120 Minnesota Street
Big Tent Tabernacle!
Subject tonight
"Christ's Own Prophecy of Our Day"
Evangelist G. E. Johnson will show from the
scriptures that some people who are seventy
years old and over will still live to see Christ's
second coming.
Aluminum Ware
at Lower Prices.
1 4 quart Lipped Sauce Pan for fiOe
2 quart Lipped Sauce Pan for 75e
4 quart Lipped Sauce Pan for. $I.4H
2 quurt Pudding Pan for 89c
3 quart Pudding Pan for .75e
5 quart Covered Kettle for $1.75
Steamer and Roaater combined for 91.M
1 l quart Percolator for .... . 9I.A9
6 cup. I'nlveraal Percolator for $.fHI
4 quart Covered Sauce Pan, with wooden handle, for 91.59
Combination Cooker consulting of one ( quart Kettle, one
2 quart Pudding Pan. one 2 quart An gel food Cake Pan. one
2 quart Strainer or Colander and one Cover. 92.03
KM H 80c
Laundry T,J7 C A in 3 Large Bolls
Soap, 5c ilD IT rillV Toilet Paper5c
Offers Some Very Special Prices
from July 1 2th to 23rd
It will be our foremost desire to offer merchandise to the people of Bend
at a price lower than similar values have ever appeared before. We wish to
set a standard that will be recognized by the buying public as the store of un
equaled values and lowest prices. This 10 day offering will give you somewhat
of an idea the way we are going to put real merchandise on the market at ex
ceptionally low prices.
You Will Save Money If You Take
Advantage of These Offerings
Ladlea" Mercerized Hone; out sires: regular
60c; Special 4tr
Children s Kihbed Hoao; black; all sixes; reg
ular 25c to 29c; Special Ilk-
50 Piece Set; regular $17.00; priced 91I..-M
42 Piece Set; regular $14.95; priced sn.O.1
41 Piece Set: regular $15.75; priced 9IO.AO
Cups and Fnurers; plain white; set o( six;
regular $3.00: priced at
Plates: regular 30c; priced at, each....
Plates; regular 25c; priced at, each...
Plates; regular 20c; priced at, each...
Plates; regular ISo; priced at, each...
Itrooms: regular $1.50; priced at 91.10
llrooms: regular $1.25; priced at 0:tc
Itrooms; regular $1.10; priced at 7io
llrooms; regular 60o; priced at 30c
1 '.i yard Hair Hows; regular 60c; priced. ...45c
Pretty Wide Ribbons; regular 50c; per yd... 2c
Children's Coveralls; age 2 to 8; priced OOc
Window Shades; ;regular $1.00; priced OOc
Palm Olive Talcum Powder; tax not included;
3 cans for ftoo
Shaving Itrush; regular. 50c; priced at lc
Gray Enamelware
12 qt. Water Pail: regular $1 50; priced... 91.19
10 qt. Water Pail; regular $1.30; priced ...Oiic
2 qt. Coffee Pot; regular 80c; priced SOc
1 qt. Coffee Pot: regular 65c: priced 4,9c
Lipped Sauce Pan; regular 45c. 60c. 65e; now
priced at sac, 87c and 4.1c
Blue and White Enamelware
Rice Boilers: regular $1.65: priced 91.11
8 qt. Enameled Blue and White Tea Kettles;
regular $2.15; priced at
6 qt. Knameled Blue and White Convex Kettle;
regular $1.70; priced at $t.iis
4 qt. Knameled Blue and White Convex k.'i-M;
regular $1.30; priced at
8 qt. Enameled Blue and White Lipped H.iti-e
Pan; regular $1.15: priced at 7ic
6 qt. Knameled Blue and White Lipped K-in.-e
Pan; regular 85c; priced at mr
5 lit. Knameled Blue on, I whin tPAUn,nn
Kettle; regular $1.15; priced at Trc
6 qt. Knameled Blue and White Preserving
Kettle; regular $1.00; priced at tc
10 qt. Knameled Blue and White Water Pall:
regular $1.65; priced at $
Wash Boards
Washboard; brass; regular 90c; priced OOc
Washboard; glass; regular $1.00; priced. ...70c
Butcher Knives
Butcher Knives; regular $1.00; priced at....70c
Per Pound
First National Bank Building
East of Western Union Office
Per Pound
77t yaW-Stor