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h'iVexo 0sc:t Ctatesuam. Salem, feeyon PrtJdy Horning, Velrvary 19,
Jty Tests Will be Given
Dcth Before Murder
" Charges Pressed
VT. JOSEPH. Mich.. Feb. 14.-
' YAP)- Accused by her daughter
- - f tartar slain e!gh tcbildren.
: Sir. EtHel Lewis. - 4, r together
wttfc tbe daughter, Mrs. Okel Gor-
fcsnv 13. must - stand trial on
efcargee of harlng killed the flTe
mantle old eon . of lira, Gorbam
fact naday. They waived exam
" tuition when arraigned In Justice
rouil this afternoon on first de-
rrM murder warrants and were
bowod orer to circuit court with
.- oat bond. '
- ft was i Intimated tbat both
weald be given sanity tests betqre
f Manns; in circuit court
- Wallace Lewis, Eau Claire Junk
deafer, and Herbert Gorbam. Dow
agJae, husbands of the women,
wsr held in Jail but Prosecutor
TTIIWr N. Cunningham, of Ber
"i fas county, intimated no charg-
. c would be brought against them.
- - Statements Conflict
Cosily officials said they had
aMafaed conflicting statements
frets Mrs. Lewis, but that four
1 bf of Questioning had failed to
wiaterfally alter her. denial of her
' - d fighter's accusation.
According to Cunningham Mrs.
' lswlc admitted baring nut "some
fiowta medicine," Into milk given
Clare e Wesley, the child for
vbosv death they are to be tried
: llewerer. Mrs. Lewis vehemently
. denied having choked the child as
" lira. Gorham charged.
"If a lie; they're all lies.", she
hotted as Mrs. Gorham accused
. tor mt not only poisoning . and
' : rkekiag Clarence Wesley, but also
i af caaslng the deaths of three
ether grand-childYen and four of
. I ier own children.
Woman Maintains Story
ire the truth; I'm telling the
truth, her daughter retorted.
! Mrs. Lewi claimed her daugh
ter 'bed accused her so that she
1 night obtain possession of "things
4 7re get in the house."
. The house la a dreary two-room
: lar paper covered shack on the
j vataktrts of Eau Claire.
Mrs. Gorham related that she
i cas present Sunday when, she
i r barges, her mother choked Clar
;; ,enee Wesley, already dying from
: tea effects, of poison in the milk
; Mrs. Lewis' version was that the
, child was suffering from whoop
, fas; cough, and that she had given
, If medicine and shaken it. When
teld a physician had denled-the
! eaild had whooping cough, she
: sa ragged her shoulders and said,
j "Walk there was a rattling in its
; thrvat,"
STLVBRTOtf, Feb. 14. Several
sales in real estate have ben made
'alias; the past few days In and
sear Sllverton.
A. I. Robenolt haR sold his
garage building on the corner of
First and Lewis streets to Elmer,
Ferguson, who recently came here
front western Oregon. Mr. Fer-
Is engaged In the general
reMir and tire and ton hualnesH.
and will continue business in this
same building. . -
Harold Roop has sold his 10
aer tract In the Everren A-
met to S. Harmon of - Sllverton.
Mr, Reop took In on the deal the
Harmon home on Third street,
which be then traded for a ranch
near Turner. Mr. and Mrs. Har
aso will take Immediate posses
sion of their newly acquired
ranch. " ;
Ed Thomnson sold hi taarjt-rn
tract on' the -Salem highway to
Mama Jorgenson who recently
-eaae sere irom the middle west.
Mr. and Mrs. Jorransaoi nt fam-
lly will make this their future
Lights of Many
- Colors Proposed
Show Car . Speed
Installation ' of j - rarl-colored
Bant on motor vehicles, which
will how . the rate of a speed at
which the reside la traveling, is
proposed In a. bill Introduced to
day bf Senator Carsner, by re-
sjvecc ' -
The : lights would be on the
frewt ef the motor vehicles, and
. weeOd be risible to traffic officers
and ether officials who are em
- ployed In patrollng .the highways.
Interest Grows' '
. In Church Meet
The series of evangelistic meet,
tags being held at the First Chris-
Usj church by the Rev, John B.
Ha'aley, pastor M)f .the ; Central
fbwrch. Walla Walla, Wash., are
growing in , Interest, with good
crowds , in attendance. ' 8npple
aseaUng : Mr. Hunley'a Ure mea
sages is the work done - by Mrs.
