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Best served hot
Khloé Kardashian returns for another round of ‘Revenge Body’
By Breanna Henry
TV Media
Best served hot: When it
feels like the whole world is
against you, fast food and ice
cream will always be there for
comfort. Sure, pizza is good, but
on Sunday, July 7, Khloé Kar-
dashian returns to E! for a third
round to prove revenge tastes a
whole lot better.
There have been loads of
makeover reality shows over the
years, but “Revenge Body With
Khloé Kardashian” attempts to
break away from the pack by
harnessing the negative feel-
ings of its participants to
give them drive. “Doing
it for you” might work
for some people, but
doesn’t having the
chance to shove your
newfound sex appeal
and confidence
right in the face
of everyone
who doubted
you seem like
way more fun?
Khloé thinks so.
Body” trans-
are about the
outside and
the inside
— they give
people the
tools to take
control of
their lives and
the oh so deli-
cious opportunity
to confront those who
didn’t believe in them.
This Kardashian sister is
no stranger to the method
she preaches, either. After
her divorce from basket-
ball player Lamar Odom,
Khloé worked hard to
meet her own weight and
confidence goals, telling
the media: “It’s a revenge
body, but it’s just as much
for all my critics who called
me ‘the fat one’ for my en-
tire existence.”
Like the rest of her (in)
famous family, Khloé has
nearly limitless resources
20 | Screentime
at her disposal. From personal
trainers to stylists to therapists,
she’s getting the best and sharing
them all with her contestants.
Now entering its third season, the
show has already helped people
with a whole lot more than just
weight loss.
A man whose traumatic child-
hood led to the creation of a lying
alter-ego, a military man who lost
his job and identity after a tragic
accident, and a woman afraid
to break her family’s hearts by
telling them about her fiancé’s
cheating were all given the mo-
tivation and support to change
their lifestyles for the better.
“Revenge Body” partici-
pants get to look great, feel
amazing, stand in front of
their haters and stick out
their tongues righteously
(seriously, people do
that). After the grueling
training and hardcore
dieting these peo-
ple push through
while on the
show, I
say they
a good
“nya-nya” at
the very least.
The new season
attempts to break
even more ground
by featuring a man
who struggles to gain
weight rather than
lose it. Combine the
incredible transforma-
tions in these peoples’
lives with the fact that
“Revenge Body” is one of
the few shows on televi-
sion produced almost ex-
clusively by women, and
you can see why “Keeping
Up With the Kardashians”
might be gaining a whole
new meaning. The new
season premieres Sunday,
July 7, on E!
Who do you love?:
After 38 seasons on CBS,
Khloé Kardashian hosts
“Revenge Body With
Khloé Kardashian”
July 3, 2019 | East Oregonian and Hermiston Herald
“Survivor” just isn’t sexy any-
more. What’s up with all the
focus on personality and whole-
some family fun lately? Bring
back the bikini babes, shirtless
hunks and green-tinted night-
vision hookups! If you’re in
need of a heaping helping of
the real reasons people watch
reality TV, you won’t want to
miss the premiere of “Love
Island,” airing Tuesday, July 9,
on CBS.
OK, so it’s not technically
a new show. “Love Island”
is based on a British series of
the same name that has been
running since 2015 and is main-
taining a level of popularity
almost unheard of in television
these days. In this survival
reality show, a group of young,
ridiculously attractive, ready-
to-mingle singles moves to a
gorgeous tropical island villa
loaded with expensive alcohol
and the most luxurious ameni-
ties you can imagine. Then they
attempt to survive.
Remaining on “Love Island”
is only difficult if your personal-
ity leaves something to be de-
sired, but reality TV would never
cast someone unlikable, right?
In this series, it’s the viewer
who chooses who gets voted
off the island and which couple
takes home the prize in the end.
That’s right, the “Islanders,” as
they are referred to, absolutely
must be part of a couple.
If you get dumped while
on “Love Island,” you’re out,
which might seem simple when
there are only six women and
six men living in the villa, but
what about when brand new
hotties are moving in nearly
every night? Some people
hook up for love, as the show’s
title suggests, and others get
together for strategy, which
the drama-loving viewers are
secretly hoping for.
Hookups, catfights, drunken
shenanigans, betrayals and
some absolutely wild chal-
lenges are what “Love Island”
is designed for, and at the end
of it all, the winning couple has
to decide, separately, whether
to split the prize money or steal
it all for themselves.
Late laughs
Bradley Cooper and his
fiancée broke up, which
means he is officially single.
I read about it on Twitter
and then last night, my wife
murmured it in her sleep.
It was reported in the
paper today that after Kim
Jong Un found out his older
brother was a spy for the
CIA, he had him executed.
Yes! I disagree with
everything Kim Jong Un
does or says but, as a little
brother, I get it.
took over three hours.
People in Iowa were like,
“We’ve never been this
bored — and we live in
I read that
Mike Tyson
wants to build
a “marijuana
resort” with a
music stage and a
lazy river, where you can
smoke weed anywhere in
the park. Or as that’s also
known: Six Flags.
Starbucks CEO Howard
Schultz said he still might
run for president. When
asked why he’s considering
joining a race with 27 other
the CEO of
said, “I love
long lines.”
Walmart just announced
that their employees are
getting new vests. Yeah,
here’s what happened:
Walmart asked employees,
“What does everyone
want?” And they all said, “A
livable wage!” Then they’re
like, “OK! Vests it is! New
vests it is, everyone gets a
new vest!”
White House press
secretary Sarah Huckabee
Sanders is leaving her job.
Her next job should be
much easier; apparently
she’ll be doing PR for Bill
The Blues beat the Boston
Bruins in Game 7! It was
tough for people in Boston
— they were like, “We
might not win another
championship for three to
four months!”
A new poll about the 2020
election shows Joe Biden
easily defeating President
Trump. To win, all Biden
needs to do between now
and next November is stop
I read that Americans
spend 40 percent less on
Father’s Day than they do
on Mother’s Day. I can’t
believe it’s that close. On
Mother’s Day, you do
flowers, brunch and
jewelry. For Father’s Day it’s
an air freshener from
The Tonight Show
With Jimmy Fallon
The race for 2020 is in full
swing, and at an event in
Iowa yesterday, 19 different
Democrats gave speeches,
one after the other, and it
I heard that one of the
most popular gifts for dads
is a home DNA testing kit.
So be sure to pick one up if
you want a great Father’s
Day, or a really awkward
While Trump was in Iowa,
Joe Biden was also there at
the same time. It’s very
interesting — usually when
two guys over 70 go on the
same trip, it’s a movie
starring Jack Nicholson and
Morgan Freeman.
Everybody’s excited about
the World Cup and the U.S.
women’s national soccer
team. That game was
amazing, they beat Thailand
13-0! People in Thailand
were like, “How could you
do this after we made your
The Late Late Show
With James Corden
According to a new survey,
the most stressful city in
the United States is Los
Angeles. Seventy-six
percent of L.A. residents
feel at least somewhat
stressed every day. Which,
for me, is proof that eating
healthy makes
you miserable.
I live in Los
Angeles. I
rather like it;
it’s not that bad. Once you
get used to the fact that it’s
either on fire, running out
of water or in the middle of
an earthquake, it’s pretty
Cannabis use amongst
seniors age 65 and older is
rising faster than any other
age group in the United
States. So that explains why
your grandma’s started
calling you “dude.”