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    hollywood q&a
By Adam Thomlison
TV Media
Q: When is the new season
of “Long Lost Family” go-
ing to start on TLC? It’s my
favorite show.
A: “Soon.” I know that’s not
much, but it’s all they’re giving
Both of “Long Lost Family’s”
hosts have shared pictures of
themselves filming episodes of
the upcoming Season 6. This is
definitive proof that it’s coming,
which is the most important
news. But they’re both being
cagey about when.
Lisa Joyner, for example,
shared a picture of herself from
an older episode on her Insta-
gram account a few weeks ago.
When a commenter asked if the
show was renewed for a sixth
season, she responded pretty
quickly with a “Yes!” When the
fan followed up with “When?,”
Joyner went silent.
By comparison, host Chris
Jacobs was positively chatty
about it. He posted a photo of
himself shooting an episode
of the upcoming season, and
when he was asked when it
would air, he replied, “Coming
This reticence could be a ploy
to drum up some anticipation,
or it could just be because they
don’t know either.
It’s more likely the latter. If
they’re just filming, that means
the air-date decision probably
hasn’t been made yet, and it
could be a while.
Q: Can you tell me who
played the Russian spy
Valeria in “Designated Sur-
vivor”? She looks familiar to
me, and I thought she did an
excellent job.
A: There are a number of
reasons you might know Nora
Zehetner, as she’s covered quite
a range of shows as a TV and
film supporting star.
She’s probably still best
known as Dr. Reed Adamson on
the 2009-10 season of “Grey’s
Anatomy.” If you remember, her
character got a quick write-out
at the hands of a grieving man
who went on a shooting ram-
page at the hospital.
This is the sort of thing she’s
known for — medium-length,
significant arcs in popular
12 | Screentime
shows. Her role as Valeria only
lasted five episodes in “Des-
ignated Survivor’s” second
season, but it was central to the
season’s storyline.
She provided similar services
to the series “The Astronaut
Wives Club” in 2015 and the
first season of NBC’s “Heroes”
in 2006.
Her longest run was a recur-
ring role in the first two seasons
of the WB (later CW) teen
drama “Everwood.”
She’s had a similar run as a
supporting player on the big
screen, such as in the talky 2017
Sundance fave “It Happened
in Hollywood.” But in 2015 she
got a shot at a lead role in the
Amazon-released sci-fi oddity
“Creative Control.”
Q: Are they going to make
another Mad Max movie? I
had hoped the last one was
a revival of the franchise and
not just a one-off.
A: Well, it’s time to get cau-
tiously excited then. Based on
unattributed “whispers,” work
is finally beginning on a sequel
to the 2015 smash hit “Mad
Max: Fury Road,” which itself
was a sequel to the three Max
Max movies of the late ‘70s and
The “whispers” were spo-
ken to Erik Davis, managing
editor of movie-biz magazine
Fandango, so we can take them
a little more seriously than the
average rumor.
“I’m hearing whispers of
another sequel that’s beginning
to rev its engines,” he wrote on
Twitter, posting it along with a
photo from “Fury Road.”
Director/writer George Miller
said while making “Fury Road”
that he had already written
two sequel scripts, and not
long after “Fury Road” was
released, he announced that he
was going ahead with one of
them, titled “The Wasteland.”
However, in 2017 he got into a
financial dispute with Warner
Bros., which put the sequel on
hold. Nothing had been heard
again until the “whispers” ear-
lier this year.
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at questions@tvtabloid.com.
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town. Personal replies will not
be provided.
August 7, 2019 | East Oregonian and Hermiston Herald
Lord (“The Next Step”) returns as Lena Grisky, a talented dancer and
princess from 1905 who ended up in 21st-century Paris after receiv-
ing a magic necklace from her boyfriend. While he searches for a way
to bring her back, she must work to fit into modern-day society and
avoid the scary “time collectors.” Season 2 is mainly set at the iconic
Garnier Opera House and features the choreography of Jean Guil-
laume Bart, former star of the Opera of Paris. Directed by Emmy win-
ner Matt Bloom, “Find Me In Paris “ is a heartfelt comedy filled with
amazing dancers that is not to be missed.