Ilaaley a soloist and song leader
and which Itself la proving a draw-
- far card. ' ' - . - - i
Wt5 Will Pixy Full MkrkeSt Price
Extensive Plans
Made; For Sunday
School Meeting
r ' "" " -: -About
140 parcels of programs
tor the county Sunday .school con
vention to be held In Sllverton
March & and 9 will be sent out
within the next few days by Fred
de Vrles. president of the Marlon
County Sunday School Council' of
Religious education. Forty-fire
speakers and special singers will
take part In the convention proH
gram. vv. 0 V:.::y-.:--:,A
Every Sunday school In Marlon
county should receive their pro
grams by Sunday, but in case any
fall to do so, Mr. de Tries should
be. notified and a. supply -will be
sent. - " f -'..v - j
' "Eugene Silke of Salem is secre
tary-treasurer of the Council of
Religious education.-
The first step In placing the
state highway commission in a
position so that it can sue and
be sued In courts was taken . In
the house Thursday, when H. B.
428. Introduced and staunchly de
fended by Representative Loner
gan of Multnomah, massed enough
votes to pass. ,
Representative Lonergan, fa
mous for his ability to present his
case vigorously . and forcefully,
waged a mighty battle for his
measure, although he was excel
lently aided by Carkln of tax mea
sure fame. ! -
- During the debate Mr. Loner
gan struck out rigorously against
any tendency to form "blocs" such
as has been intimated are now
forming in both the house and
senate. Legislators should rote
according' to their honest- conrlc
tions, and not as groups, he said
He pointed, out that during his
career In the house he had often
voted tor farm measures, and that
he would continue to do so when
he thought they deserved support.
Another delicate slap at bloc
forming was taken when Carkin
tose to defend the measure.
"When I am not a lawyer I am
a farmer," he said humorously.
"Just now I am voting as a far
mer, and as such I favor this bill."
The present status of the high
way commission was explained by
Mr. Lonergan In defense of his
Mil. The state engineer now has
power to pass on all disputes, and
his word is final. It was stated.
Thus the contractors or others do
ing business with the commission
hare no opportunity to be beard
if they have complaints.
If any person can prove that
the editor of the Oregon Voter is
lobbying, or that the publication
ia indulging In such work, It will
be immediately suspended. This
was the answer to the resolution
introduced Wednesday in the sen
ate which proposes the removal
of the Voter from its corner in
the- statehouse and which brands
whe publication as a "lobbyist."
The letter, signed by S. 8. Chap
man, editor of the Voter, was read
in both houses- Thursday.
Feb. 14. (AP) Edward J. Hig
?ins of England was selected com
manding general of the Salvation
Army's world wide organisation
tonight succeeding General Bram-
well Booth.
The high .council's choice of a
new general followed action ear-
ilari today when General Booth
was adjudicated unfit to continue
as head of the army. : The rote
against General Booth was 82 to
The election of General Hlgglns,
heretofore- a commissioner of the
irmy and chief of staff, marks a
new. phase In the long struggle to
release the organisation, with Its
property assets; from ' control by
mmebers . of . the Booth family.
Four members of the Booth .fam
ily -were Included In the fire mi
nority rotes today against the act
depriving General Booth of office.
They were Mrs. Bramweli Booth,
her two daughters Catherine and
Mary. Mrs. Lucy Booth-Hellberg,
and Commissioner Alllster Smith
made tbe- iinn. . -
12 NemBillsirSW
rPlaced inHouse;
' Excise Tax is Up
, Bllfs to the number of an even
dosen came into thehouse Thurs
day, with the'very last one, num
ber 507, a substitute for the noted
excise tax, . which was originally
H. B. 279 Amendments and the
percentages of tax are Included In
the new measure. The rate Is set
at fire per cent, with exemptions
allowed op to fire per cent on
interest. -c ' .- '- -.,x" . "v
The senate 2 overrode Gorernor
Patterson's reto of a bill passed
at the It ST legislative session In
creasing the salary of the county
Judge of Union county from 11200
to $2100. Senator Kiddle spoke
In faror of the bill He said it
had the Indorsement of the tax
payers of Union county, f!' v
1 DCf.TC
Argument Develops Over
Salary Increase for La
bor Commissioners
The house grist mill ground out
a seore or bills Tnursaay even
though the, machinery did become
clogged at times by debate and
oratory. None of the measures
was of outstanding Importance,
although some of them occasioned
much ' discussion. --tX.
A sharn debate arose on the
floor when H. B. 424; which in
creases' the' salary of the state la
bor commissioner from 13,000 to
14,000. : Some of the members
claimed that 13,000 should be
ample, since the- budget showed
that -he had ' a considerable ex
pense account. This was rather
hotly answered by others, ; who
said that the commissioner bad a
large number of deputies on) ex
pense accounts and that he had
to do a great - deal . of traveling.
The measure passed and now goes
to the senate and governor. -
Representatire Childs' blll pro-
riding for Issuing of license plates
by sheriffs, passed the house, and
if it continues on-its way. motor
ists may buy their plates at their
county seats, or Alt the measure
changingihe dateApf obtaining li
censes becomes law;, tb sheriff
wm rind himself rery'busy in the
miaaie of the summer. '
w m .
Aiuiinoman county wants to
hare clril service for its employes,
and upon the assurance of Repre
sentative Lonergan of that county
that everyone, even the delegation,
favored It. It was quickly passed
by the house.
Restrictions Are
Made on Fishing
- - - - - . .Tl
a dui introduced by Senator
Miller would make It unlawful to
angle for, catch or take g$me fish
in or from any lake in the state of
Oregon by the use of snag or gaff
hooka, set lines, or lines having
more than two attractor blades, or
wore mm tnree hooks.
Penalty .for rlolatlon r h. .t
includes a fine not to exceed 1100"
ua. imprisonment In the Mint.
Jail not to exceed 60 days.
Senate Bill 182. matin nnhti
the reports of traffic aocirfenta
Hied with police and sheriffs, was
massed by the senate Thursday.
lt as sponsored br tha ....
committee on roads and highways.
- Cvaranteedi. workmanship
t mil '
and construction in e very
parL Sturdy, one-piece
- unurw i vut?f testa
i tOflOO, volts,. Terminals, connectors,
separators' and other fittings are hiah-
. est quality, carefully made
Sales Tax To Be :
Topic hi ' Millet
At Chamber Meet
A sales tax as a means of pro
riding needed revenues for Ore
gon will be explained Monday at
the chamber of commerce by Sen
ator Edward W. Miller, of Grants
Pass. Senator Miller la. probably
the leading adrocate of a tales
tax In, the leglslature.r-:; -ZT
O. E. Wilson, secretary, said
Miller's talk wilt be of especial In.
terest to business men since they
are most concerned with such a
tax measure. .-. . .
$7500 y Damage is2:t.
Turned Down in
; Sheridan Action
After being tried-before a Jury
for nearly three days, , the case
Sheridan vs. Wlllig was decided in
favor of the - defendant Thursday
afternoon. 'William Sheridan sued
for $7500 as administrator of the
estate of James Sheridan, : who
was . killed In an .'auto accident
last summer. - Willis was the
owner of a truck which thejlain
tiff declared crashed , into James
Sheridan's car and resulted In the
fatal injury. '
Endowment Need
Told to Students
The matter of contributing to
the Willamette university endow
ment was presented to the stu
dents of the 'university at special
slass meetings held Thursday
morning. The terms of the pledg
ing and the manner of the cam
paign were explained by class rep
resentatives on. the executive
committee of the student body.
The actual student campaign will
not begin until the latter part -of
aext week, and no effort at or
ganisation for the campaign was
made at the meetings held here
S7T uli til. mi. v
L. Fure It Is J
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position, no man Jiving thought it would stand longer
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molS -
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and inspected.
MIAMI. Fla.. Tib. 14-(AF)
CoL Charles A. Lindbergh, who
ftndav on nletad the last lesr of his
round trip to Central America in
augurating air man service to tne
canal - gone, twice took the ajr
after hi return to search for fel
low Dllota forced " down - In thd
Florida" Keys.
After making a, four and a half
hour flls-ht over - the Kera In
search of a plane from which two
persona were rescued by a terry
boat, the . flying colonel, accom
panied by CoL John AT Hamble
ton. rite president of - the Pan-
American Airways. Inc., roared
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nlloti of one of the nlanes that
Joined the search today, returning
sereral hours later without hav
ing sighted the lost flyer."
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