Anna Torv in a scene from “Mindhunter”
By Jessica Gosse
TV Media
“Mindhunter” Season 2
Fans of the popular Netflix original series “Mindhunter” can rejoice:
after nearly two years of waiting, the show will return for a second
season, set to premiere on Netflix on Friday, Aug. 16. This intense
psychological thriller coming from producers David Fincher (“Gone
Girl” 2014) and Charlize Theron (“Long Shot” 2019) is not intended
for the faint of heart. For those who aren’t familiar (or just need a
quick recap), Season 1 introduced FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan
Groff, “Frozen” 2013) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany, “The Losers”
2010) of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, and Wendy Carr (Anna Torv,
“Fringe”), a psychology professor. Set in the early 1970s, Ford, Tench
and Carr are at the forefront of criminal psychology as they work to
understand serial killers by interviewing infamous murderers such as
Edmund Kemper (a.k.a., the “Co-ed Killer”). Season 2 promises to be
even more intense, as the series leaps forward a few years to the late
‘70s, when iconic serial killers Charles Manson and David Berkowitz
(a.k.a. “Son of Sam”) are behind bars. As the still-green BAU inter-
views some of the most infamous killers in the world, the things they
learn could change them forever. if you’re a fan of true crime, dive into
“Mindhunter” on Netflix.
Amazon Prime is set to add the Indian film “Photograph” to its
extensive list of foreign films. “Photograph” is the newest work of
writer and director Ritesh Batra (“Our Souls at Night” 2017) and was
featured at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. The film focuses on Rafi
(Nawazuddin Siddiqui, “The Lunchbox,” 2013), a street photographer
living in the slums of Mumbai. His frail grandmother is the only family
he has left, and she has always wanted him to start a family. He meets
Meloni (Sanya Malhotra, “Badhaai Ho” 2018) by taking her picture
in front of the Gateway of India, but when she runs off, he impulsively
sends her picture to his grandmother, claiming that the two of them
are engaged. Of course, when his grandmother decides to visit in
order to meet this girl, Rafi must track down Meloni and convince
her to pretend to be his fiancee. In the true style of an old-fashioned
romance, Rafi and Meloni form a deep connection despite their vast
cultural and societal differences. Catch the premiere of the heart-
warming “Photograph” on Friday, Aug. 16, on Amazon Prime.
“Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time”
Amazon Prime enters the world of standup comedy with the premiere
of its first-ever comedy special, “Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time,” on Fri-
day, Aug. 16. Jim Gaffigan’s career has spanned more than 20 years,
and he has performed in films such as “Super Troopers” (2001) and
“It’s Kind of a Funny Story” (2010). Gaffigan has also had regular
guest spots on “Just for Laughs,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”
and “Late Show with David Letterman.” Recorded at the State The-
atre in Minneapolis, Minnesota, “Quality Time” is Gaffigan’s seventh
comedy special, four of which have been nominated for Best Comedy
Album at the Grammys. Gaffigan’s sardonic and honest comedy
sets touch on many universal topics, such as parenting, drinking and
awkward moments. In various interviews, the Emmy-winning come-
dian has stated that he loves creating comedy specials and, more
specifically, that he is “happy to be the guinea pig” for Amazon as it
ventures into standup comedy. Make sure to watch “Jim Gaffigan:
Quality Time” when it premieres Friday, Aug. 16.
“The Amazing Johnathan Documentary”
In the 1980s, a rebellious magician built a career on a foundation of
shock value and deception, performing impressive stunts like popping
out his own eyeball. This man was illusionist John Szeles, The Amazing
Johnathan, whose career spanned more than 30 years before he was
diagnosed with a heart condition in 2014 and was given a year to live,
prompting his retirement. Three years after the diagnosis, he was still
alive and decided to return to the stage for a comeback tour. Enter
filmmaker Ben Berman, who showed up to capture the tour and give a
behind-the-scenes look at Johnathan’s eccentric life in “The Amazing
Johnathan Documentary.” What starts out as a simple documentary
quickly spins out of control as the illusionist’s insane lifestyle makes
Ben begin to question his ethics as a filmmaker and a person as he
falls into a rabbit hole of deception and drugs. When Johnathan drops
a bombshell, Ben begins to delve further as he wonders: what’s real
and what’s just an illusion? Find out Friday, Aug. 16, when “The Amaz-
ing Johnathan Documentary” premieres on Hulu.
“Find Me In Paris” Season 2
Experience the magic of dance as Season 2 of the international tween
hit “Find Me In Paris” premieres on Hulu on Friday, Aug. 16. Jessica
John Edward Szeles and Ben Berman in “The Amazing